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					                            ANG                                     PAHAYAGAN NG PARTIDO KOMUNISTA NG PILIPINAS
                                                                               PINAPATNUBAYAN NG

Vol. XXXII No. 10                                    English Edition                                         October 2002


Raise the level of the growing
patriotic united front
       he Communist Party of the Philippines and the               To attain this, Macapagal-Arroyo relentlessly advances
       revolutionary forces welcome the emergence and          the presence of US troops in the country through successive
       rapid expansion of the patriotic united front that      military exercises involving American soldiers and is
resists American military presence and the Macapagal-          pushing for the ratification of the Mutual Logistics Support
Arroyo regime’s blind obedience to every directive and         Agreement (MLSA).
policy of US imperialism.                                          The regime has given its all-out support for US
     The Party recognizes the big potential of the patriotic   imperialism’s arrogant and arbitrary foreign policy,
united front not only in resisting the burning issues of US    especially its plans to wage war on Iraq. With the exception
military intervention, but also in further strengthening       of United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, Macapagal-
the movement to terminate Macapagal-Arroyo’s puppet            Arroyo is alone in her zealous support for such US plans.
rule.                                                          Even before the US had requested it, the puppet regime had
     Macapagal-Arroyo’s servility to US imperialism,           already offered the use of Philippine airspace and airports
especially to warmonger US President George W. Bush’s          by the US military without the slightest consideration for
“war against terrorism” is despicable. Macapagal-Arroyo        the national interest.
is in a mad scramble to obtain (a) economic aid to shore           The Macapagal- Arroyo’s blind devotion to US
up the tottering economy; (b) military support to push the     imperialism, the ravaging of Philippine sovereignty and
counterrevolutionary all-out war; and (c) political support                 the thorough disregard for national honor have
especially for her plan to run as                                                    stoked the fires of patriotism among
president in 2004.                                                                     broad numbers of the people.
                                                                                            Even traditional politicians,
                                                                                          including some from Macapagal-
                                                                                          Arroyo’s party, church people, the
                                                                                         media and independent personali-
                                                                                        ties have been impelled to oppose
                                                                                        her. Among them is Vice Pres.
                                                                                        Teofisto Guingona, who was booted
                                                                                        out of the Department of Foreign
                                                                                        Affairs for actively opposing the
                                                                                        MLSA, Balikatan, the “all-out war”
                                                                                       and the “war against terrorism” in
                                                                                       unity with the national democratic

                       Published by the Central Committee of Communist Party of the Philippines
     This was starkly demonstrated on               resolute resistance to US imperialism’s   expose and oppose the widespread
September 16 in a gathering attended                subjugation of Philippine national        poverty and overall economic crisis
by the senators who voted against the               sovereignty. The patriotic and demo-      it engenders.
military bases in 1991 along with some              cratic united front will wield as its          We must likewise encourage the
congressmen, progressives and demo-                 main weapon the launching nationwide      patriotic forces to steadfastly resist
cratic organizations and personalitities.           of massive protest actions, drawing in    the fascist policies attendant to the
(See related article on p.3)                        the various sectors and social strata.    US “war against terrorism”, including
     The patriotic united front is bound                  In accordance with the patriotic    the proposed anti-“terrorism” law that
to expand even further. With the pas-               agenda, the MLSA must be discarded        aims to suppress the Filipino people’s
sage of time, there is more and more                along with the Visiting Forces Agree-     basic civil rights.
loathing for Macapagal-Arroyo’s blind               ment and other unequal treaties that           The patriotic and democratic uni-
obedience to the Bush doctrine, which               advocate US interventionism and           ted front is imbued with much rel-
is being criticized and condemned by a              hegemonism. We must demand an             evance. It is comparable to the broad
growing number of states and peoples                end to military exercises and the pres-   popular unity against the US military
the world over. Macapagal-Arroyo’s                  ence of American troops, push for the     bases that led to the rejection of the
isolation from the broad masses of the              resumption of peace negotiations with     military treaty’s renewal in 1991. In
Filipino people is thus worsening.                  the NDF and oppose all US moves           fact, this patriotic front may encompass
     The revolutionary forces must                  that imperil the peace talks. We must     even bigger numbers as there are
redouble their efforts in further                   call for an end to US warmongering        currently so many burning issues that
expanding and strengthening the patri-              against Iraq and the withdrawal of the    expose the imperialist oppression of
otic and democratic united front. Patri-            Macapagal-Arroyo regime’s support         the Philippines and the puppetry of
otic struggles in the Philippines must              for this unjust war.                      the neocolonial republic.
also be linked to the patriotic struggles                 Within the framework of a broad          In waging all-out action and resis-
of peoples of other countries.                      patriotic front, we must encourage the    tance, the patriotic united front may
     We must set ablaze the spirit of               middle forces to advance the concrete     play a big role in frustrating Macapa-
militant patriotism, the active and                 demands of the basic masses against       gal-Arroyo’s attempts to remain in
                                                    imperialist plunder and oppression.       power beyond 2004. A powerful mass
           ANG                                                             The patriotic      movement may even now be generated
                                                                       united front must      to put an end to the puppet Macapagal-
                                        CONTENTS                       highlight the issues   Arroyo regime. It would be fine if
                                        Vol. XXXII No. 10 October 2002
                                                                       of economic sov-       Macapagal-Arroyo’s successor were
     1   Editorial: Raise the level of the growing patriotic           ereignty and the       to stand for a program advocating
         united front                                                  oppressive policies    national sovereignty and freedom in
                                                                       of imperialist “glo-   the economic, political and military
     3   Guingona’s voice of patriotism
                                                                       balization” and        realms.
         Military bases ouster commemorated
     4   Successful tactical offensives of the NPA
     5   Bush warmongering against Iraq continues ;                                   ANNOUNCEMENT
         (6)Bush: Hitler, threat to peace; (6) US: Threat
         to the security and independence of nations; (6)
         Opposition to war on Iraq spreads
                                                                       The Party has relaunched its website on the internet.
     7   The Arroyo couple’s scandalous corruption                 Called the “Philippine Revolution Web Central,” it will carry
     8   The Mike Arroyo-NAD conspiracy                            the latest issues of Ang Bayan, statements, revolutionary
     9   Correspondence reports: Land-occupation in                publications and other information about the Party and the
         northwestern Leyte                                        revolutionary organizations in the Philippines.
                                                                       Managed by the CPP Information Bureau, the website is
    10 Capitulation and criminality of the RPM-RPA-ABB
                                                                   found at Everyone is enjoined
    11 Defend Comrade Joema!                                       to access the website and help in its improvement.
         On the terrorism of US imperialism and the                    The website was launched with the help of revolutionary
         Macapagal-Arroyo regime                                   forces in the United States who are in solidarity with
    12 News                                                        the Filipino people’s correct and just struggle against US

2                                                                                                        Oktubre 2002     ANG BAYAN
Guingona’s voice of patriotism
I  n the face of the Macapagal-Arroyo
   regime’s rabid puppetry, Vice Presi-
dent Teofisto Guingona’s patriotism
                                            16, 1991, he was among the 12 sena-
                                            tors who voted against the RP-US
                                            Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation
is exceptional.                             and Security that ended 50 years of
     Guingona’s resolute stand against      the US military bases’ presence in the
Balikatan, the MLSA and other mili-         Philippines.
tary agreements between the Philip-              Guingona opposed the ratification
pines and the US are indeed significant.     of the General Agreement on Tariffs
He opposed the entry of US troops           and Trade (GATT) sponsored by
in the country and the fact that this       Macapagal-Arroyo in the senate
embroils the Philippines in the impend-     in 1994. This agreement
ing US war on Iraq. He stood his            served as the foundation
ground on these issues even if it meant     for the liberalization of the
his removal last July as secretary of the   economy that is now caus-
Department of Foreign Affairs.              ing unprecedented crisis in the
     Even in the past, Guingona had         Philippines.
already shown a patriotic and anti-              In 1999, Guingona opposed
fascist stance. He was among the            the Visiting Forces Agreement even             Nonetheless, Guingona main-
thousands who were incarcerated by          if most of his partymates in LAKAS-       tained his patriotitic stance.
the Marcos fascist dictatorship when        NUCD voted for it. He stressed that the        He has thus gained the growing
martial law was declared in 1972.           agreement would reverse the victorious    respect and support of the people. The
Upon his release, he fought, as an          rejection of the US military bases.       people’s ardent support for Guingona
attorney, for the release of political           In 2000, one of the factors that     will continue if he persists in his
prisoners and exposed rampant cases         kicked off the impeachment process        patriotism and his pro-people stance.
of human rights violations. He was also     against Joseph Estrada was Guingona’s          Should he take up this challenge,
among those who opposed question-           speech “I Accuse.” He unhesitatingly      he will be counted among the ranks of
able foreign loans and marched in           united with and actually participated     Claro M. Recto, Lorenzo Tañada and
unity with the broad anti-dictatorship      in the mass movement to oust Estrada.     Jose Diokno who served as symbols of
mass movement.                              His signal role in this movement          courage and resoluteness in the fight
     Guingona continued to take a stand     could not be ignored by Macapagal-        for national sovereignty and played a
even when he became senator under           Arroyo, who thus designated him as        relevant role in the history of the people’s
the Aquino regime. On September             vice president.                           struggle for national liberation.

                                  Military bases ouster commemorated
                           The 11 th anniversary of the
                            senate’s rejection of the
                        treaty that would have extended
                                                                    Twelve senators, including Tañada and Guingona,
                                                                voted against the proposed “RP-US Treaty of Friend-
                                                                ship, Cooperation and Security,” signalling the end
                        the presence of US military             of 50 years of the US military bases’ presence in the
                        bases in the Philippines was            Philippines.
                        commemorated on September                   The activity was attended by leaders and members of
                        16. The gathering held at the           mass organizations. Pastor “Boy” Saycon of the Council
University of the Philippines and dubbed “Reliving              for Philippine Affairs and Linda Montayre of the People’s
September 16, 1991” was organized by Bayan Muna, Vice           Consultative Assembly (both former Macapagal-Arroyo
President Teofisto Guingona and former Sen. Wigberto
Tañada.                                                                                                   continued on page 4

ANG BAYAN     Oktubre 2002                                                                                                      3
“These successful tactical offensives show that the revolutionary forces are ready
to face and frustrate the all-out war campaign of the Macapagal-Arroyo regime. In
accordance with the call of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the
Philippines, the revolutionary forces shall intensify the armed struggle by carrying
out more and more armed tactical offensives. – Ka Roger, September 29, 2002

NPA raids municipal hall in Quezon                                 33 firearms seized
     NPA Red fighters attacked the municipal hall of Lopez,         in Compostela
Quezon on the afternoon of September 27. Killed in the raid
were Lopez chief of police Supt. Cesar Santander, SPO4             Valley raid
Nestor Santiago and one other PNP element.                              Up to 33 firearms were
     The guerrillas quickly entered the municipal hall by          seized when Red fighters under the Rhyme Petalcorin
employing a ruse. Some of them wore barongs and pretended          Command-New People’s Army (RPC-NPA) raided
that they wanted to file a case while some posed as AFP            the Philippine National Police station in Maco,
soldiers and others as agents of the National Bureau of            Compostela Valley on September 24. Among the
Investigation.                                                     weapons seized were 17 armalites, three M14s,
     The guerrillas had already taken their positions inside the   four Garands, three .38 caliber pistols, a Browning
municipal hall when some policemen grew suspicious and fought      automatic rifle, ammunition and a VHF radio.
it out. The Red fighters took control of the municipal hall after        According to RPC-NPA spokesperson Diomabok
a firefight that lasted a number of minutes and confiscated all       Kadyawan, the daring raid proves the NPA’s capability
firearms from the armory before making a safe retreat.              to launch surprise attacks on legitimate targets. He said
                                                                   the the raid was successfully conducted because of the
Scout Rangers ambushed in Leyte                                    people’s cooperation with the NPA.
                                                                        The daring raid was launched without a single shot
    Four elements of the Philippine Army Scout Rangers             being fired through the use of stratagem. First, guerril-
were killed and two were wounded in an ambush staged by            las posing as Philippine Army soldiers captured Maco
an NPA platoon in Barangay Mabuhay, Mahaplag, Leyte                mayor Miller Alaba at around 6:30 p.m. and brought
on September 20. The ambush took place at around 3:15              him to the police station in Barangay Mapaang. Alaba
p.m. as four elements of the 3rd Scout Ranger Company              introduced the Red fighters as soldiers of the 72nd
who were aboard a Kennedy-type jeep were on their way              IB, thus enabling them to enter the station easily
to Tacloban City.                                                  and disarm the police. The Red fighters carted away
    Five high-powered firearms were seized by the NPA during        all weapons in the station’s armory in 15 minutes.
the firefight, including an M203, two M16s, a Baby-M16             They easily made their retreat through the nearby
and an M14.                                                        forest.
    A platoon of reinforcements from the 3rd SR Company                 Shamed, the Macapagal-Arroyo regime immedi-
and the 53rd IB’s Charlie Company was ambushed by an NPA           ately ordered the relief of the entire PNP force in Maco
blocking force. One enemy soldier was killed.                      and filed treason charges against Alaba. The local
    Meanwhile, a soldier from the 63rd IB was killed in an         intelligence unit is likewise being investigated for its
encounter with an NPA unit that same day.                          incompetence.

“Military bases...”, from page 3              That same day, hundreds of dem-            Simultaneously, the Liberal
                                          onstrators rallied in front of the        Party (LP) inaugurated a monu-
allies) also showed their solidarity      US Embassy to oppose US military          ment called “Inang Laya.” The
with their presence.                      intervention in the Philippines and       monument hailed the correctness
    The participants demanded that        the threatened strike against Iraq.       of the military bases’ ouster. Even
Macapagal-Arroyo publicize the            The protest action led by BAYAN,          if the LP formed part of the ruling
contents of the Mutual Logistics          Bayan Muna and other progressive          coalition, it daringly defied the
Support Agreement and submit              organizations was likewise joined by      rabidly pro-imperialist stance of its
the treaty for deliberation in the        the International League of Peoples’      honorary chairperson, Macapagal-
Senate.                                   Struggle.                                 Arroyo.

4                                                                                              Oktubre 2002     ANG BAYAN
Bush warmongering against Iraq continues
                                                                                     desire to be involved in this war.
U   S President George W. Bush is hell-bent on waging war on Iraq, with
    or without support. He obstinately demands the overthrow of Saddam
Hussein whom he portrays as a butcher and a threat to world peace and
                                                                                         O n l y U K Prime Minister Tony
                                                                                     Blair—and the ever-reliable puppet
civilization.                                                                        Macapagal-Arroyo—are outrightly
                                                                                     supporting Bush.
     Bush and Secretary of State Colin    and peoples the world have in time,            Despite widespread opposition to
Powell have been coercing the United      grown to realize the madness of the        a war against Iraq, Bush has ordered
Nations (UN) to immediately issue         Bush doctrine.                             the US military’s high command as
a new resolution allowing the US              Support started to dwindle when        well as the Central Intelligence Agency
to attack Iraq if the latter refuses to   the “war against terrorism” was esca-      to make arrangements for military
abide by the UN’s resolutions. Bush       lated beyond Afghanistan. The US           cooperation with Qatar and the station-
has also filed a resolution at the US      became isolated when it threatened         ing in that country of 1,000 troops
Congress pushing for military action      that any country that was not for this     from the US Central Command.
against Iraq. Defense Secretary Donald    war would be considered an enemy.              This is aside from 5,000 armed
Rumsfeld has set the deadline for         US isolation worsened with its war-        troops at the Prince Sultan Airbase in
passing the resolution before the         mongering against Iraq.                    Saudi Arabia and the 30,000-strong
November 5 elections.                         “No to War!” was the cry of grow-      Tank Division already stationed in
     Bush has been acting like a bully    ing numbers of the American people.        Kuwait. Up to 250,000 American
in disregarding UN processes. On          “Adventurism” was German Chancel-          troops are also reportedly in the Persian
September 26, US and British war-         lor Gerhard Schroeder’s severe criti-      Gulf now. A hundred thousand troops
planes bombed two civilian airports       cism of Bush’s plans to attack Iraq.       will likewise reportedly assault Iraq.
in southern Iraq because the area was     For France, Russia and China, the
allegedly within the “no-fly zone”        inspection of the so-called weapons of     BUSH’S MOTIVES
forcibly imposed by the US and United     mass destruction will suffice for now.           Bush is hurriedly preparing to
Kingdom (UK) in 1991.                     The Arab League, on the other hand,        attack Iraq in accordance with his “first
     Bush also dismissed as a “mere       gravely fears the outbreak of massive      strike policy” even before he could
tactic” Iraq’s declaration on September   turmoil due to US plans to attack Iraq.    come up with any solid basis for
17 allowing the entry of UN weapons       Meanwhile, US allies Canada and            his allegations that the Iraqi govern-
inspectors, which used to be what         Indonesia have said that they have no      ment has links with the terrorist al
the US demanded. Iraq has also prom-                                                                 Qaida or harbors and
ised the inspectors full freedom to              TURKEY                                              produces weapons of
investigate.                                                                                         mass destruction. Why
     Iraq’s decision was in accordance                                                               does Bush hate Iraq so
with the desire of the majority of                   A                                               much?
UN members. Its aim is to belie US           SYRI                                                        Bush’s real and big-
accusations that it was mass producing                                                                    gest motive is to
weapons of mass destruction.                                                                              find a way out for
                                                              IRAQ                                        desperate Amer-
NARROW BASE OF SUPPORT                                                                                    ican monopoly
    Last year, Bush and the militarists                                                                   capitalists who
exploited the grief and anger of the                                                                      are up to their
American people in the wake of the                                                                        necks in problems
terrorist attack on the World Trade                                                                       due to the col-
Center and the Pentagon. He was                                                                           lapse of the stock
immediately able to gather the support       SAUDI                                                        market, the out-
of congress and public opinion for           ARABIA                                                       break of big cor-
waging a “war against terrorism”                                                                          porate anomalies
and for armed aggression against                                                                          and the unrest that
Afghanistan. But the American people                                                                      besets the Ameri-

ANG BAYAN     Oktubre 2002                                                                                                  5
can people as a result of years of recession. If these
problems remain unresolved, Bush’s Republican
                                                          US: Threat to the security
Party will be jeopardized in the November polls.          and independence of nations
     The Bush government hopes to pump-prime the
economy through the production of war materiel.
Bush is set to pour in up to $379 billion for the
production of military equipment. In addition, Bush
                                                          T   he United States’ new National Security Strategy (NSS)
                                                              document arrogantly declares the US’ status as today’s sole
                                                          superpower. The document was issued on September 20 as part
has also allocated $50 billion for the “war against       of Bush’s warmongering against Iraq.
terrorism.”                                                    Through the NSS, the US brazenly threatens to use its military
     The planned attack on Iraq has particular            superiority to block any attempt by any country to challenge
relevance for the US. As Iraqi officials have said,        its power.
“the US wants to control our oil.” Iraq is second only         The US uses the September 11, 2001 attacks as a pretext
to Saudi Arabia in the vastness of its oil reserves. It   to make its plans of armed aggression appear like acts of self-
is these 12 billion barrels of oil reserves that the US   defense.
and other imperialists covet.                                  While calling for a stop to other countries’ production of
     The US is fuming                                     weapons of mass destruction with such overweening arrogance,
mad due to Iraq’s asser-                                  the US blatantly declares that it will maintain the forces and
tions of independence.                                    arsenal sufficient to allegedly ensure peace. It says that it will not
Bush eagerly desires to                                   hesitate to launch preemptive attacks on any country it considers
overthrow Iraq to set up                                  terrorist “before the threat reaches” the US.
a regime that will favor                                       The US has also openly shunned the role of other countries
US policy dictates.                                       in deciding on international conflicts. It says it will not hesitate
                                                          to act alone “if necessary.”
                                                               The NSS summarizes the Bush doctrine, which is none
    Bush: Hitler,                                         other than the unbridled use of military force to perpetuate US
                                                          imperialist domination of the world.
    threat to peace
    US President George W. Bush went ballistic when
    Germany’s Justice Minister Herta Daeubler-            Opposition to war on Iraq spreads
    Gmelin compared him to Adolf Hitler, the
    despised leader of the fascist Nazis. Deubler-
    Gmelin said that Bush’s warmongering against          T   here is growing opposition from the world’s peoples to the
                                                              US’ plans of aggression against Iraq.
                                                               In London, capital of the United Kingdom, up to 150,000
    Iraq aims to “divert (the public’s) attention
    from domestic political problems. Hitler also         rallied on September 28 to oppose the US and UK’s plans to
    did that.”                                            attack Iraq. The rally, organized by the Stop the War Coalition
         Before this, Jean Chretien, prime minister of    and the Muslim Association of Britain, was one of the biggest
    US ally Canada, criticized the US’ unilateralism      antiwar demonstrations in European history.
    and arrogance. In an interview, Chretien linked            Marking the intense disapproval, even by officials of the UK,
    the terrorist attacks to world poverty and US         for their government’s bellicose policies, London mayor Ken
    world economic domination. The US, he said,           Livingstone showed his solidarity for and spoke before the rally.
    is also to blame for the terrorist attacks on         Mo Mowlam, a former Blair cabinet minister and now a severe
    September 11, 2001. Chretien added that the           critic, sent a message of solidarity. Members of parliament from
    US should not use its strength to humiliate           Blair’s own Labour Party likewise spoke before the crowd. Scott
    others.                                               Ritter, who led the group of weapons inspectors that entered Iraq in
         In a related development, former South
                                                          1998 also gave a speech. Union leaders and some high officials of
    African president and Nobel Peace Prize awardee
                                                          the Church of England likewise joined the demonstration.
    Nelson Mandela called the US a threat to peace.
                                                               In Rome, Italy, a march-rally against the US war on Iraq
    According to Mandela, the US is undermining
    the UN as the forum for settling international
                                                          organized by the Communist Refoundation Party was attended by
    disputes. He also said that the US’ hardline          more than 100,000 people also on September 28. According to the
    stance against Iraq favors American oil and           latest surveys, almost 70% of Italians are opposed to waging war
    arms companies.
                                                                                                         continued on page 7

6                                                                                                 Oktubre 2002    ANG BAYAN
The Arroyo couple’s scandalous corruption
M    ike and Gloria Arroyo are so voracious in squeezing bribes and
     commissions from every contract entered into, big or small, and from
all government financial institutions. It is Mike Arroyo himself who deals
directly with foreign contractors to ensure that the couple gobbles up the
biggest possible lucre.

     On September 19, Sulpicio Tagud          The JDLC contract has long
Jr., one of the directors of the Public   been a milking cow of the powers
Estates Authority (PEA), disclosed        that be. Estrada benefited from it
that Mike Arroyo himself and his          in 1999. But much bigger amounts
cronies in the PEA were involved          were milked when Macapagal-
in the anomalous construction of          Aroyo appointed her own people
the President Diosdado Macapagal          to the PEA leadership. Kickbacks
Boulevard (PDMB) in Manila. Tagud         were channeled through Ernest
said that the PEA Board of Directors      Villareal, PEA head and a close
connived with the JD Legaspi Corpora-     friend of Mike Arroyo. In addi-
tion (JDLC) to make it appear that        tion, Villareal likewise serves as
construction costs exceeded P1 billion    the head of the Bigkis Pinoy Founda-
even if actual expenses were in the       tion, a front organization of the Arroyo
neighborhood of P500 million. The         family and a suspected fundraiser for          In exchange, PIATCo agreed to
P600 million excess went directly to      Macapagal-Arroyo’s election kitty          give about $4.4 million (P220 million
Arroyo’s pockets.                         for 2004.                                  based on a P50=$1 exchange rate)
     More than half of PEA’s expenses         Before the PDMB anomaly hit            bribe to Macapagal-Arroyo. With the
(P500 million) were defrayed by           the headlines, the Arroyo couple’s         help of their operator Dante Ang, the
funds from the Government Service         extortion from the Cheng family (overt     Arroyos put in Alfonso Liongson as a
Insurance System (GSIS). No less          owners of the Philippine International     “special consultant” to PIATCo so that
than Malacañang ordered the GSIS          Air Terminals Co. or PIATCo) had           the bribe money could be channeled
to extend a loan to the PEA despite       already been bared before the public.      through him. Fron June to December,
the agency’s financial problems. To        PIATCo is the government contractee        Liongson received $2.1 million (P105
comply with the order, the GSIS           for the construction of the Ninoy          million).
delayed the release of retired employ-    Aquino International Airport (NAIA)            The amount of $4.4 million was
ees’ monthly pensions. It also rejected   Terminal 3 under the build-operate-        never completed because Liongson
many loan applications from GSIS          transfer scheme. As soon as Macapa-        was forced to go into hiding in January
members and deferred housing projects     gal-Arroyo took power, she and her         2002 when intense criticisms of the
for them.                                 husband made a deal with PIATCo.           anomalous contract continued without

 “Opposition to war...”, from page 6                           Conference on Terrorism in a Globalized World held in the
                                                               Philippines from September 23-26. It was attended by 130
on Iraq, contrary to the position of the country’s Rightist    delegates, including 103 foreign church people from 22
prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.                              countries and representing 14 denominations.
    Similar rallies were held in Paris, France; Sydney,             Prior to this, Sandeep Pandey, an Indian engineer
Australia; and in various US cities on September 28            and one of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay awardees,
and 29.                                                        joined a rally in front of the US Embassy in September.
    In the Philippines, more than 100 church people            Pandey openly assailed the US “war against terrorism.” In
from 22 countries rallied in front of the US Embassy on        protest, Pandey returned the $50,000 prize he received as
September 27 to condemn “US state terrorism” against Iraq      a Magsaysay awardee because the money came from the
and other targets of the “war against terrorism.” The rally    Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, a reactionary American
served as the culmination of the International Ecumenical      institution.

ANG BAYAN     Oktubre 2002                                                                                                7
letup and the Arroyos’ hand in the
extortion was slowly being revealed.     The Mike Arroyo-NAD conspiracy
In August, he was sent off to Hong
Kong to cut off any link with the
Arroyo couple.
     To be able to milk an even bigger
                                         N    o less than Miguel “Mike”
                                              Arroyo, the president’s hus-
                                         band, is behind the series of
amount, Macapagal-Arroyo maneu-          anti-communist advertisements
vered to put in her own people in        by the National Alliance for
PIATCo. First, she made a show           Democracy (NAD) that have
of having the PIATCo contract            been coming out in the papers
reviewed and declaring it anoma-         since July.
lous. After this, she ordered presi-         NAD is an anti-communist
dential adviser on strategic projects    vigilante group established during
Gloria Tan-Climaco, to disclose          the US-Aquino regime. It is led
that PIATCo was merely a front of        by Pastor “Jun” Alcover Jr., a
Frankfurt Airport Service Worldwide      Cebu-based anti-communist radio
(Fraport AG), a Germany company,         commentator.
to pressure the latter to cut off its        NAD sources its funds
business ties with the Cheng family      directly from Bigkis-Pinoy, a
and replace it with the group of         party list group formed by Mike
Macapagal-Arroyo crony Lucio Tan.        Arroyo for his wife. In turn, Big-
Climaco was especially chosen for        kis-Pinoy gets its funds from
the “review” because she was privy to    PAGCOR through its chair and
PIATCo’s anomalous provisions and        Mike Arroyo minion Ephraim
transactions. She used to chair the      Genuino.
Sycip, Gorres and Velayo company             The advertisements strain to depict the revolutionary forces as
that audits PIATCo and Fraport.          terrorists. They also link the revolutionary forces to legal democratic
Climaco, along with Executive Sec-       organizations like BAYAN, Bayan Muna and KARAPATAN. They smear
retary Alberto Romulo, was also          the name of Comrade Jose Ma. Sison much like the military does.
involved in PIATCo’s bribery of              Neither has NAD spared others who have been criticizing Macapagal-
former Department of Transporta-         Arroyo, such as Linda Montayre of the People’s Consultative Assembly and
tion and Communication secretary         Crispin Remulla of the Partido ng Masang Pilipino. These two are known to
Pantaleon Alvarez. In connivance         be close to potential Macapagal-Arroyo rivals in 2004.
with Alvarez, PIATCo bloated the             The Macapagal-Arroyo regime’s anti-communist campaign has
expenditures for the construction of     noticeably picked up since the president’s talk with US President Bush
the NAIA Terminal 3.                     in November 2001.
     Climaco threatened Fraport with         For this campaign, Mike Arroyo revived NAD, which was last sponsored
a government takeover of the project     by Joseph Estrada.
if it did not agree to Macapagal-            By July, the organization obviously had a lot of money since it could
Arroyo’s conditions. Because Fra-        afford to come out with P200,000 advertisements against the revolutionary
port AG had already poured $375          movement in national newspapers. It is Jaime Policarpio, a former Estrada
million (P18.75 billion based on         man and now a partner of Mike Arroyo, who directly takes charge of
a P50=$1 exchange rate) into the         NAD’s black propaganda.
project, it eventually caved in before       NAD was also directed to launch pro-US rallies during US Secretary
Macapagal-Arroyo’s brazen extortion.     of State Colin Powell’s visit to the country. It also rallied against Fr.
On September 5, Fraport promised to      Robert Reyes when he criticized the fact that landholdings of big landlords
raise $400 million (P20 billion) for     like Mike Arroyo and Danding Cojuangco were not being subjected to
the project. Three-hundred million       agrarian reform.
dollars ($300 million) would go to           During Macapagal-Arroyo’s state of the nation address last July, she said
its local partners while $100 million    that not all those who were holding rallies outside the Batasang Pambansa
(P5 billion) would go directly to        were against her. She approached the pro-Macapagal-Arroyo rally being
Macapagal-Arroyo.                        launched by Bigkis-Pinoy and NAD.

8                                                                                         Oktubre 2002    ANG BAYAN
Land-occupation in northwestern Leyte

Unity and resolute resistance
                                          areas, as well as outside sugarcane
M    ore than 1,000 families occupy
     over 2,000 hectares of farmland
in northwestern Leyte comprising
                                                                                     The Osmeñas are a powerful clan
                                                                                 in Cebu. At that time, Lito Osmeña
                                                                                 already owned a 100-hectare land
30 large barangays in Ormoc City               THE LANDLORDS STRIKE BACK.        where he planned to build an airport.
and the towns Kananga, San Isidro,        Although most of the land being        He also wanted to build a golf course
Leyte, Albuera and Villaba among          occupied by the farmers are aban-      and illegal brothels for pedophiles in
others.                                   doned, their struggle has not been     San Isidro town.
     Peasants occupy and till unproduc-   an easy one. Despite the fact that                    Osmeña and Larra-
tive sugarcane farms, mostly aban-        the peasant families have been                      zabal took the lead in
doned by the owners or seized by          tilling the farms for                               perpetrating violence
banks after going bankrupt due to the     some time, some                                     and filing trumped-up
slump in the sugar industry in the                                                        criminal charges against
1980s.                                                                                   SAGUPA-SB and individual
     Along with the sustained land-                                                    peasants who occupied the land.
occupation campaign, farmers have
also achieved victories in the struggle                                                  VIOLENCE AGAINST PEAS-
for lower land rent and higher wages                                              ANTS. In 1999, Larrazabal ordered
for workers in corn, coconut and sugar-                                          the killing of a barangay captain
cane farms. These struggles, marked                                              who was a leader of SAGUPA-SB.
by close coordination among peas-                                                     In Kananga town, peasant leader
ants in different barangays, enjoy                                                         Reynaldo “Teting” Villota
the warm support of workers and the                                                          was killed by policemen
middle forces.                                                                                and CAFGU elements in
                                                                                           August 1999 on orders from
     OCCUPATION OF ABAN-                                                                Loloy Labra, a despotic land-
DONED LAND. Land in north-                                                          lord.
western Leyte is monopo-                                                             In spite of continued harassment,
lized by a handful of big                                                        however, the farmers bravely paid
landlords. The largest sug-                  landlords and banks attempted to    tribute to their slain comrades during
arcane plantations and some                   retake the land and sell them to   the wake. Thousands of farmers
of the biggest coconut farms and             other landlords and businessmen.    joined the funeral march. Waving
pasturelands in Eastern Visayas                 Among those drawn by the         red banners and raising placards and
can be found here.                        prospect of grabbing land to           streamers, they swore to continue
     Spontaneous occupation of aban-      expand his ranch was Melchor           with the struggle for which the two
doned land has been occurring in the      Larrazabal. The Larrazabals are        martyrs shed their blood.
place as early as the 1980s. Efforts of   a powerful clan of landlords who           Up to the present, the peasants
different peasant families and groups     have been lording it over Leyte        face the charges and threats against
were at first sporadic. In 1995, the       for decades.                           them. They continue with their
Samahan han Gudti nga Parag-uma-              In 1996, farmers in some           pickets, demonstrations, camp-outs
Sinirangang Bisayas (SAGUPA-SB            places were able to compel the         and other forms of protest. When-
or Association of Small Farmers-          Department of Agrarian Reform          ever a peasant leader is arrested
Eastern Visayas) unified and coordi-       to decide to distribute land. The      or detained, they troop to jails to
nated these actions. The campaign         decision was not implemented,          extend moral support to their com-
spread among adjacent barangays and       however, due to maneuvers by
towns, along highways and coastal                                                                 continued on page 10
                                          landlords like Lito Osmeña.

ANG BAYAN     Oktubre 2002                                                                                           9
The capitulation and criminality
of the RPM-RPA-ABB
    The capitulation and criminality of the Rebolusyo-    Army in staging check-
naryong Partido ng Manggagawa-Revolutionary Proletar-     points and launching
ian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPM-RPA-ABB)              military operations in
are further being unmasked.                               several places.
    On August 31, representatives of mass organizations       Despite the sop
submitted a list of human rights violations committed     it receives from the
by the RPM-RPA-ABB to Gov. Niel Tupas of Iloilo           regime and the AFP, the
and Senior Supt. Johnny Mabugat. Included in the list     RPM-RPA-ABB
are cases of coercion, extortion, recruitment for the     continues with its
CAFGU, illegal logging and others. Groups led by          extortion activities.
Demetrio Capilastique alias “Hugo” and Rufino Cadugo       It milks at least P1,500
alias “Rocky” were named as respondents.                  per month from every
    The list was submitted in time for Macapagal-         barangay. It also take
Arroyo’s approval of the P17.5 million “peace” deal       at least P500 per trip from loggers in the island. RPA
between the regime and the RPM-RPA-ABB. Ten               members likewise serve as paid goons in demolition
million pesos (P10 million) of the amount will go to      operations in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan.
the “reintegration” of RPM-RPA-ABB surrenderees.              In Negros Occidental, many people were not able to
The remaining P7.5 million will supposedly be set aside   vote in the July barangay elections due to threats from
for the “joint enforcement and monitoring committee”      the RPM-RPA-ABB. Armed RPA elements guarded
which will be formed to implement the deal finalized       voting precincts to campaign for their bets in Calatrava
in the “Clarifi cation Document” signed on February        and Don Salvador Benedicto towns.
27 in Quezon City.                                            The RPA also serves as guns for hire and goons of
    Among those who signed were Sec. Roilo Golez,         politicians like Danding Cojuangco and his partymate
Nilo dela Cruz, Arturo Tabara and Manuel Calizo.          former Rep. Oscar Garin, ex-Mayor Nene dela Cruz and
Eduardo “Red” Kapunan of the rightist RAM witnessed       his wife Cynthia, mayor of Don Salvador Benedicto.
the signing. Since the signing, the RPA has been              Since 1997, the RPA has been actively employed by
impudently showing off its weapons, camouflage            Gen. Gerry Flores, former PNP intelligence chief. RPA
uniforms and combat boots all issued by the govern-       elements also serve as goons for Flores and his wife
ment.                                                     who is the mayor of Miag-ao, Iloilo.
    Aside from acting as policemen, Daniel Batoy, an          The RPM-RPA-ABB has a direct link to the Red
RPA commander in Panay, admits that they take part        Vigilantes Group which is engaged in the illegal drug
in intelligence operations against the democratic and     trade, kidnapping for ransom and other gangster activities
revolutionary movement. They also join the Philippine     in Nueva Ecija.

“Land-occupation...”, from page 9     court. But they never left their land.       The peasant’s close cooperation
                                      Instead, their conviction has grown      in sustaining their struggle and
rades. There have been cases where    even stronger. In one pastureland,       strengthening their ranks are their
prisoners were granted temporary      for example, the number of families      effective weapon. They keep on
freedom by the courts due to the      occupying the land and helping each      raising their consciousness and
peasants’ mass actions. There were    other till it swelled from 150 to 300    their fighting will in spite of the
also cases where the court was        despite the harassment. Because          attempts of landlords to impede
compelled to reduce bail.             landlords send goons to uproot the       their advance. With their unity and
    Because their adversaries are     crops from time to time, the farm-       resolve to fight, they will surely
powerful in government, the peas-     ers decided to guard their farms in      continue reaping victory after vic-
ants lost many of their cases in      shifts.                                  tory.

10                                                                                      Oktubre 2002    ANG BAYAN
Defend Comrade Joema                                                                   promoted. The signatories were from
                                                                                       Denmark, France, The Netherlands,

P  rogressive youth led by Anakbayan
   picketed the Dutch embassy in
Makati on September 24 to demand
                                         “Apeng” Yap also attended the gather-
                                         ing. Sen. Loren Legarda sent a mes-
                                         sage of solidarity where she described
                                                                                       Portugal, Spain and Sweden.
                                                                                            In a press conference on Septem-
                                                                                       ber 18, Archbishop Joris Vercammen
the resumption of subsidies due a        Ka Joema and comrades as “a special           of the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht
political refugee to Comrade Jose Ma.    breed of Filipinos”.                          and Dominee Hans Visser of the
Sison, Senior Political Consultant            On September 25, members of the          Paulus Kerk of Rotterdam voiced
of the National Democratic Front of      Philippine Solidarity Groups-Belgium          support for Ka Joema’s struggle.
the Philippines (NDFP).                                protested before the Dutch      Visser branded as “stupid” the Dutch
The protesters brought a                               embassy. They slept on the      government’s decision to stop giving
symbolic “care package”                                street to assail the crimi-     subsidies to Sison. He also described
of canned goods, rice,                                 nalization of the Philip-       as “ridiculous” the comparison of Ka
medicines, drinking water                              pine mass movement and          Joema to Osama bin Laden.
and others to be sent to                               the Dutch government’s               Meanwhile, Sison’s supporters in
Sison.                                                 squeeze campaign against        India demonstrated before the Dutch
     Anakbayan likewise                                Prof. Jose Ma. Sison. They      embassy in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
launched the campaign                                  likewise launched the “1        on September 26. Police arrested over
“Piso para kay Prof.                                   euro for Sison” campaign        100 activists who brought a petition
Joema” in support of                                   for his basic needs and legal   letter to the Dutch government demand-
Comrade Sison whom                                     funds.                          ing the reinstatement of the rights of
they described as “a good teacher, a          On September 21, twenty-three            Comrade Joema as a political refugee.
true freedom fighter, a good friend,      members of the European Parliament                 In Vancouver, Canada, migrant
father and comrade”.                     expressed support for Ka Joema. In a          Filipinos picketed the Dutch embassy
     On August 25, relatives, comrades   petition brought before the Dutch gov-        in support of Ka Joema and to
and friends of the Sison family and      ernment, they called for the removal of       denounce US terrorism. They also
other members of the NDFP peace          the Communist Party of the Philippines        submitted a petition letter in defense
panel gathered in Quezon City. They      and the New People’s Army from the            of Ka Joema.
belied the US’ and the Macapagal-        list of “terrorist organizations”. They            The activities in defense of Ka
Arroyo regime’s “terrorist” designa-     said the inclusion of the CPP and the         Joema are coordinated by the Commit-
tion of the revolutionary movement       NPA in the list prejudices the peace          tee DEFEND. Information regarding
and demanded an immediate stop to        negotiations between the NDFP and             his case and struggle can be found at
the regime’s campaign to discredit the   the Government of the Republic of   
NDFP. GRP peace panel members            the Philippines which the European                 Ang Bayan released on September
Atty. Rene Sarmiento and Rep. Jose       Parliament has long supported and             22 a special issue on this matter.

On the terrorism of US imperialism
and the Macapagal-Arroyo regime
On September 11, Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, spokesman           that has been wreaking havoc the world over.
of the Communist Party of the Philippines, conveyed the              The US has been coercing all countries, violating their
Party’s commemoration of the death of more than two             sovereignty and shunting aside international institutions,
thousand Americans and other nationalities victimized by        agreements and standards of civilized relations among
the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The following         independent nations.
are excerpts from the statement:                                     The CPP denounces US imperialism’s terrorism,
    A year later today, the CPP affirms even more its stand
against terrorism, specially the terrorism of US imperialism                                           continued on page 12

ANG BAYAN     Oktubre 2002                                                                                                11
Nation remembers martial law
     The government’s “leaning toward the United States”
                                                                     AFP vilifying Bayan Muna
is a situation comparable to that prevailing on the eve of                A report of the Mt. Province Provincial
Marcos’ imposition of martial rule in 1972. Thus stated              Peace and Order Council (PPOC) revealed that it
Vice Pres. Teofisto Guingona in a forum September 21 at               is the military that is behind the smear campaign
the De La Salle University. The forum was part of a series           against the party-list group Bayan Muna.
of activities in observance of the 30th anniversary of the                In the report, the Philippine Army’s 5th ID
declaration of martial law.                                          maliciously linked to the revolutionary move-
     “Although there is no martial law, iron-fist rule exists,”       ment projects being funded by Bayan Muna
said Fr. Joe Dizon in the same forum.                                representatives in Congress. These include the
     In Laoag City, around 1,000 farmers belonging to the            P1-million water system project in Barangay
Solidarity of Peasants Against Exploitation-Ilocos (Stop-Ex-         Mainit, Bontoc and the P1-million drainage
Ilocos) and BAYAN-Ilocos marched from the Divine Word                system for a public elementary school in the
College to the provincial capitol to remind Ilocanos of the          same town.
terrifying years of martial law. The farmers came from La                 The report likewise stated the false claims
Union, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and Abra.                            by Maj. Carlito Bueno Jr of the 2 nd Special
     About 1,700 farmers led by BAYAN and the Paghugpong             Forces Company regarding Wyndel Bolinget
sang mga Mangunguma sa Panay kag Guimaras (Pamang-                   and Jonathan Torafeng, officers of the Cordillera
gas) marched along the main thoroughfares of Iloilo City             People’s Alliance. Major Bueno claims that
denouncing the widespread militarization in Panay, especially        Bolinget and Torafeng asked for the votes of
against national minorities.                                         Barangay Mainit residents in the barangay and
     Rallies were also launched in different parts of Negros         Sangguniang Kabataan elections on July, before
including Bacolod City, Cauayan, Kabankalan and Escalante.           the projects were implemented. But according
“Our cry is never again to martial law,” said BAYAN-Negros           to Bolinget, he has not been to Mainit since
secretary general Julius Mirabeles.                                  1999.
     In Cauayan, Negros Occidental, a marker was unveiled                 Mayor Thomas Killip of Sagada, Mt. Prov-
in memory of those who bravely fought against martial rule.          ince expressed concern over the military’s nega-
“This marker is a reminder of Marcos’ reign of terror…,”             tive view of the P5 million allocated by Bayan
declared Task Force Detainees-Western Visayas (TFD-WV)               Muna for the construction of a five-kilometer
which called for an end to Macapagal-Arroyo’s all-out                road linking Ambasing and Sagada-Dantay.
war campaign.                                                             He described as irrational the military’s
     The TFD-WV also said that the number of political               campaign against Bayan Muna. “Actually, the
detainees is growing. Including the 12 in Bicol and eight in         ones who are being called terrorists are the
Negros who were arrested on August 30, political prisoners           people who want to help our community,” he
now number 197 in 63 jails nationwide.                               said.

 “On the terrorism...”, from page 11        behind Macapagal-Arroyo’s conten-       its intervention in the Philippines’
                                            tion that the CPP and the NPA are       internal affairs.
aggression and warmongering. The            “generic terrorists” because they are        The CPP and the NPA aver that ter-
CPP also condemns the Macapagal-            waging armed struggle to overthrow      rorism has no place in, and is contrary
Arroyo regime which has done noth-          the reactionary government….            to, the advancement of revolutionary
ing but blindly obey the orders of its          Branding the CPP and the NPA        armed struggle and that it violates
master US President Bush.                   as terrorist was worked out only to     international standards on the conduct
     It is utterly irresponsible, base-     justify the continued presence of       of war. This stand was not merely
less and malicious for the US and           American troops in the country…. The    stated by Ka Roger, but is stipulated in
the regime to tag the CPP and the NPA       US has used and will continue using     the basic principles and rules that NPA
as terrorist. It is twisted logic that is   joint military exercises to conceal     fighters adhere to.

12                                                                                             Oktubre 2002    ANG BAYAN

               ANTI-PPA PROTEST                                          U.S. PUSHES
               ACTIONS STAGED IN PANAY                                   FOR JUNKING OF ICC
                                                           Around 150 countries are being pressured by the US
                   Some 9,000 people launched
                                                       not to ratify the 1998 Rome Statute which provides for the
               protest actions against the purchased
                                                       establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The
               power adjustment (PPA) in Panay
                                                       US threatens to withdraw its pledges of aid if the countries
in September.
                                                       do not give in. Among the first countries to be warned were
     In Iloilo City, about 7,000 marched along the
                                                       Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Meanwhile, the Philippines
city’s main roads. In Roxas City, around 2,000
                                                       has rejected the ICC.
including 50 Catholic priests gathered for a prayer
                                                           The ICC will try cases of genocide, war crimes and other
rally against the PPA.
                                                       crimes against humanity. The US is extremely worried about
     The Iloilo provincial chapter of the coalition
                                                       the establishment of the ICC because it is guilty of a long list
People Opposed to Warrantless Electricity Rates
                                                       of crimes against humanity.
(POWER) was formed on September 12. The
coalition includes BAYAN, the local govern-
ments of nine Iloilo towns and the Archdiocese         NEPAL REVOLUTIONARIES
of Jaro.                                               LAUNCH OFFENSIVES, STRIKE

VENDORS PROTEST                                            A mere ten days after lifting the state of emergency,
                                                       the reactionary state of Nepal was again shaken by two
    At least 1,250 people took part in protest         big offensives by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of
actions between August 22 and September                the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist. The PLA attacked
12 against Metro Manila Development Author-            government troops in the district of Sindhuli and the town
ity chairman Bayani Fernados’s campaign                of Sandhikharka on September 8 and 9, killing 89 policemen
to rid the metropolis of sidewalk vendors.             and 17 soldiers.
The mass actions were led by the Alyansa ng                The state was shaken further when a general strike
mga Manininda sa Kalookan; Alyansa ng mga              paralyzed the country September 16. The strike was organized
Manininda Para sa Pagtatanggol sa Kabuhayan            to protest the coming November elections.
at Karapatan; and Metro Manila Vendors Alli-               King Gyanendra of Nepal first declared a state of
ance.                                                  emergency in November 2001 after a spate of PLA attacks that
                                                       resulted in a large number of military and police casualties.
                                                       PALESTINIAN PROTEST
    Prices of petroleum products rose for the          ACTIONS SPREADING
fifth time this year in September. Caltex, Petron
and Shell imposed an increase of around 39                 The major towns and the Occupied Territories in Palestine
centavos per liter of gasoline, diesel fuel and        witnessed big rallies last September despite nonstop bombing
kerosene. Eastern Petroleum and Total followed         by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). On September 19, the
suit. Meanwhile, the price of liquefied petroleum       IDF stopped short of leveling the headquarters of Yasser
gas was raised by P1 per kilogram. Militant            Arafat, head of the Palestinian Authority. The United Nations
organizations protested the price hikes. PISTON,       Security Council passed a resolution for the immediate
the militant organization of drivers and operators     withdrawal of the IDF from Palestinian territory a few days
of public utility vehicles, stated that it would be    later with only the US refusing to sign. Israel had earlier
compelled to demand an increase in fare rates by       refused to heed the resolution but was later on compelled to
P1 if oil prices were not rolled back.                 pull out from Ramallah on September 28.

ANG BAYAN    Oktubre 2002                                                                                          13