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					                                                                   ~~*NetCraft Week 2009*~~
                                                         GROWING BUSINESS BY OPTIMIZING I.T. INFRASTRUCTURE
Venue: Avenida da Amizade, Macau Star World Hotel F8 Ballroom II, III                                                 Date: Oct 14 ~ 15, 2009                            Time: 10: 00 ~ 16: 40

S1. Symantec Hong Kong Limited
Topic: Optimize IT processes with Symantec Management Platform ServiceDesk
Messaging Focus: How to optimize IT process using Symantec Altiris IT management solutions, including Client Management Suite, Server Management
Suite and Assets Management Solution and Helpdesk Solution
Speaker: Mr. Gary Woo, Systems Engineer, Symantec Hong Kong
Brief Description of the product: Symantec’s Altiris IT management solutions provide the most complete, easy-to-use IT lifecycle management platform that
helps improve quality of service while reducing the cost of owning and managing IT assets. Our solutions are designed to snap into a common Web-based
console and CMDB repository to provide ultimate control over your IT infrastructure.

S2. Cisco Systems, Inc
Topic: IP Video Traffic Trend and Medianet: a network optimized for rich media
Messaging Focus: Adding new video services radically changes the demands on the network, so the network needs more intelligence to deliver rich media services to drive
user productivity.
Speaker: Mr. Garrick Ng, Solution Architect
Brief Description of the product:         Video is used increasingly in diverse business applications with a correspondingly diverse set of client devices. Using over-provisioning to
prepare the network for video traffic is not enough. A medianet becomes media and endpoint aware in order to provide a better experience to the end user and automatically
adapt to dynamically changing network conditions. The experience includes more efficient use of network resources, a more predictable network and complexity reduction for IT
organizations, by leveraging discovery mechanisms to move towards a self-optimizing and self-managing model.

S3. Blue Coat Systems HK Ltd.
Topic: Cloud Security and Multi - layered Defense
Massaging Focus: Blue Coat’s strategy for application delivery networking (ADN)
Speaker: Mr. Dominic Mak
Brief Description of the product: With today’s macro business trends, factors and challenges associated with distributed enterprises and the ability to participate, compete
and win in today’s hyper competitive and rapidly changing business environment. Enterprises often faces limitations associated with traditional packet delivery network
                                                                   ~~*NetCraft Week 2009*~~
                                                         GROWING BUSINESS BY OPTIMIZING I.T. INFRASTRUCTURE
Venue: Avenida da Amizade, Macau Star World Hotel F8 Ballroom II, III                                                 Date: Oct 14 ~ 15, 2009                            Time: 10: 00 ~ 16: 40
Blue Coat’s strategy for application delivery networking (ADN) infrastructure offerings provide the customer benefits derived from its deployment. The presentation will also
outline Blue Coat’s competitive differentiation, heritage of innovation, leadership from a technical, customer, business, partner, environmental and service and support
It also intend to provide a brief articulation of the company’s future direction and strategy to advance the integration of the technologies at the heart of the application delivery

S4. Citrix Systems HK Ltd
Topic: Cut your TCO down to size with end-to-end virtualization
Messaging Focus: Different users have different computing needs. By implementing XenApp and XenDesktop together, you can provide the most cost-effective application and
desktop management solutions for all users, from task workers to power users and mobile employees who need to work offline. See how XenApp virtualized applications within
XenDesktop can increase manageability and reduce storage requirements.
Speaker: Mr. Daniel Yeung, Sales Engineer, Citrix Systems HK Ltd
Brief Description of the product:          Citrix XenApp™ is an application virtualization solution that reduces the cost of Windows® application management by up to 50%.
Compared to archaic application deployment technology, virtualizing applications with Citrix XenApp enables organizations to improve application management by Centralizing
applications in the data center to reduce costs; controlling and encrypting access to data and applications to improve security; delivering applications instantly to users anywhere.

S5. APC Critical Power and Cooling Services
Topic: Server Rooms Made Easy, APC by Schneider Electric
Massaging Focus: APC InfraStruXure(ISX) - Symmetra Scalable Power and InRow Close-coupled Cooling Solution
Speacker: Mr. Joey Chiu, Data Center Consultant, APC Critical Power and Cooling Services
Brief Description of the product :         The most critical issue on server room is the power and cooling demand in the coming years. Server rooms make easy can meet this
standard or requirement. The coming event will be focused on the power and cooling concern

S6. Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Topic: How Open Storage Architecture helps you to reduce cost dramatically!
Massaging Focus: Open Storage Solutions Portfolio and Benefits
Speaker: Mr. Sam Lo, Director of Storage Business Unit, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Brief Description of the product:          The Sun Storage 7000 series is a family of unified storage systems that delivers unprecedented price performance and offers new
innovations in storage. A rich suite of storage software is included at no additional cost , including snapshot, remote replication, mirroring and many others. To deliver high
performance using cost-effective components, Storage 7000 leverages SSD (Solid State Disk) technology through the user of ZFS and hybrid storage pool. Moreover, Storage
                                                                   ~~*NetCraft Week 2009*~~
                                                         GROWING BUSINESS BY OPTIMIZING I.T. INFRASTRUCTURE
Venue: Avenida da Amizade, Macau Star World Hotel F8 Ballroom II, III                                                 Date: Oct 14 ~ 15, 2009                            Time: 10: 00 ~ 16: 40
7000 helps simplify storage deployment and management with its unprecedented easy-to-use management interface, Dtrace Analytics software, and self-healing capabilities.
These features
enable you to quickly find and fix issues, help minimize downtime, and can reduce the time and cost of deployment.

S7. Websense Inc.
Topic: Data Loss Prevention – Securing Your Essential Information
Massaging Focus: From tarnished brand reputation and loss of customer confidence, to penalties and fines from regulators, the adverse impact of a data breach are clear.
What isn't so clear is how to keep tabs on confidential data without getting in the way of business. The problem is exacerbated with mobile computing devices such as laptops,
peripheral storage devices, and easy access to client software with file download and file sharing capabilities, all creating more opportunities for data loss. If the loss
compromises customer information, does it violate PCI or HIPAA regulations? If it is intellectual property that is lost, what is the long-term financial impact to the company's profit
Speaker: Mr. Simon Lee, Territory Manager – Hong Kong and Macau, Websense, Inc.
Brief Description of the product: Websense Data Security solutions offer the leading data loss prevention (DLP) technology to identify, monitor, and protect confidential data.
Using the combined content inspection techniques of Websense Web Security and data security technologies, Websense Data Security solutions accurately prevent data loss,
secure business processes, and help manage compliance and risk.

S8. IBM China/Hong Kong Limited
Topic: Information Infrastructure: Secure your Information available and Information Security through next generation of Storage and Encryption Solution.
Brief Description of the product :
Information Infrastructure is the new approach to manage your information assets and data through CARS - Compliance, Availability, Retention & Security. Next generation of
Storage is now more cost effective for mixed workload under consolidation & virtualization, better integration for data recovery, Encryption ready to support security requirement
with minimum effort and transparent to usage.
Speaker: Mr. Douglas Lo, Storage and Mainframe Platform Manager, IBM China/Hong Kong Limited

S9. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd
Topic: Total Security in Virtual Environment by Check Point VPN-1 VE
Messaging Focus: As customers deploy virtual systems by consolidating more and more servers onto different virtualization platforms, the model for segmenting these servers
must change. Even though physical segmentation is no longer available, VPN-1 VE is easily installed into a VMware ESX environment to segregate virtualized systems and
keep them secure.
Speaker: Mr. Anderson Chan, Security Consultant, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd
                                                                   ~~*NetCraft Week 2009*~~
                                                         GROWING BUSINESS BY OPTIMIZING I.T. INFRASTRUCTURE
Venue: Avenida da Amizade, Macau Star World Hotel F8 Ballroom II, III                                                 Date: Oct 14 ~ 15, 2009                            Time: 10: 00 ~ 16: 40
Brief Description of the product: VPN-1® VE™ protects your virtual systems with the same best-of-class security that you rely on for your physical network. It enables you to
segregate virtual systems from each other as well as from external threats. VPN-1 VE extends your open choice to encompass Check Point appliances and software, “Secured
by Check Point” appliances, and virtual systems – all managed by a single interface to ensure consistent, efficient security management.

S10. Ipswitch, Inc
Topic: Network, Server, and Application Monitoring
Massaging Focus: Ensure health and availability of your network, application and systems monitoring.
Speaker: Mr. Disney Cheng, System Engineer, Asiasoft Hong Kong Ltd
Brief Description of the product:          Ipswitch WhatsUp® Gold delivers comprehensive network monitoring that allows you to turn network data into actionable business
information. By proactively monitoring critical network devices, servers and application services, it reduces costly and frustrating downtime that can impact your business.
WhatsUp Gold provides awareness and understanding of network performance and availability with simple deployment, robust scalability, groundbreaking usability and fast
return on investment.

S.11 Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Limited
Topic: HP Security Printing Solutions with Document Management Service
Massaging Focus: HP’s business printing solutions enable customers to build a comprehensive printer management strategy and security printing environment. The solutions
serve as a foundation that can be tailored to meet specific business needs and enable users to have document capture, secure and control printing devices methodically as well
as implement authentication and encryption. While, Document Management solution powered by Open Text offers customers zero IT management, fast deployment and user
friendly environment that allows customers to optimizetheir digital assets.
Speaker: Mr. Billy Mo, Technical Consultant, HP; Mr. Patrick Lam, Project Manager, Greensboro

S.12 Juniper Networks ( Hong Kong ) Ltd
Topic: Adaptive Threat management solution first from Juniper
Massaging Focus: An open set of offerings to deliver intelligent security and performance to a distributed enterprises.
Speaker: Mr. Andy Leung, Regional Product Manager, Asia Pacific, Juniper Networks
Brief Description of the product: With organizations distributed widely in the world, enterprises need to ensure that remote users on each location from the office
headquarters to branches are on a secure network
These challenging economic times have driven an increase of attacks to any location from which a corporation may do business. Juniper Networks’ Adaptive Threat
Management solutions, as a flexible “pay-as-you-grow” deployment model, offer enterprises a proactive, robust, highly cooperative and integrated security environment that can
occur anywhere but not only lower the total cost of ownership.            The solution set includes network access control solution, Intrusion Prevention System and Security Threat
                                                                   ~~*NetCraft Week 2009*~~
                                                         GROWING BUSINESS BY OPTIMIZING I.T. INFRASTRUCTURE
Venue: Avenida da Amizade, Macau Star World Hotel F8 Ballroom II, III                                                 Date: Oct 14 ~ 15, 2009                            Time: 10: 00 ~ 16: 40
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