The gap between the conscious and unconscious mind

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The gap between the conscious                  This distinction between the conscious

                                               and subconscious mind is often,
and unconscious mind
                                               incorrectly, referred to as a "gap." Further,
Creativity can be defined as problem
                                               it is made intangible and "mysterious" by
identification and idea generation and
                                               proponents such as Deepak Chopra, who
innovation can be defined as idea
                                               say, "…it is a contact point between our
selection, development and
                                               mind and the quantum field of all
                                               possibilities." Confusion such as this is to

                                               be avoided.
Complex problems, once identified, slip

into the unconscious mind: the mind works

on them at various cognitive levels.

Unconscious cognitive activity can be

enhanced in many ways, for example,

through engagement in rest and unrelated


When solutions are arrived at

subconsciously and transferred to the

conscious mind, that is called insight, aha!

Or eureka!

Thus, it is possible to increase the           Consultancy or speaking engagements

probability of insight, aha! Or eureka! We     [London] call: 077100 80368

may not be able to tell when an idea will      or

occur, what it will be and what form it may    download the MBA research from

take, but we can increase the probability of

it occurring.

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Description: The gap between the conscious and unconscious mind