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					W O R   K S H   O P S   2   0   0   8
                                                                                                 T    H     O     M       A   S
                                                                                                 M        A        N          N
                                                                                                 W O R K S H O P
                                                                                                 S C H E D U L E

                                                                                               Feb. 21-23, 2008
        H       A        N       D     S         -    O         N                              Vendor & Speaker at the
                                                                                               Synergy Conference of the
( 1 - 3         d a y         a n d        1     &   2     w e e k )                           National Polymer Clay Guild
NOTE: One day Hands on Workshops are intense events. Tom’s goal is to get each                 Baltimore, MD
participant to a finished product in a 9-5 time frame. This necessarily means that a
good deal of important information must be condensed or omitted. So, while he is               Feb. 22-24, 2008
willing to do a one day his preference is for at least a two day event. A three-day            Exhibitor at American Craft
event allows for the creation of a second finished piece for each participant plus much         Council Winter Market
more information.                                                                              Baltimore, MD
Metalsmithing Basics                                                                           March 5-8, 2008
S K I L L      L E V E L :        B E G I N N E R                                              Vendor at 2008 SNAG
Jumpstart your metalsmithing skills in this Metalsmithing 101 course. This three-day           Conference presenting pO DVD
program will give you an intense exposure to the 12 basic tools and the five primary           release, studioFLUX and Gallery
techniques any metalsmith needs to know.                                                       I/O Anti-War Medals
                                                                                               Savannah, GA
Big Links Chain
S K I L L      L E V E L :        B E G I N N E R         T O       A D V A N C E D            March 6 -March 8, 2008
This 2-day workshop will introduce participants to sculptural perspective on linkages          Found Object Sandwich +
for jewelry. A variety of materials and techniques will be explored in the creation of         Design for Survival Workshops
BIG Link bracelets, neckpieces and belts. More like sculpture to wear.                         Studios of Key West
                                                                                               Key West, Florida
Container to Wear – Creating enclosed spaces
C T W        S K I L L       L E V E L :       B E G I N N E R        T O    A D V A N C E D   March 14-16, 2008
Students of ALL skill levels are invited to learn a unique approach to creating contain-       Exhibitor at American Craft
ers – employing cold connections in the creation of wearable jewelry objects, concep-          Council Atlanta Market
tual and abstract to figurative and narrative. Thomas Mann has explored the concepts            Atlanta, GA
of containers throughout his career – from the size of a ring to that of a building –
and brings this wealth of information to inspire and instruct his students.                    March 26-30, 2008
                                                                                               Panel Speaker & Vendor at
The Found Object Sandwich – The photo assemblage brooch                                        National Art Education
F O S       S K I L L        L E V E L :       B E G I N N E R        T O   A D V A N C E D    Association Conference
This workshop offers the opportunity to explore the design concepts and fabrication            New Orleans, LA
techniques important to an assemblage approach to jewelry making. Mann will lead
workshop participants in the creation of their own found object creations. Students are        March 27-30, 2008
encouraged to bring photographs (old, new or magazine) and found objects such as               Exhibitor at CraftBoston
buttons, heirloom jewelry or stuff they find in the street or in nature, or industrial          Art Fair
materials (chain, electronic parts, etc.). to incorportate in the design and fabrication       Boston, MA
of a personal wearable expression.
                                                                                               April 15-20, 2008
The Earring in Balance –The design and fabrication of earrings                                 Design for Survival + Surrealism
E I B       S K I L L    L E V E L :       B E G I N N E R           T O    A D V A N C E D    to Where? at Revere Academy of
This one day workshop explores earring design and fabrication employing a variety              Jewelry Arts
of techniques from cold connections to die forming, in the creation of earrings with           San Francisco, CA
emphasis on weight, balance, movement and fun.
                                                                                               May 1 - 4, 2008
Surrealism to Where? – An Exploration of the Abstract                                          New Orleans Jazz Fest
S T W        S K I L L       L E V E L :       A D V A N C E D                                 New Orleans, LA
This 2 day minimum workshop is a take off of the The Found Object Sandwich. But
involves more advanced techniques in soldering, etching and die forming. Partici-
pants are challenged to create 3D abstract surrealistic wearable objects that contain
    T   H           O       M       A       S       fabricated and found materials. This workshop is for the advanced metalsmithing
    M               A       N               N       student and must be conducted in a fully functional jewelry studio.
    W O R K S H O P
    S C H E D U L E                                 One Off to Production – Critical Design Thinking for
(   c   o       n   t   i   n   u       e   d   )   Professional Success
                                                    O O P    S K I L L     L E V E L :    A D V A N C E D
July 14-18, 2008                                    This one or two week course is structured to deliver the critical understanding and
Small-scale Sculpture & Wearable                    skills that recently graduated metalsmithing and jewelry students or amateur jewelry
Art at Anderson Ranch Art Center                    and metal artists, will need to substantiate the personal investment of capital, mate-
Snowmass Village, CO                                rials, tools and training as they launch professional careers. Mann shares his 35
                                                    years of professional practice and business management know how in support of
Oct. 8-12, 2008                                     those with the desire to make it as professional jewelry and metal artists. Participants
Metalsmithing Basics & Found                        will be challenged to Extrapolate a Design Vocabulary from their One Off work, Struc-
Object Sandwich at Valley Ridge                     ture a Production Line based on that vocabulary, learn production techniques, de-
Art Center                                          velop Public Relations and Marketing strategies and get a handle on employee
Muscoda, WI                                         management issues. This is a hands on course involving jewelry making,writing and
                                                    verbal presentations.
Oct. 22-26, 2008
Idea to Object (projectOBJECT)                      projectOBJECT™ – From Idea to Object
at Maryland Institute College of                    p O   S K I L L    L E V E L :     A D V A N C E D
(M|I|C/A) Baltimore, MD                             Using reality TV program formats such as Iron Chef and Project Runway as models,
                                                    projectOBJECT™ applies a similar set of conditions to the field of contemporary craft.
                                                    projectOBJECT artist/designers compete to design and produce the targetOBJECT™
pr ojectO BJ E CT                                   in a limited time frame to be judged and awarded by professional jurors.
    U       P       D       A       T       E
                                                    Applications are solicited from a national audience of amateur to professional artists.
After one year, the dvd release of                  Four teams of four members will be selected on the basis of their skills and experi-
projectOBJECT will take place                       ence and assigned the roles of Shop Manager, Design Coordinator, Pricing Coordi-
March 5, 2008 at the SNAG (Soci-                    nator and Marketing Director.
ety of North American Goldsmiths)
                                                    projectOBJECT™ will challenge the teams to design, prototype, produce in multiples,
Conference in Savannah, GA.
                                                    price for retail utilizing the Design for Survival™ pricing equation, develop a marketing
                                                    strategy and present their product to a panel of professional jurors, in just three days.
In addition to telling the story of the
challenges the particpants were                     NOTE: Sponsorship of this workshop entails preparations beyond the norm. All con-
faced with and what was learned                     ditions leading to a successful event must be planned long in advance. Pricing for
(with plenty of bonus material to                   this workshop will be negotiated on an individaul basis. We are anxious to conduct
elaborate on the experience), the                   this workshop in every craft medium. Please contact Angele Seiley at 504.581.2111
dvd is intended to garner interest                  or with your interest in hosting a projectOBJECT™ event.
by craft professionals, schools and
broadcast publishing in order to
move it closer towards Tom’s ulti-                          A R T I S T   A S E N T R E P R E N E U R
mate goals for this project:                                W O R       K S H    O P S       A N    D
involving other instructors and craft                                L   E C  T U    R  E S
media and;
bringing it to the general public
                                                    Design ƒor Survival – Entreprenurial Thinking and Tactics for Artists
though      broadcast       television
                                                    S K I L L L E V E L : B E G I N N E R TO A D VA N C E D A L L M E D I A
thereby raising the level of con-                   This workshop was developed by Thomas Mann to answer a continuing demand
sciosness & appreciation for hand                   from artists for access to small business management know how. Tom has been pre-
crafted goods.                                      senting his DƒS workshop continuously since 1989 for schools, universities, guilds,
                                                    art councils and art centers all around the US and Canada. For a detailed listing
Back to the participants...                         please see the accompanying resume. The content of these workshops and lectures
the members of the winning team                     is applicable to artists working in ALL media. DfS is presented in 1 or 2 day versions.
will have a show of their individual                In a one day format participants witness a daylong series of 3 lectures: Design Vo-
work at the Baum School student                     cabularies: what are they and how to use them, De-Mystifying Public Relations and
gallery this summer. The winning                    Pricing your Work: the Pivot Point of Success. The second day of a 2-day workshop
brooch (put into production by                      allows participants to make presentations of their own work and business practice for
Thomas Mann Design) will be                         a positive critique by Tom and fellow workshop members.
available for sale at that time.
NOTE: One day DfS Workshops can accommodate as many participants as the                      s    t       u        d        i       o
space you have to hold it in. A classroom or an auditorium might be appropriate. Tom             F        L        U        X
has given the DfS Workshop for as many a 100 participants and as few as 5. The               o    n        l       i       n        e
second day of a Two Day Workshop necessitates a more intimate setting for partic-
ipant presentations. A function room with tables and chairs and adequate lighting is    Past, present and future stu-
a perfect setting. Only 10-12 participants can make a presentation in a 9-5 time        dents of Thomas Mann can
frame, so if there are more participants than that who would like to make presenta-
                                                                                        share info & images, ask ques-
tions, then a lottery for those spots must be conducted.
                                                                                        tions about workshops, and pur-
DƒS Out Take Lectures                                                                   chase workshop products by
1-3 hours in lengths these are live presentation lectures.                              visiting
Lecture Topics include: Developing a Distinct Design Vocabulary, Pricing: The Pivot-
Point of Success, De-Mystifying Public Relations, Building a Line, and A Trade Show     You must be a yahoo member
Pep Talk.                                                                               to access the message board.
Artist Slide Talks                                                                      Go to
Tom has several slide talks prepared on his work.                                       group/tmworkshops and click
1. “Techno-Romantic 101”, is a one and a half hour talk on his past and present work.   on “Join this Group”. If you have
2. STORM CYCLE is about his post-Hurricane Katrina touring exhibition, its concep-      a yahoo account, sign in and fill
tual development and making of.                                                         the request form, making sure
                                                                                        to introduce yourself with a little
                                                                                        background info.

  P    R   I   C   I   N    G       I   N   F    O   R    M    A   T    I   O   N       If you don’t have a yahoo
                                                                                        account, sign-up for one
Daily Fee: $1200.00 per day, plus travel, housing and per diem                          and       then     return  to
Lectures and Slide Talks: $400 each                                           
NOTE: Fees may be variable subject to arrangements with a local representing            group/tmworkshops and follow
gallery where Thomas would have a concurrent show of his work or his presence in        the instructions above.
your area for some other event, such as a fair or convention, etc.
We actively promote your workshop program on our website and in emailings to
Tom’s large client base.
                                                                                         C       O    N        T       A        C       T
Variations on presentation combinations might be a one-day DfS with a two-day FOS,
with a Slide Talk and book signing on one of the evenings.                              For up to date information go to
                                                                                        w w w. t h o m a s m a n n . c o m /
                                                                                        influxnewsletter.htm. Click on
                                                                                        “TM Exhibition Schedule” to
                                                                                        learn if there is a workshop in
                                                                                        your area. If none are available
                                                                                        in your area, encourage your
                                                                                        local arts groups to sponsor one
                                                                                        and have them contact us.

                                                                                        Thomas Mann studioFLUX
                                                                                        1810 Magazine Street
                                                                                        New Orleans, LA 70130
                                                                                        Helen Redmann
                                                                                        Angele Seiley

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