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     The skin care line of

       Presented to you by
       Theresa Gillespie
         Gentle Daily Cleanser
         Proper cleansing is the foundation of any skin-care regimen, so it is
         essential to use a cleanser that is effective, yet mild enough for
         everyday use. GENTLE DAILY CLEANSER is a moisture-rich, non-
         drying formula that washes away impurities without irritation, helps
         counteract environmental effects, and supports optimal hydration.
         The soap-free formula will not disrupt the healthy acid mantle of
the skin with excessive pH levels.
Fatty acid-rich sucrose cocoate, yucca extract, and soapwort bark extract
cleanse with minimal disruption to the skin while vegetable-based glycerins
and PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate reduce surface tension on the skin so impurities
are easily rinsed away. Green tea leaf extract soothes as it provides powerful
antioxidants to protect the skin. Clary sage extracts draw pores together as
soybean protein and aloe hydrate. Skin is deeply nourished by vitamin C, A,
and E variants, including Proflavanol-T® and Proteo-C™.
Work this moisture-rich cleansing gel into dry skin in a circular motion over
face and neck. Add water and continue cleansing. Rinse thoroughly with
warm water. Use in the morning and evening.
At the completion of the cleansing process, skin is prepared for the next step
in the ultimate Sensé regimen--toning with HYDRATING TONER.
           Hydrating Toner
           Toning is essential for eliminating the lingering residues that are not
           always removed by routine cleansing. HYDRATING TONER is a non-
           drying, revitalizing skin tonic that prepares skin to be moisturized,
           restores pH balance, and helps combat harsh environmental effects. The
           skin is left tightened, toned, and hydrated.
           Polysorbate 20 removes lingering surface impurities and, along with
yucca and saponin-based soapwort extract, completes the cleansing process.
Tocopherols nourish the skin while Sodium PCA and proline bring powerful
moisturizing properties. Allantoin soothes the skin and stimulates healthy new
tissue growth. Whole-grape extract nourishes the skin with vitamins A, C, and E.
Green tea extract brings antioxidant properties.
After cleansing, shake toner into hand or saturate a cotton pad, then wipe over face
and neck. Use in the morning and evening.
After toning, the skin should be fully cleansed and prepared for one of Sensé's
powerful refining treatments: PERFECTING ESSENCE or SERUM INTENSIVE.

              Daytime Protective Emulsion
              DAYTIME PROTECTIVE EMULSION contains Regenisomes™, an
              advanced complex that quickly restores the skin's appearance after sun
              exposure by enhancing the skin's natural cell renewal process.
              Glycerin, oryzanol, diisopropyl dimer dilinoleate, and squalane provide
              nourishing hydration.
              DAYTIME PROTECTIVE EMULSION contains many nourishing and
hydrating plant extracts, including aloe to deliver concentrated moisture; echinacea
and centella asiatica to firm the skin's appearance; and Irish moss and soybean
protein to act as skin-softening agents.
Smooth this high-performance moisturizer onto face every morning. Moisturize in
the evening with NIGHT RENEWAL.
            Night Renewal
            The body has an internal clock, called the circadian system, that
            functions according to its exposure to light and dark, and synchronizes
            the body's activities accordingly. During deep sleep, the body goes to
            work refilling depleted stores of energy and undoing the damage of
            daily stress. This presents an ideal time to introduce concentrated
            nourishment to the skin.
NIGHT RENEWAL works overnight with the body's natural circadian rhythms to
deliver vital nutrients and powerful moisturizers when the skin can benefit from it
most. Firming botanicals and emollients work to increase moisture levels and
combat the effects of daily exposure to the environment. NIGHT RENEWAL also
contains soy protein--rich in vitamins A and E, zinc, and isoflavones--to help
rejuvenate the skin's appearance. Regensiomes™ are a revolutionary complex that
help speed cell renewal in skin that has been damaged by the sun. NIGHT
RENEWAL also contains Dermal Surface Renewal™ (DSR) technology, a marine-
source complex, which visibly reduces existing signs of aging as it refines and firms
the skin. It also prevents the appearance of future lines and wrinkles using MMP
inhibitors, which effectively reduce the activity of enzymes (MMPs) that break down
the skin's extracellular matrix.
NIGHT RENEWAL provides additional nourishment and moisture to the skin with rich
plant extracts. Echinacea and centella asiatica provide natural skin brightening and
firming benefits, while whole grape and green tea provide free radical protection.
Finally, Irish moss, shea butter, and mallow deliver powerful, skin-softening
Apply this emulsion to face and neck in gentle, light, upward strokes.
The highly restorative constituents found in NIGHT RENEWAL continue their work
until the morning cleansing.
             Perfecting Essence
             PERFECTING ESSENCE, which focuses on enhanced exfoliation and
             increased collagen production, provides long-term renewal and
             refinement for the skin. This illuminating facial treatment reduces
             multiple signs of aging through exclusive Dermal Surface Renewal™
             (DSR) technology--a marine-source, age-defying complex enhanced
             with MMP inhibitors. DSR technology is clinically proven to visibly
retexture, brighten, even, and firm the skin's surface. It helps reduce existing signs
of aging while helping to prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming in the future.
PERFECTING ESSENCE is also free of alpha-hydroxy acids, so it is gentle enough for
sensitive skin.

The glucosamine HCL found in Perfecting Essence brings a combination of amino
acids and an active humectant to form an extremely important skin-tissue building
block while yeast, and algae extracts provide soothing moisturization. MMP
inhibitors work to prevent enzymes in the skin (MMPs) from breaking down skin's
extracellular matrix to dramatically slow the skin's natural aging process. And, two
powerful skin-brighteners--bearberry leaf extract and licorice extract--reduce the
mottled appearance of damaged skin and support healthy melanin production.

Both PERFECTING ESSENCE and SERUM INTENSIVE include vitamins C, and E,
soybean protein, and antioxidant-rich green tea extract. Although you will see and
feel incredible results within days of using them, these two topicals are specifically
intended to deliver maximum benefit over time.
After toning, smooth this revolutionary gel onto clean face and neck both morning
and evening. Having received the powerful renewal and refining compounds of
PERFECTING ESSENCE, the skin is now ready for a nourishing, moisturization
         Serum Intensive

         Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids can help diminish signs of aging, such as
         the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. SERUM
         INTENSIVE provides a powerful hydroxy complex with pure, derma-
         available vitamin C to visibly refine and retexture the skin's surface.
         SERUM INTENSIVE'S alpha-hydroxy acids--glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic
acid, and tartaric acid--act as strong exfoliators, skin firmers, and humectants.
Beta-hydroxy acid--in the form of salicylic acid--works to unclog pores, reduce the
appearance of fine lines, and also acts as a powerful exfoliant. DSR™ technology, a
marine-source complex, visibly reduces existing signs of aging as it helps inhibit the
activity of enzymes in the skin that cause new lines and wrinkles to form.

SERUM INTENSIVE contains plant extracts to rejuvenate the skin, including whole-
grape extract to provide powerful antioxidant protection; echinacea and centella
asiatica to firm and refine; and licorice to brighten and soothe.

Both SERUM INTENSIVE and PERFECTING ESSENCE include vitamins C, and E,
soybean protein, and antioxidant-rich green tea extract. Although you will see and
feel incredible results within days of using them, these two topicals are specifically
intended to deliver maximum benefit over time.

After toning, smooth this treatment elixir onto clean face and neck. Individuals with
sensitive skin should only use in the evening until skin adjusts. At that time, it
should be used twice a day if well tolerated.

Having received the powerful renewal and refining compounds of SERUM
INTENSIVE, the skin is now ready for a nourishing, moisturization treatment.
        Eye Nourisher
        EYE NOURISHER combines two revolutionary technologies to provide
        extraordinary skin care to the sensitive eye area. Regenisomes™ enhance
        the body's natural cell renewal process after sun exposure, while Dermal
        Surface Renewal™ (DSR) technology refines and firms the area around the
        eye with a gentle, marine-source complex that minimizes appearance of
lines and wrinkles and slows future signs of aging.
Specially formulated for the exceptionally fragile eye area, EYE NOURISHER
contains a nourishing blend of gentle plant extracts, including Irish moss, mallow,
and shea butter to moisturize and soften skin; echinacea and centella asiatica to
help firm and soothe the eye area; and whole-grape extractand green tea to
provide powerful antioxidant defense. In addition, generous amounts of isoflavone-
rich soy protein enhance this nourishment.
Directions: Apply small amount of this powerful treatment on ring finger & gently
apply to entire eye area in morning & evening to effectively combat signs of aging.

             Rice Bran Polisher
             As skin ages, surface skin renews itself less often, leaving behind dry,
             flaky skin. Dead skin cells can dull the complexion, inhibit moisture
             absorption, and even cause breakouts. Regular exfoliation can help
             remove this layer of cells and maintain a youthful appearance. Your
             daily regimen will remove most of them, but, periodically, it needs a
             boost. RICE BRAN POLISHER is a gentle, deep-cleaning exfoliant that
reveals more luminous skin.
Papain, a natural fruit enzyme, breaks down the bonds among keratin cells, which
are then loosened by rice-bran beadlets. The loose cells bond to oat flour and rice-
bran wax and are washed away as the softer, smoother skin below is revealed.
During the exfoliating process, RICE BRAN POLISHER delivers additional moisture
and nourishment to the skin with pure-plant extracts. Saponaria, and yucca provide
natural cleansing properties, while aloe helps restore the skin's pH balance. Whole-
grape and green tea extracts offer powerful antioxidant protection.

Directions: Use after GENTLE DAILY CLEANSER two to three times per week.
Apply a small amount of this exfoliating créme to moist skin and work in a gentle,
circular motion with wet fingertips. Rinse with warm water.
              Nutritious Créme Masque

              While a daily regimen of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing
              provides great benefits to the skin, extra attention is
              periodically needed to unclog pores and replace lost nutrients.
              NUTRITIOUS CRéME MASQUE is a powerful facial treatment
that is designed to deliver intense moisture, while gently drawing excess oils
and impurities from the skin.

Powerful natural emollients, shea and mango butter, deposit a rich blend of
lipids to soften and smooth the skin, as pure China clay removes excess oils
and impurities leaving the skin feeling firm. Soybean protein--an intense
moisturizer, rich in isoflavones, amino acids, and other nutrients--hydrates
the skin during the masque's application.

NUTRITIOUS CRéME MASQUE is rich in refreshing plant extracts that result
in vibrant, healthy looking skin. Echinacea and centella asiatica tighten the
skin's appearance and increase elasticity. Whole-grape and green tea
extracts provide powerful antioxidant protection. Clary sage provides a
calming scent and soothing effects, while yucca and saponaria offer natural,
non-drying cleansing properties.

Rich in nutrients, NUTRITIOUS CRéME MASQUE presents an excellent
opportunity to enhance nutrient introduction because it covers the skin for
an extended period of time. Proflavanol-T, Proteo-C, vitamins A, C, and E,
and the amino acids proline and glycine are present, as are the
phytonutrients of green tea extract.

Indulge in this skin-pampering treat two to three times a week. Apply a
generous layer to clean skin from neck to forehead. Relax for 20 minutes.
Rinse with warm water for a beautiful, youthful-looking glow.
            Energizing Shower Gel
            A body cleanser must be gentle enough to avoid drying the skin, but
            effective in washing away impurities. ENERGIZING SHOWER GEL
            cleanses and conditions the skin without drying, while providing gentle
            exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells. This invigorating formula with
            jojoba seed and avocado oils helps the skin retain moisture, leaving
            skin soft and smooth all day long.
ENERGIZING SHOWER GEL contains a unique blend of plant extracts, including
elder flower, echinacea, and centella asiatica to refine and firm the skin. It also
contains the skin-softening moisturizers of Irish moss and mallow, and the powerful
antioxidants of green tea and whole grape.
Apply a small amount on a loofah or sea sponge, massage over entire body, and
rinse for silky smooth skin. After cleansing with this energizing, soap-free gel, apply
FIRMING BODY NOURISHER for skin that is soft, supple, and smooth to the touch.

            Firming Body Nourisher
            Soft, supple skin requires intense moisture and nourishment. FIRMING
            BODY NOURISHER offers a firming, protective, hydrating formula for the
            whole body. An exclusive hydroxy complex smoothes away flakiness
            and dry patches, while isoflavone-rich soy protein delivers vital
            nutrients to the skin. FIRMING BODY NOURISHER also contains a
            clinically proven firming complex to condition and rejuvenate the skin.
FIRMING BODY NOURISHER contains many skin-specific plant extracts to hydrate,
firm, nourish, and soften the skin. Echinacea and centella asiatica tighten the skin
and maintain elasticity. Shea butter, mallow, and Irish moss act as intense
moisturizers and skin softeners, while whole grape and green tea help protect
against free-radical invasion.
Directions: Rub this hydrating lotion liberally on body for smooth skin.
          Revitalizing Shampoo

          Healthy hair reflects an inner balance much like a vibrant complexion
          does. Clean, nourished hair can be identified by its body, shine, strength,
          and softness. REVITALIZING SHAMPOO corrects hair imbalances with
          gentle cleansing agents and pure-plant extracts, while wheat protein,
          panthenol, and vitamin E promote optimal scalp condition. REVITALIZING
SHAMPOO is safe and effective for all hair types, including color-treated and
chemically processed hair.
REVITALIZING SHAMPOO delivers many rejuvenating plant extracts to nourish and
hydrate the hair. Aloe provides penetrating moisture, while comfrey acts as a
soothing emollient. Rosemary and sage offer energizing aromatherapy and
revitalize the scalp.
Apply shampoo to wet hair and lather with a gentle massaging motion. Rinse
thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. After impurities have been removed from the hair,

         Nourishing Conditioner
         Freshly cleansed hair often needs extra protection and moisture.
         NOURISHING CONDITIONER contains a rich blend of emollients, vitamins,
         plant extracts, and amino acids to help give hair manageability, shine, and
         strength. Vital nutrients such as hydrolyzed silk and panthenol provide
         intense moisture to the hair and scalp, while wheat protein helps to mend
         split ends. Excellent for color-treated and chemically processed hair.
Several pure-plant extracts in NOURISHING CONDITIONER help maintain the hair's
moisture and strength. Rosemary and sage offer invigorating aromatherapy and
restorative effects for the scalp. Aloe delivers deep moisture, along with amino
acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins C and E. Vitamin-rich whole grape and
green tea leaf offer powerful antioxidant protection from free radical damage.
Work a small amount of this nutrient-rich conditioner evenly through hair. Leave on
2-5 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.
              Intensive Hand Therapy

              The hands are constantly exposed to the harsh, drying effects
              of an ever-changing environment. Intense moisture and
              nourishment are needed to combat these environmental
              effects and keep hands and cuticles looking healthy.
              INTENSIVE HAND THERAPY delivers concentrated, skin-
softening moisture with an exclusive formula that includes cocoa and shea
butters, meadowfoam seed and apricot kernel oils, aloe, and beeswax. The
calming scents provide soothing aromatherapy.

INTENSIVE HAND THERAPY contains a large array of plant extracts to leave
hands feeling soft and smooth. Mulberry leaf, bearberry leaf, and elder
flower brighten and refine the skin's appearance. Irish moss and mallow
provide intensive moisturizing and emollient properties, while echinacea and
centella asiatica act as excellent firming agents. Also contains whole grape
and green tea for powerful antioxidant protection.

Cover hands with this efficacious hand créme after hand washing or
whenever intense moisturization is desired.

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