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Travel to Pisa With ITT - PDF by opu51557


									                             Your guide to Italy and beyond

Sept. 5, 2008
Aviano Air Base, Italy

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                                                                                                                                                  Lil' Jon poses for
                                                                                                                                                  a photo with fans
                                                                                                                                                  Tracy Piazzon,
                                                                                                                                                  Tech. Sgt. Alec
                                                                                                                                                  Mund and Tra-
                                                                                                                                                  phen Stibley at
                                                                                                                                                  the BX Aug. 29.
                                                                                                                                                  Lil' Jon took time
                                                                                                                                                  out of his Euro-
                                                                                                                                                  pean tour to visit
                                                                                                                                                  and sign auto-
                                                                                                                                                  graphs for Airmen
                                                                                                                                                  and their families
                                                                                                                                                  at the BX.

                                                                       Photo by Airman 1st Class Tabitha M. Mans

Air Force Ball tickets                                                         Oct. 4 vs. Bamberg
  Tickets are on sale for “An evening of stars and stripes,” Air               Oct. 11 vs. Bitburg
Force Ball at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 19 at the La Bella Vista Club.
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Girl Scouts kick-off                                                      place 8 a.m. Sept. 27 at the Dragon Fitness Center track. E-mail
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High School Football schedule                                             vited to attend. Call Senior Airman Ashley Garcia at 632-5060.
   The Aviano High School Saints football games take place at
1 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The schedule is:                           AOCSC luncheon
   Sept. 12, 7 p.m. at Vicenza                                              An Aviano Officers and Civilians Spouses’ Club September
   Sept. 20 at Ansbach                                                    Special Activties Luncheon takes place 11 a.m. Sept. 11 at the La
   Sept. 27 vs. Mannheim                                                  Bella Vista Club. Childcare will be available. Call 347-481-9770.

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What it means to be a first-term Airman
 By Airman Deborah Young
366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
                                                This time, Paige
                                                was lucky. She woke
                                                up from her coma
                                                                            “Not only was she fighting for her
MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE,                   about a week later,      life, she was fighting for a chance at be-
Idaho -- Her name was Paige Renee Villers.
She was fun-loving, full of life. She wanted
                                                and the first words
                                                out of her mouth
                                                                         ing in the Air Force and becoming an
to take on the world and wouldn't let any-      were, "Am I still in     Airman.
thing get in her way. She was a good person     the Air Force?", "Am
who didn't always have the best of luck.        I still going to be an                                    ~Airman Deborah Young
She didn't always agree with her mother,        Airman?", and "Do I
and she was never a straight-A student.         still get my Airman's Coin?"
But she knew how to work hard and she               That, to me, sums up everything about           given me so many experiences in such a
was strong enough to overcome any obsta-        being an Airman. Not only was she fighting      short amount of time that I can't wait to
cle or road block put in front of her.          for her life, she was fighting for a chance     see what is waiting around the corner for
    High school graduation came and went,       at being in the Air Force and becoming an       me.
and unlike most of us who went off to col-      Airman.                                             Looking back at everything I've done,
lege, Paige stayed in town and worked               The answer was yes, she was still in the    there's one moment from technical school
odd jobs to pay bills. After about a year,      Air Force. Once she heard the good news, it     that stands out as a defining moment in
she decided she had enough of living pay-       was like everything was fine and she went       my career so far.
check to paycheck and started looking           back to trying to recover. Her flight gradu-        I went to technical school at Fort Meade,
into a career in the Air Force. Through         ated, and even though she was weak, Paige       Md. While there, we had a volunteer trip to
her research, she discovered what all it        was allowed to go out to the bomb run to        assist veterans around Washington D.C. It
had to offer: great benefits, college assis-    receive her Airman's Coin. Airman Vil-          was my first time there, and I was in uni-
tance, travel, respect and most important,      lers graduated from basic training in July      form unloading wheel chairs when I felt
honor. Paige wanted to serve her country        2007.                                           someone tap my shoulder. I turned around
and prove to her family she could do more           Shortly after, her immune system went       to see an old Air Force major holding out
than just waitress, that she could be all       under another attack from the adenovirus.       his hand for mine.
that she could be. She signed up and left           On Aug. 7, 2007, she passed away.               As I shook his hand, he said, "Thank
for basic training.                                 Airman Paige Villers was a huge inspi-      you, young lady." I just smiled back and
    Trainee Villers struggled the first week    ration to me. Even though she never made        said, "Thank me? I haven't done anything
of basic training, as all new trainees do,      it off Lackland Air Force Base, she knew        yet, so thank you." He replied, "You signed
but she was determined to do well and           what it meant to be an Airman. I know           the dotted line. You are here, you're serv-
worked as hard as she could even when her       she would've succeeded in everything the        ing your country and not everyone can say
flight didn't. She loved the Air Force, even    Air Force had to offer. She was an amazing      that. You've done a lot, so thank you."
though she just started. The training in-       person from whom we all can learn a lot.        That right there was a moment I will never
structors at Lackland Air Force Base, Tex-          For me at least, I learned a lot from       forget.
as, were all she had experienced. Her goal      Paige, and I know how much of an honor              It was a moment I wish Paige could've
was to get that Airman's Coin and march         it is to be a first-term Airman. I've learned   had. It was a moment she deserved.
down the bomb run on graduation day.            so much discipline and gained so much               I have come to realize how much the
With every phone call home to her mother,       confidence in myself since I joined. Being      military is appreciated and how much re-
she'd tell her how hard basic training was,     a first-term Airman is such an amazing          spect is given to those who serve. I now
but she always had something positive to        feeling. I am now part of the Air Force         have an overwhelming sense of pride. Ev-
say as well.                                    family, a tight-knit group of people who        ery Airman should take pride in what they
    The third week came, and Trainee Vil-       always watch out for each other and who         do. They should also realize being an Air-
lers started to catch a cold. But there was     are always there to lend a helping hand.        man is completely different than being a
no way that was going to slow her down.             When becoming an Airman, you not            civilian.
Warrior Week, the major field training          only gain the title, you also gain respon-          First-term Airmen and all Airmen in
exercise, was just around the corner, and       sibility, not only for yourself, but for the    general are held to a high standard. One
she was that much closer to her Airman's        mission, for your country and for every         that embodies the core values of integrity
Coin.                                           American citizen's well-being.                  first, service before self, and excellence in
    During Warrior Week, the unexpected             First-term Airmen also gain many op-        all we do. I will strive to do my best in the
happened. Trainee Villers caught the ad-        portunities. I gained the opportunity to        Air Force, I will live by the core values, and
enovirus. Once her flight got back from         travel, continue my education, have good        I will always be thankful for every door the
Warrior Week, she was sent to the Willford      benefits and meet people from all over the      Air Force has opened.
Hall Hospital at Lackland. There, Paige         world. I plan on taking college classes as          That is what being a first-term Airman
began a battle for her life. The adenovirus     soon as I can, and I plan on competing for      means. It means having courage, pride, re-
attacks a person's immune system, and           senior airman below the zone. I really want     sponsibility, dedication, and a drive to do
hers was already weak from lack of sleep        to do well in the Air Force, and I want to      well, to make a difference. I am so proud to
and a cold.                                     help the Air Force mission succeed.             put on my uniform every day. I am proud
    At first, the question was if Paige would       I truly believe joining the Air Force was   to stand at attention and salute our flag. I
graduate on time. But after a turn for the      one of the best decisions I've ever made.       am proud of everything I've accomplished
worse, Paige slipped into a coma. The Vil-      It's given me a whole new sense of accom-       so far in my career. I am proud to call my-
lers family flew to Texas to be by her side.    plishment and satisfaction in myself. It's      self a first-term Airman.

TC                                                                                      Sept. 5, 2008           5
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6     Sept. 5, 2008                                                                                        www.31svs-aviano              TC
Information, Tickets and Travel                                                                          T
                                 Oh no, the tower is going to topple!                                    R
                                  Not really, at least not in our lifetime and quite possibly, never.
                              But just in case, Aviano members should see the Leaning Tower of
                              Pisa while they still can.

                                 Pisa is worth the five-hour drive. There is more to the historic
                              square than the tower, which was built as a bell tower for the nearby
                                 The cathedral is something else. Like most buildings in Pisa, it was

                              built with materials acquired from conquered nations. The cathedral
                              has one red column on its facade. The column came from a temple of
                              Venus and it is said that women who look upon the column for a min-
                              ute will be immune from unfaithfulness.
    Pisa & Bologna               If seeing the historical buildings in Pisa doesn’t sound interesting,
                              everyone should at least visit to get the almost obligatory photo of
         13 September         them holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
        $74.00 (min 30)

                                           Oktoberfest Weekend &
                                            Excursion in Austria
                                               20-21 September 2008
                                            $199.00 (min 35 passengers)
                                              Zoo Trip to Lake Garda
                                                           13 September                                  T
                                                          $79.00 (min 20)

    & MEDIEVAL SHOW                                                                                      M
             27 September
            $97.00 (min 30)                                                                              B
           Contact us at
email: Tel: 0434-30-3107 DSN: 632-3107

8   Sept. 5, 2008                                                                    www.31svs-aviano    TC
     Culture, History, People

     41st                                                              Italian-Ame
  Festival in
        ore than 40 years ago, the mountain area of Pordenone
was a poor, agricultural economy marked with a beautiful land-
scape known for mushrooms in the community of Budoia.
   To these inhabitants, mushrooms quickly became their pas-
sion for living and they took great satisfaction as they would
show their friends in local taverns the variety of attractive
mushrooms they had gathered.
   These tasty and colorful samples of what nature had to offer         Natural beauty, hi
provided the towns people an opportunity to share them as
gifts to put on the table for people to eat who had no money to            Considered by its residents to be the jewel   Pharm
                                                                       of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik, Croatia, is       the thi
spend.                                                                 rich in natural beauty and history. Located       rope an
                                                                       at the southernmost part of Croatia, Du-          still in
                                                                       brovnik has a wealth of opportunities for             In a
                                                                       history buffs and the adventurous.                monas
              Schedule of Events                                           Situated behind a pair of walls built
                                                                       between the 11th and 17th centuries, the
                                                                                                                         ten bef
                                                                       old city of Dubrovnik is one of best pre-         1,000 v
     Sept. 12, 7 p.m.: Mushrooms festival food booth opens
                                                                       served medieval towns in Croatia. Though          docum
               9 p.m.: “Castellina Pasi” dancing band performs
                                                                       Dubrovnik's walls were severely damaged in            For
     Sept. 13, 7 p.m.: Mushrooms festival food booth opens
                                                                       the Serb-Montenegrin siege of 1991, the city      type, D
               9 p.m.: “Paolo e i Classici” dancing band performs
                                                                       repaired them to their original state.            the sea
     Sept. 14, 10 a.m.: Mushrooms display and local products market
                                                                           Visitors can walk the ramparts and            to go s
                        Arts & crafts exhibits on Budoia streets
                                                                       admire the views of the blue Adriatic or the      sailing
                        “Flavors in the square”
                                                                       sea of terra cotta rooftops that make up the      along t
                        “Budoia postcards” photo exhibit
                                                                       town. The best place to begin the wall walk       of com
               Noon.: Food booth opens
                                                                       is at the Pile Gate stairs, the main entrance     organiz
               4 p.m.: Animation for kids
                                                                       to the old city which dates back to 1537          www.d
               5 p.m.: Food booth opens
                                                                       and contains a statue of Saint Blaise, Du-        details
               7 p.m.: “Band IMP.act” pop, rock, soul, funky concert
                                                                       brovnik's patron saint.                           outing
               9 p.m.: “Alto Gradimento” dancing band performs
                                                                           The Pile Gate opens onto the Stradun,             For
     Sept. 19, 7 p.m.: Food booth opens
                                                                       Dubrovnik's main street. If visitors follow       brovni
               9 p.m.: “Gianni Dego” dancing band performs
                                                                       the street until the end, they will come to       white-s
     Sept. 20, 7 p.m.: Food booth opens
                                                                       another famous Dubrovnik monument, the            Visit th
               9 p.m.: “Claudio di Romagna” dancing band performs
                                                                       Franciscan Monastery.                             beach
     Sept. 21, 8.30 a.m.: 36th Mushrooms run starts (6, 12 and 25K)
                                                                           Construction on the Romanesque-Gothic         livelier
               10.30 a.m: “Budoia postcards” photo exhibit
                                                                       style monastery began in 1337. After an           more p
               Noon.: Food booth opens
                                                                       earthquake destroyed the monastery in 1667,       a quiet
               4 p.m.: Animation for kids
                                                                       it was completely rebuilt in the same style       of gian
               5 p.m.: Food booth opens
                                                                       and is considered an architectural master-        in the s
               5 p.m.: “Band San Giorgio di Nogaro” concert
                                                                       piece. The only original part of the monas-       water.
               9 p.m.: “Loretta Giorgi” dancing band performs
                                                                       tery is the portal entrance. Inside is the Old    best fo

10     Sept. 5, 2008                                                                                             www.aviano.
 erican Friendship Festival
                  The Aviano Honorary Squadron Commanders Associa-
              tion invites Aviano Airmen, civilians and family members
              to the 7th Annual Italian-American Friendship Festival
              Sept. 14 in Fontanafredda at Piazzale San Luca. The festival
              is organized every year to promote friendship and integration
              between the American and Italian communities in Italy.
                  This year, the program will include the “16th Cheese
              March”starting at 8:30 a.m., followed by other sports and
              leisure activities. Free games take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
              to include, tug of war, sack races, horseshoes, bocce ball and
              more. There will also be a display of vintage military and fire
              department vehicles.
                  The festival will be accompanied by popular music, danc-
              ing and folklore shows.

 istory await in Dubrovnik
macy which opened in 1317,
 ird oldest pharmacy in Eu-
 nd the only one of its kind
 another section of the
stery is the library which
 s 30,000 volumes, 22 writ-
 fore 1500 and more than
 valuable handwritten
r the more adventurous
 Dubrovnik's location on
 a makes it easy for people
scuba diving, kayaking,
g, fishing and even hiking
 the cliffs. There are plenty
mpanies offering well-
  zed adventure tours. Visit for
s on sporting activities and
r some chill time, Du-
 ik has a choice selection of
  sand, clear-water beaches.
  he well populated Banja
  near the old town for a                      Although Dubrovnik's currency is the          so much to do that it's best to plan on spend-
 r, more crowded scene, or the smaller,     Kona, many restaurants and shops will ac-        ing at least two days there.
private beaches of Lapad peninsula for      cept Euro as well. It's best to use a debit or      Explore the tiny streets, enjoy fresh sea-
 ter time. These beaches are composed       credit card when possible and save cash pur-     food and local wine, or grab a water camera
nt flat rocks where people can lay out      chases for items such as taxi rides. Make sure   and discover Dubrovnik's secrets under the
  sun and sets of steps leading to the      to say whether you are using Euro instead of     sea. Whatever you choose, Dubrovnik is sure
   The currents are stronger here so it's   Kona to make a purchase.                         to delight.
or good swimmers only.                         Dubrovnik is relatively small, but offers        (Compiled from staff reports).      TC                                                                                                    Sept. 5, 2008       11
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Orders can be placed Monday-Friday, 1000-1800. Engraving               Fall Fun Run-
cost is $1 per minute. Completed projects can be picked up and         12 Septmeber
paid for at the A & C customer counter. Want to e-mail your order      We are teaming up with the 31st Medical Group
in? Use the Engraving Shop’s group e-mail: 31FSS.engraving@            to help promote the Casa Di Natale, the non-profit Call 632-5781 for more info.                            organization that collects the pink bottle caps.
                                                                       Prizes will be given away by random drawing, so
Scrapbooking                                                           come out and walk/run first thing in the morning
                                                                       and get the day started on the right foot.
6 & 27 September 1100-1700
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this month.                                                            0800 Full Marathon & Team Relays
                                                                       0810 1/2 Marathon
Framing/Matting                                                        0820 10 K
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NEW Knitting Class
Learn to make a sweater, blanket or a pot holder in our NEW            Spirit Award
Knitting Class. Classes run 4 to 6 weeks for 2 hours per session.      20 September 1300
$15 per Session                                                        This trophy will be given away to the squadron
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NEW Paper Cutting Class                                                Marathon. Come out and show your Spirit!
Learn how to cut plain paper into beautiful art work with our new
paper cutting class. $10 per class.                                    ASSC Punt, Pass & Kick Competition
                                                                       27 September 1800
                                                                       Aviano Summer Sports Classic is hosting an individual
Alpine Golf Course                                                     punt, pass and kick competition. Everyone is invited
0434-30-7386, DSN 632-7386 | Flightline, Bldg. 1391                    to attend and compete. Call the Dragon Fitness
                                                                       Center before 25 September to sign up!
Chicago Style Stableford Golf Tournament
13 September 2008, 0800 shotgun start.
Entry fee is $15 per person (not including green fees or cart fees).   Auto Hobby Shop
The Chicago Style Tournament is an individual format where             632-CARS (2277) | Flight Line, Bldg. 1464
players have to pull a certain amount of points based on their
current handicap. Points are given for pars, birdies, eagles, etc…     Get Your Oil Changed!—
Call Al Beck for more information at 632-7386. Deadline for sign-      Oil Change Labor Cost - $ 15.00
up is 11 Sep 08, payment required at time of sign-up.                  Oil Per Liter or Quart - $ 5.50
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 FREE Ladies Golf Clinic scheduled for 18 Sep 08. Class is             European Oil Filter - $ 14.00
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                                                                       appointments, and more. Call 632-2277 for info!

TC          www.31svs-aviano                                                                              Sept. 5, 2008          13
               Camp Darby
Adventure vacations: Run to the Leaning Tower
      Story and photos by
         Joyce Costello
   When I was first stationed in Vi-
cenza, Italy, I had longed to visit the
Leaning Tower of Pisa.
   Every pizzeria back home always
had an image of the tower on their
take out books and for me it was an-
other wonder of the world that must
be seen.
   Unfortunately back then, I was a
poor junior enlisted Soldier without a
car and no conceivable means of going
to Pisa for the weekend.
   When I saw a sign at the gym ad-
vertising the Run to the Tower, I
begged my boss to take me with him.
He failed to mention that it was 12
kilometers and I assumed it would be
like every other military 5K fun run.
   After leaving at 4 a.m. to get to        The annual Camp Darby Run to the Tower starts at Camp Darby and
Camp Darby in time for the 9 a.m.           ends at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The race is open to the public and is
                                            limited to the first 500 registrations.
start, I was still blissfully happy and
ignorant about the distance.                cursing my boss. When I crossed the
   As I laced up my shoes at the start      finish line exhausted, I could barely
line, I realized there were about 300       stand up to see the tower. I ended up
runners, joggers and walkers from all       laying on the grass beneath it and gaz-
across Italy and Germany.                   ing at it wondrously.
   “Wow,” I thought “everyone must             “Hum, 12K just to see it; my friends
be excited about seeing the Leaning         will never believe me,” I sighed. “I
Tower.”                                     guess this means I’ll have to come
   The gun went off and the crowd           back next year and bring a camera.”
surged ahead. At the 4K mark, I no-            My boss found me an hour later
ticed a runner stopping to chat with a      still under the Tower and told me “I
pretty girl outside of a cafe.              hear there is a run to the Coliseum in
   “One down, only a few hundred left       Rome, it’s a marathon- you game?”
to catch,” I said to myself smiling.           I rolled my eyes and said “ah, an-
   At the 6K mark, I reached the first of   other chance to wonder what in the
two water points and wondered where         world makes us do this. Please tell me
the finish was. By the 10K mark, I was      there’s an easier way to see Italy!”

                                                                                      Run to the Tower
                                                                                      This year race takes place on
                                                                                      October 17. The fun run starts
                                                                                      at Camp Darby and follows
                                                                                      a flat, fast course along the
                                                                                      Arno river to end at the Lean-
                                                                                      ing Tower of Pisa. Registration
                                                                                      forms can be found on
                                                                                       Lodging reservations can be
                                                                                      made by calling DSN 633-7225
                                                                                      or civilian 00 39 050 54 7225 or
 14     Sept. 5, 2008                                                             TC
                                                                    READ ME
                                                                                                       READ ME
Youth Programs                                                      Torch Club—
0434-30-7575, DSN 632-7575 | Area 1, Bldg. 116                      Torch Club is a Boys & Girls Club chartered small-group
                                                                    leadership and service group for youth ages 9-12. Torch
Sand Volleyball and BBQ                                             Club is a powerful vehicle through which youth can meet their
19 September 1900-2300.                                             special character development needs. Torch Club members
Youth ages 9-18 can participate in a 4-on-4 volleyball tourna-      learn to elect officers and work together to implement activities
ment and enjoy a BBQ dinner.                                        in four areas: service to Club and community, education, health
                                                                    and fitness and social recreation. Torch Club is offered from 3
Give Parents A Break Schedule—                                      pm-4 pm the first Tuesday of every month.
19 September, 17 October, 21 November, 19 December. Based
on parent input during the last town hall meeting, we are tempo-    SMART Girls Club—
rarily moving the Saturday “day” GPAB to Friday nights for the      A small-group health, fitness, prevention/education and
remainder of the year effective in August. If the night program     self-esteem enhancement program designed to meet the
supports our Aviano families better than the day program, we        developmental needs of girls ages 9-12 and 13-17. Through
will implement “nights only” for GPAB as a permanent change         dynamic sessions, highly participatory activities, field trips and
for 2009. By referral or $3 an hour.                                mentoring opportunities with adult women. Club girls explore
                                                                    their own and societal attitudes and values as they build skills
Youth Soccer—                                                       for eating right, staying physically fit, getting good health care
Dates to remember:                                                  and developing positive relationships with peers and adults.
13 September, games begins.                                         SMART Girls is offered the second Thursday of each month
25 October, season ends.                                            from 4 pm-5 pm for girls ages 9-12 and the fourth Thursday of
                                                                    each month for girls ages 13-17.
Coaches are needed for each age group for the upcoming
seasons of indoor soccer and volleyball. Call the Youth Center      FitFactor—
Sports Staff at 632-4784 to volunteer or for more information.      The Air Force Services Family Member Programs is committed
                                                                    to the well-being of families and youth. FitFactor is a web-
BCGA Day for Kids-                                                  based program that encourages young people to get up, get
20 September 0900-1300                                              out & get fit! Youth ages 6-18 can earn points for being active
Come out and help Youth Programs celebrate KIDS                     in a variety of ways. From team sports to household chores
with the Boys and Girls Club of America. Families                   you can start earning points to achieve the five FitFactor levels.
can participate in games and a one mile fun run.                    For each level you reach, you earn valuable prizes. See the
There will be prizes, give-a-ways and lots of fun for               Youth Programs staff to get started.
everyone. This event will be held in conjunction with
the 2nd Annual Aviano Marathon.

Girls Night Out!                                                    Outdoor Recreation
26 September 9-12 yrs, 1900-2300                                    0434-30-8623, DSN 632-8623 | Flightline, Bldg. 1479
27 September 13-18 yrs, 1900-2300
Spend time with friends at the Youth Center! Learn                  Rentals-
to make sugar body scrubs and home-made face                        Looking for an extreme outdoor activitiy? Look
masks. Listen to music, play games, watch a movie                   no further than Outdoor Recreation. They offer
and make new friends in this fun filled evening                     equipment rental for all of your outdoor needs.
geared just for girls. Deadline to register is 25
September.                                                          Trips with Groups-
                                                                    Groups of 6 or more can set up trips with Outdoor
Keystone Club—                                                      Recreation for whitewater rafting, kayaking,
Keystoning is the Boys & Girls Club Movement’s most dynamic         canyoning, ropes course, camping and much
teen program. Keystone Clubs are chartered leadership and           more. Contact Outdoor Recreation for your next
service clubs for boys and girls ages 13-18. Keystoners elect of-   big adventure.
ficers and implement activities in six areas: service to Club and
community, character and leadership development, education          Ski Lessons-
and career exploration, unity, free enterprise and social recre-    Ski season is quickly approaching and ski lesson
ation. Keystone is offered from 3-4pm the second Tuesday of         sign-up will begin in October. Get out there and
every month.”                                                       learn to ski like a pro!

Club Tech—                                                          Ski Equipment Tune-Up!
Members gain a deeper knowledge of hardware and opera-              Outdoor Recreation offers tune-ups on all of your ski
tions, including how to identify computer components and how        equipment. Services include waxing and snowboard and
they interact. They take apart and re-assemble computers,           ski repair. Get your gear in quickly so you aren’t left out of
build simple networks, obtain insight into how technology could     the winter fun.
evolve and become familiar with the internet and networks. Skill
Tech Basic Training is offered the first Monday of each month
from 4 pm-5 pm. Skill Tech II is offered on the third Monday of
each month from 4 pm-5 pm.

 TC         www.31svs-aviano                                                                              Sept. 5, 2008        15
                                                                         READ ME
                                                                                                              READ ME
La Bella Vista Club                                                      Vet Clinic
0434-30-4303, DSN 632-4303 | Flightline, Bldg. 1404                      0434-30-8485, DSN 632-8485 | Flightline, Bldg. 1410

La Bella Vista Club Events!—                                             Animal Owners Beware—
Sept 4th 2-4-1 Steak Night for Club Members 1730-2030                    We all know those puppy dog eyes can be very persuasive.
                                                                         But, before you reach down and hand your dog some of your
Sept 6th Texas Hold’em                                                   dinner be aware that many people foods are harmful and even
Doors open at 1800 and the dealing begins at 1830.                       toxic to pets. Please contact the Vet Clinic at 632-8485 for more
$10.00 for members; $20.00 for non-members.                              information.
Limited to the first 100 signed up. Prizes will be awarded to
winners based on their finishing place in the tournament. There          Traveling with your Pet: Information you need to know—
will be no cash involved in any of the games; all players will           In 2001, in an attempt to do away with quarantine laws, Europe
receive the same amount of chips. Additional chips will not              created the Passport for pets. The European Pet Passport (EU
be available. For the ages of 18 and over, call 632-8368 for             Pet Passport) allows for qualifying domestic animals (dogs, cats
information                                                              and ferrets) to freely cross borders in Europe. Before a vet will
                                                                         issue a passport, the pet must have a microchip in place. The
25 September Family Membership Night                                     passport may only be issued by a licensed vet and it, and must
Come out for our Oktoberfest theme! Featuring traditional                be filled out and signed by an officially approved veterinary
Bavarian food and music, kid karaoke, games and give-aways!              clinic. It is valid for the lifetime of the pet. For information on how
Free to club members and $10 for non-members.                            to obtain one in the area, please call or stop by the Aviano Vet
Every Friday night form 2100-0100. Let DJ’s Nancy B and WB               New information:
host all of your favorite vocal stylings from all of your favorite       Feline Heartworm Disease “5 Myths”
                                                                         1.       It only affects Dogs. Not True! The contraction
Annual AF Club Membership Drive 2008—                                    rate of cats and heartworm disease is on the rise.
15 July-15 October. There is no better time to join the club than        2.       It only affects outdoor cats. Heartworm disease is
right now! Card Choice – new members can choose the AF                   caused by mosquitoes. The inside of a house is not mos-
Club MasterCard (for use anywhere MasterCard is accepted)                quito resistant!
or AF Club proprietary card (for use in select Services activities       3.       It’s a disease of the Heart. This is a common
only).                                                                   misconception. Heartworm disease, in cats, mostly affects
                                                                         the lungs, not the heart. Because cats are unique in their
Six Months Free Dues – new members signing up during the                 respiratory reaction to heartworms, a new title has been
promotional period will automatically receive six months free            given to this particular set of symptoms: heartworm-asso-
dues. As a bonus, 100 new members who choose to complete                 ciated respiratory disease: HARD.
an on-line survey about why they chose to join AF clubs will be          4.       Only adult worms cause problems. Unlike dogs,
randomly selected to win additional 6-months of free dues.               cats do not need an adult heartworm to exhibit clinical
First 88 New Members receive a scratch card guaranteed                   signs; in fact, larvae are the main cause of the problems.
monetary prize!                                                          5.       It’s easy to test for. Testing for Heartworm Disease
                                                                         is much more difficult to detect in cats than in dogs, cur-
Joining an Air Force club no longer requires opening a                   rent test can miss feline infections.
private line of credit—
Starting Tuesday, those seeking membership with any of the               Symptoms: Signs may differ from pet to pet. In cats, the
13 Europe-based clubs can choose between a Chase Bank                    most common symptoms are coughing, difficulty breath-
MasterCard or an Air Force-managed “proprietary” card, similar           ing, and vomiting. Other symptoms include: blindness,
to a store credit card.                                                  convulsions, diarrhea, fainting, and loss of appetite or
The Air Force privatized club membership financing in 1994 at
the urging of Congress but continued issuing military-managed            FELINE HEARWORM DISEASE is one of the top five
cards for those who did not qualify for a private line of credit, said   causes of Sudden Death in cats.
Kenny Pruitt, spokesman for Air Force Services.
                                                                         The Aviano Vet Clinic does offer products that can protect
The new option just gives those who do qualify for a private line        cats from Heartworm Disease. “Stronghold”, a once a
of credit the choice between the two, he said.                           month topical ointment, is safe, effective, and affordable. If
                                                                         you stop by the Clinic during the month of September, you
                                                                         can receive a 15% discount when you purchase 3 or more
                                                                         months worth of “Stronghold”!

 16    Sept. 5, 2008                                                                                      www.31svs-aviano                 TC

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