The question below is asked on the registration pre-launch page

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					The question below is asked on the registration pre-launch page
for Downline Secrets 2 ...

     What is Your Biggest
     Downline Building
I wanted to share some of the challenges many of my subscribers submitted upon
pre-launch registration.

As you'll learn in a moment, you are not alone in the struggle to generate a huge
self-duplicating downline on the internet. With all the noise today, it's getting
harder and harder it seems.

As we go through this launch process together, you'll discover how to
overcome your struggles and break through the noise once and for all!

But there is something more important that you must focus on and master first
before you'll be able to solve the challenges listed below. (more on this before the

         Is your question or comment listed below?

I have very few friends, any one of which would punch me if I tried to recruit
them, I think. I DO NOT WANT to, and will not, recruit.
I don't have a list to market to and I can't seem to build one.
Getting people to see the value in what I am offering.
Getting the fresh leads to send my emails to.
Getting them to practice what they've been taught.
Getting site hits and signups.
Building a big list!
Finding a program that I feel comfortable promoting.
Where the hell to start? Who to believe? And are some lists basically worthless?
New to internet just starting out don't know where to begin.
Finding the people!
Automation and conversion.
Knowing where to start with promoting my site or getting opt ins.
The advertising cost is killing me and it seems that when people arrive at the
landing page, they make off because it is an MLM offer.
Where do I source new prospects for my opportunity?
Getting fresh new leads.
Not knowing how to input my list to website.
Getting prospects to join the internet is always changing and I want to stay on
top of it as best as I can to promote and prosper with my new mlm program
offer. Thank you.
Finding people interested in joining.
The online market seems so over saturated with opportunities, and I think
people are getting frustrated and not knowing who to trust. I'm not really sure
how to overcome this obstacle.
Keeping my downline intact.
It is a challenge to get leads that are receptive to my offer, therefore, the
downline grows slowly. After we have developed a relationship of trust, the lead
is more likely to become involved.
My biggest challenge for downline, upline ..... anyline on the net is getting
started with zero dollars, cause I blew it all on affiliate programs.
My biggest downline challange is to have they stay with program and duplicate
what one another need to make it BIG.

First intro email to them.
Driving traffic to my site; building a list.
I do not know what it is but even paying for leads does not build my downline.
Trying to find a list that is responding to what you have and not an over used
Conversion, driving traffic to my website, and trying to find a way that i can do
all of this and be productive, and also convincing and a sense of excitement.
Getting started is the hardest. So much info, little time to do it. I just want to
finally get set up so that I can have a money making List to send my newsletters
to to start off with, then Create a Downline from there. Info overload is the
problem first and foremost.
Finding people to pitch the opportunity to, and then maintaining them in the
My biggest challenge is getting them to stay committed long enough to
experience success. Thanks!
Building a large prospects list.
My biggest downline challenge is to unite the world of home workers to make an
income for everyone. Building downlines were nobody is loosing Money!
Page and Site Building. Getting my own site set up.
Trying to get very good leads and converting them as well.
I just can't seem to get anyone to do the whole sign up. I think they may look and
maybe read a little and then that is it. I really need to be able to build a
downline, but then I really don't have the money. I guess MONEY is my biggest
Building one, without phone calls.
Getting the squeeze page-autoresponder-content-offer sequence right...
Making business methods duplicatable for downline.
Wading through all the crap that is out there and finding something that really
Finding prospects who want to communicate and actually build a business
instead of just signing up and doing nothing and not answering calls and emails.
Getting people to take action. If you've found a way to truly make money with
people like that, well... that would be revolutionary!
My biggest challenge is getting my downline to duplicate what I do.
Keeping my mind on the subject and letting it develop before I tackle something
I want to build a downline that will get me the best monthly income, I don't
mind about the time it takes.
Creating a duplicatable system.
It seems to be getting harder to get people to trust that what you have for them
is for real so you can get them in your downline.

Keeping it simple for duplication.
Keeping people in the network.
I don't seem to be able to create "the thing" that grabs peoples attention and
enough curiosity to sign up.
Getting people to take the time to see what "it's" all about.
People don't stay active, the give up too quickly, and get discourage.
I don't know anybody who would be remotely interested in MLM.
Getting my sign ups to stay active with the program.
Finding my first downline member.
Having a powerful system that really works, system that your downlines can
easily duplicate, and a system that provides leads at the same time. This is the
real challenge.
Affording the software needed to put a system together!
To find people who will join in under me and work to build their own downlines.
People seem to be fed up with all the building downlines that they simply join in
immediately every program expecting to get spillover and be rich once the
program is going live.
Finding folks with money to invest and a willingness to train and work.
No duplication.
How to motivate your downline and duplicate exactly what you do.
Traffic to my website and not knowing how to submit - money is the factor to
begin with.
Getting website online.
As a complete novice I am totally confused as to where to begin.
Enrolling and low cost advertising that works.
My BIGGEST challenge is learning how to drive TARGETED TRAFFIC to my
sites, and the lack of knowledge in building a HUGE TARGETED downline!
Well, I am new to Internet marketing. So this will be my first attempt to build a
downline. I know absolutely nothing about HOW to do it. I am looking forward
to finding out the correct methods from you.
Finding a system that is self contained and duplicatable for all downline.
Time Management would probably be the one.
Just can't get others to follow me, and I am not sure how to go about building
my downline online.
Not making it too complicated.

Finding entrepreneurial-minded people who have desire, money and
Building one, standing out from the "crowd", and keeping them after I have
gotten them.
Lists - extremely difficult to build lists.
The biggest challenge by far is getting people "out-of-the-gate" strong in order to
show them directly that the system works. So many people are fixed on the belief
that one can just toss up a web-site... do nothing... and watch the money roll in.
Many of these same people also realize that any business takes time to build and
once their pipe dreams are over, they just want to see some progress in order to
continue to put effort into the business. Long story short... retention of good
people is my biggest challenge.
I'm just bogged down from all the info, and having trouble moving forward
Getting people to join my primary.
Having a responsive list.
Writing eye catching adverts that make people click on them and sign up.
I don't have the time to work on it.
Getting downline to duplicate.
Motivating downlines.
Getting the time to be able to support the members I find.
Getting those below me to duplicate my efforts! In fact, it seems that most join
up and don't really do anything, no matter how much coaching and step-by-step
instructions I give them. So I hope that this will change by offering an Internet-
based system.
Believability. The people I'm talking to don't think that they can do it for
Free or paid; the hardest part is keeping their attention through good relevant
My biggest challenge to downline building is having a 100% automated system
which handles all of the duplication so that I can focus solely on promoting.
Having a truly universal list building system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg
to use or buy and is easy for the technically challenged like me to learn and use.
Understanding the most effective first step towards attracting those that will
become your new list.
Focus and Marketing the business online.
Teaching members how to market and build their businesses.
Starting and sustaining consistent action toward my goals.
My biggest challenge in building a downline is to persuade people to read my
emails and then to signup. I am absolutely lousy at recruiting.
Learning & knowing how to start.
I live in Switzerland. Many prospects are living in the US. I have the greatest
problem when it comes to using the phone to follow up on them. I want to take
that part out of my routine. (I wish to start getting some sleep during the night
before I die.) I need the best follow-up system I can learn to use which doesn't
require the phone and still with acceptable results in lead/conversion ratio.

Getting people to stay with the company longer than 3 months; making a profit
Getting a TARGETED, FOCUSED list, not just a big 1.
There is always a snag after starting on a programme which really gets me.
I just don't know how to do this!
I am not getting enough sign-ups to my traffic exchanges.
They couldn't replicate what I did; the selling, the downline-searching.
How to influence people to get in to my line. Thanks James
Simply "action". And I can't "act" because I don't know exactly what comes in
the right order. For instance, what do I do first? Set up a newsletter responder
write the newsletters for several weeks), or set up the landing page, or set up the
download page, or the OTO, or the backend page, or finish my e-book first to
give away, write articles .. what order is all this stuff. Some don't seem to work
unless the other is done, but I can't seem to back it up to the first thing, then go
from there, so I haven't finished the e-book (the cover, the sales pages, etc.) .. it's
a giveaway. I can't figure out how to use my Aweber Opt-in .. and their video
skips right over the part I need to know! (It's probably so simple, but to a
newbie. I asked them, but they sent me to the same video I already watched and
the answer is not there. So I am at a stalemate. And do I do a webpage first,
middle or last? I need a list of exact order of doing things. Step by step. I mean
stupidly simple .. write yer own e-book, landing page, newsletter, list newsletters
with responder; I just don't know what to do first in the order they should be
done. I need a "plan". Thank you. You got one? lol I want it!
Relationship building.
Finding serious people willing to do the work.
I don't have one, I am a complete newbie.
Finding the right strategies and tactics that work to building a downline through
online methods ~ and getting crazy motivated to doing it!
Training people at different levels at the same time.
Qualified leads, cash flow and a system that teaches your downline
how to get these in a simple duplicable way.
Finding people that actually work the program.
Duplication. Realiable system.
List building.
My biggest challenge is not having my own list.
Finding leaders.
Just can't seem to get those "easy" sign ups.
1. To find serious, responsible people who want to make it!

2. To have a way of organized system to contact and get a feedback on a regular
basis so that no one is left out.
Finding well qualified prospects.
I can not seem to build a down line; not going to give up either.
The whole internet thing.

Finding members that want to participate and stay active in advertising their
free pages.
Follow up is the most challenging for me.
I don't know how or why I have not been able to build any downline yet!
As a newbie everything is a challenge but I expect my biggest challenge will be
attracting enough traffic to my site.
Finding referrals and getting leads. I really do not know anybody that works the
internet in my acquaintances.
My biggest challenge is avoiding the temptation to try and 'convince' people to
take action.
Persuasive marketing materials & presentation.
Getting people who are actually interested in a program and then taking off with
Building the squeeze page.
Lack of internet marketing experience/know how, and not knowing a lot of
people who are wanting online businesses.
All the tech part. I will be 70 in June and am learning how to do more on the
I want to know how to turn my current down-lines into responsive members of
my Network. What to do to get some responses.
Biggest challenge is finding the best ad website/ad blaster program/best viral
program, etc., to advertise the various affiliate and other products/services
effectively, at the best cost(s).
Methods and or sites to acquire leads.
Getting people to signup. Advertising.
Getting traffic to squeeze pages to gain affiliates.
No list, so I need the correct way to advertise to build my list.
Learning how to prospect online.
I am new to MLM, so pretty much everything is challenging - however, your
system really appeals to me. I prefer to build my business online using leads that
are actually interested - so I look forward to your product.
The TIME it takes to implement all of the methods that each company wants you
to use!
Building a responsive list and having active members in my downline at
<company named removed.>
Finding quality prospects
I have the Determination, Desire, and Drive to succeed in NM - I am new to
Online Marketing and my NM Company (2 months) - have a downline of 14, all
have joined though offline marketing methods. My biggest challenge is I am
'leader' of this small but hopefully growing team in Brisbane (none of them are
'online' marketers)- I want to be a good leader to them and cut my learning
curve of internet marketing by finding 'the right' way to market online. I have a
desire to help my team - but I still need so much help myself! I am hoping you
can help with this new program! Thanks.
Actually getting started. I have been unsuccessful at getting ANYONE to join my
How do I get targeted traffic who are interested for building their downline
using the internet?

Putting the opportunity in front of enough prospects.
To get traffic and to get them to join my downline.
To find a system which offers a real opportunity for people to duplicate my own
People these days get so use to getting everything INSTANTLY getting an
INSTANT downline would be great ;)
Getting a downline that continues to grow.
Finding Leaders.
My biggest challenge in building my downline is teaching them how to duplicate.
I'd rather have them have the success first, because I know that if I help them
succeed, I will too.
The same old refrain; Building the list.
Helping the downline members realize small successes so they don't dropout
after spending more than they're making.
For me, the biggest challenge is to convince people that the system WORKS and
most importantly it EXISTS!
Don't know how to recruit people and after they join don't know how to teach
Finding something which allows those I bring into my team to achieve likewise -
so THEY can be successful!
Building the site itself (squeeze pages, etc. I need a template to work from or I'm
stuck. I don't think I could have got <site named removed> done without James
personally helping me with the html and script on that project.

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