FNS40607 Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting) by BSGAustralia


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									FNS40604 Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting)
The Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting) is designed for accounting staff working in the financial services
industry. The qualification reflects the role of employees who perform duties such as completing BAS and other tax
documents, operational and management reporting, preparing budgets, recording and reporting of accounting
information and managing a small office.
Nominal Hours: 650                      Minimum Units Required: 13

Units to be Completed
Required Units
                 1 FNSICGEN302B Use technology in the workplace
                 2 FNSICGEN304B Apply health and safety practices in the workplace
                 3 FNSICGEN301B Communicate in the workplace
                 4 FNSICIND401B         Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry
                 5 BSBCMN308A           Maintain financial records
                 6 FNSACCT401B          Process business tax requirements
                 7 FNSACCT406B          Maintain asset and inventory records
                 8 FNSACCT407B          Set up and operate a computerised accounting system
                 9 BSBADM308A           Process payroll
               10 FNSACCT402B           Produce job costing information
               11 FNSACCT403B           Prepare operational budgets
               12 FNSACCT405B           Prepare financial statements
               13 FNSACCT404B           Make decisions in a legal context

Tuition Fee Eligibility
SPPP               Productivity Places Program available to eligible applicants
No restrictions on this qualification

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