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									                                             Daphne Lea Maloy Santiago
                                    Address and phone number available upon serious request.
                           Online Résumé: http://www.dlmsantiago.com • E-mail: dlmsantiago@gmail.com

I have more than 12 years of experience in online environment development: information architecture/user experience
engineering, business analysis, client requirement assessment, web design/development, site layout, user interface, graphic
design, project coordination/management and technical support, online publishing and server-side technologies. I excel in
information design, documentation development, and business analysis with career dedication to ensuring the best customer
service possible is provided.

   Expert Level Certifications: HTML 4.01, XHMTL 1.0,                 Technical documentation development - requirements
    CSS 2.0                                                             gathering, use cases, active feature callouts, process
   SharePoint, SharePoint Designer                                     analysis and mapping, test plans, testing, wireframes
   Informational and organizational structural design, UI             Analysis and customization of site structure for 508
    design and Information Architecture, site layout and                compliance
    design, menu mapping, business analysis                            Consulting, troubleshooting and customer support

A position utilizing my experience and customer relations skills with a company that will provide a challenging, vital work
environment and opportunities to expand my knowledge.

Professional Experience

i3solutions                                                                                           7/2006 to Present
Sr. Consultant
Sterling, VA
    I fulfill multiple functions as a business analyst, information architect, and web designer specializing in SharePoint
    customization. As a Sr. Consultant I have been responsible for critical activities on developing projects, from the first
    customer consultation through monitoring and summarizing progress of project to final delivery. I perform requirements
    gathering: review, analyze, and evaluate business systems and user needs; create and implement custom SharePoint
    masterpages and CSS; provide consulting services, technical documentation development, content management,
    information architecture, 508 compliance analysis and restructuring, and quality assurance. I am a subject matter expert
    (SME) in the areas of SharePoint customization, information architecture, 508 compliance. Project highlights:

    Comcast/MediaWorks – I served on this project in the capacity of Senior Information Architect for the development of
    Comcast’s unified online email and voice mail system, Plaxo integrated address book, and voice instant messaging
    client. Gathered and analyzed client requirements and developed the technical documentation for use cases, workflows,
    and callouts. Reviewed user interface design and implementation. Assisted in client documentation reviews for all
    phases of development. Provided quality assurance testing for each product implementation.

    Dare Mighty Things (DMT) – I served on this project in the capacity of Consultant. Analyzed client MOSS 2007 site and
    content for 508 compliancy. Reconfigured necessary aspects of site design and structure to bring the site in-line with
    508 requirements for government contractors. Rebuilt .doc and .pdf content in html for the purposes of presenting online.
    Provided 508 compliant version for all site content and migrated all site content for 508 compliant presentation.

    First Potomac Realty Trust – I served on this project in the capacities of SharePoint designer, content manager, and
    general consultant. Assisted the client in defining their needs and goals for the look-and-feel and content application of
    their new Intranet system. Created and implemented a custom SharePoint design for WSS 3.0 with unique graphic
    designs. Created custom content for internal use and presentation of employee awards. Provided general consulting to
    aid client in developing their Intranet for their employee population.

    Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) – I served on this project in the capacities of SharePoint designer,
    and Quality Assurance engineer. Assisted in the development of the customized CSS for the implementation of MOSS
    2007. Developed the use cases and test plan for the implementation of K2 Blackpearl workflow processes. Performed
    quality assurance testing on workflow implementation.

    Noblis – I served on this project in the capacity of SharePoint designer. Assisted client in defining their needs and goals
    for their Internet portal and Client Extranet. Created and implemented two unique, complementary custom SharePoint
    designs for MOSS 2007.
                                                                                                D. Santiago – Résumé - Page2

Quintessential Web                                                                                 9/1997 to Present
Sr. Consultant
Manassas, VA
     Assist clients in choosing a presentation style, create custom graphics per client specification
     Design and implement site infrastructure, design and code page layout for individual and multi-page sites for
       personal and commercial web sites
     Develop document standards for ISO 9000 transition and audit
     Implementation of client sites including HTML documents, email and server-side technologies, install server-side
       technologies and implement scripts on client servers, install software and network services, setup client email
     Review, wordsmith and prepare correspondence, projects, presentations (electronic, CD, hardcopy), flowcharts and
       reports created in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS VISIO and MS Project for online presentation
     Office supply management: establishing and maintaining inventory, ordering and special needs
     Provide project coordination and tracked action items
     Support client and troubleshoot site issues

Technical Expertise
    Operating Systems: Windows (through Windows 7), Mac OS X
    Languages: HTML 4.01, XHMTL 1.0, CSS 2.0, PHP
    Software: SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, SQL, MySQL,
       FTP, MS Office Suite, MS Visio, MS Project, Dragon Speak, Jaws
    Other: Various CMS implementation and customization (Joomla, Movabletype, WordPress)

Business Expertise
    Consulting
    Project coordination
    Informational and organizational structural design for usability
    Analysis and customization of site structure for 508 compliance and W3C standards
    Cross browser design and compatibility
    Technical documentation (usecases, test plans, workflow, wireframes, process mapping)
    Quality Assurance Testing (manual)
    Business Analysis - assessment of client needs, requirements gathering
    Troubleshooting and customer support

    XHTML 1.0 Certification – Expert Level – September 2008
    HTML 4.01 Certification – Expert Level – September 2008
    CSS 2.0 Certification – Expert Level – September 2008

    Currently pursuing an Information Technology degree though Northern Virginia Community College
    First year Bachelor of Arts, St. Xavier College, Mumbai (Bombay), India as a Rotary International Youth Exchange

Additional Information
    I’m a former Rotarian and I spent a year in Mumbai, India as an International Rotary Exchange Student
    I serve as a Board Member and Corporate Secretary for a non-profit Japanese cultural educational organization that
       has year-round functions and host a major annual event attended by over 7000 people from around the world
    I manage and lead a team of over 50 dedicated volunteers who specialize in customer service and safety

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