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					Ronald A. Prague
(805) 258-9398
4888 Lazio Way
Oak Park CA, 91377

I am seeking to continue my career path by further exploring the IT field. I have 17 years of work in the
technology industry and my drive hasn’t diminished at all. I am a strong technology resource with excellent
management skills. Currently I am searching for a hands-on director or senior level technologist position in a
growth-oriented company. I specialize in understanding all facets of complicated systems and assisting
organizations in expanding their business and realizing their goals. I have years of experience securing a huge
variety of networks, both public and private, and understand the flow of security and usability very well.

Sr. Network/Security/Systems Engineer              Beverly Hills, CA                  November 2002 – May 2005
• Provided leadership, hiring and training for the IT team as the company expanded at a very rapid pace.
• Designed, implemented and monitored all security policies and procedures for all networking connections,
including external vendor connections, customer connections and telecommuting policies.
• Installed, configured and maintained IDS via the open source Snort project. Wrote and updated IDS policies
dependant on new vendor specific connections and applications. Evaluated various commercial IDS products
including Cisco Secure and NetProwler, decided on using the open source software for performance, pricing
and speed of response to new attacks.
• Created and analyzed performance benchmarks and TCO estimations for the existing Sun Solaris platform,
resulting in the adoption of a distributed Linux environment for both production and development.
• Managed all aspects of budgeting, contract negotiation and vendor connections for data center expansion and
migration from a consulting firm to in-house control of two lights-out data centers.
• Built both the local and wide area network connecting our office in Los Angeles and data centers in Chicago
and New York, utilizing Cisco switches and routers as well as Netscreen firewalls to provide both security and
reliability and reconditioned network gear to help control costs.
• Redesigned the corporate network as we expanded far beyond our original estimates of usage and reliability
requirements. Migrated the company to an all Cisco infrastructure for both LAN and WAN segments in our
offices and remote datacenters to provide 99.999% uptime and availability. Reconfigured the network design
utilizing both site to site IPSEC/GRE tunnels over the internet and private networks to maximize bandwidth and
provide near-perfect uptime.
• Implemented CiscoView and CiscoWorks along with NAM/Netflow modules in all Cisco routers and Cisco core
switches to provide real-time intense network scrutiny and alerting for any deviation in performance or packet-
loss on both the internal and vendor network connections.
• Migrated all security policies from the Netscreen firewall line to Cisco Pix 525 firewalls running in HSRP mode
for near instantaneous failover.
• Designed data center layout and managed budget for the implementation of a 120-host infrastructure covering
all aspects of cabling, network, power distribution, financial exchange connectivity and vendor negotiations.
• Developed all IT functions as the company grew from six to 40 employees, including all connectivity and
services during two office moves and two data center migrations.

Personal Sabbatical                                                       March 2001 - October 2002
        • Sabbatical for travel and study, both personal and professional. I kept my technology skills current by
doing numerous small and interesting consulting jobs for friends and former employers in the technology fields,
mostly related to networking or Solaris administration.

Terraspring, Inc.
Sr. Network/Security Engineer           Fremont, CA                             January 2000 - March 2001
• Developed all IT functions as the company grew from eight to over eighty employees, including Linux and
Windows servers along with LAN and WAN connectivity. Trained and provided technical oversight for the full IT
management team during the continued company expansion to 225 employees.
• Architected scalable layer two network supporting 40,000 hosts, including switch testing for security and
performance from a variety of vendors including Cisco, Foundry, Riverstone and Extreme. Final network design
was Cisco, making use of VTP to manage dynamic VLAN creation and removal.
• Wrote and implemented all security policies for layer 2 and layer 3 switching and routing. Responsible for the
design of dynamic configuration of Cisco and Checkpoint firewalls depending on customer desire.
• Created large-scale layer three connectivity, including BGP and EIGRP routes, HSRP for fail over as well as
ASN registration and vendor negotiations with multiple vendors, such as MCI, AT&T, Sprint, and the
• Designed data center layout and created budget for the implementation of a 700-host infrastructure covering
all aspects of power, cooling, cabling and vendor negotiations.
• Acted as a technical advisor for in-house coding, consisting of a tightly integrated management, monitoring,
billing and control system, including HP Openview, Clarify, Metrix and custom control software.

WAN/Security Engineer              Calabasas, CA                  February 1999 - January 2000
• Managed installation, configuration and troubleshooting of LAN and WAN issues on a 24/7 basis for 2000
local employees and 30 offices worldwide. Responsibilities included monitoring and security for the corporate
network. In charge of security threat assessment and Sun Solaris system hardening for all DMZ and publicly
accessible servers.
• Designed and implemented extension of our campus network, including managing the zoning and permits
project to extend our connectivity between multiple buildings.
• Responsible for full ownership of network LAN and WAN integration of acquired companies. Performed team
lead function and owned all phases of integration for new acquisition networks to the Alcatel standards of
connectivity, reliability and security.
• Supervised all phases of LAN redesign and WAN connectivity for companies acquired in Oregon,
Massachusetts, and California.
• Assumed the position of IT Manager after finishing the network integration for three simultaneous acquisitions.
Designed and oversaw the complex integration of all three companies’ networks, data, IT departments and
• Designed and built a new data center at the Milpitas campus, including all aspects of network and WAN
planning, physical security, power needs, disaster recovery, budgeting, project planning and backup systems.
• Designed and implemented security policy for both internal and external IP networking, this included the
implementation and updating of all Checkpoint and Xylan firewalls as well as in house network monitoring for
network intrusions.

Fishnet Internet Services
Network/Security Engineer          Ventura, CA                                     December 1994 - March 1999
• President and technologist for a small, self owned ISP in Southern California with 6500 customers. Duties
covered all aspects of technology, management and finances.
• Deployed new IP security measures as they became available in a rapidly changing time for IP networking.
Secured the corporate billing and administration systems from customer and public traffic, regularly used packet
sniffing software and custom written scripts to monitor for intrusion attempts.
• Responsible for installation and monitoring of the network connections, frame relay, point to point and ISDN
circuits to the Internet and our customers.
• Installed and maintained all of our Solaris, NT and Linux based servers for customer and billing use, including
web, email, ftp, etc.
• Developed a PERL and bash shell based monitoring system to provide real time network statistics,
monitoring, alerting and integration with our Access billing system for customer usage.

Taurus Computing
President      Ventura, CA                                                   August 1991 - May 1994
• Created a consulting firm specializing in small office networking utilizing Microsoft and Novell software

US Navy, Data Systems Technician
E2        Mare Island, CA                                                March, 1989 - April 1991
• US Navy Data Systems Technician 'A' school, logic design, circuit and component level troubleshooting and
2M micro soldering certified.
         •   Team management, project planning and budgeting
         •   TCP/IP network design, OSPF, EIGRP, VPN, HSRP, BGP
         •   Sun Solaris administration
         •   Linux System administration
         •   Cisco administration
         •   LAN/WAN design and administration
         •   NOC design, implementation and management
         •   Network monitoring, active and historical

Mel Beckman, author and technologist – 805-302-2594
Mike Seaton, CFO EWT, llc. – 310-347-7334
Tony Mangeniello, Managing Partner, Goldman Sachs (retired) – 610-462-6486