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                                BICYCLE/PEDESTRIAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                                                         WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2009
        of the                                                    5:30 P.M.
Metropolitan Planning                                 STEPHEN P CLARK GOVERNMENT CENTER
    Organization                                      111 NORTHWEST FIRST STREET ROOM 18-3
       for the                                                   MIAMI, FL 33128
Miami Urbanized Area
    Brett Bibeau
 Vice-Chairperson        I.       APPROVAL OF AGENDA
 Gabrielle Redfern
     Members             II.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES: October 21, 2009
 Javier Betancourt
                         III.     CITIZEN COMMENTS (5 minutes)
Anamarie Garces de
    Marcilla             IV.      PRESENTATIONS
  Jeremy Gauger
                                  A.    MIAMI-DADE PUBLIC WORKS UPDATE – J. Cohen, MDPW
  Steve Greenberg                 B.    FDOT PROJECT UPDATE – K. Jeffries, FDOT
     Ken Groce                    C.    NW 27th AVE IMPROVEMENTS - Heidi Solaun, FDOT
                                  D.    BICYCLE BLVD PLAN ENDORSEMENT – M. Heinicke, MDPR
   Susan Kairalla                 E.    BPAC BY-LAWS UPDATE – D. Henderson
     Lee Marks
                         V.       INFORMATION
   John O’Brien
 Bernadette Pardo                 A.   FLORIDA BIKE MONTH: MARCH, 2010
                                  B.   TRAFFIC SKILLS 101CLASS
   Larry Thorson                  C.   MDT TRANSIT SUMMIT
   Eric Tullberg                  D.   MONTHLY REPORT
                                  E.   BPAC ATTENDANCE
     Paul Yavis
Contact Information      VI.      MEMBER COMMENTS
  David Henderson,
  Miami-Dade MPO
111 NW 1 Street, #920
Miami, Florida 33128

                             It is the policy of Miami-Dade County to comply with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
                         The facility is accessible. For sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or materials in accessible format,
                                                      please call 305-375-4507 at least five business days in advance.
                                                DRAFT MINUTES
                                       MEETING OF WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2009

  Brett Bibeau (Chair), Jeremy Gauger, Ken Groce, Steve Greenberg, Bernadette Pardo, Eric Tullberg, Paul Yavis
  Gabrielle Redfern (Vice Chair), Javier Betancourt, Anamarie Garces de Marcilla, Susan Kairalla, Lee Marks,
  John O’Brien, Larry Thorson
  David Henderson, MPO                                     Colin Worth – City of Miami
  Stewart Robertson, KHA/FDOT                              A. Shahin Rahman, FDOT
  Mark Heinicke, M-D Park and Recreation                   Heidi Solaun-Dominguez, FDOT
  Garrett Rowe, M-D Planning and Zoning                    Dina Weinstein
  Tom Blazejack, Green Mobility Network                    Kathryn Moore, Street Plans Collaborative
  Mohammed Mansuri, M-D Public Works
                                          The meeting began at 5:34 p.m.
         AGENDA ITEM                                                                           NOTES
 APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                            -      Motion to approve by Ken Groce, seconded by Paul Yavis
                                                                      and approved unanimously.
 APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES,                                  -      Deferred.
 OCTOBER 21, 2009
 CITIZEN COMMENTS                                              -      Tom Blazejack: asked that a presentation on pedestrian safety
                                                                      efforts being made in light of the release of the “Dangerous
                                                                      by Design” report be put on a future agenda.
 MIAMI-DADE PUBLIC WORKS                                       -      Mohammed Mansuri: Two miles of SW 137 Ave have been
 DEPARTMENT UPDATE                                                    re-striped with bike lanes from SW 184 St to SW 152 St. As
                                                                      per the request from BPAC two alternatives are being
                                                                      explored to improve bicycle circulation at the Rickenbacker
                                                                      toll plaza. Changing the parking lot at the toll plaza and the
                                                                      first toll lane to reduce conflicts between bikes turning and
                                                                      cars coming through the toll. Also, improving the underpass
                                                                      beneath the bridge to make it safer and easier to ride through.
                                                                      A new underpass at east end of West Bridge is not feasible
                                                                      because there is not enough headroom.

                                                                      A decision about bringing Sunpass or open-road tolling to the
                                                                      Rickenbacker Causeway has not been made.
 FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF                                         -      Stewart Robertson: The FDOT Work Program shows
 TRANSPORTATION PROJECT                                               projects that are funded for design or construction in the next
 UPDATE                                                               five years. It is available on-line at and
                                                                      can be searched by county or road name. Upcoming projects
                                                                      include a, and the reconstruction of Biscayne Blvd from I-395
                                                                      to I-195.

                                                                                          Biscayne Blvd north of I-195 was reconstructed in the last 3-
                                                                                          6 years. FDOT has initiated a pedestrian safety and mobility
C:\Documents and Settings\davidh.MIAMIDADE\My Documents\BPAC\2009\BPAC Minutes 2009-11-18 DRAFT.doc                                 -1-
                                                                                         plan from NE 50 Terr to NE 77 St to look at improvements to
                                                                                         crosswalks, refuge islands, signals, signs and markings. A
                                                                                         public meeting will be held on Dec. 8th.

                                                                                         FDOT is working with the City of Miami Beach to evaluate
                                                                                         the new shared lane marking (“sharrow”) on Washington
                                                                                         Ave. The marking should direct bicyclists away from the
                                                                                         door zone of cars parked on the street. A before-and-after
                                                                                         study will be conducted by the Highway Safety Research
                                                                                         Center at the University of North Carolina.

                                                                                         The projects that have been sent to the FDOT Bike/Ped
                                                                                         Coordinator for review this month:
                                                                                             • NW 36 St at the Palmetto Expressway: sidewalk
                                                                                             • Tamiami Trail west of Krome Ave: Army Corps of
                                                                                                 Engineers study; includes 5-foot paved shoulders.
                                                                                             • Coral Way from SW 12 Ave to SW 15 Rd: lighting
                                                                                             • Palmetto Expressway at Okeechobee Rd/So River
                                                                                                 Drive interchange: landscaping. Noted that this is the
                                                                                                 alignment of the future extension of the Miami River
                                                                                                 Greenway and should include “Share the Road” signs
                                                                                                 as an interim improvement.
                                                                                         Upcoming reviews include: Sunset Dr from SW 84 Pl to SW
                                                                                         69 Ave resurfacing; Alton Road from 5th St to Michigan Ave
                                                                                         resurfacing; NE 82 St from Biscayne Blvd to Bayshore Ct
                                                                                         resurfacing; SW 87 Ave at SW 88 St access management;
                                                                                         Bird Road at SW 72 Ave intersection resurfacing; SW 1st St
                                                                                         bridge PD&E study; NW 36 St bridge replacement;
 NW 27th AVE IMPROVEMENTS                                                        -       Heidi Solaun, FDOT: NW 27 Ave from NW 11 St to NW 43
                                                                                         Terr is scheduled to be resurfaced in 2011. The cross-section
                                                                                         of the road includes six lanes that are each 11-feet wide plus
                                                                                         a center median for left turning vehicles and a separator
                                                                                         between the two directions of traffic that is 4-feet wide. The
                                                                                         resurfacing project will not move the curbs or change the
                                                                                         existing 6-foot wide sidewalks. The bridge over the Miami
                                                                                         River is within the project limits but will not be changed.
                                                                                         Any alternative design to widen the outside lane will require
                                                                                         a variance from FDOT standards. Motion to recommend that
                                                                                         FDOT pursue a design variance to re-stripe NW 27 Ave with
                                                                                         four lanes that are each 10-feet wide and two outside lanes
                                                                                         that are 13-feet wide made by Steve Greenberg, seconded by
                                                                                         Ken Groce and approved unanimously.                        This
                                                                                         recommendation has been coordinated with the City of Miami
                                                                                         Bicycle Coordinator and the City’s bicycle master plan.
 BICYCLE BOULEVARD PLAN                                                                  Mark Heinicke, Miami-Dade Park and Recreation
 ENDORSEMENT                                                                             Department: the Bike Boulevard Plan for the Model
                                                                                         City/Brownsville area was presented at the October meeting.
C:\Documents and Settings\davidh.MIAMIDADE\My Documents\BPAC\2009\BPAC Minutes 2009-11-18 DRAFT.doc                                  -2-
                                                                                         The Park and Recreation Department would like to get formal
                                                                                         support for the plan from the BPAC for inclusion in the final
                                                                                         report. Motion to support the Bicycle Boulevard plan for the
                                                                                         Model City/Brownsville area made by Eric Tullberg,
                                                                                         seconded by Paul Yavis and approved unanimously.
 BPAC BY-LAWS UPDATE                                                              -      The BPAC by-laws need to be updated to show 23 seats to
                                                                                         match the number of seats on the MPO Governing Board.
                                                                                         Motion to approve the revised by-laws made by Eric
                                                                                         Tullberg, seconded by Steve Greenberg and approved
 FLORIDA BICYCLE MONTH: MARCH,                                                    -      The Florida Bicycle Association will be asking the
 2010                                                                                    Governor’s Office to proclaim March, 2010, as Florida
                                                                                         Bicycle Month and encourage local groups to hold events
                                                                                         promoting bicycling.
 TRAFFIC SKILLS 101 CLASS                                                         -      A Traffic Skills 101 bike safety education class was held at
                                                                                         Tropical Park on November 15.
 MDT TRANSIT SUMMIT                                                               -      MDT is holding a “Transit Summit” to update the public on
                                                                                         the People’s Transportation Plan in the County Commission
 BPAC ATTENDANCE                                                                  -      The January-October attendance report was distributed.
 MEMBER COMMENTS                                                               Eric Tullberg: A policy is needed that sidewalks be built on
                                                                               both side of all major roads when they are repaved or
                                                                               otherwise improved. Will be further discussed at the
                                                                               December meeting. On 11/22 the Green Mobility Network
                                                                               will hold an M-Path ride from South Miami to Cauley
                                                                               Made comments on the Commodore Trail bridge at
                                                                               Cocoplum Circle. Made comments on the plans for the M-
                                                                               Path extension project. Helped with the bike valet at the
                                                              •     The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

C:\Documents and Settings\davidh.MIAMIDADE\My Documents\BPAC\2009\BPAC Minutes 2009-11-18 DRAFT.doc                                  -3-

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