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Make $1000/month from forum

This is a nice story from the owner which has successfully
made $1000/month from his forum.

Making $1000/month from advertising is my goal for Berkshire
Hathaway Forum, now what are some of the more immediate
goals that I should have in order to reach my goal? Here are some
ideas I have, but I need more ideas :

1. Diversify, Google Adsense isn't enough.

2. Add more solid (non-forum) based content via both
informational articles and blog type format. This should drive
great traffic with high conversion rates assuming that the content
is related to the forum (which it will be).

3. Create interesting videos related to your forum topic to drive
some traffic via YouTube.

4. Continue to link to other websites to increase your page rank.
They key is to develop real relationships with other site admins so
that they actually link back to you.

5. Maybe create a store that sells products related to the forum
topic. This has potential, but will be difficult to execute. But the
conversion rate of traffic to membership should be high since the
audience will once again be targeted and relevant to the forum.

6. Create a facebook group - Berkshire Hathaway Forum group.
Feel free to join, I'm looking for international members. This
should be great considering that it's almost time for the Berkshire
Hathaway Shareholder meeting.

Ok, those were the only ideas I have so far. Please give me hints,
suggestions or any other comments. Please be as specific as
possible!! What type of click through rate should I be seeing from
quality traffic? Right now, the rate is less than 1.00%. How many
page impressions should I be seeing? Right now I probably see
anywhere from 1000 - 3000 page impressions per day during the
weekdays and probably about 500 - 1000 on the weekends. Most
of the traffic is US based, average time on the site is around 1 to
2 minutes and the bounce rates are fairly high.

Berkshire Hathaway is Warren Buffett's corporation. Though this
may seem like a very small niche in finance, it really isn't. Warren
Buffett is really such a folk hero and such a successful investor
that he's probably the most influential guy in finance. All investing
is at some point related to the things that Warren Buffett has
preached. I think this forum could have a significant reach,
especially if we can continue to attract sophisticated investors
willing to exchange investment ideas and investment knowledge.

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