Find the Best Savings Account (Checklist)

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					Find a Great Savings Account
   If you are ready to start building a nest egg or an emergency savings fund, approaching the task
   in an organized and methodical way is the best way to proceed. This simple checklist will provide
   you with all steps needed to find and open a savings account:

   Conduct a Self Evaluation: What do you need?
   The first step to finding a savings account is determining your needs. How often will you need to
   access your funds? Will the money be on deposit for a short or long term? Do you prefer the
   process of visiting a branch or is banking online more your speed? Setting up your personal
   banking perimeters will help you narrow down your banking options.

   Local, National or Credit Union?

   There is a diverse range of financial institutions out there. Do you long to stash your cash locally?
   Perhaps you are a professional traveler and need the wide network of a national bank? Or do
   you want to have some control over your deposits and prefer the membership of a credit union?

   Available Funds: How often will you need them?

   Deposit terms such as APY and account minimum opening balances are set at the bank's
   discretion. Often interest rates and monthly fees fluctuate in direct correlation with account
   balances. You need to know exactly how much and how long your money will be available for
   deposit. The terms of your potential savings account will clearly spell out this information.

   What Kind of Account?
   Basic Savings Account, High Yield Savings Account, Money Market Account or Online Savings
   Account? Not all savings accounts are created equal and there are certain nuances and
   customer behaviors that will make one choice a better option for your needs. If this step
   confuses you, go back to step one and re-evaluate your needs.

   Interest Rate
   Everyone wants to get the biggest return on their investment. After your search produced options
   and you have developed your banking needs, you can then choose the high interest savings
   account that will provide you with the most bang for the buck.

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Description: Howdo you know what you need from a savings account? We'll help you figure it out with this handy checklist.