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									Inverter Drives 8400:
Lenze launches new frequency inverter range
Lenze's new Inverter Drives 8400 frequency inverter range is winning friends thanks to
its consistent approach to scaling. Based on a clear division along functional lines
between the BaseLine, StateLine and HighLine models, the range uses the
"rightsizing" concept to make it easy to choose a suitable frequency inverter for the
drive axis. What's more, it boasts an excellent price/performance ratio.

All the products are easy to use and operate, with straightforward programming, logistics and
servicing. The associated cost savings across all the life cycle phases of a machine make it
possible to create value on a sustainable basis. When used in tandem with matching geared
motors, Lenze is able to offer complete drive axes from one single source.

With an overload capacity of up to 200% and a design temperature of 45°C without derating,
Inverter Drives 8400 are robust controllers that can even operate at increased temperatures
in the control cabinet without HVAC technology. As a result, device, installation and
monitoring overheads are reduced. With StateLine and higher, thermal improvements in the
control cabinet are further supported by installation options involving push-through or cold-
plate techniques.

The range is available at the power levels typically found on the market up to a maximum of
2.2 kW, and in both single-phase and three-phase versions. The rated voltages of 230 V and
400 V comply with EU requirements. Where more power is required, the initial versions of
StateLine and HighLine support three-phase operation up to 11 kW. There are plans to
increase power levels up to 55 kW. With StateLine and higher, Lenze also offers versions
with coated PCBs, and the "safe standstill" function (STO) will also be offered in the future.
Fieldbuses like PROFIBUS can be connected using pluggable modules; this facility will later
be extended to include Ethernet, Powerlink, EtherCAT or PROFINET. The CANopen bus is
integrated as standard. All members of the device family meet CE and UL requirements, as
well as being RoHS-compliant.

8400 BaseLine
Whether used as a voltage-controlled speed actuating drive or operated with sensorless
vector control, the 8400 BaseLine is ideal for use in continuous processes such as those
involving conveyor drives, pumps and fans. It represents the basic version in terms of
functionality and drive behaviour, and comes into its own when a relatively low power level is

8400 StateLine
The 8400 StateLine can be used for equipment such as palletizers, extruders or travelling
drives. For the most part, standard asynchronous motors with average dynamic performance
are used to power these types of PLC-controlled tasks typical of materials handling. The
requirement profile of these types of drive includes jerk-free operation with S-shaped ramps,
positioning accuracy of a few millimetres, conversion of regenerative energy in brake
resistors by brake chopper, and direct control of a service brake.

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8400 HighLine
In addition to the functions supported by the StateLine, the third of the three versions, the
8400 HighLine, features integrated table positioning (indexing). As the master, the PLC
monitors the positioning processes, although it does not perform the tasks of managing the
position table and converting the absolute values to encoder positions. As such, the devices
lend themselves to use as efficient drives in applications such as carousel distributors and
filling systems, as well as for sequence-controlled positioning systems in general, which are
required to approach a high number of fixed positions.

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