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WFW Renewables Networking Event 2008 v2qxp

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									WFW Renewables
Networking Event,
Thursday 5th June 2008

                                                                                         "WFW put on an outstanding
                                                                                         evening which was thoroughly
                                                                                         enjoyable. I was impressed by the
                                                                                         invitee list. Almost everybody in
                                                                                         the Industry was invited. I made a
                                                                                         number of new contacts while
                                                                                         catching up with the contacts with
                                                                                         whom I have worked in the past."

                                                                                         Manish Aggarwal, Structured Asset
                                                                                         Acquisitions, ABN AMRO Bank

                                        Fishmongers’ Hall

                                               "Congratulations to WFW and the
                                               Renewables Group on their successful
                                               event. WFW are clear leaders in the
                                               Renewables sector and played host to
                                               bringing a mix of high quality bankers,
                                               funds and developers together."

                                               Ian Hatton, CEO, Eclipse

            Rob Cormie &                                                                              Susan Laker
 Peter Pollak (Kingsbury Consultants)                                                        (Independent Power Corporation)

                                                                                         "The speed-networking session
                                                                                         last night was an extremely high
                                                                                         quality event and a real testament
                                                                                         to the position that WFW has built
                                                                                         up in the renewables sector."

                                                                                         Mark Kerr, Director, 3i

 Mohammed Sedenu (Office National                         Nick Marshall (Credinvest),
        de l'Electricité)                              Kunal Mehta (Man Investments) &
                                                      Coen Weddepohl (Man Investments)
Over 250 representatives from the companies listed below attended the event.

3i Group                                                               Energy Developments (UK) Limited                               NIBC
ABN AMRO                                                               Envirocapital                                                  Nomura Bank International PLC
Accuracy                                                               Eole Avenir Développement                                      Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale
Adurion Capital                                                        Ethanol Partners                                               Numis Securities
AES                                                                    Ethos Partners                                                 Office National de l'Electricité
AIG                                                                    Euroenergy Group                                               Orchid Environmental Ltd
Alkane Energy plc                                                      Euromoney Energy Events                                        Oxara Energy Group
Allco Finance Group                                                    Eurus Energy UK Limited                                        Plambeck Neue Energien AG
Allianz Specialised Investments Limited                                Evelop International BV                                        Plasco Energy Group
Alternative Use Group plc                                              Falck Renewables                                               Postscriptum
AMEC Industrial                                                        Fitch Ratings Ltd                                              Power Capital Limited
ANZ Investment Bank                                                    Foresight Venture Partners                                     Power Consulting Company
Arbuthnot                                                              Fortis Clean Energy Fund                                       PowerTimeWind
Augusta & Co Plc                                                       Future Capital Partners Ltd                                    Prowind GmbH
Bank of Ireland                                                        GA-Finance Services b.v.                                       Pulsar Energy Capital LLP
Bank of Scotland                                                       GE Energy Financial Services                                   Pure Energy Intelligence
BG Group                                                               Global Capital Finance                                         QBE European Operations
Biomass engineering, UK                                                Global Wealth management                                       Quanon Capital
Black River                                                            Good Energies Investment Ltd.                                  RBC Capital Markets
Brandis Energy Consulting                                              HBOS plc                                                       ReEnergy Group
Bremer Landesbank                                                      Helius Energy plc                                              Renewable Energy Systems Limited
Broadview Energy Limited                                               HgCapital                                                      RenGen Energy
Bronzeoak Limited                                                      HSBC                                                           renergys Holding AG
Calyon                                                                 Impax Asset Management Limited                                 RES UK and Ireland Ltd
Camco                                                                  Independent Power Corporation                                  Rockland Capital Energy Investment
Citigroup                                                              ING Bank                                                       Royal Bank of Canada Europe Limited
Climate Change Capital                                                 Intensified Technologies Inc Ltd                               RWE npower
Commerzbank                                                            Intesa Sanpaolo                                                SeaEnergy Renewables Ltd
Conetwork Erneuerbare Energien                                         Investec Bank (UK) Limited                                     Solaire Direct
 Holding GmbH & Co. KGaA                                               ITI Energy Limited                                             Solar Century Limited
Consensus Environmental Real                                           Kingsbury Consultants                                          SolarReserve
 Estate & Technology                                                   Kompass Corporate Finance GmbH & Co. KG                        Star Capital Partners Limited
Coriolis Energy LLP                                                    Leeward Ventures Sicar                                         Suzlon
Cosigas Limited                                                        Lehman Brothers Europe Limited                                 tci renewables
Credinvest International                                               Lloyds TSB Bank plc                                            The Royal Bank of Scotland plc
 Corporate Finance                                                     Macquarie Bank Limited                                         Trident Energy Limited
Credit Suisse                                                          Man Investments Limited                                        Trust Company of the West
Deloitte & Touche                                                      Marsh Limited                                                  Tufton Oceanic Limited
Deutsche Bank AG London                                                Marubeni Europe plc                                            UBS Investment Bank
DIF UK                                                                 Matrix Group Limited                                           UPC Management LLC
Doric Asset Finance                                                    Millennium Resource Strategies Limited                         Viridis Clean Energy Group
Doxford Group Limited                                                  Mitsui & Co UK PLC                                             Wachovia Corporation
Dresdner Kleinwort                                                     Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.                                    Welsh Power Group Limited
Eclipse Energy UK Plc                                                  Morgan Stanley & Co. Ltd                                       WET Systems
Eco2                                                                   Mott MacDonald                                                 Wind Prospect
EcoMind                                                                Nelja Energia OU                                               WPD
EEEGR                                                                  Next Solar S.A.                                                Zouk Ventures Ltd
EnerCap                                                                NFM Capital

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