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New Customer Profile & Domain/DNS/Hosting Policies                                                      Date:________________

Please read, complete, sign and fax to 888-307-1519. Timely return of this profile with all applicable information provided will
make the transition to your new site easier and prevent setup delays and potential e-mail downtime.

1. Customer and Technical Contact Information

Company: _____________________________ Contact: ________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Fax: ______________________________ Primary E-mail Address(s): _____________________________________________________

For networking, email setup and automation issues we use: ____A Tech Savvy Employee     ____In House Tech     ____Contract Tech

Company: _____________________________ Contact: ________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Fax: ______________________________ Primary E-mail Address(s): ____________________________________________________

2. Current Domain & Website Hosting Information

Current Domain Name: http://www.__________________________________________________________________________________

Is this the domain you want to use for your new site? ____Yes   _____No

If No, Explain:__________________________________________________________________________________________________

NOTE – If you don’t have a domain name yet go to www.domainworkz.com where you can search for and purchase a domain name. The
initial charge paid for the domain name will be credited to your hosting account.

2A – CURRENT DOMAIN - What provider (Registrar) is your domain name registered with? (Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Enom, etc.)

Registrar:________________________________________ User/Acct Name:_____________________ Password:__________________

2B – CURRENT WEB HOST – Hosting Company (Not Domain Registrar)____________________________________________________

FTP or Access Info:__________________________________ User/Acct Name:_____________________ Password:________________

2C – CURRENT SITE CONTENT - Do you want to transfer any content from your existing site? ____ Y/N        If Yes, we will need your
Hosting Account information above (2B) and then please give details and page URL’s (addresses) below:



2D – ADDITIONAL DOMAINS YOU OWN - If you own additional domain names and you want us to point these names to the main site
you will need to provide us with the domain name and registrar information (See 2A Above) for each domain name.



Additional Hosting & Domain Info – Remarks – Unique Information About Your Site We Should Know





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                                                                                                     A Subsidiary of MetaWorkz, LLC
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                                                                                                       Phone and Fax: 888-307-1519
                                                                                                    Online: www.insuranceworkz.com

3. Internet Access, Email and Local Systems

How do you access the Internet? (Dial up, DSL, TLine, BroadBand, Satellite, Other)____________________________________________

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Name and Contact Info: (Web site, email, phone)______________________________________________


Are you going to use our email services? ____Yes ____No If yes, are you currently using active email accounts via your domain, for
example whoever@YOURDOMAIN.com, that will have to be transferred? ____Yes ____No – Will create accounts for the first time.

If you are not going to use our email services, do you use an “Exchange Server” for E-Mail? ____Yes ____No. If yes, please list
exchange server MX information:__________________________________________________________________________________

If you are going to use our email services, how do you access E-mail? (Outlook or Express, Eudora, Lotus, AOL, Web Based, etc.)


What is your in house operating system(s) (Windows 95, 98, XP, NT, Other etc?)_____________________________________________

Virus, Spam, Spyware and Firewall systems you use:____________________________________________________________________


4. Agency Operations

Type of Agency:    _____Retail    _____Wholesaler/MGA      ______Combo / Other (Explain)_____________________________________


Agency Management System Vendor and Version if applicable:____________________________________________________________

Other Automation Vendors – Rating: Comparative, Online with Carrier etc. What we are looking for here is other vendors that may have an
impact or the capability of integration with your website. (For example, companies who can give you a script to install on your site.)


General Lines of Business You Write – Personal, Commercial, Life, Health, Financial Services, Any Specialties – Programs etc.


States you are licensed in and license #(S):


Companies You Represent:



Number of Principals:______________       Producers_____________ CSRs______________ Admin/Clerical_____________

Associations & Affiliations (Big I, PIA, Trusted Choice, AAMGA, CPCU, CIC, Napslo, CISR etc.)



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                                                                                                        Online: www.insuranceworkz.com

5. Making Your Site Live On the Internet

The number one cause of delays in getting a site launched and email working properly is not having access to your domain
account and/or access to your DNS records. Please review sections 5 and 6 in detail and verify you have access to your domain
and DNS as soon as possible to avoid potential delays.

Our goal is to make your site live on the Internet as soon as possible. If you are ordering a domain for the first time we will set the site up
directly on the domain name. If you already have a domain we will build on our development server and the domain will have to be pointed
to the correct IP number or DNS to become live. Please note, you will not be able to edit your website and some functions will not work
properly until it is live on your domain. You will be able to review the site in development by using the following: (Replace XXXXX.com with your domain name, if a .net replace .com)

If you wish to edit your site before it is live we can “cut it live” but place a “coming soon” page for the home page so it is live, however the
general public can’t access.

Their are various scenarios we encounter when creating a new site and launching it live on the web. Please identify your current situation
below and check the appropriate one:

5a____You’ve never had a site and don’t have a domain name. (See 6A Below)
5b____You have a domain name, don’t have a site and do not use email at your domain name.
5c____You have a domain name, don’t have a site but you use email at your domain name (whoever@yourdomain.com)
5e____You have a domain name, a site but don’t use email at your domain name
5f ____You have a domain name, a site and you use email at your domain name (whoever@yourdomain.com)
5g____You have a domain name, a site and you use exchange server for email.

If 5c or 5f are you transferring your active email accounts to us? ___Yes ___No

There are two ways a site can be cut live:

 1 - Login to the domain registrar and change the name servers to NS1.WORKZHOST.COM NS2.WORKZHOST.COM
 2 - Access the DNS record and point the A record to

To better understand how the domain and dns process works see Illustration #1 at the end of this document.

Either method may require propagation over the Internet of 24 to 72 hours.

We will not cut a site live until we have your authorization. You, or your tech, must have or provide us with, access to the domain registrar
account or access to modify the DNS before the site can be cut live. We highly recommend that you, or your tech, not attempt to cut a
site live prior to coordinating with us. If you are transferring active email accounts the accounts must be pre-configured on our host
http://admin.workzhost.com and we highly recommend a DNS mirror prior to cutting the site live. Setting up a DNS mirror can add three to
five days to the process of cutting live however it is the safest way to avoid email downtime.

What is your preference: ____Our Tech Will Handle Live Cut         ____We request InsuranceWorkz Handle Live Cut

6. Hosting, Domain Name and DNS (Domain Name Servers) Policies

Domain Name – Your domain name is your www name for example (www.something.com). The most important thing to keep in mind is -
The registration/renewal of a domain name and a web hosting account are two separate entities. In most cases we DO NOT transfer the
domain to our control when creating and hosting a site with an existing domain name.

6A - We Don’t Have Domain Name - If you don’t have a domain name yet you can search for and register an available name at
www.domainworkz.com. You will be charged for the first two years of (approximately $26.00) and this amount will be credited to your initial
monthly site fee. If you are registering a new domain at domainworkz.com to create your site you can skip the rest of this information.

6B - We Already Have Domain Name - If you already have a domain name then you have registered it with a company referred to as a
“registrar”. Some common Registrars are Network Solutions, Register.com and Go Daddy however there are many others. When you
registered your domain you bought the exclusive rights to use the name for a certain period. For example if you purchased the name in
January of 2007 for four years it will need to be renewed in January of 2011. It can be renewed with the original Registrar or by transferring
to our Registrar, DomainWorkz.com with at least 30 days prior notice.

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Your ARE NOT required to transfer your domain to us to host with us, however, when due for renewal, we encourage you to transfer
to our registrar for future expeditious handling of your account. In addition, we pay for TLD (Top Level Domains - .com, .net, org, .biz, .info
and .us) domain renewals if the domain is used on a hosted site with us provided it is registered with or transferred to DomainWorkz.com.
Additional registered domain names not hosted are charged at current rate however, at your request, we will point them to your primary site
at no charge whether we are the registrar or not.

with a third party registrar will cause your site and e-mail to become unavailable.

We WILL NOT transfer a domain if more than one year remains as you will lose the time you have already paid for and we WILL NOT
transfer the domain without your request and authorization.

6C. Domain Name Server (DNS) – The record in the domain name that tells an Internet request where to look for the web site and email

Typically if you request a “WhoIs” search on a domain it will show the DNS in this type of format:

       dns.someserver.com      dns2.someserver.com

How it Works - Someone types in your site name such as www.somesite.com. The initial request is sent to the domain record to find out
what DNS server is used and where it is located. The request then travels to the DNS server and upon reaching the DNS server it tells the
request where to find the site and email services usually expressed as an IP number.

If you do not have a systems tech familiar with DNS we recommend you have us manage the DNS. It is for this reason we request access
to the registered domain account so that we can update the name server settings to point to our DNS server.

If you are going to have us manage DNS then you must have access to your domain account (user/acct name and password) so that
the name server can be updated before your site and email can be live on the Internet.

If you prefer to manage your DNS we will provide you with the appropriate A, CNAME and MX records to reach your website and email.

7. Acceptance

I acknowledge I have provided data where known and applicable and I have read and accepted Domain, Hosting and DNS

Company Name__________________________________________                             Date:______________

Name________________________________________                       Signature__________________________________________

           PLEASE FAX COMPLETED PROFILE TO 888-307- 1519

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                                                                                                                A Subsidiary of MetaWorkz, LLC
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                The illustration below shows the most basic steps and elements the Internet uses when we want
                to go to a website or send email. This illustration was developed to help demonstrate the basic
                                 elements involved when changing web hosts or email providers.
            NOTE – Remember, Domain Registration and Hosting are two separate entities. Even if you now host with the
             company that registered your domain, you don’t have to host with them to maintain your domain registration.

              STARTS &
            ENDS AT USER

                                A user enters your
                        `     domain name or email
                                that contains your
                              domain name such as
                                www.acme.com or         Since the Internet doesn’t actually
                                 jdoe@acme.com        recognize “Names” the domain name
                                                      must be translated to an IP Address.
                                                                                                   Some of the more common registrars are
                                                        Thus, the first “stop” is where the
                                                                                                    shown here, but there are many others.
                                                      domain is registered (The Registrar).
                                                          Which houses the next set of
                                                               instructions (DNS).
                                                                                                  Once the request arrives at the domain
                                                                                                   registrar it looks for the “Name Server
                                                                                                  Address”. The Name Server Address is
          The hosting server then                                                               contained in the domain registration record.
          displays the information                                                                  Name Servers typically look like this:
             back to the user or
              delivers the mail.                                                                      NS1.EXAMPLESERVER.COM

                                          The Name Server then                                The domain record sends
                                        provides the instructions (IP                          the request to the listed
                                          Numbers) of the hosting                                   Name Server.*
                                         server where the website
          WEB HOSTING SERVER               and email are located.
                                                                                        DNS/NAME SERVER

                                                      *NOTE – It is important to remember that the Name Server may reside
                                                       at the Registrar, Hosting Server or even a Third Party DNS Service.

  Also, remember that the DNS server can send the website one place and the email another. For example, the A record
(website) might go to one server and the MX record (email) could go to another. This is how you can change your website to
                              a new host but keep your email services at your current provider.

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