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There aren't any cures that are guarantees. You need to tell your doctor
about your asthma or allergy problems and talk it over with your doctor.
You need to understand what exactly are your symptoms. This will help
determine what medical ways you'll find the most effective. You must
understand that medically there is not cure, but there are ways to treat
and control your attacks. Avoiding the allergy and then taking your
medicine for when you do accidentally take something that you're allergic
to can control allergy attacks. This is the most you can do to solve your
allergic problems.

As for asthma, there are ways to cure it. Most children grow out of
their asthma attacks by the time they become a teenager. It is also the
time you can develop asthma. One way to help your asthma is to be
active. You don't need to be involved in everything, but being involved
in sports can help a child work out their asthma problems. With this
said, you cannot over strain yourself. Over straining yourself will
cause an attack. This is not good if you're trying to avoid attacks.

As of the things that will help both your asthma and allergy attacks is a
proper cleaning. Make sure that your home or room is clean and dusted.
You want to rid your environment of triggers; dust and mold are just a
few types of triggers for allergy attacks. You may also want to get
tested to make sure that you have asthma or just allergies. You do not
want to be overly medicated for the sake of your own health. Remember
some medicines do have a lot of harmful side effects, so the less
medicine that you take is the best for you.

You will want to talk to your doctor about a diet and activity rate.
Why? Because your doctor will give you a general idea of what you can eat
or do. You don't want to put yourself in harms way so it is best to get
a professional's opinion. It will make your situation feel a whole lot
better knowing your boundaries.

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