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Winning Better Keyword Phrases – SEO


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Phrases –
SEO Case
Search Engine Optimization is a game that requires
patience and a plan. It’s very unlikely that a new site will
rank highly for a sought-after keyword, especially in a
highly competitive industry.

Last year I took on a new site that wanted to compete for
a page one spot for the phrase ‘Security Guards’. The
initial keyword research made it clear this client was not
going to compete for that term, and I persuaded the client
to try for a lesser term and build up over time.

We developed a year long plan to achieve security
guards london. But on the way to achieving it, we’d first
go for the easy ‘SIA Licensed Guards’. And then build
toward ‘London Security Guards’.
We’ve achieved the first goal, and will soon achieve the
second. The search engine credibility required to get this
far has put us in a better position to achieve the main
objective (currently on page 3).

This approach is useful for the client because it allows
him to see a quick win, which lends credibility to the
overall plan in his mind.
It’s also useful for the optimiser, because it improves the
credibility of the site to the search engines. This provides
a platform from which to achieve the next goal.

In this case, we’re on track to achieve our goal in less
than a year. But you never know with SEO! Sometimes
you take a step forward, and then jump 2 steps back.
That’s where a long term SEO plan is essential. It helps
keep both the client and the optimiser on track.

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