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Waterhouse Farm Ward January 2008pmd

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					Waterhouse Farm Ward
Waterhouse Farm is located on the western edge of Chelmsford
town centre. It is characterised by a mix of residential, commercial
and large open spaces. Widford Industrial Estate is a major
commercial hub within the area and makes a significant
contribution to the 5,000 jobs supported in the area. New
commercial development at Waterhouse Business Centre and
Waterhouse Business Park provides further local employment.
Westlands Primary School is located within the ward’s main
residential area and the primary open spaces include Admirals Park
and Central Park, through which the River Can passes.

Total Population:                  4985
Total Households:                  2120
Average Household Size:            2.35
Area:                              217 hectares (0.84 square miles)
Average Population Density:        23.0 people/hectare (9.4 people/acre)

                                 Section One
                                                          White                        4,781    95.90%
                                                          Mixed                         36      0.72%
                                                          Asian or Asian British        90      1.80%
                                                          Black or Black British        43      0.86%
                                                          Chinese or other
    Population Age Structure                              ethnic group                     35    0.70%
     0-4                  256              5.14%
     5-7                  179              3.59%           Religion
     8-9                  120              2.41%
                                                           Christian               3,708        74.38%
    10-15                 390              7.82%
                                                           Buddhist                 13           0.26%
    16-17                 122              2.45%
                                                           Hindu                    27           0.54%
    18-24                 385              7.72%
                                                           Jewish                    6           0.12%
    25-44                1,339             26.86%
                                                           Muslim                   51           1.02%
    45-64                1,181             23.69%
                                                           Sikh                      0           0.00%
    65-74                 561              11.25%
                                                           Other                    13           0.26%
    75-84                 346               6.94%          No religion or
     85+                  106               2.12%          not stated              1,167        23.41%

Published by Chelmsford Borough Council
    Country of Birth                                  Health
    England                    4,549      91.25%      General health “good”          3,378   67.76%
    Scotland                     74       1.48%       General health “not good”       368    7.38%
    Wales                        45       0.90%       Limiting long term illness      824    16.53%
    Northern Ireland             22       0.44%       Providing unpaid care           505    10.13%
    Republic of Ireland          41       0.82%
    Other EU Countries           56       1.12%
    Born Elsewhere              198       3.97%

                                           Section Two
                                          Housing &
   Household Composition
   Total households                                                  2,120
   One person                                                         583                    27.50%
   Married couple:     no children                                    265                    12.50%
   Married couple:     dependent children                             345                    16.27%
   Married couple:     non dependent children                         169                    7.97%
   Co-habiting couple: no children                                     91                    4.29%
   Co-habiting couple: dependent children                              59                    2.78%
   Co-habiting couple: non dependent children                          4                     0.19%
   Lone parent:        dependent children                             141                    6.65%
   Lone parent:        non dependent children                          74                    3.49%
   All pensioner households                                           628                    29.63%

   Rooms and Amenities
   Average number of rooms per household                                      5.32
   With central heating and the sole use of bath/shower and toilet           1,969           92.88%
   Without central heating or sole use of bath/shower and toilet               0             0.00%
   Without central heating                                                    148            6.98%

   Cars and Vans
   Households with no car or van                                      520                    24.53%
   Households with one car or van                                    1,009                   47.59%
   Households with two cars or vans                                   464                    21.89%
   Households with three cars or vans                                  97                    4.58%
   Households with four or more cars or vans                           30                    1.42%
   All cars or vans in the area                                      2,373

Published by Chelmsford Borough Council
    Tenure                                           Household Spaces & Accommodation Type
    Owner occupied           1,475          69.57%   Detached                175         8.14%
    Social rented             494           23.30%   Semi detached          1,060       49.33%
    Other rented              151            7.12%   Terraced                571        26.57%
                                                     Flat or maisonette      343        15.97%
                                                     Caravan, mobile or
                                                     temporary structure      3             0.00%
                                                     Vacant                  29             1.35%

                                            Section Three
                                            Economy &
    Working Age Population                            Economically Active
    All people - working age      2,875      57.6%   Males economically active      1,271    84.6%
    Males - working age           1,500      62.0%   In employment                  1,220    81.2%
    Females - working age         1,375      53.6%      - employees                 1,070    71.2%
                                                        - self employed              150     10.0%
    Economically Inactive
                                                     Unemployed                       51      4.0%
   Males economically inactive        232    15.4%   Females economically active    1,007    73.0%
     - retired                         66     4.4%   In employment                   969     70.2%
     - student                         51     3.4%      - employees                  919     66.6%
     - other                          115     7.7%      - self employed               50      3.6%
   Females economically inactive      373    27.0%   Unemployed                       38      3.8%
     - retired                         16     1.2%
     - student                         47     3.4%
     - other                          310    22.5%

   Jobseekers Allowance Claimants (November 2007) by age and duration
   By age of claimant:          Age 18-24                              25                   33.3%
                                Age 25-49                              35                   51.4%
                                Age 50 and over                        10                   13.9%
   By duration of claim:        Up to 6 months                         50                   70.8%
                                Over 6 and up to 12 months             15                   19.4%
                                Over 12 months                         5                     9.7%

Published by Chelmsford Borough Council
   Industry of Working Population
   All people                                                          2,272
   Agriculture, hunting and forestry                                     22                0.97%
   Fishing                                                                0                0.00%
   Mining and quarrying                                                   3                0.13%
   Manufacturing                                                        274               12.06%
   Electricity, gas and water supply                                     16                0.70%
   Construction                                                         168                7.39%
   Wholesale and retail trade, repairs                                  421               18.53%
   Hotels and restaurants                                                96                4.22%
   Transport, storage and communications                                168                7.39%
   Financial intermediation                                             204                8.98%
   Real estate, renting and business activities                         304               13.38%
   Public administration, defence and social security                   120                5.28%
   Education                                                            169                7.44%
   Health and social work                                               184                8.10%
   Other community, social and personal services                        120               5.28%
   Private households with employed person                               3                0.13%
   Extra territorial organisations and bodies                            0                0.00%

   Travel to Work Patterns                               Qualifications of Population Age 16-74
   Main part of journey to                               All people 16-74        3,588
   work by:                                              No qualifications        989     27.56%
   Car or van              1,223            53.83%       Highest qualification
   (incl. as passenger)                                  attained level 1         623     17.36%
   Rail                     221             9.73%        Highest qualification
   Bus                       92             4.05%        attained level 2         726     20.23%
   Motor cycle                                           Highest qualification
                             23             1.01%
                                                         attained level 3         347      9.67%
   Bicycle                  164             7.22%
                                                         Highest qualification
   Taxi                       5             0.22%
                                                         attained level 4/5       630     17.56%
   Walking                  361             15.89%
                                                         Other (level unknown)    273     7.61%
   Other                      4             0.18%
   Works from home          179             7.88%
   Average distance
   travelled to work     14.02 km         (8.71 miles)

   Business units and job numbers
    VAT registered enterprises                  130
    Number of jobs within the ward             5,369

Published by Chelmsford Borough Council
 Further Information
 Further statistical information about this ward can be obtained from the Office for National Statistics website. Log onto
 to and select the neighbourhood link at the top of the homepage. To create a profile for a
 smaller area within the ward, select the “create a custom table, chart or map” link at the bottom of the neighbourhood
 statistics page and follow the on screen instructions.

Glossary and Definintions
This profile draws on information from the 2001 Census           addition, the category includes people who were not
and official labour market statistics for 2006/2007. The         working but were looking for work and were available to
source of the data is the Office for National Statistics and     start work within 2 weeks.
Nomis Official Labour Market Statistics. Full definitions
are provided within the respective websites                      Economically inactive and                     Specific categories of Economic Inactivity are: Retired,
                                                                 Student (excludes those students who were working or in
2001 population                                                  some other way were economically active), Looking after
A resident was defined as someone who spent most of              family/ home, Permanently sick/ disabled and Other. A
their time at a specific address. It included: people who        person who is looking for work but is not available to
usually lived at that address but were temporarily away          start work within 2 weeks is counted as Economically
(on holiday, visiting friends or relatives, or temporarily in    Inactive.
a hospital or similar establishment); people who worked
away from home for part of the time; students, if it was         Employee
their term-time address; a baby born before 30 April             The distinction between employee and self-employed is
2001 even if it was still in hospital; and people present        determined by the response to the question ‘Do (did) you
on Census Day, even if temporarily, who had no other             work as an employee or are (were) you self-employed?’.
usual address.                                                   It relates to the person’s main job in the week before the
                                                                 Census or, if not working in the week before the Census,
Accommodation type                                               their last Main job.
Accommodation type describes the type of
accommodation occupied by an individual household, or            Ethnic group
if unoccupied, available for an individual household, for        The ethnic group question records each person’s ethnic
example the whole of a terraced house or a flat in a             group as perceived by the individual themselves.
purpose built block of flats.
                                                                 Full-time student
Age                                                              A full-time student is a person of any age who has
Age is derived from the date of birth question and is the        indicated that they are a schoolchild or student in full-
age at a person’s last birthday.                                 time education.

Cars or vans                                                     Full-time working
The number of cars or vans owned, or available for use,          Working full-time is defined as working 31 hours or more
by one or more members of a household. It included               a week.
company cars and vans available for private use. The
count of cars or vans in an area is based on details for         Household space
private households only.                                         A household space is the accommodation occupied by
                                                                 an individual household or, if unoccupied, available for
Dwelling                                                         an individual household.
A household’s accommodation (a household space) is
defined as being in a shared dwelling if it has                  Industry
accommodation type ‘part of a converted or shared                The industry in which a person works is determined by
house ’, not all the rooms (including bathroom and toilet,       the response to the question asking for a description of
if any) are behind a door that only that household can           the business of the person’s employer (or own business
use and there is at least one other such household               if self-employed).
space at the same address with which it can be
combined to form the shared dwelling. If any of these            In employment
conditions is not met, the household space forms an              Any person who carried out paid work in the week before
unshared dwelling. Therefore a dwelling can consist of           the Census, whether self-employed or an employee, is
one household space (an unshared dwelling) or two or             described as employed or in employment. ‘Paid work’
more household spaces (a shared dwelling).                       includes casual or temporary work, even if only for one
                                                                 hour; being on a government-sponsored training
Economically active                                              scheme; being away from a job/business ill, on maternity
All people who were working in the week before the               leave, on holiday or temporarily laid off; or doing paid or
Census are described as economically active. In                  unpaid work for their own or family business.

Published by Chelmsford Borough Council
Limiting long-term illness                                     Private rented
A self assessment of whether or not a person has a             Accommodation that is rented from a private landlord or
limiting long-term illness, health problem or disability       letting agency, employer, household member or other
which limits their daily activities or the work they can do,   non-social rented.
including problems relating to old age.
Long-term unemployed                                           The term ‘no qualifications’ describes people without any
A person is described as long-term unemployed if they          academic, vocational or professional qualification. The
have not worked since 1999 or earlier.                         term ‘lower level’ qualification is used to describe
                                                               qualifications equivalent to level 1 to 3 of the National
Occupancy rating                                               Key Learning Targets (ie GSCE’s, O levels, A levels,
This provides a measure of under-occupancy and over-           NVQ levels 1-3). The term ‘higher level’ refers to
crowding. For example a value of -1 implies that there is      qualifications of levels 4 and above (ie first degrees,
one room too few and that there is overcrowding in the         higher degrees, NVQ levels 4 and 5, HND, HNC and
household. It relates the actual number of rooms to the        certain professional qualifications).
number of rooms ‘required’ by the members of the
household (based on an assessment of the relationship          Self-employed
between household members, their ages and gender).             The distinction between employee and self-employed is
The room requirement is calculated as follows:                 determined by the response to the question ‘Do (did)
- a one person household is assumed to require three           you work as an employee or are (were) you self-
rooms (two common rooms and a bedroom)                         employed?’ It relates to the person ’s Main job in the
- where there are two or more residents it is assumed          week before Census or, if not working in the week before
that they require a minimum of two common rooms plus           Census, their last Main job.
one bedroom for:
                                                               Social rented
   i. each couple (as determined by the relationship           Accommodation that is rented from a Local Authority or
        question)                                              a Housing Association, Housing Co-operative,
   ii. each lone parent                                        Charitable Trust, Non-profit housing company or
   iii. any other person aged 16 or over                       Registered Social Landlord.
   iv. each pair aged 10 to 15 of the same sex
   v. each pair formed from a remaining person aged            Tenure
        10 to 15 with a child aged under 10 of the same        The tenure of a household is derived from the response
        sex                                                    to the question asking whether the household owns or
   vi. each pair of children aged under 10 remaining           rents its accommodation and if, rented, from the
   vii. each remaining person (either aged 10 to 15 or         response to the question asking who is the landlord.
        under 10).
Occupation                                                     A person is defined as unemployed if he or she is not in
A person’s occupation is coded from the responses to           employment, is available to start work in the next 2
the questions asking for the full title of the main job and    weeks and has either looked for work in the last 4 weeks
the description of what is done in that job.                   or is waiting to start a new job. This is consistent with the
                                                               International Labour Office (ILO) standard classification.
This includes accommodation that is either owned               Working age population
outright, owned with a mortgage or loan, or shared             Working age includes males aged 16-64 and females
ownership (paying part rent and part mortgage)                 aged 16-59.

Part-time working                                              VAT registered enterprises
Working part-time is defined as working 30 hours or less       Total number of VAT registered enterprises.
a week.

Permanently sick / disabled                                       Crown Copyright material is reproduced with the
This is a sub-category of ‘economically inactive’. There          permission of the Controller of HMSO. Chelmsford
is no direct connection with limiting long-term illness.          Borough Council holds a click-use license permitting
                                                                  reproduction (Licence Number: C02W0003023)
This term is used to describe someone of pensionable              This profile has been produced by the Inward
age i.e. 65 and over for males and 60 and over for                Investment, Economy & Growth Team within
females.                                                          Chelmsford Borough Council Planning & Building
                                                                  Control Services, Civic Centre, Duke Street,
Population density                                                Chelmsford CM1 1JE.
Number of people per hectare.
                                                                  Tel: 01245 606568

Published by Chelmsford Borough Council

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