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									                                                           Presentation and Conditions:
                GREEN COUNTRY

                                                                   Image size may be no smaller than 10” in any
                                                                    direction: framed size is limited to 40” in any
                       SOCIETY                                     Attach entry tag to the back upper left hand
                                                                   Top mat will be white or off white: a colored
                6th                                                 inner liner not to exceed 1/2" may be used.
                                                                   GCWS reserves the right to reject any
          Annual Members’                                           paintings.
              Exhibit                                                          Gallery Standards
        August 23 - September 23
                         2010                                       Paintings must be presentable: all works
                                                                    must be clean on the surface and between
                                                                    the glass or plexi glass and the painting. All
                        AT THE                                      dust and fingerprints are to be removed.
                                                                    Frames are to be sturdy, scratch and dent
             Tulsa Community College
                                                                    free, clean, and have tight corners.
                 Southeast Campus
                                                                   Wire: picture wire only, placed one fifth of
         West of 169 Highway on 81st Street
                                                                    the way down, pulled tight, looped through
               Student Union Center
                                                                   Frames: Metal frame backing: foam-core or
The Green Country Watercolor Society was founded for                clean mat board (No cardboard). Wood
the purpose of promoting awareness of and interest in               frames must have full dust covers.
watercolor painting, and for encouraging and assisting
watercolor painters. We provide workshops, lectures,       ENTRY FEE: (non-refundable)
and exhibits, and maintain high aesthetic standards
through competitive exhibitions for artists working in
                                                                   One Painting          $15
water-based media.
                                                                   Two Painting          $25
                                                                   Three Painting        $35
AWARDS:                                                    A maximum of three paintings may be entered per artist.
The awards given in GCWS’s juried competition
are designed to inspire and encourage artists.             Hand Delivered Works:
Approximately $1,500.00 in awards will be given.
                                                           All art works must be hand delivered and picked up on
Artists Eligibility:                                       time. (No exceptions).
                                                           Art work may not be removed from the exhibition or
        The 6th Annual Members' Exhibit is open to        exchanged once the art has been accepted. Artists accept
         GCWS members in good standing: membership         the conditions of the prospectus by signing the entry
         is $35.                                           form. All parties will agree to provide an uninterrupted
         Art work will be primarily aqueous medium on
         watercolor paper.
        Water media collage, if used, must represent no   JUROR: Karen York, Director of Jewish Museum, MA
                                                           and PHD in American Art History.
         more than 25 percent of the piece. No varnish
         should be used.
        Work must be original--not based on photos
         other than the artist’s own and not done under
        Work must have been completed within the last
         two years and not have been shown in previous
         annual members’ exhibits.
                                                                   Applications must be received by
Application must be completely filled out                                   July 19 2010
and receive by ------------------------------------July 19                Mail application to
No changes may be made after this date                             Green Country Watercolor Society
                                                                          P.O. Box 140426
Hand delivered to TCC--- 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. --- Aug 19                    Broken Arrow Ok 74014

Judging --------10:00 a.m. ---------------------- Aug 20
                                                                           Application Form
Pick up works not juried into the exhibits
                                                             GREEN COUNTRY WATERCOLOR SOCIETY
between ----2 p.m. –3 p.m. --------------------Aug 20
                                                             Name _________________________________
Exhibition opens ---------------------------------Aug 23
                                                             Address ________________________________
Reception------5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. ----------Sep 2         City__________________________________

Exhibition closes ---------------------------------Sep 23    St _____Zip ______ Phone (____) __________

Pick up ----------------- from 2 p.m. –3 p.m. Sep 24
                                                             Painting 1: ____________________________                                    Price: _________
             (No exceptions)
                                                             Frame Size: H ________W________
                                                             Image Size: H ________W________

                                                             Painting 2: _____________________________
 Name of art: ____________________________________           Price: ________

 Price: ___________________                                  Frame Size: H_________ W_______
                                                             Image Size: H _________W________
 Artist: ________________________________________

 Phone: (________) ____________________________              Painting 3:______________________________
                                                             Price: ___________

                                                             Frame Size: H________ W_______
                                                             Image Size: H ________W________
 Name of art: ____________________________________           Signature ______________________________

 Price: ___________________

 Artist: ________________________________________

 Phone: (________) ____________________________

 Name of art: ____________________________________

 Price: ___________________

 Artist: ________________________________________

 Phone: (________) ____________________________

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