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The 2008 F800 National Challenge was concluded in Port Elizabeth the weekend, Carl
Liebenberg took victory in both heats followed by Paul Medell, Wayne Fritz and Johan van
der Merwe. The overall National honours went to the Capetonian, Carl Liebenberg
followed by Paul Medell, Johan van der Merwe and Mat Durrans.

Aldo Scribante circuit hosted the PE200 endurance race with 16 teams entering. This is a
performance index race and it requires the riders to perform at their best throughout the
race and to keep consistent quick lap times. The trophy being raced for, the Woolavington
Cup, is unique and one of the oldest of its kind in SA motorsport and many motorcycling
legends had won this race.

Thomas Eich and Johan van der Merwe took the overall honours with the M Cubed BMW
F800 to have an index of 96,13%. The calculation method divides the total racetime
including pit stops into the fastest single laptime thus the percentage reflects the deviation
in the consistency of the team. Thomas and Johan briefly strategised their race and it was
agreed that Thomas would start the race on new rubber and that Johan being lighter would
need to finish the race on the worn tyres. The strategy worked well as Thomas was
consistently in the mid to high 1 min 12 second range whilst Johan was able to maintain
the high 12 low 13 laptimes for the duration of the 80 lap race. At the end of the race the
Van Der Merwe / Eich team had only lost three laps to the race leaders Peskens &
Breakspear on the fast Honda CBR 600RR and were two laps clear of the next BOTTS
team of Ashley Aldridge also on a BMW F800. Henk Schuiling had a amazing solo race
and for the first couple of laps even led the BOTTS class with lap times in the low 1 minute
12's , after his lengthy pit stop and smoke break Henk settled down to finish third in the
BOTTS class. The spirit of endurance racing came alive and fellow racers and pit crews
were waving the racers by each lap. The PE200 can be recommended as one of the best
endurance races, the continuous race commentary on the circuit PA system had everyone
informed at all times. The Zwartkops 3 Hour race on December 6 is coming up and teams
are encouraged to enter.

Many thanks to M Cubed, OTRE, SA Biking Academy and 2 Wheels to have made the
racing dream come true of young Johan van der Merwe. He was able to finish third overall
in the National BMW F800 Challenge series in the company of very fast experienced
riders. He is currently lying in second position on the SA Northern Regional championship
log only 15 points behind Mat Durrans, this championship would only be finalised in the
last heat of the last round at Phakisa on November 22. To take the championship Johan
needs to win both heats and Mat needs to be out of the top three positions. Let's wait and
see what happens, as they say, it is not over until the fat lady sings.


                                          Johan van der Merwe
Pr Engineering Technologist (Civil)
ECSA 2004/70097

KZN Agriculture & Environmental Affairs
North Region - Directorate Engineering
PO Box 177

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