Diploma in Office Management by fjhuangjun


									                                                 Web Based Password Cracking Techniques
Certificate in Ethical Hacking (CEH)             SQL Injection
   Ethics & Legality                            Hacking Wireless Networks
   System Hacking                               IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots
      a. Windows Hacking                         Buffer overflows
      b. Advanced Windows Hacking                Cryptography
   Net Tool –I
   Net Tool –II(Exploring Remote Systems)   Programming Courses
   Net Tool –III (Guide for Web Hackers)        Programming Fundamentals
   Getting Past the Password                    Programming in “C” Language
   Batch File Programming                       Programming in C++
   TCP/IP                                       Data Structure
   Hacking Concept                              Programming In Visual FoxPro 6.0
   How Does A Virus Work?                       Programming in Visual Basic 6.0
      a. Virus & Worms                           Linux & Shell Programming
      b. Trojans & Backdoors                     Java script
   C Programming Language
   The Perl Manual
                                             Mobile Repairing Course
                                                  Basic Electronics
   Nasty Scripts & Hostile Applets               Basic Electrical Working Of Electronics Component
   Some More Net Tools                           Practical Of Electronics Components And Testing
                                                  Soldering Practice
   Foot Printing
   Scanning                                      Transmitters Receivers Knowledge Of Mobile
   Enumeration                                   Batteries Charges
                                                  Knowledge Of Mobile Batteries & Charges
   Sniffers                                      Theory Of Ordinary Phone / Cordless Phone
   Denial of Service                             Hobby Project Assembling And Circuit
   Social Engineering                            Introduction To Mobile Communication
                                                  Introduction To Mobile Phone GSM/CDMA Technology
   Session Hijacking                             Comparison With Computer
   Hacking Web Servers                           Theory And Practical Of Mobile HW And SW
   Web Application Vulnerabilities               Spare Parts Identification
       Mobile Power supply & Charges                      Sales Tax
       Knowledge Of Mobile Sim Architecture               Income Tax
       Data Processing Techniques                         Stock Registry
       Mobile Motherboard Fault Tracing               Basic Internet Application
Familiarization With Repairing Tool And Instruments
                 Diploma in Office Management
Introduction to Computer
     MS-DOS
     Windows
Introduction to MS-Office
     Ms-Word
     Ms-Excel
     Ms-Power Point
     Ms-Access
     File Handling
     Office Management
Introduction to Internet
     Email
     File Search on Internet

           Diploma in Desk Top Publishing (D.T.P)
Introduction to Computer drawing
     Ms-Paint
     Page Maker
     Corel Draw
     Photo shop
     Scanning & Colour Separation
Basic Internet Application
     Email
     Internet Searching

                Certificate Course in Tally
Fundamental of Account
   How Computer helpful in account?
   Ms-Excel
   Taxation Voucher
   Entry Ledger

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