English I by shimeiyan


									                                English I: Reading List
                          If at any time the book you are reading offends you, please stop and read something else.

AUTHOR                         TITLE                                                   BLURB
Adams, Douglas.                The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy                    Imaginary voyages
Alcott, Louisa May.            Little Women                                            Sisters/19th century New England
Almond, David.                 Kit’s Wilderness                                        Coal mining town/ghost stories
Almond, David.                 Skellig                                                 Is it man, bird or angel?
Anderson, Laurie Halse.        Prom                                                    Math teacher steals prom money
Anderson, Laurie Halse.        Speak                                                   High school rape victim/ultimate triumph
Attick, Fran.                  Chernowitz!                                             Prejudices/bullying
Bauer, Joan.                   Rules Of The Road                                       Teen & old lady take a road trip-Chicago to Texas
Bechard, Margaret.             Hanging On To Max                                       Teen father/keeping the baby
Bloor, Edward.                 Tangerine                                               Brothers/soccer/vision disorders
Brooks, Bruce.                 The Moves Make Then Man                                 Racial friendships
Buffie, Margaret.              Angels Turn Their Backs                                 Fear
Bunting, Eve.                  A Sudden Silence                                        Drunk driver kills brother
Bunting, Eve.                  Jumping The Nail                                        Peer pressure to leap from cliffs into ocean
Cappo, Nan Willard.            Cheating Lessons: A Novel                               Academic bowl contest/downside of trust/
Card, Orson Scott.             Ender’s Game                                            Genetic experimentation/space warfare
Carvell, Marlene.              Who Will Tell My Brother?                               Attempt to remove offensive mascot from H.S.
Chambers, Aidan.               Postcards From No Man’s Land                            World War II
Chevalier, Tracy.              Girl With A Pearl Earring                               Holland 1660’s/artists’ models
Christie, Agatha.              And Then There Were None                                Mystery/homocide
Christie, Agatha.              The Murder of Roger Ackroyd                             Double murder in small English village
Cisneros, Sandra.              The House On Mango Street                               Chicago/Hispanic-Americans
Coman, Carolyn.                Many Stones                                             Father-daughter relationship after death in family
Cook, Karin.                   What Girls Learn: A Novel                               Mother-daughter relationships/breast cancer
Cormier, Robert.               The Chocolate War                                       Fund-raising/school bullies
Cormier, Robert.               Heroes: A Novel                                         Revenge/soldier’s face blown off
Coryell, Susan.                Eaglebait                                               An ugly-duckling story
Crutcher, Chris.               Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes                            High schools/friendships/swimming
Deaver, Julie Reece.           Say Goodnight Gracie                                    Car accident kills best friend
Dessen, Sarah.                 Dreamland: A Novel                                      Dating violence/runaways
Dessen, Sarah.                 Truth About Forever                                     Summer catering job/father’s death
Deuker, Carl.                  High Heat                                               Baseball/fathers/money laundering
Donnelly, Jennifer.            A Northern Light                                        Historical fiction/1906 homicide
Draper, Sharon M.              Forged By Fire                                          Child abuse/brothers & sisters
Duncan, Lois.                  The Twisted Window                                      Kidnapping
Duncan, Lois.                  Don’t Look Behind You                                   Family flees a hired killer
Farmer, Nancy.                 The Ear, The Eye, And The Arm                           Kidnapped kids/mutant detectives/SciFi
Ferris, Jean.                  Of Sound Mind                                           Deaf culture/sign language
Flinn, Alex.                   Breathing Underwater                                    Anger management/date rape
Frank, E.R.                    America: A Novel                                        Child abandonment/therapy
Friesen, Gayle.                The Isabel Factor                                       Summer camp/counselor-in-training
Gardner, Graham.               Inventing Elliot                                        Bullies/self-realization/high school
Giles, Gail.                   Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters                          Mystery/death of sister
Greene, Bette.                 Summer Of My German Soldier                             Prisoners of war
Hahn, Mary Downing.            The Wind Blows Backward                                 Self-destructive relationships
Hall, Liza F.                  Perk: The Story Of A Teenager With Bulimia              Hidden obsession with food
AUTHOR                   TITLE                                        BLURB
Hall, Liza F.            Perk: The Story Of A Teenager With Bulimia   Hidden obsession with food
Hinton, S.E.             That Was Then, This Is Now                   Disintegrated friendship of two teen boys
Howe, James.             The Watcher                                  Child abuse/family life/beaches
Ingold, Jeanette.        The Window                                   Blindness/family life/Texas farm
Johnson, Angela.         The First Part Last                          Male side of teen pregnancy
Kidd, Sue Monk.          The Secret Life Of Bees                      Racism/historical fiction/beekeeping
Kingsolver, Barbara.     The Bean Tree: A Novel                       Orphans/road trip
Klass, David.            Danger Zone                                  International basketball tournament/prejudices
Korman, Gordon.          Son Of The Mob                               Romance between daughter of FBI & son of Mafia
Lee, Marie.              Finding My Voice                             College choices/parental pressure/Korean Americans
Lewis C.S.               The Chronicles Of Narnia                     Fantasy/7 titles in the series
Lowry, Lois.             Gathering Blue                               Orphans/science fiction/companion to The Giver
Lynch, Chris.            Freewill                                     High school art student/loneliness
Marsden, John.           Letters From The Inside                      Teenage pen pals reveal terrible problems
Marsden, John.           So Much To Tell You                          Disfigured girl reveals thoughts & feelings in diary
Matthews, Tom.           Like We Care                                 Scheme to disrupt cigarette, junk food, record industries
Maynard, Joyce.          Usual Rules                              September 11/mother’s death
Mazer, Norma Fox.        When She Was Good                        Abusive, manipulative siblings
McCormick, Patricia.     Cut                                       Self-mutilation/hospitals
Mekaelsen, Ben.          Petey                                    Misdiagnosed as an idiot & institutionalized
Myers, Walter Dean.      Monster                                  Experiences in court and prison/script form
Myers, Walter Dean.      Slam!                                    Mean streets of Harlem/basketball/life
Na, An.                  A Step From Heaven                       Korean Americans adjust to American life
Orr, Wendy.              Peeling The Onion                        Car wreck/little hope of full recovery
Paolini, Christopher.    Eragon                                   Dragons, elves, monsters and magic
Paulsen, Gary.           The Crossing                             Crossing the border/emotional problems
Picoult, Jodi.           My Sister’s Keeper: A Novel              Organ donation/sisters
Plum-Ucci, Carol.        The Body Of Christopher Creed            Troubled soul disappears or is murdered
Plum-Ucci, Carol.        What Ever Happened To Lani Garver?       Cancer/eating disorder/control of life
Qualey, Marsha.          Hometown                                 Persian Gulf War/conscientious objectors
Qualey, Marsha.          Too Big A Storm                          Vietnam Conflict/friendships/Minnesota
Rennison, Louise.        Angus, Thongs, And Full-Frontal Snogging Humorous journal/1st in series
Salinger, J.D.           The Catcher In The Rye                   High school boy spends time in New York City
Sebold, Alice.           The Lovely Bones: A Novel                From afterlife teen watches family deal with grief
Smiley, Jane.            A Thousand Acres                         Family farms/Iowa
Sones, Sonya.            What My Mother Doesn’t Know              Dating/social customs/poetry form
Soto, Gary.              The Afterlife                            Ghost story/Mexican-Americans
Spinelli, Jerry.         Stargirl                                 Popularity/nonconformity/first love
Steinbeck, John.         The Pearl                                Events following discovery by Mexican fisherman
Strasser, Todd.          The Accident                             Drunk driving/police cover-up
Tashjian, Janet.         The Gospel According To Larry            Web sites/fame
Tashjian, Janet.         Faultline: A Novel                       Comedians/social dating customs/abused women
Taylor, Mildred D.       The Road To Memphis                      Mississippi/prejudices
Taylor, Mildred D.       Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry             Great Depression/prejudices/Mississippi
Tolkien, J.R.R.          The Hobbit                               Adventure with dwarfs, elves, goblins & more
Trueman, Terry.          Stuck In Neutral                         Cerebral palsy/father planning to kill son
Wells, H.G.              The Invisible Man                        Man makes himself invisible but can’t reverse it
Wells, H.G.              The Time Machine                         Time travel
Werlin, Nancy.           The Killer’s Cousin                      Bad choices/family feuds/ghostly warnings
Williams-Garcia, Rita.   Every Time A Rainbow Dies                Rape/relationships/Caribbean-Americans
AUTHOR                              TITLE                                          BLURB
Wittlinger, Ellen.                  Hard Love                                      Underground press publications/divorce
Wolff, Virginia Euwer.              Make Lemonade                                  Teen mothers/single-parent family/conduct of life
Woodson, Jacqueline.                Behind You                                     Mistakenly killed by police/grief of family
Yolen, Jane.                        The Devil’s Arithmetic                         Concentration camps/time travel
Wurmfeld, Hope.                     Baby Blues: A Novel                            Friendship/death
Zusak, Markus.                      Getting The Girl                               Brothers/man-woman relationships

Aaseng, Nathan.        940.54 AAS   Navajo Code Talkers                            World War II/Navaho Indians
Anonymous.               613.8 GO   Go Ask Alice                                   Drug user chronicles her daily struggle
Bain, Terry.            636.7 BAI   You Are A Dog                                  Life as experienced by the average dog
Bissinger, H.G.       796.332 BIS   Friday Night Lights                            High school football in America/social aspects
Blanco, Jodee.         305.23 BLA   Please Stop Laughing At Me                     Facing cruel classmates on daily basis
Cordingly, David.       910.4 COR   Under The Black Flag                           Pirates
Crutcher, Chris.          921 CRU   King Of The Mild Frontier                      Bio tells of his youth & how he became a writer
Jackson, Livia Bitton. 940.53 JAC I Have Lived A Thousand Years           Memoir of concentration camp
Jordan, Tom.           921 PRE Pre                                        Bio/long-distance runner/car accident
Katz, Jon.          636.7 KAT A Dog Year: Twelve Months, Four Dogs, And Me Human-animal relationship
Pelzer, David.         921 PEL A Child Called “It”                        Autobio account charts abuse of young boy
Pelzer, David.         921 PEL The Lost Boy                               Sequel to A Child Called It/child abuse story
Pelzer, David.         921 PEL A Man Named Dave                           Adult, child-abuse victim/last in series
Proulz, Brenda Zosky.364.4 CO The Courage To Change                       Real-life stories of teens overcoming challenges
Roach, Mary.          611 ROA Stiff: The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers  Human experimentation in medicine
Siegal, Mordecai.   636.7 SIE Your Dog’s First Year                       Month by month guide/dog behavior & training
Simmons, Rachel.    302.5 SIM Odd Girl Out                                Secret world of girls’ aggression
Simmons, Rachel. 305.23 SIM Odd Girl Speaks Out                           Experiences of being bullied or bullying other girls
Simon, Rachel.      362.3 SIM Riding The Bus With My Sister               Sibling love and closeness/mentally handicapped
Tintori, Karen.       622 TIN Trapped: The 1909 Cherry Mine Disaster Nonfiction/Illinois coal mining accident
Wright, Richard.      921 WRI Black Boy                                   Autobio/growing up black

Compiled 2005-06 by SHS English Department and D. Kreutziger with help from:
The Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature sponsored by Booklist, a publication of the American Library Assoc.
The Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Book Award sponsored by the Illinois School Library Media Association.
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