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					                                              CHAPTER MEETING MINUTES

Chapter: Arizona South                      Date: Friday, March 13, 2009
This meeting was called to order by: Tam Newell              at 5:00 PM
Location: Zona 78 Restaurant

Chapter Officer               Officer Name               Not Present
Chapter Representative:       Kevin Finnegan, CKD, CAPS
President:                    Tam Newell, CMKBD
VP Programs:                  Marisa Urquides
VP Membership:                Lorelei Hough
VP Professional Development:                     Carlie Korinek, CKD
VP Technology/Communications: Holly Stein
VP Government Relations:      Judi Davis, CKD
VP Academic Relations:        Kim Labriola, AKBD
Treasurer:                    Janette Lowe
Secretary:                    Joyce O’Dea, AKBD
Strategic Planning Chair:     Susan Grimes
Immediate Past President:         N//A

New ―Board Buddies‖:               Becca Granger, Alina Ramsey-Wright

Attendance:   Members: 11      Guests: 2     Total: 13

Reading of minutes of the last Chapter Exec:
Committee meeting held on Feb. 19, 2009---minutes not read at this time.
Motion to approve by: _________________ Seconded

Brief report of officers and committees (attach additional sheets if

We are meeting at this date and time, due to Tam & Lorelei being unable to
attend next Wednesday night, 3/18/2009.
We have new ―Board Buddies‖ here to mentor and expose them to our
function and process for future leadership experiences.
Who is going to KBIS? Kevin and Carlie only.
Be sure to register for the free Webinar on NKBA Website, FREE to all
NKBA members—―How to Survive in This Economy‖, Wednesday, March
25, 2009. See for registration with your membership number.
Next meeting is at Westar, Wednesday, March 18, 5:15 PM, with program by
Mary Jo Camp, CKD, CBD, on ―How Has The Economy Affected How We
Design? What is Good Design New Trends for The Home and Lifestyle.‖ All
other remaining meetings will be on Thursdays as voted by board.
Tam has the order for the Brighton necklace & earring set and will ship, as
voted for donating for the Boys/Girls Club of Atlanta, GA, a charity
donation, as requested by Susie Wilford, National NKBA president. She will
submit the receipt for approximately the $100 value as requested and
approved by vote of board.
Marisa passed out revised 2009 Programming Schedule of dates and CEU
The Friday, May 15 or 22--–Phoenix Bus Tour has been well organized with
4 stops: Clyde Hardware, Ann Sacks tour, Cactus Stone tour and the last
stop being BSH in Tempe. CEU credits will be earned at Clyde Hardware
and BSH. BSH is covering the cost of the bus. Our NKBA, AZ South
Chapter to provide: snacks, cheese, fruit, pretzels, water bottles, wine, ice
chests, plastic glasses, napkins.
Kevin made a motion to provide Mimosas and Bloody Marys for sale on the
ride to Phoenix. Then wines to be sold on the trip home as fund-raisers.
The drinks are sold as tickets; 1 drink @ $3/glass or 2 drinks @ $5/glass.
By selling the drinks, not offering as free, that removes liability from our
NKBA organization, but puts the responsibility on the member. Nor does
this violate any liquor laws, by selling tickets.
The bus tour is to originate at the parking lot of Westar since it is close to
the freeway. The fee for members to take the bus trip will be $25. Holly to
bring a camera to get photos for our web-site, and obtain a $100 gift
certificate (that will cost $80), that will be given as an appreciation gift to
Ric Coggins, for having BSH do much for our tour.

Tentative CEU programs that are proposed:               1-CEU credit each
March 18: Westar/Wolf SubZero, sponsoring Mary Jo Camp, CKD<CBD to
speak on ―How the Economy Affects Design‖
April 23: Originate Tour, Green Presentation
KBIS: April 30----May 3
May 15 or 22, a Friday –Phoenix Bus tour of Clyde Hardware, Ann Sacks,
Cactus Stone and BSH showroom
June through August—no meetings
September (date TBD): ―The Luxury Sale‖, Suzie Wilford-Nat’l NKBA
President, Host at Hilton East
October 22: Ric Coggins, BSH @ AZ Wholesale new showroom
―Ventilation by Design‖
Nov: Panel Discussion or Thank you Mixer
Dec: Holiday, Thank you mixer (no CEU’s)
We need to start collecting ―give-a-ways‖ and door prizes from vendors
and sponsors for the holiday mixer.
Lorelei present, but no updates? Did I miss that?
VP-Professional Development:
Carlie not present.
VP-Technology/Communications: Holly – Our website has video link of
Mike Huckabee as a speaker at KBIS in Atlanta. There are new pics and
inform on our AZ South website. Holly to put in a link for our ―Strategic
Plan‖ for all members to see.

VP-Government Relations:
Judi- She is proposing a ―Scramble‖ golf tournament, for both AZ North
and AZ South NKBA to participate and what charity to benefit? November,
2009? She suggests having a prominent speaker after a dinner, for CEU’s
possibly? Greens fees higher in Phoenix, so we could/should host in
Tucson. We would need sponsorship of prizes, contest wins at holes, door-
prizes. She will have more information at our April 23 meeting.
VP-Academic Relations:
Kim present, No report.
Jeanette present. $13,854.64 is the balance as of 3/13/09. She has not yet
received any grant $ from National NKBA. Kevin will investigate its time of
Joyce present. It was proposed to ask members who would like reports of
minutes sent to them via email. Collect the emails. We will also link the
minutes to the AZ South web-site, with Holly’s help.
Strategic Planning Chair:
Susan present. Did everyone get their copies of the Strategic Plan? It will
be linked to our website soon.
Chapter Representative:
Kevin present.
He attended National Planning meeting, early March. He wanted to pursue
the theme of ―Give back to our Membership‖, offering our members a great
value for their investments and time. This to encourage a stronger interest
and good feeling for their participations and strengthen our chapter. He
proposed a possible ―Scholarship toward attending the KBIS this year or
toward an NKBA education class. Would $500 be enough? There are many
endorsed NKBA colleges, but not close to us, so travel is necessary. The
next KBIS is 2010-Chicago; 2011- Las Vegas; 2012- Atlanta. It was
discussed that the scholarship $ could not just be handed to a person, they
would/should present receipts of airfare, hotel, meal expenses for
reimbursement. How would we determine fairly the candidate to be
awarded this scholarship? Raffle tickets, door-prize, contest?
Lorelei made a motion to offer the $500 scholarship to send Tam Newell,
our president, as an AZ South Board representative and make a
presentation at a later meeting on her experience, showing photos, new
product unveilings, seminar updates and to impart the experience to the
rest of us unable to afford the trip this year. This would encourage other
members to attend KBIS on future dates. This would also help Carlie if they
were to share hotel, travel expenses. Vote on motion was passed by
Old Business:
Still finalizing the CEU programs. Any response to our surveys of members
from the February meeting? Not much information yet. They will be passed
out at the March meeting to offer other members a chance for more
New Business:
Who gets the ―Retail Observer‖?, asked by Tam. There is an area in that to
do any publication of dates for our meetings and events.
Kevin made a notion that we plan to cover the hotel expense for Mary Jo
Camp and Dina Harvey of Westar for the March meeting. That will be a
Holiday Inn Express at Cortaro and I-10. We will also host our National
Pres, Susie Wilford at the Hilton East in September, 2009. Vote on motion
was passed by majority.
Speaker Subject: none on this date, as this was the Executive Board
meeting at this date only. However, regular chapter meeting to be held on
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 with speaker: Mary Jo Camp. CEU subject is:
How Has The Economy Affected How We Design? What Is Good Design?
New Trends For The Home And Lifestyle. Meeting at Westar Showroom,
3850 W. Orange Grove Rd, Tucson, AZ
Next Executive Board meeting on April 23, 3:30 PM at location to be
disclosed to precede the CEU meeting at Originate.
Judi Davis made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Majority vote passed.
Adjournment Time: 6:30 PM

Secretary: Joyce O’Dea