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           Review of the Manufacturing Industries Division’s activities in the period
                               May 2006 - September 2007

                                        Chairman’s Report

The Manufacturing Industries Division enrolled membership currently stands at 12, 550 as on 3
August 2007 and remains one of the largest of all the Divisions within the Institution. This is made up
of 7446 members, 1202 fellow, 3900 associate and affiliate members and 2 companions. The Division
has continued to produce a technical programme of events, which reflect topics, and areas of interest
to the industry. These have focused on a programme of workshops which cover Lean Design, Lean
Constraints, TRIZ and Product Development. A series of debates are planned on the Engineering
Skills Base, Outsourcing and Lean Processes as is a workshop on environmental issues.

The overall objective of the Division is to allow engineers to be updated on technological and
management advances and to facilitate the exchange of meaningful information. The Division
supports a number of major activities including the Manufacturing Excellence Awards, the
Imagineering Fair, the Microsystems Manufacturing Association (MMA), the Rapid Prototyping
Manufacturing Association (RPMA) and the Midlands Manufacturing Centre.

Supported Projects
The Division continues to raise the profile of the Institution and professional engineers through a
variety of initiatives; these include supporting the Manufacturing Excellence Awards, promoting best
practice to manufacturing industry through visits and the benchmark reports compiled using the
knowledge gained when evaluating companies entering the event. These Awards are recognised by the
Government as the premier manufacturing event and are supported by RSM Robson Rhodes,
Kellysearch, the Manufacturing Advisory Service, Renishaw, Sandvik Coromant UK, Warwick
Manufacturing Group, Professional Engineering, Barclays, IBM, BP, The National Business to
Business Centre and the UK Resource Centre for Women. The Manufacturing Excellence Awards
have also been launched in Germany, organised by The Technical University of Berlin and supported
by leading industrialists. The self assessment audit and assessment process is the same as the UK
event, thus allowing the future transfer of benchmarking data between the two countries. There are
currently plans to form an MX Winners Club to facilitate networking and the sharing of best practice
among finalists and winners of these awards.

Promotional Activity
The division promotes its activities to both members and non-members via its events, and in various
publications which include Professional Engineering and Agenda.
The Division also acts as a champion and a home for emerging technology projects such as the
Microsystems Manufacturing Association (MMA) and the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
Association (RPMA). This involvement has undoubtedly contributed to raising the profile of the
Division and the Institution.

Contribution to Position Statements and Consultation Responses
The Division is currently working on position statements through a series strategy sessions (meetings
developed during 2006) and has also endeavoured to highlight manufacturing nation-wide through its
promotion of the Manufacturing Excellence Awards and Imagineering.
A position paper was prepared by a member of the Board, Peter Flinn, date published and distribution
and will be presented as the Division’s AGM lecture in September 2007.
Improvements have been made to the IMechE website which has increased its usability. This
improved website should enable the Division to put into effect some of the ideas that were generated
in the communication strategy group formed in 2006.
Interaction with other Professional Bodies or Organisations
The desire for closer association with our manufacturing colleagues at the newly formed IET
(Institution of Engineering and Technology) was high on the agenda for 2006 and to that end a
representative from the IET’s parallel manufacturing group was invited to joint eh Board. Support for
the Division’s many events is also forthcoming from other IMechE divisions and groups, fellow
institutions and other companies; the Division in turn supports other events which it believes to be of
interest to its members.
The division hosted The Hugh Ford Management Lecture once again in collaboration with the
Institution of Civil Engineers in February 2007 which attracted over 180 attendees. Peter Head,
Director, Arup spoke on the topic ‘Responding to Climate Change by Rethinking Urban
Infrastructure’. The lecture was attended by Sir Hugh Ford.

Prizes and Awards
Twelve issues of Proceedings Part B (Engineering Manufacture) were published in 2006 with high
calibre papers on a wide range of subjects of interest to manufacturing engineers. In 2006 the
Division’s Prizes & Awards Adjudicators considered five of the papers exceptional and awarded them

                                                           Reason (i.e. paper name & where
 Prize/Award                    Recipient(s) Names         published)

 Donald Julius Groen            B.S. Yilbas; A.F.M         Plastic deformation of steel surface due
 Prize                          Arif; and M.A Gondal       to laser shock processing JEM 311

                                J. Moultrie; P.J
                                                           Development of a product audit tool
 Thatcher Bros Prize            Clarkson and D.R
                                                           JEM 452

                                                           (Two part paper) A formal design for
                                M.P Reik; R.I
                                                           changeover methodology. Part 1:
                                McIntosh; S.j Culley;
 Thomas Stephen Prizes                                     theory and background. Part 2:
                                A.R Mileham and
                                                           methodology and case study JEM 527
                                G.W Owen
                                                           & 528

                                                           Developing a methodology for aligning
                                S.S Dani; N.D Burns
 A M Strickland Prize                                      supply shins from a relationships
                                and C. J Backhouse
                                                           perspective JEM 378

                                                           Analysis of grinding chip temperature
 The Joseph Whitworth           T.Jin and D.J
                                                           and energy partitioning in high-
 Award                          Stephenson
                                                           efficiency deep grinding JEM 389

All the winners’ details are published on the Institution’s website.

Performance against Budget (Year End 2005)
Strenuous efforts have been made to regularise the Division's finances and ensure that we operate
within the budget. The Division was budgeted for a deficit of £2, 050. However, reforecasting based
on the events already run in 2007 and planned for the rest of the year should see the Division breaking

Understanding Customer Needs
The Division reviewed its terms of reference in June 2005 to reflect the changing needs of the industry
and it Members. The Manufacturing Industries Division will focus upon integrating events providing a
balance of activities. Past finalists of the previous three MX Awards will be invited this year to join
an MX Club to help the MID source new topics for events and provide some external input to the
technical programme.

The Future
The priorities for the Division remain:

To provide opportunities for Members of all grades to develop professionally through a high
quality, geographically accessible programme of lectures, workshops, debates and technical

To enable communication, networking and peer support amongst our Members both
nationally and internationally creating mutual benefit, through a range of physical and virtual

To represent the views and interests of Division Members within the IMechE, and also in
external forums, relevant opinion forming bodies, influential organisations, National
Government and Devolved Authorities, thus contributing to the continued development and
maintenance of a thriving manufacturing sector in the UK.

To raise awareness and increase the profile of Manufacturing Industries through the
celebration of excellence in manufacturing, design practice and research (MX, prizes and
awards), and amongst young people, their schools and teachers (Imagineering);

To offer informed direction, appropriate guidance and support to UK universities providing
first and higher degree programmes in manufacturing engineering.

Finally to work closely with sister Institutions and other bodies, at national and regional level
in the UK, and abroad, to maximise benefit to Members in pursuing the Division’s Mission
and objectives.

Dr Richard Woods
Chairman, Manufacturing Division
Date: 13 September 2007

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