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                                                             VOLUNTEER EXPENSE GUIDELINES                                                      Fax: 386-671-8948
                                                                 (Effective June 24, 2009)

The following guidelines for meeting expenses have been established for USTA Florida. Due to the high cost of travel, try to save money whenever possible. Original
receipts are required and should be included for reimbursement. Any expense exceeding $25.00 will not be reimbursed without the original receipt. Expense reports
should be returned within two weeks of the meeting/event to the attention of: The Department that hosted the meeting/event, unless otherwise specified
(i.e. Leagues Council Meeting submit to the League Dept., Jr State Closed Championships submit to the Competitive Dept.) USTA Florida, 1 Deuce Court,
Suite 100, Daytona Beach, FL 32124.

Airfare - Coach airfare will be paid. Reservations need to be made early enough to get the best possible rate, currently 21 days in advance. Tickets can be purchased
by using an airline ticket service or an online ticket service (Orbitz, Priceline, or Travelocity). Please check at least two sources to ensure that every effort is made to
get the lowest fare possible. Compare the cost of driving with flying because USTA Florida will only reimburse the least expensive method of travel.
Note: Please schedule flights to leave no earlier than 1½ hours after the completion of your meeting.

Driving - USTA Florida will reimburse 50 cents per mile (per yearly IRS allowance) when using your personal vehicle. In addition, tolls and parking fees will also be
paid. Gasoline will not be paid. Valet parking will only be reimbursed when self-parking is not available.
Car Rental - USTA Florida will reimburse the actual cost of the rental car, insurance, and gas only when the cost to rent a vehicle is less than or equal to the mileage
for your own vehicle or less than or equal to the airport/hotel transfer expense. Please check at least two sources to ensure that every effort is made to get the lowest fare
Important - USTA Florida reserves the right to reimburse the employee and/or volunteer for the most economical form of transportation regardless if it’s flying, driving
personal vehicle or renting a car.

Airport/Hotel Transfer - Cab fare or shuttle service, including gratuity and tolls, to and from the nearest airport will be reimbursed. On your outbound trip, compare the
cost of airport parking (long term only) to the transfer fee because USTA Florida will only reimburse the least expensive method of travel.
Airport Parking - Only long term parking fees will be reimbursed when using airport parking. Hourly or short term parking will not be reimbursed.

Lodging - Hotel accommodations will be reimbursed at the group rate. Room sharing is encouraged. In addition, lodging will not be paid for the night before a meeting
if traveling the day of the meeting is practical. Please contact the President or Treasurer before the meeting if an exception is needed.
Meals - The maximum meal allowance per day is $50.00 (receipts required). However, no reimbursement will be paid if USTA Florida provides a meal. Meetings
and/or events not requiring a full day stay cannot exceed the following maximum meal reimbursements: $10.00 breakfast, $15.00 lunch and $25.00 dinner (Example:
You are attending an all day meeting or event. At that meeting lunch is the only meal provided. The maximum reimbursement would be $35.00 for the day. If at that
meeting breakfast and lunch are provided and dinner is on your own, then the maximum reimbursement for dinner would be $25.00 .)
Miscellaneous - No one will be reimbursed for alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, room service, laundry fee, movie rentals, golf or health clu b fees, excessive valet
service, or spouse's expenses.
Note: Expenses MUST be submitted within two weeks following the close of the meeting and include appropriate receipts. Excessive expenses will be reviewed by the
Treasurer and Executive Director and may be disallowed.

Contact Doug Booth at 386-671-8925 or Lynne Salus at 954-625-6259 if you have any questions.
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