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                            The Newsletter about Black & McDonald People and Projects                                Spring 2002

Our Most Complex PLC Project
The Toronto Sheppard Avenue Subway
When the new six-kilometre, five-station       Solutions Group and Southern Ontario            as a team we have been able to provide the
Sheppard Avenue subway opens in                Electrical Division. “With a project of this    TTC with a quality installation without the
September 2002, riders will likely be          size and complexity, it worked to our           need for outside subcontractors.”
unaware of the extensive web of control &      advantage to bring the skills and expertise        Together they tackled work on a host of
communications infrastructure that’s                                                                             systems, including:
helping them get to where they are                                                                               Subway Station Control –
going safely. Since                                                                                              PLC data acquisition
January of 2001,                                                                                                 systems locally and
Black & McDonald                                                                                                 remotely monitor and
has been hard at                                                                                                 control escalators, eleva-
work in the tunnels                                                                                              tors, lighting, sump pumps,
and stations of the                                                                                              unit substations, switch-
new line; work is                                                                                                boards, potential detectors,
progressing       on                                                                                             security alarms, and a host
B&M’s Supervisory                                                                                                of other devices.
Control & Commu-                                                                                                 Subway           Ventilation
nications Installa-                                                                                              Control – PLC systems
tion project for the                                                                                             monitor and control
Toronto Transit                                                                                                  subway ventilation fans
Commission.                                         Joseph Zachariah (left, above) and Phil                      and dampers, tunnel barrier
   When B&M’s                                       Jackson at work at the Leslie St. Station;                   doors and station sliding
Southern Ontario                                    Rick Maule (far left), works on a PLC panel.          doors.
Utility Division was named prime contrac-                                                                 A total of 3,000 PLC I/O points
tor for the $9 million project, they              of the different departments together” says will be connected over the course of the
combined resources with the Network               Phil Jackson, Project Manager. “Working project. Each of these will continuously
                                                                                               collect information and stream it to one of
Refrigeration In Ontario:                                                                      25 PLC panels on its way to the TTC Hill-
                                                                                               crest Control Centre in midtown Toronto.
Developing Specialized Expertise                                                                  Hardware and customized software for
                                                                                               the project were supplied to Black &
Designing, installing and maintaining specialized, high-volume refrigeration equip-            McDonald by SAF Drives & Automation
ment is a relatively new business activity for Black & McDonald. With the acquisi-             of Kitchener, Ontario, one of the largest
tion of three family-owned Ontario companies – Dasco, Hennigar Refrigeration                   PLC companies in the province.
and Diamond Refrigeration – and a continuing investment in training and develop-                  The communications component of the
ment, Black & McDonald has become increasingly active in refrigeration systems for             contract is built around a fibre optic back-
ice arenas and specialized industrial facilities.                                              bone, as well as a Radio Frequency radiat-
   Our refrigeration experience began in the early 1990’s, when Black & McDonald               ing and non-radiating, coax-based two-
secured a major maintenance contract including the service of four                             way communication system for train-to-
arenas in the City of Brantford. These were freon-based systems. The Brantford pro-            train, train-to-control center and emergen-
ject allowed us to thoroughly learn the ice-making processes without having to deal            cy services communication. “These are
with the more specialized ammonia-based systems.                                               completely redundant systems” says
   In the mid-90’s we were asked to maintain The Town of Haldimand’s three                     Joseph Zachariah, Project Coordinator.
                                                                Continued on page three                             Continued on page two
Black & McDonald

ICBM Opens New Facility In
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
In less than two years, ICBM Services         Thompson and Jordan
Ltd. has grown from a small office in         Sawchuk complete the Prince
Regina, Saskatchewan, to a province-          Albert team.
wide service company. There are now
three ICBM branches in Saskatchewan:
one in Regina, one in Saskatoon and as           ICBM’S new home
of February, a new office in Prince              In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
   “The growth of the region is really a
reflection of the quality of the team”
says Marcel Brissette, Vice-President
of the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Region
of Black & McDonald. “The new facili-
                                                De-icing Ottawa’s Airport
ty in Prince Albert provides the oppor-         On May 30th 2001, Black & McDonald             of installing a new building to house all
tunity for further, and significant             was awarded a subcontract by Dufferin          the controls for the glycol recovery sys-
growth.”                                        Construction to supply and install the         tem and to control all the lighting. A
   Bob Zurevinski, President of ICM             mechanical & electrical systems for the        total of 48 new inset lights were
says “The synergy between ICBM                  new de-icing facility at Macdonald             installed in the pavement to guide the
Services Ltd. and Inter-City Mechanical         Cartier Airport in Ottawa. Total value of      planes on the pad; as well, the pad
(1985) Ltd. provides support in the             B&M’s portion of the work was $1.4             required the installation of new flood-
areas of estimating, marketing and              million–$1 million for the utility work        lights for night illumination. A new
administration”.                                and $400,000 for mechanical systems.           hydro service was also installed.
   Rob Garand has recently joined the              The scope of the work was extensive:           The project was completed on time
company as Service Manager in Prince            the installation of a new 5,000-litre          and on budget thanks to Peter Tuck, the
Albert; his mandate is to grow the ser-         underground tank to store waste glycol         Utility Manager, Gord Simmonds,
vice operation in Northern Saskat-              for future recovery; a new apron with          Mechanical Project Manager, Tim
chewan. Denis Sawchuk has moved                 six bays to de-ice planes; new under-          Leonard and Bill Hunt who were
from Inter-City Mechanical (1985) Ltd.          ground sewers & glycol piping and taxi-        responsible for the mechanical and con-
to ICBM Services Ltd. to lead the pro-          way work to tie the new de-icing apron         trol work, Dave Pakeman, Utility
jects portion of the Prince Albert office.      into the existing airport taxiway system.      Project Manager and Gerry Contois,
Jim Truba, Pete Leopky, Tim                        The electrical/utility work consisted       Utility Civil Foreman.

Inside The New Toronto Subway                                                               Continued from page one

“Any break in the system can be immediately compensated for.”         structure running the length of the line is available for lease to
Emergency Trip Switches, Shorting Switches and a harsh envi-          telecom companies.
ronment emergency telephone system installed as part of this             At the project’s peak in the summer of 2001, Black & McDon-
contract by Black & McDonald provide additional safety features       ald had 45 people on site; currently six B&M people remain
for the new line.                                                     involved with the project, which is scheduled for completion in
   Darryl Mooy, the Utility Division foreman on the project, says     June 2002. The project is led by Phil Jackson, senior project
many of the challenges were met with equipment purpose built for      manager; the Southern Ontario Utility Division’s on-site people
this and other projects for the TTC. “We used a 1-ton truck with      include Joseph Zachariah, project estimator/coordinator, Cindy-
rail-car wheels and rolling scaffolds on the tracks to help stream-   Lou Pike, office coordinator; and Darryl Mooy, foreman. South-
line the installation of cabling and equipment” Darryl says. “They    ern Ontario Electrical Division’s people included project managers
saved us a huge amount of time by limiting the use of cable           Chris Stalker and Scott Heron, and foreman Ed Donnelly. The
tuggers, manual push carts and step ladders.” Some 1.5 million        Network Solutions Group team was headed by Slavko Zivcic,
feet of cable had to be pulled over the course of the contract.       project manager, and Ray Abrams, foreman.
Leslie Danhart also pitched in, fabricating a custom reel trailer        Black & McDonald’s work is coordinated with Andy Isner,
used on the tracks for pulling cables.                                lead electrical engineer for the TTC, and Gerry Stan, TTC’s resi-
   When the new subway opens, it may end up moving more than          dent superintendent for systems installation.
just commuters; a fully-built, fibre-based communications infra-

            Dave Hennigar maintains                  Continued from page one
            a compressor in Trenton,
            Ontario: an industry
            reputation second to none
                                                     Refrigeration in Ontario
                                                 a solid competitor. The Dasco customer           This led to B&M’s most recent acqui-
                                                 base took us to many cities and towns        sition. Doug’s son Jim and grandson
                                                 throughout Ontario looking at and bid-       Chris, as well as Rick Driesman joined
                                                 ding small projects and maintenance.         the Black & McDonald family in London
                                                 These opportunities allowed us to get        in March of 2002. This highly skilled
                                                 closer to the specialized contractors and    technical group brought Black and
                                                 suppliers who worked in this field.          McDonald the highest reputation for
                                                    In the summer of 2000, Black &            technical services in the field of ammonia
                                                 McDonald began discussions with              refrigeration.
                                                 Hennigar Refrigeration, a Kingston-based         “In Eastern Ontario alone, we current-
                                                 refrigeration contractor. The conclusion     ly service more than 60 recreation centers
ammonia-based ice rinks. Matt Buckle,            of these discussions resulted in Black &     and curling clubs. In total, Black and
Black and McDonald's field technician            McDonald’s Ottawa office acquiring           McDonald now maintains and services
working with the freon systems, had fin-         Hennigar Refrigeration. “The addition        over 200 ice rinks and food and beverage
ished training with equipment manufac-           of Dave and Shelley Hennigar brought         customers in Ontario” says John
turers; Matt felt we were ready to take the      Black & McDonald a customer base and         Spinelli, Service Manager, Northern
step to servicing these systems.                 an industry reputation second to none”       Ontario Region.
    In June of 1998, the Hamilton office         says Phil Taggart, General Manager,              The most recent addition comes from
acquired Dasco Refrigeration, a local            Southwestern Ontario Region.                 the completion of a new facility at CFB
ammonia refrigeration contractor with a             The reputation of Black & McDonald        Trenton. The coming years should prove
strong reputation in the ice arena market-       in the ammonia business throughout           to be busy ones; the Ontario ‘Superbuild’
place. “Our interest was to capture a cus-       Ontario was growing rapidly and catch-       provincial government grant program,
tomer base along with some technical             ing the interest of other smaller contrac-   which focuses on upgrading aging facili-
resources that would help take our capa-         tors. One of those was Diamond               ties to meet current safety requirements,
bilities in this field to a higher level” says   Refrigeration, operating out of London,      will provide the opportunity to upgrade or
Marc         Provencher,         Operations      Ontario and servicing customers west of      replace facilities built in the 1960’s and
Supervisor, Southwestern Ontario                 Kitchener. Doug Diamond, the senior          70’s. Also coming are plant upgrades at
Region. This acquisition sparked interest        partner, contacted Marc Provencher,          Parmalat Foods in Winchester, Ontario
in a very close-knit industry in Ontario.        inviting him and Phil Taggart to visit       and a freezer expansion at Serca Foods in
Suddenly, B&M was being recognized as            their operation.                             Kingston.

ADWEL International Receives ISO 9001 Certification
On November 20, 2001, ADWEL                  • continual improvement                          with a cost of $30,000 to $60,000. We
International celebrated ISO 9001:2000       • infrastructure and work environment            also learned the new edition of the stan-
certification.                               • internal communication                         dard, ISO 9001:2000 was about to be
    Two years ago, ADWEL decided to          • departmental and functional objectives         published. We decided to wait for ISO to
obtain ISO registration                                                                       issue the new edition, and began to pre-
before the end of the year                                                                    pare the required procedures wth the
2001. Many customers                                                                          assistance of a consultant.
asked if ADWEL was ISO                                                                           With the input of all ADWEL employ-
9001 certified when                                                                           ees, we created 20 procedures describing,
requesting quotes. While it                                                                   rather than changing, existing procedures.
was not a prerequisite for                                                                    These were documented, tested and
doing business with them,                                                                     changes made accordingly.
certification would defi-                                                                        The next step was to appoint an auditor
nitely make it easier. Also,                                                                  to provide one-day training on the mean-
while we were confident
                                   ADWEL president Vince Green (left) and                     ing of ISO 9001:2000 for all employees,
that our quality was
                                   Andrew Abraham of KPMG celebrate certifi-                  review our documents and perform the
already good, we felt the
                                   cation at ADWEL’s 15th anniversary party.                  final audit. On October 18, 2001 our
certification process would                                                                   internal audit, performed by our Registrar
enable us to improve and streamline oper-    • employee quality awareness                     KPMG, verified the compliance of our
ations.                                      • training – competency, effectiveness           quality system to International Standard
    The ISO Quality Management System            The first step was to obtain quotes on       ISO 9001:2000, Quality Policy Manual
had to address the following:                ISO 9001 registration from different             and Procedures. The final audit was per-
• measurement of customer satisfaction       sources. We learned the process would            formed on November 19 & 20 by KPMG
• customer communication                     take from six to 18 months to complete,          and we passed!
                                                                                                                     Black & McDonald
   $2500 Donated to Hospital Foundation
   CBO Workers Mark Five Years Without Accident
   Black & McDonald’s subsidiary                Meaford hospital is the facility of first     military display in the workplace.
   Canadian Base Operators (CBO) is             response should an employee require              Meaford Land Force Central Area
   responsible for a wide range of mainte-      medical attention.                            Training Centre’s military personnel
   nance activities at the Canadian Armed          The employees of CBO can be very           have played a major role in creating a
   Forces Base in Meaford, Ontario. The
   following article originally appeared
   January 16, 2002 in the Meaford
   Express, and is reprinted here with

   Canadian Base Operators (CBO) cele-
   brated their workplace safety achieve-
   ments with a donation to the Meaford
   General Hospital Foundation .                Representatives from Canadian Base
      In July of 2001, Canadian Base            Operators, the Canadian Armed Forces
   Operators employees completed five           and employees at LFCA TC Meaford,
   years of full operations without a lost-     presented a cheque for $2,500 to
   time accident. To date, CBO employees        Meaford Hospital Foundation chair Don
                                                Bumstead. Pictured above are Capt. Ian             safe workplace. They work in a very
   have worked approximately one million
                                                Clark, Steve Watt, Lori Allen, Ron                 interactive environment at the train-
   hours with no lost time accidents.           Mower, Randy Wright, Rod Kennaway,
      An employee committee was formed                                                             ing centre, with CBO employees,
                                                Don Bumstead and Ken Fedoriuk.                     subcontractors and other military
   to make a recommendation on how to
   recognize this five year safety accom-                                                          personnel, quite often side by side.
   plishment and the committee’s choice         proud of this safety record and their              Without DND’s high priority on
   was the Meaford Hospital Foundation for      choice of recognition is commendable. It      safety and the diligence of its personnel
   two excellent reasons. Many of the CBO       speaks volumes about the level of pro-        while fulfilling their duties, this accom-
   employees live in the Meaford area and       fessionalism and teamwork that our            plishment would have been much more
   their families use the facility, and the     employees, our subcontractors and the         difficult to achieve.

   A Winter Project In Bermuda. Why Not?
   Summer had come and gone, and the fall         Department signed a $250,000 contract        ed of mechanical piping and tank instal-
   leaves were disappearing when John             with Max Environmental Solutions, a          lations. This project was also completed
   Lam, Design Engineer for ABL                   Bermuda environmental company                ahead of schedule, which was a pleasant
   Environmental Consultants of Dartmouth,        owned by Maxwell Burgess. The pro-           surprise to the owners.
                                                  ject: installation of mechanical equip-          Black & McDonald / Max Environ-
                                                  ment and piping for a new wastewater         mental Solutions are continuing their
                                                  treatment plant at Sonesta Beach Resort.     close relationship today on another
                                                     Black & McDonald Atlantic mobi-           sewage collection system project for
                                                  lized their mechanical team led by           Elbrow Beach Resort, scheduled for
                                                  Project Manager Brad MacLean along           completion May 1. Two electrical per-
                                                  with Dave Tighe, David Fleury, Doug          sonnel from Dartmouth, Joe Doucette
                                                  MacFarlene and Ben Stewart. The              and Jason Buckland, joined the exist-
                                                  project took eight weeks and resulted in     ing mechanical team for this project.
Onsite in Bermuda, front row, left to right:      very good working relationships with             The success of our work in Bermuda
Brad MacLean, David Tighe, Jason                  Mario Oliviera, Manager of Facility          has been due to the hard work and com-
Buckland, Doug MacFarlane; middle row,            Operations at Sonesta Beach and Barry        mitment of Brad Maclean (B&M),
left to right: Joe Doucette, Dave Fleury;         Graves of Construction In Site, repre-       Maxwell Burgess (Max Environ-
Back row: Ben Stewart                             senting the owner. The project was           mental) and their team.
                                                  completed on time and on budget.                 The team is now pursuing three other
   Nova Scotia approached the Atlantic               However, this was not the end of the      wastewater treatment facilities, two
   Regional Office with a business opportuni-     island opportunities for B&M. The            major hotel and condo resorts, and a
   ty on the island of Bermuda, 800 miles due     group secured another contract to install    project at the largest senior high school
   south of Halifax.                              a smaller treatment facility for Palmetto    on the island.
      Soon after, the Atlantic Utility            Bay Resort and Condos, which consist-

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