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					To Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 2297 without my signature.

This bill would enact the Online Privacy and Disclosure Act of 2002, which would
require online businesses to clearly post and comply with their online privacy

While this bill is well intended, it is too vague and does not clearly define what
entities are covered. Additionally, the bill requires an entity posting a privacy policy
to post the past three privacy policies it used which will most certainly lead to
confusion to consumers attempting to view the privacy policy.

I am proud to have signed 13 bills which strengthened privacy rights and identity
theft law, including AB 700 (Simitian) which gives consumers notice of a breach of
security and AB 1219 (Simitian) which provides for expedited hearings to rectify
issues regarding identity theft. I also signed SB 1239 (Figueroa) which requires a
credit reporting agency to provide a free copy of a consumer credit report every
month for up to 12 months. I was pleased to sponsor SB 1614 (Speier) which
exempts birth and death records from disclosure under the Public Records Act.

I would be willing to work with Asm. Simitian next year to craft a more suitable