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									True Blue Travel Concierge                                              An exciting new service for our True Blue Travelers
We are delighted that you have signed up for one of our exclusive Alumni tours. An
exciting and unique True Blue Travel experience awaits.
If you would like to arrive early at your destination or extend your trip, we are pleased to
provide you with assistance with those arrangements.
For over 40 years, Conlin Travel of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been providing alumni travel
services for AAUM and is available to assist you with pre- and post-tour arrangements.

The highly experienced leisure travel consultants at
Conlin Travel can assist you with:                                                                  Travel Concierge
                                                                                              Information and Reservations:
 • International and domestic flight arrangements
                                                                                          To speak with a Conlin travel consultant and
 • Pre- and post-tour hotel reservations                                                   find out how our service can enhance your
                                                                                                  travel experience, please call:
 • Private guides for sightseeing tours
                                                                                          734.677.0900 or 1.800.426.6546
 • Meet and greet airport service                                                       and their extensions listed below, or via e-mail,
 • Luggage shipping                                                                      and identify yourself as an AAUM TRAVELER.

 • Visa and Passport procurement assistance                                                            Hours: Monday - Friday
                                                                                                        8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
 • Foreign currency delivered to you in advance of                                       Each of our featured travel consultants has a mini-
   your departure                                                                        mum of 18 years’ experience in the travel industry
                                                                                        and has earned a loyal client following due to their
 • International cellular telephone rental delivered                                       high level of expertise, attention to detail, and
   right to your home                                                                               exceptional customer service.
 • Customized travel guides containing up-to-date,                                         Trip planning fees apply to all travel arrangements.
                                                                                        Consultants will advise travelers of fees at time of inquiry.
   comprehensive destination information

                  BILL MITCHELL                                                                 SANDY KULENKAMP, CTC, MCC
                  In addition to his role as manager of the                                     An international travel consultant with the
                  Prestige Travel Group, Bill is also one of our                                Prestige Travel Group, Sandy has been with
                  lead international travel consultants. He has                                 Conlin Travel since 1989 and has earned the
                  been with Conlin Travel since 1983, and his                                   enviable reputation as a "cruise expert." Along
                  extensive travel experiences, professionalism,                                with her knowledge of the world's waterways,
                  and attention to detail have benefited his                                    she also enjoys arranging luxury trips to all parts
                  many loyal clients over the years.                                            of the world.
Phone Ext.: 4106 • E-mail:                    Phone Ext.: 4105 • E-mail:

                  NANETTE RUDD                                                                  VICKY MASTERS
                   Nanette began her career in travel in 1960.                                  Vicky began in the travel industry in 1990
                   After raising a family, she returned to the                                  and has been with Conlin Travel since 1996.
                   industry in 1983 and has since gained unpar-                                 Herself a native of Greece, she is an expert on
                   alleled knowledge both through her work                                      Greece and the Greek islands, but also has
                   and her extensive travels. Having ventured                                   extensive expertise in planning luxury cruises
                   throughout four of the seven continents,                                     and custom vacations to destinations around
                   Nanette delights in sharing with her clients                                 the world.
fascinating stories about each of the countries she's visited.           Phone Ext.: 2414 • E-mail:
Phone Ext.: 3102 • E-mail:

                                              3270 Washtenaw Avenue • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
                                         Phone: 734.677.0900 • Fax: 734.677.0901 •
                                       True Blue Travel Concierge is a travel service offered by Conlin Travel, Inc. and is not
            Since 1959                         operated by the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

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