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					JUPITER is a leading web solutions and data hosting provider in this region. Since 2007,
we manage over corporate accounts ranging from small and medium enterprises (SME)
to multi-nationals and government institutions. Our policy is to deliver the best support
and service quality to all our clients and partners worldwide.

Our Vision is to provide innovative and feature-rich web solutions to our customers,
empowering them to have a competitive edge in their respective industry. With over
years of experience in providing web solutions, we are able to provide a one-stop solution
to meet our customer’s website and e-business requirement. At JUPITER, we provide a
comprehensive range of web solutions including web designing, software development,
domain name registration, website and e-mail hosting, server co-location & dedicated
server, website design & application development as well as SMS & mobile development

JUPITER growth is supported by professionals and reliable business partners locally and
foreign countries. Being a corporate hosting provider, our strength goes to quality
services, strong support team and high quality systems. JUPITER is one of the only
corporate hosting providers in this region that provides high-uptime e-mail services by
leveraging on the Sun Microsystems JES E-mail & Calendaring Systems. This multi-
million dollar carrier-grade e-mail facility is load-balanced and clustered for a fully
redundant architecture, to ensure all our clients are able to enjoy the highest uptime
possible for their crucial e-mail requirements. Load balancing within JUPITER
messaging network is done by leveraging on technologies from F5, a global leader in
carrier-grade load balancing facility.

With over experience employees working round the clock in various locations, JUPITER
is a serious corporate web hosting provider on commitments to delivering quality services
and high uptime. Partners and clients of JUPITER can be assured of continuous
improvements by leveraging on our expertise and service offerings.

As a profitable company, JUPITER manages its operation from highly reliable network
infrastructures with multiple redundancies in various levels. With robust, scalable and
proprietary administration system, we are able to maintain good services and support to
all our clients while at the same time, experiencing rapid growth in the business. With
proper system in place, JUPITER has positioned itself to be a market leader in this
                Compare Our Price with Local Market Price

                                                       Jupiter Datasoft
“X“                         “ X “ Company
      Web Designing 6                                                             Web Designing 6
                               INR 2500.00                   INR 1,200.00
      Pages                                                                       Pages
      Domain                                                                      Domain
                                INR 450.00                   INR 450.00
      Registration                                                                Registration
      5 MB Server                                                                 250 MB Server
                               INR 1,500.00                  INR 600.00
      Space                                                                       Space
      2 Email Id                INR 300.00                       Free             2 Email Id
      Setup Fees                INR 950.00                   INR 700.00           Setup Fees
      Support &
                                    Nil                          24/7             Support & Security
                                    Nil                          JDS              Technical Support
      SMS Notification              Nil                          Yes              SMS Notification
      Online Ordering               Nil                          Yes              Online Ordering
      Billing                    Monthly                        Yearly            Billing
      Training                    Charges                   Free Of Change        Training
                            Unlimited Client Per
      Server Capacity                                 Limited client per server   Server Capacity

      Yearly Renewal          INR 1950.00                   INR 1050.00           Yearly Renewal

      TOTAL PAYMENT          INR 5,700.00                INR 2,950.00             TOTAL PAYMENT

         You can get quality service at 50% less compare to
             other service provider with poor service.
                                                   Why ??

                           Because they are working on high profit margin.

                                                   Why ??

                     Because the client is not comparing price with other provider
       Move your existing web hosting account over to
               JUPITER in 7 simple steps
Frustrated with your current web hosting provider? Current web hosting provider closed
down or disappeared along with your e-mails and website? Worry no more, shift to
JUPITER, the nations leading hosting provider and benefit from the solid reputation,
excellent support and cost-effective pricing. Using the simple steps below, you will be
able to move your existing web and e-mail hosting accounts over to JUPITER

STEP 1: Choosing the Right Web & E-mail Hosting Plan
Before anything, you must first choose the ideal web hosting package based on your
requirement. Ensure that the plan you choose meets the e-mails and website space
requirement. Selection of plans can be done from the web & e-mail hosting Product.
Once decided, you need to proceed to order the plan. We will process your order and
setup the new account accordingly. Once the account has been setup, a guide will be sent
to you based on the contact details you provided. The guide is important and you should
print a copy to be kept in a safe place for future reference.

STEP 2: Reading the Guides and Online Tutorials
To ensure that you are familiar and can make full use of JUPITER hosting features, it is
strongly recommended for you to read the guides that we will be sending to you as well
as participate in the online tutorial lessons. All these are offered free-of-charge to our
clients to ensure they are familiar with our system. The guides that contain passwords and
other details should be printed out and be kept in a safe place for future reference.

STEP 3: Backing Up Your Website
You should ensure that your hosting account with the old hosting provider is still valid.
From here, backup your website by downloading it from the server to your local PC via
FTP or online backup tool (if made available by the old hosting provider). Backing up
will also ensure that you have a copy of your website in case of disasters.

STEP 4: Uploading Your Website Files to JUPITER
Once your account has been created by our technical team, you will be given FTP details
so that you can upload your website files over to the new server. To avoid downtime, it is
recommended for you to upload your files over to JUPITER before you modify the
domain's DNS. This way, your website is ready to be displayed in the new server when
the pointing is complete. Hence, zero downtime for your website is achievable. Once you
have uploaded to the new server, you can check its link to make sure the website is
running well by using its pre-live test-link. Details are given in the guide we sent you.
STEP 5: Recreating E-mail Accounts in JUPITER
You can achieve zero downtime for all your e-mail accounts when you migrate to
JUPITER web hosting services. Once your account has been created in JUPITER web
and e-mail servers, you should proceed to re-create all the e-mail accounts that you used
to have in the old hosting provider. This is done by following the instructions in the
guides we sent you. This is important because approximately 24 hours after you change
the domain's DNS info, mails will stop coming into the old hosting providers' e-mail
system and will be redirected to JUPITER e-mail server. Hence, you must ensure the
right e-mail accounts have been re-created in the new mail server to store these mails.
Prior to using the new mail system, you must perform downloads from the old server to
ensure all mails have been downloaded. Once the DNS propagation is complete, you will
be able to start using the new mail system effortlessly.

STEP 6: Modify Your Domain's DNS record
Check on your domain name's status. Make sure the name is not expired and the domain
ownership is belonging to you. An expired domain name will make it difficult for the
migration process to be conducted. Being the rightful owner, you deserve to own the
domain name. At the same time, only the domain owner can initiate a migration request.
This is done by changing the DNS information to the new hosting provider from a control
panel provided by the domain registrar. Examples of domain registrars are like MYNIC,
WebNIC and Open SRS. To simplify the task, JUPITER billing personnel can also assist
you on modification of the DNS. For this, we will need to have your domain username
and password details. We handle this information professionally so that your password
details are kept confidential at all times. For additional security, you may want to change
the password once JUPITER has assisted you on updating the Domain's DNS
information. You should also consider changing the domain registrar over to JUPITER
for a consolidated account management. Speak to our billing officers on this matter and
we'll be delighted to provide full assistance to you.

STEP 7: Finalising
Once your domain's website and e-mails are running smoothly with JUPITER, you can
now proceed to terminate the service of the old hosting provider. You should request the
old hosting provider to delete all your domain profiles from their DNS server, e-mail
server and web server to avoid any future technical issues. Now you're ready to enjoy the
new and improved services that JUPITER offers. Not to mention the tremendous
features that is only available with hosting services offered by JUPITER. Well done and
welcome to JUPITER!!
From the first day of operation, JUPITER Systems business model has been on
providing priority support and services to its clientele. We believe that quality support is
very important especially in the hosting industry. Our technical personnel’s are
professionally trained to provide the support required by our valued clients. All support
requests are promptly answered within minutes by our Customer Support Officers. We
continue to strive and improve our services as nothing is more important than having
happy and satisfied clients.

Technical support can be sent to us via:

1. E-mail :

2. Phone : 04562 - 272578

3. Fax : 04562 - 322040
Domain Name Registration
Easily register a domain name to create a professional presence of your business on the
Web & E-Mail Hosting
Quickly deploy scalable and reliable website with abundance of features including
professional e-mail accounts.
E-Mail Hosting
Cost-effective way to get your full featured e-mail accounts with web-based facility up
and running within 24 hours.
MS SQL 2005 Hosting
Cost-effective solution to MS SQL 2005 Database facilities with easy manageability and
high reliability.
E-Commerce Hosting
On-line credit card processing, digital certificate and web hosting facilities to build your
very own e-commerce enabled website.
E-Commerce In A Box
A cost-effective and complete E-Commerce TOTAL solution to e-enable your business
and expanding it to a wider audience.
Server Co-location
Cost-effective solution to place your web, mail, database or application servers in our
full-featured Internet Data Centre facility.
Dedicated Servers
Full control over a leased server and enjoy Internet Data Centre facilities with low start-
up cost and IT investment.
Priority Hosting
Guarantee server utilization of not exceeding 70%, so you can be sure that your website
is always performing at its best.
On-Site Support
A cost-effective IT outsourcing service designed to offer rapid, reliable and effective
solutions to your in-house IT problems.
SMS Solutions
JUPITER SMS Solutions is the ideal business-class SMS (Short Messaging Service)
facilities for partners, individuals and businesses.
E-Mail Backup Solution
JUPITER E-mail backup solution is a new disaster-recovery facility that store messages
remotely in the event of e-mail server failure.
Enhanced Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
Tired of spam and e-mail viruses? This solution will help eliminate e-mail virus and
irritating spam from your e-mail accounts. Simply sign up and solve your spam problems
within the next few hours. Extremely user friendly and daily notification reports provided
at no extra charge.
Unmatched Performance

With us hosting your company's website, you can be sure that your site is connected to ultra fast Internet
access to spearhead your business forward and ensure smooth connection by viewers. All of our clients'
websites are connected via 100 Mbps directly to multiple major Internet Backbone through OC-48 fiber
optics connection at 2,488 Mbps or 2.5 Gbps. Such a high-bandwidth network will ensure that your site is
always accessible and fast.

                        Rule #1 - Never host your website in a low speed Internet

Feature Rich

You get to have so many features when you purchase any of our hosting plans. Go ahead, compare our
line of services and you will see why we are the preferred choice. Each of our package comes with lots of
space to suit your business. Even our basic line comes with 40 Megabytes of space, enough to host many
conventional pages with graphics as well as several e-mail accounts. With unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts
and unlimited e-mail aliases, you can create as many e-mail accounts as you like for your business and

You can maintain your website via uploading your pages to your site at any time, 24 hours a day without
any limits. Each of our plan supports MS FrontPage Server Extension, enabling you to use the world's
most popular web authoring tool to build professional looking website for your company without any
problems. Not only this, we have so many powerful features such as unlimited hits, unlimited auto
responders, own CGI-Bin, SSI Server Side Include, SSL Secure Socket Layer and many more (with latest
support on Wireless Application Protocol, WAP). If you have any enquiries, our technical supports can be
contacted at any time to assist you with your problems.

                      Rule #2 - Make sure your server has enough features for your
                                           website to grow.


Our products and packages are designed to be so affordable until even individuals or students could have
well afforded it. As a matter of fact, our pricing over service quality is considered to be among the best in
the world. You can choose from several hosting plans designed specifically to suit your need. Whether
you're running a small business or a billion dollar company, you can rely on us to be your host and to give
you the best deal.

                   Rule #3 - Do not go for pricing alone, consider seriously on support

Our clients' websites are constantly monitored by technical staffs at the Network Operating Centre (NOC)
to make sure that everything is fine. With this, you can be assured that your websites are accessible to
the world continuously. We provide excellent service via e-mail at 24 hours a day or you can phone or fax
to us for technical support at any time, not only during office hours like others. Our servers are constantly
monitored round the clock at 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
and backup power generator, we can continue to display your website on the Internet even in the
outcome of power outages.

                     Rule #4 - Never have your site hosted in normal offices without
                   proper security and facility as provided by some budget web hosting
                     companies. Web hosting under Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or
                    Wireless connection may slow down your website. Viewers will not
                                 want to visit your site if loading is slow.


Our hosting plans are designed to suit most of the companies around. We have space designed to
specifically suit small, medium and large-scaled businesses. Therefore, you don't need to waste your
money purchasing unnecessary plans that are not required by your company. You can start by purchasing
a package you feel suitable to your needs and subsequently upgrade to a more advanced package only
when you feel necessary. All you will ever need to do is to pay for the difference of the packages (pro-
rated) and we will do the rest for you. Now, that is what we called scalability.

                    Rule #5 - Make sure your website is scalable. It will grow as your
                                           business grows.

Long Term Business

When we deal business with our clients, we put full commitment into it. Only then we shall have more
loyal clients coming along. We provide the same good services to both our new and old clients. Just
because we are able to provide hosting plans at low price doesn't mean that we will provide poor services
as a sacrifice. By allowing us to host your web site, you can be sure of having a hassle free, strategic
long-term business partner to fulfill your needs. Nonetheless, we are here to stay. With our customers
growing daily, why don't you too choose a package from us and start enjoying all these benefits. And for
those of you who already have a website, you can transfer your website to us for FREE without any
problems. Just contact us and we will assist you to move in easily. And as encouragement, we even give
out several months of FREE web hosting (subject to offers and promotions) when you transfer your
website to us.

                          Rule #6 - Make sure you have a reputable web hosting
                       provider. You'll never want your site to be missing along with
                      your cheaply-priced, no-support budget web hosting companies
If you have any enquiry or would like to arrange for an appointment, please e-mail our
respective department below and we will get back to you. We will be more than willing
to answer your questions.

We are committed to provide the best service possible in this business to all our new and
existing clients. We would like to assure you that in this industry, it's all about the

You may give us a call for any enquiry, technical assistance or if would like to arrange
for an appointment, our personnel’s are here to take your call.

               Departments             E-mail
               Product Sales,
               Billing & Domain
               Technical Support
               Enquiry & General

Our details are as below:
                                  Sivakasi Office (HQ)

                            No 10/9, Aruna Building, 1st Floor,
                             Ghandi Road, Sivakasi – 626123
                                   Tamilnadu. INDIA
                                  Tel : 04562 - 272578
                                  Fax : 04562 - 322040

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