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    Who Else Wants A FREE Targetizer
   To Go With Their Goal Scoring Training?
                  Available Exclusively at Striker! Camp
PLUS Get 10% OFF Your Booking Fees By Referring A Friend! Details Overleaf

    Your Venue is:   Barrow Hall Lane Primary School        Please choose options (please tick)
    Forms MUST be returned 2 weeks before camp start date    Start Date              6 Weeks              12 Month             Yearly
    *Breginners: 10-11am                                     Sept 6th
    Intermediates: 11am-12pm
    Elite: 12-1pm                                             Child 1                       £57              £28.50 pm             £342
    Please use BLOCK CAPITALS                                Child 2 50% off                £28.50           £14.25 pm             £171
    Name of Child(ren) Attending                                Name of Parent / Guardian

   Date of Birth dd/mm/yy                                        Skill level
    child 1                         child 2                             beginner             intermediate             elite

              /            /                  /    /               Pre Order (please note Analysis DVDs can only
                                                                   be ordered before camp starts) See over for
   Address                                                         details. All prices inc VAT & FREE Delivery
                                                                             5’x4’ Fun Goals Targetizer £67
                                                                             5’x4’ Championship Targetizer £127.00
    Postcode                                                                 6’x4’ Premiership Targetizer £157.00
    Phone Number
    please include area code                                                 8’x6’ Champions League Targetizer £195.00
    Primary Email** (for booking confirmation)                               Analysis DVD £27
                                                                             T-Shirts £7 small (4-6) med (7-9) lrg (10-12)
                                                                             Size 3 Hand Stitched Training Ball
    Filming Consent (see Analysis DVD overleaf)
                                                                             eBook - How To Be A Better Soccer Parent
         Yes                   No                                            (list price £19.97 Striker! Camp Parents price is £7.97!)
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    Payment Details
    Please make cheques payable to ‘The Targetizer Ltd’                                      Card Type:
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                                                                        Start Date         Issue Number                       amex
   Credit / Debit Card Number: I am over 18 years of                                                          switch/solo
   age. Please charge £............ to my card.                                /                            Signature
      | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |                             Expiry Date

    Once completed return your booking form to Suite 442, 59 Wensleydale Close, Warrington, Wa5 3HZ
    You can also book by calling FREEPHONE 0800 756 9835. Please have your debit / credit card to
    hand. There is limited availability on places so please hurry to avoid disappointment.
    **FREE Targetizer offer is strictly for members who join for 12 months minimum. 12 month members can
    either pay fees monthly or by a one-off yearly fee.
                                                             visit www.strikercamp.targetizer.co.uk
                            Exclusive Striker! Camps for 4-12 Year Olds: Equipment
Refer a Friend and Get 10% OFF Each Freind!
 Friend 1                              Friend 2                                Friend 3

   Full Name                             Full Name                               Full Name

   Best Contact Number                    Best Contact Number                     Best Contact Number

   How Refer a Friend Works

  Refer a Friend is open to new and existing members alike.
  If you have friends that may be interested in helping their
  child learn goal scoring skills in a fun, friendly and professional
  way from the experts then provide their name and number
  and we’ll do the rest.

  Your friends are more likely to join if you’ve already mentioned
  Striker! Camp to them.                                                 T-Shirts
  Simply let them know what’s on offer! If you’ve already been
  on Striker! Camp then you’ll know how good we are!                    High quality 100%
                                                                        cotton round neck
  For each friend that signs on, you will receive 10%                   T-Shirts.
  OFF your booking fees for your child(ren).                            Each T-Shirt is red
  You can refer up to 3 friends during any 6 week Camp.                 and features the
                                                                        Targetizer logo on               Strike
                                                                        the front and                    200Camp
   Analysis DVDs                                                        Striker! Camp 2009 on
                                                                        the back. Sizes S M & L
  Your child will be attending the world’s leading organisation
  on striker education for kids. We aim to teach them the
  wonderful skill of goal scoring.                                       Books

  To help them absorb and learn all of the games and drills we          You want to help your child succeed in
  capture their progress on film and provide constructive               football from having a great time
  feedback on areas where your child can improve and                    playing and enjoying and benefiting
  highlight the areas they excel in.                                    from the game.

  Analysis DVDs are personalised meaning your child is the              So why not know the benefits of how to
  star of the show! This doubles as a wonderful memory                  help your child go even further by using
  keepsake as well as a training DVD that you and your child            little known insider pro secrets that
  can refer to for many years to come.                                  can help your child when they want to
  It’s the ideal gift for family members                                go all the way to the top?
  and friends that are unable to come
  and see your child train.                                             This concise, easy to
                                                                        read and follow digital
  *Filming consent is required (please                                  book is helping parents
  tick booking form)*                                                   worldwide to help their
                                                                        children. It could help you
                                                                        “How To Be A Better
                                                                        Soccer Parent”


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