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                                           Fitness Testing
Why Fitness Test?
Throughout the year students’ fitness level will be tracked using a variety of methods. Some of these include heart rate
monitors, pulse bars, pedometers, and individual tests. It is important that each student have a basic understanding of
these test procedures as well as some basic fitness knowledge so that students may develop and maintain lifelong
fitness habits.

Terminology – Components we are Testing

Reaction Time – time between one of your senses recognizing a stimulus and your body
responding to that stimulus
Agility – ability to move the body and change directions quickly
Power – occurs when you combine strength performances with speed
Speed – the ability to cover a designated distance over a short period of time
Balance – ability to maintain equilibrium in different movements
Coordination – the ability to combine movements at the same time

Flexibility – ability to move a joint through its intended range of motion
Muscular Endurance – ability of a muscle to work over a long period of time
Muscular Strength – the amount of force your muscles can produce
Cardiovascular Endurance – ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to supply oxygen to the body during exercise

Individual Tests & What they are Assessing

Curl ups/Sit ups – muscular endurance & strength
Push ups – muscular strength (upper body)
Mile Run - cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance
Beep Test – cardiovascular endurance, speed, muscular endurance
Sit & Reach / VSit & Reach – flexibility
Shuttle/Agility Run – agility, speed, balance
Sprinting – speed, power
Standing Long Jump – power, balance, muscular strength (lower body)

What to Do with Your Results

Results of a student’s performance on individual tests will indicate areas that they are currently proficient in, as well as
those areas that may need more development. Use the goal setting section to help you improve your current levels of
fitness. Use your daily workouts to focus on the areas that need improvement. Work to achieve small goals before the
next fitness assessment.

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