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									                                                               Lake of the Ozarks

 August 31, 2006               Volume 2, Issue 8

 Our New Website:

                                  Hi Everyone! What a wonderful meeting! I am so impressed with all the great
      Next Meeting--              information we obtained from the Top Producer Panel. Thank You so much
                                  Caroleen Ferrell, Ebbie Bogema, and Angie Terry! There is always more than one
                                  way to do our business and we were very fortunate to hear some different
     October 3, 2006              examples. Thank you again Ladies! A big Thank You also goes out to those who
 Orientation/Annual Election      sponsored our meeting. Thank You, Guarantee Land Title, Community Bank of the
                                               City Grill
                                  Ozarks, Clever and Clever Law Office, and West Side Escrow.
   Trail House, 5:30 pm
                                  Nominations from the Nominating Committee were presented at the General
                                  Membership Meeting for the Governing Board for 2007. Anyone else wanting to run
                                  for office must submit their request in writing to Jamie at Jamie@JamieGolka.com
                                  before the October 3rd meeting.

                                  We need volunteers to help with the Mini Golf Tournament in October at The Lodge
                                  of Four Seasons. We also need GOLFERS! Anyone wanting to volunteer please
                                  contact Lynn Farrell at Lynn@JohnFarrell.com Don’t forget to sign up for the MAR
                                  Convention at the Lodge in October!

                                  The sign up sheets are now available for the Texas Hold’em Tournament to be held
    Have a Cool Fall!!            in November at Old Kinderhook. Please contact Jamie at Jamie@JamieGolka.com
                                  for more information and she will e-mail one to you to copy and pass out.

                                  We are still on the search for new members. We need REALTOR members! Ask
                                  everyone you know to come learn and enjoy! We love a big family!

                                  We have lots of tickets available for the BEAUTIFUL Pendant and Earring set!
                                  Anyone needing tickets to sell just contact anyone on your Governing Board and
                                  they’ll be happy to provide you with some.
                                  See you at the Trails End Restaurant on October 3 rd.
If you have knowledge,
                                  Let’s Grow Together!
                                  Your 2006 President, Nancy Williams
Let others light their

candles in it.
                                       Dates & Locations for Lake of the Ozarks 2006 Meetings:
                                    October  03, 2006                 Trail House
                                    November 03, 2006                 Texas Hold’em Tournament
                                    December 12, 2006                 Christmas Party

President                                                (Letter from 2006 MAR Convention Chair)
Nancy Williams                      Dear Friends,
Realty Executives
573-374-1331                        National President, Tom Stevens, reminds us that “Tomorrow’s Future is today!”
                                    Now, more than ever, the success of our tomorrows hinges on what we do
President/Elect                     today! That is why at this year’s MAR Convention we are dedicated to “Building
Angie Terry                         Your Future Today!”
Community Real Estate
573-365-7050                        The 2006 MAR Convention at the Lodge of Four Seasons at the beautiful Lake
                                    of the Ozarks is filled with exciting opportunities to build your future! Learn from
                                    outstanding, nationally acclaimed real estate speakers: Bruce Aydt, Tom
VP, Membership
                                    Lundstedt, John Hamilton and Terry Watson. In addition to education, it takes
Crystal Shafer
                                    inspiration to build your future! You won’t want to miss the motivational and
RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks           inspirational presentation of Mike Schlappi, a paralympic medalist. Mike’s
573-302-2333                        presentation “If You Can’t Stand Up, Stand Out!,” will leave you energized and
                                    ready for the challenges of tomorrow!
Jamie Hicks                         As always, we will have lots of networking opportunities at the convention. This
Ron Bacon Real Estate               year we offer a special opportunity to publicize your company or your favorite
573-348-5343                        affiliate. A “goody bag” will be given to all convention registrants. For just $100
                                    you can put an item in the “goody bags.” This could include aspirin, notepads,
Treasurer                           pens, bottled water, etc. Call Angela or Chris at MAR for the details: 800-403-
Tami Sutterer                       0101 ext. 123 or 120.
Mortgage Resources in the Midwest
573-302-1907                        Of course, I would not be Chair of a MAR convention that didn’t include a lot of
                                    fun!! Back by popular demand, Wednesday’s kick-off party will feature the
Immediate Past President            sounds of “Good Time Oldies!” The “human mouse races” will also be part of
Lynn Farrell                        the fun. After the party, head to the Blue Moon Lounge for the post party
John Farrell Real Estate            sponsored by Prudential in honor of President Steve and President-Elect Bruce.
573-348-2181                        On Thursday night be sure to be there for the gala inaugural celebration as we
                                    say thank you to Steve Snook and welcome our new President, Bruce Aydt.
                                    Sign-up now and start “Building Your Future Today!”
Nancy Rogers
573-374-1331                        Lori Rufkahr
                                    2006 Convention Chair

                                                              State and National Meetings

                                        October 2006

                                        Oct 4 - Missouri Housing Industry Alliance, Madison's Cafe, Jefferson City

                                        Oct 10-12 - Leadership Academy, Retreat 5, Lodge of Four Seasons, Lake
We are a community of real
estate professionals creating           Oct 10-13 - MAR Convention and BOD Meetings, Lodge of Four Seasons, Lake
business opportunities,                 Ozark
developing skills for the future
and achieving our individual            November 2006
potential for success.

                                        Nov 8-13 - NAR Convention, New Orleans, LA

                                         Nov 15 - Board Leadership Conference, Springfield

                                         Nov 16 - Board Leadership Conference, Jefferson City

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