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Holidays in
Holidays are ver y important in ever y country. Apart from International Holidays each countr y has their own public
holidays depending on their National festivals and events. In addition each and ever y state will have some more
holidays for their particular state depending on their special functions or events. Here in this article we will have a
look about the public holidays in Cambodia countr y in the year 2010.

* January 1 – New Year’s Day – even though New Year’s Day is a holiday in Cambodia, the Cambodian people do not
participate much in New Year day celebrations. Only the tourists and other foreigners celebrate New Year’s Day in

* January 7 – Liberation Day – This is the day where Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and put an end to the Khmer
Rouge rule. But most of the Cambodians feel that after this invasion Cambodia was filled up with Vietnamese to a
greater extent.

* January 30 – Meak Bochea – this day is celebrated as an auspicious occasions that happened 9 months after Lord
Buddha’s Enlightenment at Bamboo Grove in Veluvana.

* February 13 -15 – Chinese New Year – both Vietnamese and Chinese New Year fall on this day. Even though it is
not a public holiday in Cambodia, people will celebrate with much interest and enthusiasm. All shops in Cambodia w ill
be closed during these three days.

* March 8 – International Women’s Day – This day is well know n for everyone.

* April 14 -16 – Khmer New Year – according to the Buddhist lunar calendar, at the end of the harvest period Khmer
New Year will be celebrated for three days. T his New Year is ver y special to ever yone in Cambodia. All houses and
shrines will be decorated completely and all traditional events take place during these three days.

* April 28 – Visakha Bochea – this day is the birth day of Buddha.

* May 1 – Labour Day – Inter national Labour day is celebrated on May 1.

* May 2 – Bonn Chrott Preah Nongkoal – on this day royal ploughing ceremony will take place in or der to make
people aware of the upcoming rainy season and also to inform their farmers to be ready with their ploughing tool to
plough their field.

* May 13 -15 – King Sihamoni’s Birthday – on this day fireworks take place in the river front in Phnom Penh.

* June 1 – International Children’s Day

* June 18 – King’s Mother Birthday – no festival on this day, but regarded as a holiday.

* October 7–9 – Bonn Pchum Be n – this festival is practiced to bless their ancestor’s souls, friends and relatives.

* September 24 – Constitutional Day – to the constitution of Cambodia.

* October 29 – King Sihamoni Cor onation Day – there won’t be any festival on this day, but later i n the evening only
fireworks will take place in the river front in Phnom Penh.

* October 31 – King’s Father Birthday, Norodom Sihanouk – only fireworks in the river front in Phnom Penh.

* November 9 – Independence Day (1953) – celebrated in the early morning near the Independence Monument with
king as the head.

* November 20-22 – Water Festival – This festival is celebrated to mar k the reversal flow of the river Tonle Sap and
also to inform fishers about the upcoming fishing season.

* December 10 – Human Rights Day – to give importance to human rights, this day is celebrated.

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