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“Who Else Wants a Web Site Designed and
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        My name is Rob Collyer. I’m known as the “Go-To” guy within the search engine
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search engines.

        Over 1500 web site developers consult me at the specialist bulletin board I started
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demonstrate that when it comes to search engine optimisation there’s nobody who knows
more than me.

                “Over the past five years, Rob Collyer and I have been able to work with
       each other on a regular basis. As an expert in Active Server Pages (ASP) and
       Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist, Rob has been my ‘go-to’ guy. On
       one such occasion I was in need of Rob’s expertise to help close a deal with a
       client, knowing I needed help, I flew Rob to my office in California, USA. Thanks
       to Rob’s vast knowledge and great customer skills we sealed the deal.

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