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									                  Submitted by: Kris Klindt
                  Date: 9/4/07-9/14/07
                  Subject: Biology/Ag
                  Total Points:
                  Grade Level(s): 10

                  This lesson will provide the students with a basic foundation of the FFA. As they
                  continue to enroll in agricultural education, their knowledge of the FFA and its
                  opportunities will expand. The FFA is a national organization with many affiliate
                  organizations all over the world. With its many different activities there is a place for
                  Objectives (Design):                          Arizona Content Standards
                  1. Explain the purposes of the FFA.           5.0 Demonstrate Written Communication
                  2. Discuss historical developments of         Skills. 5.1
                     the FFA.
                  3. Explain the FFA Creed.

                  Materials and Resources (Development)
                         FFA Student Handbook (enough copies for largest class)
                         Official FFA Manual (enough for each student)
                         Overhead projector

                  Procedures (Development & Implementation):

                                            Introduction and Mental Set
                  Review what we know about the FFA from our previous lesson.

   1. Question: Can anyone tell me about the FFA?
       Answer: Will vary. No set predicted answer.

   2. Question: What are the official colors?
       Answer: National blue and corn gold.

                  3.       Question:      What is the FFA motto?
       Answer: Learning to Do
                  Doing to Learn
                  Earning to Live
Living to Serve
                  In this lesson, we will expand our knowledge of the FFA so that you can earn the first
                  degree of membership in the FFA.
               1. Show video Make It Happen ... Join FFA or FFA: It's You to students.
               2. Use suggested interest approach from page 10 of the Advisors Guide To The Student
                  Written Test
                      Each student will qualify to receive the FFA Greenhand Degree. (purchase
                      from this site
                      degree-gh.html )

             1. Question: What is the purpose of the FFA?
                Answer: It is designed to provide students with leadership and skill development
                opportunities to prepare them for careers of tomorrow. Refer to the FFA Mission and
                Strategies in the Official FFA Manual for a more detailed list.

             2. Question: How did the FFA get organized?
                Answer: The passage of the Smith-Hughes Act in 1917 gave vocational agriculture
                its push by providing federal funding for programs to be set up in high schools. In
                1928, the national organization of the Future Farmers of America was formed in
                Kansas City, Missouri.

             3. Question: What are some of the significant events that have occurred in the FFA?
                Answer: It is not necessary to identify all these events. Have students brainstorm
                possible changes the organization may undergo in the future.

             4. Question: What significance does the FFA Creed have?
                Answer: The FFA Creed is a statement of beliefs towards agriculture, leadership
                and work. Knowledge of the Creed is one of the requirements for earning the
                Greenhand FFA Degree.

                Have each student turn to the creed listed in the FFA Student Handbook. Read the
                creed aloud to the class. (More impressive if you can recite the creed without looking
                at the paper copy.) It is left up to you as to whether your students will recite the creed.
                Try some cooperative learning activities with the creed to encourage all students that
                the task is not impossible.

             5. Question: How many degrees of membership can be earned in the FFA?
                Answer: Five.
              The Greenhand FFA Degree
              The Chapter FFA Degree
              The State FFA Degree
              The American FFA Degree
              Discovery Degree for Middle School

             6. Question: What is the FFA official dress?
                Answer: It is the "uniform" that FFA members wear at local, state, and national
                functions to make the members more recognizable. Official dress is as follows:

                Black slacks
                White shirt
                FFA tie
                Black shoes
to the top      Black socks
   FFA jacket zipped to the top

7. Question: What rules govern the wearing of the FFA jacket?
 Jacket is worn by members only.
 It should be kept neat and clean.
 School letters and other pins should not be worn on the
 Only three award medals should be worn on the jacket.
   These should be highest office held, highest degree
   earned and highest award earned.

   Refer to the Official FFA Manual for further rules regarding the wearing of the jacket.

8. Question: What are the FFA colors?
   Answer: National Blue and Corn Gold

9. Question: What is the FFA Motto?
 Learning to Do
 Doing To Learn
 Earning to Live
 Living to Serve

10. Question: What do the symbols on the FFA emblem mean?
 cross-section of an ear of corn----corn represents our
    common interest in agriculture.

   Rising sun--represents the future and progress of
 Plow--represents labor and working of the soil.

 Owl--represents knowledge and wisdom.

 Eagle--represents the national size of the organization.

 Agricultural Education and FFA--represents that FFA is a
  part of the agricultural education program.

   In the New Student Handbook Advisors guide there are transparencies that build on
   each other to make the FFA emblem.

   Other Activities
   Participate in the FFA Creed Contest.
Name____________________________________ Period______ Date______________

Teacher’s Note: Distribute the “Significant Events of the FFA” handout and read the FFA
Creed to your class.

A. Using the “Significant Events in the FFA” handout, write a paragraph about the
history of the FFA.
B. Your teacher has read or recited the FFA Creed for you in class. Choose one paragraph
of the FFA Creed and explain its meaning in the space below.


                                                                             Yes or No

1. Are you now enrolled in an Agriculture class?                               ______

2. Have you made plans for a supervised agricultural experience program?       ______
       If yes, describe your program.

3. Can you recite and explain the meaning of the creed? Motto? Mission?
And Salute?                                                                    ______
4. Can you demonstrate knowledge of the FFA code of ethics and the proper?
use of the FFA jacket?                                                         ______

5. Can you explain the meaning of the FFA emblem and colors?                   ______

6. Do you personally own or have access to the FFA Manual and the FFA
Student Handbook?                                                              ______

7. Do you have a copy of the Chapter Program of Activities and are you
familiar with the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws?                             ______

8. Did you receive a passing grade on the FFA Knowledge test?                  ______

9. What was your score on the FFA Knowledge test?                              ______


Degree Conferred on ______________________________________________________

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