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How to earn passive income online from HubPages
How to make Passive Income Online
Making money online can either require one to be active all the time making money, like any other job outside
the internet where your persistence is required daily to earn some money. It is now possible to earn passive
income online. There are so many ways in which one can earn passive income from the internet including writing
or, online referral programs for passive income.

What is Passive Income – Before we go much into how you can earn passive income, first let’s understand
what passive income is, it can be defined as a way of earning income without your direct or minimal
involvement. With passive income to be earned online, you need to find the right platform to start. When getting
started with earning passive income online one has to

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    Find the right platform to start earning passive income – this can be done by doing online research, to get
     those programs that offers passive income opportunity
    Decide how to approach making passive income – One has to decide whether to start as a part-time or
     fulltime activity. When you have a job and you would like to start a passive income opportunity, it is always
     advisable to do it part –time as you continue with your job. But if you do not have anything besides making
     money through passive income it is advisable to go full-time t
    Have a plan on how to approach passive income opportunity – most programs normally has a system
     which you can either pluck yourself into, or create your own plan. Without a plan passive income online
     might not be real
    Learn from successful people who are on the same program for passive income – surround yourself with
     people who are making it online, these are great source of information and knowledge, tips and how they
     managed to do it.
Now let’s get started on how you can earn passive income from HubPages. Probably this your first time to hear
about HubPages, which is an online writing platform with a potential of generating you passive income, you can
get started with HubPages by sign in to make money, which is totally free
How to earn passive income through HubPages
As a writing platform, HubPages allows online writers to earn money in the following ways

a) Google Adsense
Google display their advertisements on online webmasters, it is through these adverts that you are able to earn
passive income whenever your adverts generate some revenue. As a writer once you have written a great
informative article, you will be able to continuously earn passive income from this article as long as it is available
online, the more great and informative the better your chances of earning passive income. There are so many
writing platforms but at the moment HubPages boost for the highest numb er of traffic. It is this traffic that will
generate good passive income even when you are asleep. The secret to more passive earning through
HubPages is to write more often and quality contents. Learn from people making money on HubPages, do your
research on what to write to earn more passive income

b) Amazon
Amazon is one of the pioneers in online bookstore, through HubPages displays Amazon capsules on your article
for more passive income. But before for you earn passive income from Amazon, you have to be an affiliate with
them, if you write a lot of products reviews which are found at Amazon, then earning more passive income at
HubPages is very attainable. Amazon has been there and will continue to be there for online writers to earn
passive income

c) Kontera
Kontera is one of the online contextual advertisers which offer its adverts through inline text, by highlighting
relevant text. Unlike Google Adsense which display their ads on rectangular or square format, Kontara highlight
any keyword related text, when one click on the highlighted text you be taken to the advertiser website and this
will earn you passive income

d) Ebay
Ebay has also been displaying their capsules on HubPages enable writers to earn passive income when one
buys their products on through HubpPages. It also gives HubPages writers to earn great online passive income
even when they are sleeping

HubPages Affiliate program
Other than writing alone, you can increase your passive income from HubPages is through Hub Page s referral
program,when you refer somebody at HubPages and began writing, you will earn passive income percentage
from there earning. The more you refer the greater passive income you get from the referrals earning