Epsilon Sigma Alpha Internationa by shimeiyan

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									                        Epsilon Sigma Alpha International
                                   62nd Annual
                           Colorado State Convention
                             May 16, 17, and 18, 2008

                             “Seasons in the Sun!”
               Hostess Chapter: Zeta Tau #2064, Colorado Springs
                          Cheyenne Mountain Resort
                          Colorado Springs, Colorado

                                   May 16, 2008

Executive Board Luncheon
    President Patty Ehrlick welcomed everyone to the luncheon
    Chaplain Elizabeth Condos gave the invocation.
    An English Tea was the theme of the luncheon.

Executive Board Meeting
    Patty had each committee chairman and officer share a brief comment about their
    Patty reminded everyone about the IC Open House for Verneene Forssberg, IC
      Senior State President‟s Chair.
    Jody Karr was introduced as the teller for the convention.
    Sandy Alexander reminded those going to IC to meet at 8:00 Saturday morning in
      meeting room. The Retiring and Incoming Officer‟s Mtg. will be Sunday morning
      at 7:30 in the Remmington Room.
    Pam McGee reminded everyone to hand in their reports to her.
    Lamplighter President Nancy Cameron: Lamplighters are meeting at 3:00 today in
      the Board Room on the lower level.
    Alice Robinson told everyone that a photographer will be at the hotel Saturday
      evening from 4:45-7:00 to take pictures. Please sign up for a time slot.
    Sandy asked all candidates to meet her after the meeting to discuss “Meet the
      Candidates” this evening.
    Meeting adjourned.

                             Friday Night Picnic Mixer
                                  “Summer Fun”

      Candidates were introduced around 6:00 pm. Each candidate came dressed as a
       character from a book, movie, or television.
                      Joan Snyder: Remy from Ratioulle
                      Gert Ohlander: Dolly Parton

                  Mary Humphrey: Maxine, from Shoe Box Cards
                  Pam McGee: Scarlett O‟Hara, the Carol Burnett version
           Recording Secretary:
                  Pat Marty: Lucille Ball
                  Betty Ziska: Woman pilot
           Corresponding Secretary:
                  Donna Lea Van Stone: Carol Burnett
                  Bonnie Gillmore: Fairy Godmother
                  Shirley Telinde: Maxine, from Shoe Box Cards
                  Sandy Alexander: Scarlett O‟Hara (from movie)

   Opening of Convention and Welcome: Susan Bloss and Alice Robinson,
    Convention Co-Chairmen.
   Jerry Heimlicher, Council Member, District 3, Colorado Springs welcomed
    convention attendees.
   Introductions: Patty Ehrlick, Colorado State President
   Chaplain, Elizabeth Condos gave the Invocation.
   A picnic type dinner was served indoors as it was cool and windy outside.
   “Three Great Guys” an acappella group entertained during dinner singing patriotic
   Circle of Life, “Buckets of Cash”: Vickie Chavers-Bruso, Senior Circle of Life
    Coordinator and our own ESA sisters in antique swim suits „Bathing Beauties”
    collected the buckets of cash for St. Jude.
        o Chapters that worked the KYGO Radiothon Feb. 29th & March 1st: Alpha
            Phi #327, Eta Beta #2286, Chi Kappa#5129, Theta Eta#2830, Zeta Tau
        o Jody Karr and Shirley Telinde, Chairman were recognized.
        o There will be silent auction items: a bracelet, earrings and necklace and
            earring set.
    Easter Seals, Judy Barker, Senior Coordinator, Introduced Sharon from Easter
    Seals in Denver, Public Relations for Easter Seals.
        o Easter Seals is one of the oldest charities in Colorado.
        o 80 cents of each $1.00 goes to programs
        o 5,000+ people are helped after strokes
        o 30,000 people receive help and information
        o High functioning individuals are helped with employment needs
        o AgrAbilities working with CSU: accidents, disabilities, help ranchers,
            140,000 accidents in farming and ranching.
        o Their camp is also a big part of the Easter Seals program.
        o Jan Coates, Junior Coordinator for Easter Seals is going to try and set up a
            breakfast at the Easter Seals Complex in Denver in September.

Many beautiful door prizes were given out.

   o Awards Chairman, Barb Hill, Presented her Butterfly Theme and Verneene
     Forssberg, IC Representative assisted.
   o Membership Awards: Presented by Phyllis Minch, Membership Director and
     Shirley Telinde, VP and Membership Team
   o Membership Growth:
        o 2nd Place, a tie and they grew by one member:
                  Eta Lambda #2421 Cortez
                  Beta Zeta #3149 Canon City.
        o 1 Place also a tie and they grew by two members:
                  Alpha Phi #237 Golden
                  Alpha Nu #535 Akron
                  Epsilon Epsilon #1896 Denver
                  Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland
                  Delta Chi #5052 Akron

Sponsors and Pledges:
    Willa Roelle, Alpha Nue #535 Akron, Pledge Ann M. Bowey
    Leota Hickert, Alpha Nue #535 Akron, Pledge Dorothy Stukey
    Jeanie McLain, Beta Alpha #5416 Aurora, Pledge Carole Riley
    Sherrilee Shaddock, Delta Chi #5052 Akron, Pledge Darlene Clifford
    Theresa Boyce, Delta Chi #5052 Akron, Pledge Cami Kemp
    Shelby Dorrenbacher, Delta Chi #5052 Akron, Pledge Holly Peterson
    Shelby Dorrenbacher, Delta Chi #5052 Akron, Pledge Britney Weers
    Kendra Watkins, Eta Lambda #2421 Cortez, Pledge Ginney McDonald
    Kathy Ellingson, Gamma Chi, #3668 Loveland, Pledge Beth Kemper
    Kathryn Kutch, Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora, Pledge Suzette Andrews

Colorado ESA Day/Flag Presentation: Shirley Telinde presented Patty Ehrlick with the
flag that was flown over the capital and the proclamation for ESA Day.
     Shirley also gave her membership report: Beginning Count 582, Ending Count
        551. At this time headquarters has 52 chapters listed, 2 chapters have disbanded.

Publicity/Outreach Awards/Report: Cathy Westlake, Publicity/Outreach Chairman,
assisted by Shirley Telinde.
     Cathy thanked Shirley for attending ESA Day.
     7 chapters participated in the Publicity & Outreach Awards Program
     Publicity Awards:
            o 3rd Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland
            o 2nd Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora
            o 1st Alpha Omicron #779 Salida
        Outreach Award
             1st Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland

Golden Lamp Awards/Report: Anita Miller, Golden Lamp Editor
          Average cost per issue $1.83
          Mailed to 42 chapters, 6 councils, 1 IC President, 1 IC Publicity, 32
          E-mailed 48 Colorado Sisters
          Total income $866.77
          Total Disbursement $807.50
          Ending Balance $59.27
          Council Awards: 2nd Denver Epsilon Council, 1st Denver Alpha Council
          Chapter Awards: 3rd Chi Kappa #5129 Denver, 2nd Zeta Rho #1774
           Aurora, 1st Alpha Gamma #174 Denver

Educational/Workshop: Hellen Hagel, Chairman
   Fourteen chapters submitted educational reports throughout the year.
   Top three chapter Educational Reports:
         o 3rd Alpha Tau #757 Craig, Ed. Ch. Mae McCollum
         o 2nd Delta Theta #1898 Denver, Ed. Ch. Shirley Wetterstorm
         o 1st Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora, Ed. Ch. Shirley Telinde
      Golden Link Awards: 10 chapters
          Alpha Omicorn #770 Salida
          Alpha Phi #327 Golden
          Alpha Tau # 757 Craig
          Beta Alpha #5416 Aurora
          Chi Kappa #5129 Denver
          Delta Theta #1898 Denver
          Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland
          Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
          Theta Eta #2830 Denver
          Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora

Convention Bids: Shirley Telinde, Vice President
          Skit presented by Gamma Chi, Loveland for 2009
          Skit presented by Lamplighter & Alamosa for 2010

Presentation 2007-2008 President’s Scrapbook: Bobbie Hawkins, Scrapbook
Chairman presented the scrapbook to Patty Ehrlick.

Convention Registration Winner: Susan Bloss & Alice Robinson, Convention Co-
Chairman. The winner was Carolyn Kaiser from Zeta Tau.

Announcements: Patty Ehrlick, Colorado State President
   Breakfast will be available in the restaurant or there will be a breakfast cart
     located by the meeting room in the morning.
   Pins from previous presidents including Patty‟s will be on sale by the centerpieces
     and ESA merchandise.

                               First General Assembly
                                     May 17, 2008

      Susan Bloss & Alice Robinson
      Patty Ehrlick called the meeting to order 8:50
      Presentation of the Flags: presented by the Lamplighters
      Pledge of Allegiance
      Opening Ritual – Patty Ehrlick
      Thought for the Day – Elizabeth Condo, Chaplain
      Introduction of Officers and Guests

                              General Order of Business

Roll Call
Recording Secretary Pam McGee presented roll call based upon registration:
      Colorado State Council Officers    26       Lamplighters 18
      Chapters                           28       Councils       5
       DESA/ELAN                          3       MAL            0
      Guests                              1       Total in attendance 111

Minutes: Pam McGee, Recording Secretary
Recording Secretary Pam McGee moved that the minutes from the Spring Board meeting
be accepted as reviewed and approved by the Minutes Review Committee. President
Patty Ehrlick stated no second was required coming from a committee. The minutes are
approved and will be posted on the Colorado Website.

Correspondence: Deb Curley- Corresponding Secretary
    She read regrets from Sandy Krouser and Donna Jean Busmire

Rules of Convention: Marjie Hollinger – Parliamentarian
    Rules of convention were read by Marjie.

Proposed By-Laws Amendments – Marjie Hollinger – Parliamentarian
    No by-law changes.

Education Fund Report: Joyce Fuller & Nancy Cameron, Trustees
   As of May 1, 2008 Savings account balance is $2,156. 29 . Barb Hill was paid
      $87.00 from a previous motion from last year‟s convention regarding yearbooks.

Treasurer’s Report: Bonnie Gillmore – Treasurer
    Down 10 chapters, currently 180 members
    Ending balance: $4,914.01

      Bonnie requested any bills be given to her, so she can pay them as soon as

Educational/Leadership Program: Hellen Hagel, Educational/Workshop Chairman &
Joyce Fuller, Junior Past President
    Hellen asked all members to close their eyes and think about our own personal
    Video: Nature of Success, beautiful pictures and famous quotes 3-5 minutes
    Handed out cards to play a game. Broke up in groups Categories of Pretzel, Chex
       Mix, Peanuts and we chose a card and answered the question.
    Your Dreams Need You to Make Them Real: We never stop dreaming or the
       willingness to dream. Visualize your dream to help make them a reality. The “y”
       in yes, stands for “You”. Sometimes we live our dreams backwards. Instead be
       yourself first then get what you want.
    There are many phrases (negative thoughts) in our life that are Dreamstoppers.
    We need to practice and believe in positive thoughts for Dreamstarters.
    Is our life a garden without flowers?
    Leadership Pamphlet –Joyce Fuller put necessary information, web information,
       tax fact form, dues information. Workshop will be planned at Fall Board.

Disaster Fund Report – Joyce Fuller
    Helped out 2 of our sisters this year.
    Surpassed our disaster fund goal and we are #1 in the nation. Total will be shared
       on Sunday morning.
    Handed out President Leadership Handbook. More will be shared at Fall Board.

Introduction of 2008-2009 Candidates: Sandy Alexander – President Elect
              Joan Snyder, Kappa Iota #5442, Golden
              Gert Ohlander, Theta Eta #2830, Denver
              Mary Humphrey, Beta Alpha #5416, Aurora
              Pam McGee, Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
      Recording Secretary
              Betty Ziska, Eta Beta #2286, Denver
              Pat Marty, Alpha Phi #327, Golden
      Corresponding Secretary
              Donna Lea Van Stone, Alpha Gamma #174, Denver
              Bonnie Gillmore, Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
              Shirley Telinde, Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
              Sandy Alexander, Kappa Iota #5442, Golden

Balloting Procedures: Sandy Alexander – President Elect
    Balloting will be done as you leave the first general assembly. All ballots must be
       cast before the luncheon. Should there be a tie, delegates will be asked to
       reassemble immediately following the luncheon.
    You will vote by entering the number of chapter votes in one box under each
    Fold the ballot only once
    Delegates will be asked to state chapter name and her name as the ballot is placed
       in the ballot box.

Balloting for Convention Site 2010 – Shirley Telinde, Vice President presented the
following convention bids and they stand as read
     2009 Loveland hosted by Gamma Chi #3668
     2010 Alamosa hosted by the Lamplighters
     2011 Denver hosted by Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora/ Alpha Gamma #174
Verneene Forssberg, IC Senior State President‟s Chair
     Shared some of her delightful teaching experiences.
     Greetings from our IC President and support of “Show Me the Money.”
     Shared the Opening Ceremony, Hope for Heroes
     Membership is down and we need to take this seriously, we need to look for new
       members. Look for young women and their way is not the wrong way. We need
       to be a member of the Jonquil Society (Yellow hats).
     Never let go of our progressive thinking
     She honored Pat Bernhardt, Phyllis Minch, Norma Taylor mailed 62 boxes to our
       soldiers (Hope for Heroes)
     She also honored Alice Robinson because of her support of her leadership
       qualities and being a leader among leaders.
     She also honored Patty Ehrlick as her goal was to have more fun and she has also
       been an excellent leader.

Announcements: Patty Ehrlick – Colorado State President
 Register for travel trophy
 Candidates announcement party in room 3ll
 Nancy told Lamplighters about picture taking.

                                  Awards Luncheon
                                   “Fall Festival”

Invocation – Elizabeth Condos, Chaplin

Luncheon: “Fall Festival”

Circle of Life/ALSAC: Vickie Chavers-Bruso & Rita Martin, Senior & Junior Circle of
Life Coordinators introduced: Lindsay Houseal, Director NW Region 10, ALSAC/St.
Jude Children‟s Research Hospital.
     St. Jude updates
     Recently completed building the Chilies Care Center/Radiation Center
     Opening of Kay Jeweler‟s cafeteria
     ALSAC funding raising programs: Grateful Grandparents, Quilt of Dreams
       Showcase, Team ESA Heroes Program, and Mall Marathon Program.

Circle of Life Report: Vickie Chavers-Bruso & Rita Martin, Senior & Junior Circle of
Life Coordinators
     Collected $2,336.33 from “Buckets of Cash”.
     Rest of report later

Care Connection: Pat Bernhardt & Phyllis Minch, Co-Chairman, introduced their guest
speaker 1st Lieutenant Migliaro, U.S. Army. He graduated from West Point and so did his
wife. Pat and Phyllis shared with the group that he received one of Gamma Chi‟s Pocket
Flags and he gave it to his wife to carry since she is now over in Iraq. What a
             Stationed in Southern Bagdad
             He spent rotating 2 weeks with platoon walking around neighborhoods
               and patrol at night and then doing other patrolling and jobs. Get to know
               children and families.
             As a nation we are pouring money into Iraq, instead maybe pay soldiers
               more. It is very similar to another Vietnam
             Platoon has 25 people, company has 4 platoons and a battalion has 798
               people. Every platoon has a medic.
             One of the Military‟s main focus is to win the support of the people,
               especially the children. They will tell the soldiers where the bombs are
             General moral: they are soldiers and we go where we are told.
             He also explained that the people in Iraq are lazy (God will provide),
               corrupt government and police, there isn‟t enough money. Insurgents are
               paid to carry bombs. Our country is asking them to work to make their
               country better.
             Project Hearts & Minds needs small toys, books, pencils, hard candy,
               shampoo (hotel size), and soccer balls.

Pat thanked Joyce for asking her and Phyllis to be part of this program. Phyllis is going to
continue. Please be part of Hope for Heroes, Adopt a Troop. Sandy Alexander has name
of soldier.
ESA Foundation Report: Joan Snyder, Foundation Counselor
     Received 328 applications surpassing last years total. There were 50
        disqualifications that were passed on to the Regional Chair for further review.
     There are currently 18 chapters, 6 councils, and 29 individual members of the

Circle of Life Awards: Vickie Chavers-Bruso & Rita Martin, Senior & Junior Circle of
Life Coordinators.
     Hours
       3rd Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland
       2nd Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
       1st Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora
     Monies
       3rd Zeta Tau #2064 Colorado Springs
       2nd Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
       1st Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora
     Total raised $135,135.74 through April, 2008

Door Prizes

Presentation of Awards: Barbara Hill, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman

Youth/DESA/ELAN Recognition Report: Kathy Scholes, Chairman, these girls are the
future of ESA.
     DESA Awards
           o Vivianna Ehrlick
           o Danielle Freels
           o Chloe McClantoc

Scrapbooks: Chapter $75-$100 1 year terms
         o 3rd Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland
         o 2nd Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
         o 1st Alpha Omicron #770 Salida
         o Council Scrapbook: Denver Epsilon Council
   o 2nd Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora
   o 1st Alpha Omicron #770 Salida

Disaster Fund Award: Joyce Fuller, Junior Past President/Disaster Fund Chairman
Individual Monies:
   o 3rd Nancy Cameron, Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
   o 2nd Joann and Ron Singley, Epsilon Epsilon #1896 Denver
   o 1st Vickie Chavers-Bruso, Epsilon Epsilon #1896 Denver

Chapter Monies:
  o 3rd Alpha Phi #327 Golden
  o 3rd Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora
  o 2nd Chi Kappa #5129 Denver
  o 1st Theta Zeta #2871 Rangely

Council Monies: 1st Denver Epsilon Council

Philanthropic Awards/Report: Mary Humphrey, Philanthropic Chairman
     o 22 Chapters reported, 2 less than last year
     o Total hours: 15,115.6
     o Total monies donated: $158,381.34
     o Total donated goods: $46,787.61
     o Total miles traveled: 50, 784, this equates to 63 round trips across Colorado.
     o Miles totaled in monies: $24,630.31
     o Grand total of all monies: $229,799.26
Hours Per Member:
       Chapter                        Hr/Member #Members Total Hrs.
3rd.   Beta Alpha #5416 Aurora                126           7         883
2      Alpha Gamma #174 Denver                169           8       1,354
1st    Chi Kappa #5129 Denver                 358           9       3,223
Monies Donated Per Member:
       Chapter                        Monies/Member         #Members Total Monies.
3      Chi Kappa #5129 Denver                 $1,728                9      $15,554
2nd    Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora                  $2,306              13       $29,978
1      Kappa Iota #5442 Golden                $3,451                7      $24,157

Easter Seals Awards/Report: Judy Barker & Jan Coates, Senior & Junior Easter Seals
   o Total Money Donated: $3,149.60
   o Total Goods Donated: $1,103.17
   o Total Hours Donated: 244.57
   o Total Miles Driven: 1,403.64, equates to $208.07
   o Total Cartridge for Kids: $165.65
Most Money Donated:
   o 3rd Beta Alpha # 5416 Aurora, $662.20
   o 2nd Alpha Phi #327 Golden, $663
   o 1st Zeta Tau #2064 Colorado Springs, $874.05

Most Hours:
  o 3rd Chi Kappa #5129 Denver, 20 hours
  o 2nd Eta Beta #2286 Denver, 29 hours
  o 2nd Gamma Chi #3668, 29 hours
  o 1st Zeta Tau # 2064 Colorado Springs, 130 hours

Outstanding Pledge: Barbara Hill, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman
          Kathy Fischer, Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland

Pioneer Woman: Barbara Hill, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman
          Janet Blandin, Zeta Chi #3878 Fort Collins

Distinguished Athenian Award: Hellen Hagel, Education/Workshop Chairman
           Judy Barker, Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland

Announcements: Patty Ehrlick, Colorado State President
         Remember to view scrapbooks and yearbooks
         Raffle tickets, and silent auction items on sale
         3:00 pm Candidates Announcement Party (invitation only)
         4:00 pm Officers-Elect, Escorts, Lamplighters rehearsal

                                “Winter Wonderland”
                               Saturday Night Banquet

Installation ceremony of the 2008-2009 State Council Officers was conducted by Gladys
Jean Dinwiddle, Edie Davis, Cindy Powers and Verneene Forssberg, IC Senior State
President‟s Chair.

Installed into office were:
        President – Sandy Alexander
        President Elect – Shirley Telinde
        Vice President – Bonnie Gillmore
        Recording Secretary – Pat Marty
        Corresponding Secretary – Donna Lea Van Stone
        Treasurer – Pam McGee
        Parliamentarian – Joan Snyder

Sandy Alexander, Colorado State President 2008-2009, gave her acceptance speech and
introduced her family and guests. Her theme is “ESA Shining Stars of Hope.”

Introductions: Patty Ehrlick, Colorado State President

Invocation: Elizabeth Condos, Chaplain

Dinner was served and we were entertained by the Colorado Springs Children’s
Chorale. Their voices were wonderful and the last song made everyone cry, but it was

Presentation of Awards: Barbara Hill, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman

Service Pins:
    15 years
       Judy Wentworth, Zeta Tau #2064 Colorado Springs
       Joan Snyder, Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
    20 years
       Gail Solas, Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
       Jan Coates, Alpha Phi #327 Golden
    25 years
       Norma Taylor, Zeta Tau, #2064 Colorado Springs
       Juanita Larson, Alpha Phi #327 Golden
    30 years
       Billie Hillje, Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
    45 years
       Connie Ernest, Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
    50 years
       Billie Eastham, Zeta Tau #2064 Colorado Springs
    55 years
       Mary Lou Paris, Delta Theta #1898 Denver
    60 years
       Helen Daurio, Alpha Delta #178 Pueblo
Chapter Years of Service:
    40 years
       Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland
    45 years
       Gamma Kappa #3265 Denver
       Beta Zeta #3149 Canon City
    50 years
       Theta Zeta #2781 Rangely
    55 years
       Delta Epsilon #1830 Nucla
       Delta theta #1898 Denver
       Epsilon Chi #1836 Rangely
       Epsilon Epsilon #1896 Denver
    56 years
       Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora
    58 years
       Gamma Pi #1200 Longmont
    60 years
       Beta Omicron #842 Monte Vista

     61 years
      Alpha Omicron #770 Salida
      Alpha Tau #757 Craig
   62 years
      Beta Nu #510 Pueblo
      Beta Tau #472 Grand Junction
   63 years
      Alpha Nu #535 Akron
      Beta Epsilon #357 Ft. Morgan
   64 years
      Alpha Phi #327 Golden
   65 years
      Alpha Omega #299 Pueblo
   66 years
      Alpha Delta #178 Pueblo
      Alpha Eta #239 Denver
      Alpha Gamma #174 Denver
      Alpha Lambda #231 Greeley
   67 years
      Alpha Alpha #170 Denver
Council Years of Service
   Colorado West Council, 28 years
   North Eastern Colorado Council 43 years
   Pueblo Alpha Council, 50 years
   Colorado Lamplighters, 51 years
   Northern Colorado Council, 53 years
   Denver Epsilon Council, 56 years
   Denver Alpha Council, 65 years
Outstanding Chapter of the Year
   3rd Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
   2nd Chi Kappa #5129 Denver
   1st Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora
Outstanding Woman of the Year: 11 Candidates were judged
   3rd Carolyn Rush, Theta Eta #2830 Denver
   2nd Nancy Carray, Chi Kappa #323 Denver
   1st Alice Robinson, Zeta Tau #2064 Colorado Springs
Announcements: Patty Ehrlick, Colorado State President
   Reminder of Incoming Officer & Chairman meeting 7:15 am
   Memorial Service 8:30 am
   Brunch 9:15 am

                                Sunday May 18, 2008
Retiring and incoming officers met in the Remmington Room to exchange materials.

Memorial Service
Chaplain Elizabeth Condos conducted the “Childhood Dreams on Butterfly Wings ESA
and You Can Make Them Come True.” The following sisters were honored:
       Francis Brumjak, Alpha Delta #178, Pueblo
       Evelyn Cox, Omega Chi#4842, Florence
       Jane Habel, Zeta Chi #3878, Ft. Collins
       Si Harkins, Eta Beta #2286, Denver
       Nancy Negomir, Theta Eta #2830, Denver
       Kay Nowick, Alpha Gamma #174, Denver
       Lucille Reynolds, Alpha Delta #178, Pueblo
       Neta Slingerland, Beta Omicron # 842, Monte Vista
       Ruth Stanley, Beta Tau #472, Grand Junction

To conclude the ceremony President Patty Ehrlick released butterflies in memory of our

“Spring Fling” Brunch

Invocation given by Elizabeth Condos.

Door Prizes

                                Second General Assembly

Call to Order – Patty Ehrlick

I.C. Representative Message – Verneene Forssberg, IC Senior State President‟s Chair
     Thanked us for all we do and the ripple effect it has in all areas.

Lamplighter Report – Nancy Cameron, Lamplighter President
    Congratulations to Patty for such a great year, excited to welcome her later into
    Honored to do the flag ceremony
    Preparing to host the Rocky Mountain Regional Roundup in August, 2009
    Discussion of officers not taking their $25, the checks should be issued anyway
      and let the officer decide to decline it.
    The Lamplighters Scholarship was awarded for the first this year.
Treasurer’s Final Report, Bonnie Gillmore
    $4,589.01 final balance
    Asked for any more bills, had received a few.

Chaplain Report, Elizabeth Condos
   Thanked Patty for letting her serve
   Mailed 43 Get Well and Thinking of You cards
   Mailed 32 Sympathy Cards

IC Credential Report – Sandy Alexander 2008-2009 President
    No report
    Rocky Mountain Roundup will be in Wyoming, Aug. 8, 9, &10, 40 miles north of
      Walden, near Riverside. Registration is $80 per person.
    Patty went the first time last year and had a wonderful time.

Travel Trophy Winner – Barbara Hill, Senior Past President/Award Chairman
    Barb at this time thanked all members for her flight through Colorado ESA for all
       the encouragement and love.
    Winner Beta Tau #472, Grand Junction
    Her chapter will be disbanding in a few weeks

Convention Report/Zeta Tau: Susan Bloss Convention Co-Chair
   #Active Members 110
   #Chapters      27
   #Guests        34
   # Members-at-Large 0
   #Youth/DESA/ELAN 1 DESA & 2 ELAN
   Total in Attendance 144
   Susan thanked Alice for her hard work.

Future Convention Sites: Shirley Telinde, Vice President
    2009 Loveland, Gamma Chi
    2010 Alamosa, Lamplighter
    2011 Denver Area, Zeta Rho/Alpha Gamma

Retiring President’s Message: Patty Ehrlick, Colorado State President 2007-2008
   Had fun during her term at each of the board meetings and convention.
   Thanked the Lamplighters for all the support.
   Honored that the IC Rep. came twice.
   When she was ill she received so many cards it was overwhelming.

Presentation of Gavel – Patty Ehrlick, Colorado State President 2007-2008
    Presented Sandy Alexander with gavel.

Lowering and Raising of the Gavels: Verneene Forsberg, IC Senior State President‟s
Chair. Verneene read “In the Eyes of a Child.”
    Gavel passed from Patty Ehrlick to Sandy Alexander
    Verneene pinned Patty Ehrlick
    Verneene pinned Sandy Alexander
    Verneene did a beautiful job.
Installation of Patty Ehrlick into Lamplighters: Nancy Cameron, Lamplighter
    2008-2009 Lamplighters Officers: Cindy Powers, President, Alice Robinson,
        Vice President, Pat Bernhardt, Secretary, and Jody Karr, Treasurer

Introduction of 2008-2009 Officers: Sandy Alexander, 2008-2009 Colorado State
President – Sandy Alexander           President-Elect – Sandy Telinde
Vice-President – Bonnie Gillmore Corresponding Sec. – Donna Lea Van Stone
Recording Sec. – Pat Marty            Treasurer – Pam McGee
Parliamentarian – Joan Snyder         Lamplighter President – Cindy Powers
Sr. Past President – Joyce Fuller     Jr. Past President – Patty Ehrlick
Care Connection – Phyllis Minch & Sandy Shipp
Chaplain – Debbie Spear               Sr. Circle of Life – Rita Martin
Jr. Circle of Life – Gert Ohlander    Sr. Easter Seals Coordinator – Jan Coates
Jr. Easter Seals Coordinator – Betty Ziska
Ed./Workshop Coordinator – Judy Barker
ESA Foundation Councilor – Mary Humprhrey
Golden Lamp Editor – Anita Miller Membership Dir. – Sue Johnston
Convention Co-Chair – Pat Bernhardt & Kathy Ellingson
Philanthropic Ch. – Hellen Hagel      Publicity/Outreach Ch. – Hope Eason
Scrapbook – Edie Davis                Youth/DESA/ELAN Coordinator – Judith Evans
     Please fill out red sheet and give back to Donna Lee
     Fall Leadership Event: September 19 & 20 in Salida, Holiday Inn Express
     Please complete the Officer Change Form
     Hope for Heroes – no Barbies
     Sandy introduced all officers, chairman, and committees
     Message of Courage and Hope from Sandy
     Sandy was presented with a beautiful banner for her term, from her two chapters
     Sandy presented Patty her out going present. Butterfly stained glass

Unfinished Business: Patty Ehrlick, 2007-2008 Colorado State President
    Alice asked to call out the wait staff to thank them.
    No unfinished business

Winner of Drawings:
Easter Seals- Judy Barker, Senior Easter Seal Chairman
    Sammy Circus winners: Raised $230, Pat Haring, Craig and Evelyn Krings
    Try and go to the Easter Seal Camp and Rodeo

    Also will raffle off glass butterflies next year.
    Easter Seals Breakfast in Fall for ESA.
50/50 Lamplighters – Jody Karr, Lamplighter Treasurer: $660, winner received $330
Viviana Ehrlick (One rich chick).
Disaster fund amount $5,286.39, we are number one. Drawing for giving away two
boomerangs from Australia. For individual winner, Anita Miller, Chapter winner:
Gamma Chi.

St. Jude – Vickie Chavers-Bruso, Senior Circle of Life Coordinator
     Made over $2,800 this weekend. Grand total of money $135,506. 74. Winners of
       jewelry: Pat Bernhardt, silver bracelet & Marjie Hottinger, pearl necklace, Phyllis
       Vrbvas, seashell earrings and Bobbie Hawkins, turquoise set.
     Afghan: Mary Guida
     St. Jude Quilts: Bernice, Pueblo & Sue Steffers, Colorado Springs

Convention City – Susan Bloss & Alice Robinson, Convention Co-Chairman
    Center pieces for sale
    Pay Judy Wentworth for pictures
    St. Jude Quilt: Mary Humphrey
    Chocolate Basket: Clara Madden
    Pocket Jewels:
    4th of July picnic basket: Billie Hiljie
    Pumpkin Chimney:
    Fountain: Patty Ehrlick

Announcements: Patty Ehrlick, 2007-2008 Colorado State President
   No announcements

Benediction: Elizabeth Condos, Chaplain

Retiring of the Flag: Lamplighters

Adjournment of the 62nd annual Colorado State Council Convention: Patty Ehrlick,
2007-2008 Colorado State President. Adjourned 11:34.

Closing Ritual

Respectfully Submitted,

Pam McGee
Colorado State Recording Secretary


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