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    We Help Teens Take Charge of Their Lives

                                                                   DONATION FORM

Complete and mail this form along with your donation to            Inwood House
support Inwood House, or fax it to Bianca Baquerizo,               320 East 82nd Street
Development Department at (212) 861-3791                           New York, NY 10028
                                                                   (212) 861– 4325

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(i.e. specific program, in memoriam, honor of, etc.)        (made payable to Inwood House) to:
                                                            Inwood House
                                                            Development Department
                                                            320 East 82nd Street
                                                            New York, NY 10028

                                                             Fax (or mail) this form with your credit card
                                                            information to Bianca Baquerizo at
                                                             (212) 861-3791

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