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					                                 CLAPA Contacts in the South West
Frequently asked questions…….

                                 South West Parent Contacts                     If you’ve ever
   How did
                    Who’s a                                                     had a ‘silly
                   friendly                                                     question’ that
   cope? –                       Karin Crozier 01275 836 421
                   face I can
   any tips?                     Karen has a son, born 2001 with a              you didn’t
                   talk to?
                                 unilateral cleft lip and palate.               really feel
                                 Caroline Minns 01884 252 336                   asking the
    Where                        Caroline is an adult born with a cleft lip.
                    What did                                                    cleft team…
    did             you say to
    you             people in    Natalie Rigg 0117 924 5445
    park?           Tescos?
                                 Natalie has a son, born 1999 with a           …If you’ve ever simply wanted
                                 unilateral cleft lip and palate.               to chat to someone else who
                                                                               has a child with a cleft, or who
                                 Esther Rookes 01822 853 862                        was born with a cleft
                                 Esther has a son, born 1993 with a                     themselves…
                                 unilateral cleft lip and palate.
   did you         What did                                                     …if you’ve ever wanted to
   tell your       your baby                                                    meet up with other people
   other           look like     CLAPA Branches in the South West               who will know what you are
   children        afterwards?
                                                                                     talking about…
                                 CLAPA Bristol and West
                                 Karin Crozier, 01275 836 421
                                                                               Then why not get in touch with
                                 CLAPA Somerset                                 a CLAPA Parent Contact or a
                                 Jocelyn Cross, 01823 421 489                         CLAPA Branch
  We are here to help you
                                 CLAPA Torbay
      Please contact us
                                 Tina Campbell, 01803 814 334

                                                                                                 Charity No. 277842
CLAPA has been around for the past 25 years.         The NHS service in the South West:

It is a charity that was first set up in 1979 by a   CLAPA works closely with NHS staff around the           Useful websites:
group of parents of children born with clefts        region to ensure that families have appropriate
                                                     help, support and information about their care.
and health professionals involved in their                                                         
treatment. This group recognised how helpful         The South West Cleft Team has specialists
it could be for families of children born with       throughout the region. The service is part of the
clefts to be in touch with each other, to            South Wales/South West Managed Clinical
provide support to each other, and sometimes         Network.                                                Services/cleft
just to be around when nothing was
particularly ‘wrong’, but when it would be nice      The Managed Clinical Network Board, organises
                                                     and coordinates the delivery of an integrated cleft     CLAPA is active in the South West through
to simply be in touch.
                                                     lip and/or palate service with two lead centres         the branches and parent contacts.
CLAPA Branches are groups of parents and             based on the main sites of Morriston Hospital,
                                                     Swansea and Frenchay Hospital, Bristol.                 You don’t have to join a branch to get
health professionals in different areas. Some
have coffee mornings, giving families a              Core Members of the South West Cleft Team are           involved, but you would be very welcome.
chance to meet up, and have parties or other         based in the South West Cleft Unit at Frenchay
social events at different times of the year.        Hospital in Bristol: -                                  Each branch has it’s own programme of
                                                         •   Mrs Liz Albery, Lead Speech & Language          activities, social events and fund-raising
Parent Contacts are not only parents of
children with clefts, or were born with clefts
                                                             Therapist and Clinical Director                 projects.
themselves, but have also been through a                 •   Ms Julia Cadogan, Lead Clinic
training course focusing on active listening.                Psychologist                                    Parent contacts are sometimes branch
They are not professional counsellors, but are                                                               members or may not be involved in a branch.
well able to provide a listening ear.                    •   Mr Iain Hathorn, Lead Consultant
                                                                                                             For information about events or branches in
Call one of the numbers on the back of this              •   Mrs Cathy Marsh, Specialist Cleft Nurse         your area, ring the numbers on this leaflet, or
leaflet if you would like to be in touch with a                                                              contact CLAPA head office if you’re not sure
Branch and/or a Parent Contact.                          •   Mr Tom Cobley, Consultant Plastic
                                                             Surgeon (Primary Surgery)                       which branch to contact. Their volunteer co-
                                                                                                             ordinator, Ruth Buchanan, would be very
                                                         •   Mr Nigel Mercer, Consultant Plastic             pleased to hear from you.
                                                             Surgeon (Primary Surgeon)

                                                         •   Mr Peter Revington, Consultant Oral &
                                                             Maxillofacial Surgeon (Secondary Surgery)       Head Office:
                                                          • Mr Richard Willerton, Cleft Manager              CLAPA
                                                     There are outlying clinics throughout the region,
                                                     with a lead orthodontist specializing in working with
                                                                                                             1st Floor, Green Man Tower
                                                     cleft lip and palate. They work with speech and         332 Goswell Road
                                                     language therapists, nurses and psychologists           LONDON EC1V 7LG
                                                     locally who have a special interest in cleft lip and
                                                                                                             Tel: 020 7833 4883
                                                     The Frenchay Hospital website provides details of
                                                     local NHS staff involved in care in your area.

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