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When Killing is Easy


When Killing is Easy

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									                                       When Killing is Easy
                                       aka Shooting the Messenger

                                       Why are foreigners suddenly under fire in Israel?

  In May 2003 James Miller, a          Last May, a British cameraman                Palestinian photographers and
                                       approached an Israeli armoured               cameramen, often working for the big
        British cameraman with         personnel carrier at night with a            news agencies in the West Bank and
  considerable experience of           request for free passage.The Israelis in     Gaza, have long been shot at by Israeli
                                       the APC knew who the cameraman               soldiers. What is new is that
      filming in war zones, was        was – they’d earlier watched him film        foreigners, whether journalists or
             shot dead by Israeli      Israeli bulldozers knock down                peace activists, are now increasingly
         soldiers. In April, British   Palestinian houses. At one stage the         the targets of attacks.
                                       Israelis had even called out to the
              photographer Tom         team. James Miller had a lot of              Shooting the Messenger meticulously
       Hurndall was shot as he         experience of filming in war zones.          examines the Corrie, Hurndall and
                                       Now he and his colleagues, all of them       Miller cases, revisiting the border
     tried to rescue a terrified       wearing body armour and helmets              locations where the attacks occurred
  Palestinian child from a hail        marked “TV”, were walking towards            and interviewing key eyewitnesses as
    of Israeli bullets. In March,      the APC shouting: “We are British            leading experts in Britain examine the
                                       journalists”.They were pointing a            forensic evidence, including unique
  an American peace activist,          powerful torch at a white flag. Seven        footage of the two shootings.The
      Rachel Corrie, died after        shots rang out: the second hit James.        Israeli Defence Forces are also asked
                                       He died shortly afterwards.                  to explain the incomplete and
         she was crushed by an
                                                                                    sometimes contradictory
    Israeli bulldozer. Do these        James Miller was killed on the border        interpretations of the attacks which
   attacks represent a culture         between Egypt and the Gaza Strip             they have provided so far.
                                       which is intensively patrolled by Israeli
          of killing with impunity     forces. He was the third Westerner to        Were the attacks random acts of
   which is sanctioned by the          be attacked in as many months in the         violence by undisciplined soldiers, or
                                       same border area.                            the product of a culture of killing with
          higher echelons of the
                                                                                    impunity which is sanctioned by the
                      Israeli army?    In April,Tom Hurndall, a British             upper echelons of the army? And how
                                       photographer was cut down as he              is the rest of the world to know the
                                       tried to rescue a terrified Palestinian      truth about the Israeli occupation if
                                       child caught in a hail of Israeli bullets.   the Israeli army is free to attack those
                                       He is now virtually brain dead.              international journalists and activists
                                                                                    who venture into this war zone?
                                       In March, an American peace activist,
                                       Rachel Corrie, died after she was            Producer Bill Treharne Jones
                                       crushed by an Israeli bulldozer.             Executive Producer Fiona Stourton

News & Current Affairs
UK TX Date: 2/11/03
1 x 50 minutes

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