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					       Work Placements

                               Application for funding
                               Version 1.0 June 2009

Applicant Organisation:
Proposed Project Name:
Date Received:
Program & APP ID:
Section 1 Grant applicant details
1.1     Legal name of organisation

1.2     Trading name of organisation
        (if different from above)

1.3     Have your contact details changed since you last applied?        Yes       No
        (DEEDI will have your contact details if you have previously
        applied for funding under Queensland’s Green Army Work
        Placements or Skilling Queenslanders for Work)                   (if yes, please complete the changes below. If no, proceed to
                                                                         Section 2)
1.4     Authorised contact details: Title                                Mr        Mrs     Ms        Miss      Doctor
        First name
        Last Name
1.5     Postal address                                                   Address
        (all correspondence will be directed to this address)
                                                                         Town /Suburb
1.6     Street address                                                   Address
        (if different from above)
1.7     Organisation’s contact details                                   Phone
1.8     Incorporation type

        Incorporation number

Section 2 Financial management details

2.1     Organisation Australian Business Number (ABN)

                                                                         Yes       No
2.2     Is this application being submitted by a lead organisation
        on behalf of other organisations i.e. a cluster type
        arrangement?                                                     (if yes, please detail the Name and ABN of each participating
                                                                         organisation below)

Name:                                                                    ABN:

Name:                                                                    ABN:

Name:                                                                    ABN:

Section 3 Project overview
3.1    Is this application the result of an annual performance                Yes      No
       review with DEEDI?
       (Organisations on long term contracts are subject to annual
       performance reviews and must update any organisational or
       project details that have changed from their initial application)

3.2    Project name
       (use an overarching project name if delivering multiple projects)

3.3    Project Coordinator’s name
       (if different from authorised contact)

3.4    Project Coordinator’s telephone number
3.5    Who will be assisted?                                                          long-term unemployed people
       (More than one box may be checked however, try and restrict                    people with a disability
       your selection to the primary group that you will be recruiting)
                                                                                      parents and carers
                                                                                      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
                                                                                      Australian South Sea Islanders
                                                                                      older jobseekers aged 45 years and over
                                                                                      young people aged 17-24 years
                                                                                      people from culturally and linguistically diverse
                                                                                      communities, including refugees and recently arrived
                                                                                      recently retrenched workers who have been out of work
                                                                                      for three months or more
                                                                                      out-of-trade apprentices
3.6    How many Green Army Work Placements will be offered?
       (this will be the total number of participants to be offered jobs on
       any project/s)

3.7    What are the proposed outcomes?                                        Outcome                                       %           Number
                                                                              Further education and training
3.8    Will you be offering contribution towards transport and                Yes      No
       childcare costs for eligible parents and carers?
                                                                              If yes, please specify the assistance

3.9    Is the project being delivered on government or private                      Queensland Government owned or controlled public access
       land?                                                                        land
       A higher priority will be given to grant applications that:                  Local Government owned or controlled public access land
           are Queensland Government environmental or conservation
            initiatives and/or are on Queensland Government owned or
            controlled public access land
                                                                                    Private land – please provide details
           are on public access land that is owned or controlled by
            Local Government

3.10   Provide a summary of the project/s - describe the community or public benefit
       (What is the project about? What will the project achieve? Specify the target group and the type of work the Green Work Placements will be
       undertaking. Does the project meet a relevant local natural environmental, conservation or cultural heritage need? Can the project demonstrate
       a commitment to strategic environmental priorities?)

3.11   If applicable, indicate the industry area your project best aligns to e.g. if delivering accredited training in horticulture select
       Primary Industry
       Arts & Entertainment                                        Furnishing                                        Process Manufacturing
       Automotive                                                  General Education & Training                      Retail
       Business                                                    Government                                        Sports & Recreation
       Communications                                              Health                                            Textile, Clothing & Footwear
       Community Services                                          Hospitality                                       Tourism
       Construction                                                Laboratory Operations                             Transport & Distribution
       Engineering                                                 Mining                                            Utilities
       Food Processing                                             Primary Industry

3.12   Project commencement date                                                   /         /
3.13   Project completion date                                                     /         /
Indicate project stages and activities in the table in Attachment A – Project Plan

Section 4 Project Budget
4.1    Please use the Skilling Queenslanders for Work budget worksheets to calculate expenditure. These work sheets must
       accompany this application form.
Budget summary
(excluding GST)                                                  TOTAL GRANT SOUGHT                              $

                                                                 TOTAL OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS                       $

                                                                 TOTAL COST OF PROJECT                           $

4.2    Please attach letters from organisations confirming the estimated dollar amount of any cash/in-kind contributions. You
       are asked to provide details on this information in the budget worksheets on the Budget Proposal Summary page.

4.3    Have you applied for, or received, funding from
       other state or federal funding programs for this        Yes       No
       project or components of this project?                  If yes, please provide details of sources and for what services and indicate
       (this includes Job Services Australia or any other
       employment related services funding)
                                                               what steps you will take to ensure the project will not duplicate, or substitute
                                                               for, these services

Section 5 Project details
The following questions relate directly to the assessment criteria detailed in the program funding guidelines. Please indicate how your
project addresses the following assessment criteria:

Capacity to manage the project
5.1    What experience and expertise do you, and any other organisations involved in the delivery of the project, have in the delivery
       of similar projects and management of government grant funds?
       (include experience in delivering employment projects in a community setting and to specific target groups)
       Please attach income and expenditure statements for the last 2 years for the organisation that will manage the grant

5.2   Who will be involved in the delivery of the project and what relevant qualifications, skills and experience do they possess?
      Please attach a resume or brief background information for each person involved in the delivery of the project .
      (Note the requirement for staff delivering services to young people under 18 years of age must hold a positive suitability notice (blue card)
      issued by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian)

Servicing community needs
5.3   Describe the community or public benefit. Is there any impact on the wider community?
      (Does the project meet a relevant local natural environmental, conservation or cultural heritage need? Can the project demonstrate a
      commitment to strategic environmental priorities? Can the project demonstrate a commitment to increase workforce participation?)

5.4   Outline the support that the project has in the local community. How does the project link with other local initiatives or support
      other services within the community?
      (Does this project complement, rather than duplicate, other local initiatives?)
      Please attach letters of support from community representatives, local employers, industry, Members of Parliament,
      service providers etc

5.5   How will the project alleviate skill shortages and meet local labour market needs?
      (identify any links to local industry/employers, how industry skills needs will be met/addressed and any work readiness activities for skills in

Strategies to assist participants
5.6   What processes and strategies will be used to identify and address the barriers of individual participants?
      (detail any other programs and support services that will be available to assist participants)

5.7   What skills will participants develop as a result of the project?
      (detail green skills gained through both non-accredited training and accredited training)

Strategies to achieve outcomes
5.8   How will you measure the success of your project?
      (describe the measurable outcomes the project hopes to achieve and how these will be evaluated and include any qualitative outcomes)

5.9   Following the completion of the project, outline the support that will be provided to participants during the post-participation
      support phase (up to 6 months)

Section 6 Green Work Placements
6.1   Name of organisation who will provide Green Work
      (leave blank if the same as applicant organisation)

6.2   Number of work placement projects to be offered, where they are to be delivered, length in weeks and proposed start and
      completion dates for each project (the project location will be where the participants are working)

 Number      Delivery Location/s – please include street address              Length (weeks)             Start Date     Completion Date
             and postcode for each delivery location

6.3   Detail the work activities to be undertaken
      (If delivering multiple projects, describe the different vocational
      areas for each project)

6.4   Provide details of alternative work activities if required due
      to adverse weather conditions for outdoor projects

6.5   Are participants going to be employed under the                       Yes     No
      Community Jobs Plan Employees’ Conditions Order?
                                                                            If yes, please specify the Parent Award
                                                                            Parent Award:
                                                                            If no, please specify the wage conditions

6.6   Will the participants be employed on a full-time or part-             Full-time    Part-time
      time basis?
6.7   Name of work placement supervisor
      Qualifications / experience

6.8   Name of workplace assessor
      Qualifications / experience

6.9    Are you using a host employer work placement model?                     Yes     No
                                                                               If yes, letters of support from each host employer will need to be
                                                                               attached – template letter to use is supplied at Attachment B

6.10   Identify the elective competencies to be completed by participants from the Work Placements Course of Instruction:

Compulsory Competencies                                                        Elective Competencies
1.         Social and Work Environment                                         Clerical/Administrative Stream
2.         Workplace Health and Safety                                         A4      Office Technology
                                                                               A5      Records Handling
3.         Problem Solving and Planning Strategies
4.         Job Search and Career Planning                                      Construction/Landscaping Stream
                                                                               B4     Basic Construction Materials
                                                                               B5     Re-vegetation Skills
The     compulsory competencies                 must   be
undertaken by all Green Work                    Placement                      Agricultural/Environment Stream
participants.                                                                  C4      Planting Skills
                                                                               C5      Horticulture Equipment

6.11   Provide details of any additional or alternative training to
       the Work Placements Course of Instruction to be
       (attach a quote for the delivery of training and include delivery
       method e.g. will it be integrated or off-the-job and how many days
       per week)

Section 7 Accredited vocational education and training                                          (only complete this section if included in the

7.1    Name of registered training organisation who will provide
       accredited vocational education and training
       (leave blank if the same as applicant organisation)

7.2    What training is proposed to be delivered and explain how
       the training is appropriate for the target group?
       (provide justification for certificate level and method of delivery –
       aligns with the learning needs of target group)

7.3    What is the total number of nominated Annual Hours
       Curriculum (AHCs) of accredited training to be delivered?
       (you are asked to provide specific details on qualification and
       competency codes and nominal hours, if known, in the budget

7.4    Have you obtained VET Revenue General from TAFE for                     Yes      No
       the delivery of accredited training?

7.5    What reporting and data collection method will be used?                       AVETMISS compliant software

                                                                                     Manual submission of VET enrolment forms

                                                                                     TAFE information student administration system (ISAS)


 I state that the information in this application and attachments is to the best of my knowledge true and correct. I agree that
 the information provided in this application will be used by the Department of Employment, Economic Development and
 Innovation (DEEDI), and that DEEDI may obtain additional information from appropriate agencies as required for
 assessment purposes. I understand that this is an application only and may not necessarily result in funding approval. I
 have read and understand the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Memorandum of Agreement terms and conditions and
 Queensland’s Green Army Work Placements Guidelines for Funding.

 Signature*                                                            Date       /      /

 Printed Name**                                                        Position

 Applicant Organisation

* To be signed by a person with delegated authority to apply for grant funding on behalf of the organisation i.e. Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer
** Only printed name required for electronic submissions

 Application Checklist

Please check the boxes to indicate that the following documents have been attached to this application. If submitting an
application as a result of an Annual Performance Review with the Department of Employment, Economic Development
and Innovation (DEEDI) only attach relevant documents to support any changed or updated information and to confirm
continuing support/contributions.

        Discussed this application with the DEEDI regional employment officer prior to submission  1300 369 925

        Checked closing dates for applications – can vary by program and by DEEDI region

        Completed application form using Instruction Booklet

        ABN has been provided in Section 2

        Project Plan has been completed – Attachment A

        Skilling Queenslanders for Work budget worksheets have been completed and are attached

        Letters of support for in-kind/business financial contributions (where applicable) – separate letters will be required
        from each organisation contributing financially

        A resume or brief background information for each person involved in the delivery of the project

        Letters of support for community involvement (where applicable)

        Quote from registered training organisation for the provision of accredited training (where applicable) – must be
        on DEEDI Quotation for Training Delivery proforma

        Template letters from host employers (where a host employer work placement model is used) – Attachment B

Queensland’s Green Army Application for funding                                                                                                                   ATTACHMENT A

Project Plan

         PATTERN        (skills assessment, life skills activities, job                                      (include module hours and qualification or   (location, supervisor etc)
         eg 2 days pw   preparation, accredited training, work                                               course etc)
                        placement, post-participation support etc)
Queensland’s Green Army Application for funding                                           ATTACHMENT B

Host Employer Template Letter

Sponsor organisation
Sponsor address
Sponsor address


                          Re: Queensland’s Green Army – Work Placements Project

I wish to confirm that this organisation, (Host Organisation Name)  , is interested in providing a work
placement position as part of the Queensland’s Green Army project managed by (Sponsor Organisation

We agree to the following conditions regarding the placement of participants (please tick):

          We will provide supervision and training for Green Work Placement participants

          Existing workers, including volunteers, will not be displaced by Green Work Placement participants

          This organisation confirms its status as a not-for-profit organisation

General duties undertaken by Green Work Placement participants will include, but not be restricted to:
(Please only include Skill Level relevant to this Green Work Placement project and tick appropriate duties or
add other relevant duties):

Skill Level A Queensland’s Green Army – Work Placement projects:
            Reception, telephone answering                            Receipting and banking
            Typing                                                    Incoming/outgoing mail processing
            Computer data entry                                       Photocopying
            Processing of orders                                      Collating printed information
            Filing, and storage of information

Skill Level B Queensland’s Green Army – Work Placement projects:
            Assist in minor construction                              Operate and maintain hand tools
            Assist with painting                                      Minor landscaping construction
            Surface Preparation
            Assist in repairs to community structure
            Assist in structure design
            Assist in concrete work

Skill Level C Queensland’s Green Army – Work Placement projects:
            Garden planting                                           Plant selection
            Garden Maintenance                                        Plant identification
            Re-vegetation                                             Irrigation systems
            Landscape planning/design                                 Basic landscape construction
            Minor Maintenance to surrounds

For host employer Green Work Placement model projects, participants are required to undertake a
project or additional activity to the organisation’s core business which is deemed appropriate to the
participants’ skill level. The project/additional activity must be nominated by the host organisation
and approved by the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation prior to

Please provide a brief summary of the project or additional
activity that will be undertaken by the Green Work
Placement participant/s.

Some Examples include:

Skill Level A
Quality assurance preparation work, statistical collection
and reporting, promotional work, assistance with major
organisational projects etc.

Skill Level B
Construction of new facilities, upgrading existing facilities,
installation of fencing etc.

Skill Level C
Landscaping of facilities, planning and designing a
community garden, installation of irrigation systems etc.

We are pleased to support (Sponsor organisation name)     by providing this additional information
for their Queensland’s Green Army Work Placements funding submission.



Organisation Contact Name:

Contact Number:


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