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									                          NEW BOOKS
                                 August 2009
   These books are a selection of the adult titles added to Merton Libraries
       during July 2009. They may be reserved at any of the libraries.

                        Mind, body and spirit
306.7320 Anderson, Hephzibah Chastened: no more sex in the city
211      Armstrong, Karen      The case for God
153.4    De Bono, Edward       Think! Before it’s too late
133.91   Francis-Cheung, T.    Angel babies and other true stories of
                               guardian angels
613.6909 Geiger, John          The third man factor: surviving the
133.8092 Higgs, T J            Living with the gift

                              IT and digital
004.16     Ballew, Joli           Computer basics in simple steps
006.78     Bruce, Betsy           Sams teach yourself Adobe Dreamweaver
                                  in 24 hours
004.16                            How to do just about anything on a
006.7      Sabin-Wilson, Lisa     WordPress for dummies

                                   True crime
364.1523 Cawthorne, Nigel            Pirates of the 21st century
363.3251 Hayman, Andy                The terrorist hunters
364.1    O’Neill, Joseph             Crime city: Manchester’s Victorian
364.1523 Woodrow, Jane               After evil (The Yorkshire Ripper)

                                 Natural history
639.9609 Cowell, Simon               Wildlife SOS: true stories from Britain’s
                                     favourite animal rescue centre
579.2138 Ryan, Frank                 Virolution: the most important evolutionary
                                     book since Dawkins’ Selfish Gene
599.935    Taylor, Jeremy            Not a chimp: the hunt to find the genes
                                     that make us human

                           Health and self-help
616.8914   Briers, Stephen        Brilliant cognitive behavioural therapy
152.46     Butler, Gillian        Overcoming social anxiety and shyness
362.1969   Day, Janice            Getting it off my chest: how I lost my
                                  breast and found myself
616.8522   Foreman, Elaine        Anxiety and depression workbook for
616.8588   Hawkes, Hilary         Asperger’s syndrome: the essential guide
613.26     Paul, Gill             Perfect detox

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610        Peters, Michael            Home doctor
613.25     Santon, Kate               Perfect weight loss
616.8      Silove, Derrick            Overcoming panic and agoraphobia
306.4613   Wansink, Brian             Mindless eating: why we eat more than
                                      we think

                       Children and young people
910.2020 Barta, Brigitte         Travel with children
618.9285 Creed, Liam             A puppy called Aero: how a labrador
                                 saved a boy with ADHD
362.7609 Dunphy, Shane           Will Mummy be coming back for me?
649.122  Ford, Gina              The contented baby with toddler book
940.5316 Hobbs, Pam              Don’t forget to write: the true story of an
                                 evacuee and her family
155.418  Louv, Richard           Last child in the woods
306.8743 Roberts, Maria          Single mother on the verge
649.64   Taylor, Charlie         Divas and dictators: the secrets to having
                                 a much better behaved child
361.7632 Wallace, Wendy          Daughter of dust: growing up an outsider
                                 in the desert of Sudan
941.0049 Walsh, Mikey            Gypsy boy

                         Home and garden
635.0484 Cunningham, Sally   Ecological gardening
635.049  Greenwood, Pippa    Pests and diseases
646.7    Hunt, Rupert        The essential guide to flatsharing
648.5    MacKenzie, Aggie    Ask Aggie: for all your cleaning solutions
646.2    Ross, Heather       Weekend sewing: more than 40 projects

641.5942   Aldridge, Jennifer         The Archers’ cookbook
641.5092   Del Conte, Anna            Risotto with nettles: a memoir with food
641.8653   Eastwood, Harry            Red velvet and chocolate heartache
641.55     Harriott, Ainsley          Just five ingredients
641.5      Hopkinson, Simon           Week in, week out
641.6      Irving, Miles              The forager handbook: a guide to the
                                      edible plants of Britain
641.5954 Pathak, Meena                Meena Pathak celebrates Indian cooking
641.5959 Stein, Rick                  Rick Stein’s far eastern odyssey

                       Business, finance and law
658.404  Barker, Stephen        Brilliant project management
650.11   Jones, Lyndon H        Time well spent: getting things done
                                through effective time management
332.024  Littlewood, Dominic    Don’t get done, get Dom: how to stretch
                                your money, not your budget
155.9042 Middleton, Kate        How to de-stress without doing less
650.14   Mitchell, Jon          Careers after the Armed Forces
346.4204 Sproston,              A straightforward guide to your rights as a
                                private tenant

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                          Arts and crafts
707      Colston, Valerie     200 projects to get you into art school
739.278  Doughty, Amanda      Bangles and bracelets
720.941  Rice, Matthew        Rice’s architectural primer
708.2109 Saumarez Smith, C.   The National Gallery: a short history

                      Music and entertainment
394.2068 Conway, Des          The event manager’s bible
780.9421 Du Noyer, Paul       In the city: a celebration of London music
782.4216 Goddard, Simon       Mozipedia: the encyclopedia of Morrissey
                              and the Smiths
784.193  Seodi, Ruth O        Time to play a musical instrument

                         Language and literature
028        Hitchings, Henry     How to really talk about books you haven’t
652.1      Sassoon, Rosemary    Better handwriting

                             Sport and travel
796.3340   Gerrard, Steven       My captain’s book
914.1061                         Great Britain: perfect places to stay, eat
                                 and explore
914.1096   Jones, Griff Rhys     Rivers: a voyage into the heart of Britain
629.222    Master, Matt          TopGear daft cars
946.7540   Nicholas, Anna        Goats from a small island (Mallorca)
613.2      Percy, Kate           Go faster food: for runners, cyclists,
                                 swimmers and rowers
796.334    Ward, Andrew          Football nation

                             History and war
951.0509   Cheo Ying, Esther      Black country to red China
942.052    Jones, Philippa        The other Tudors: Henry Vlll’s mistresses
                                  and bastards
359.3310   Lambert, Andrew D      Admirals
940.481    Livingstone, Thomas Tommy’s war: a First World War diary
978.0049   Schofield, Brian       Selling your father’s bones (Native
940.5322   Smith, Colin           England’s last war against France: fighting
                                  Vichy 1940-1942

629.4540   Aldrin, Buzz              Magnificent desolation
746.9209   Gucci, Jenny              Gucci wars
796.3340   Jones, Dave               No smoke, no fire: the autobiography
958.1047   Joya, Malahai             Raising my voice: the extraordinary story
                                     of the Afghan woman who dares to speak
973.9320 Mundy, Liza                 Michelle: a biography
796.6209 Wilcockson, John            Lance Armstrong: the world’s greatest

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Abercrombie, Joe                    Best served cold
Alderson, Maggie                    How to break your own heart
Auster, Paul                        Man in the dark
Becker, James                       The first apostle
Boyne, John                         The Mutiny on the Bounty
Brodrick, William                   A whispered name
Camilleri, Andrea                   August heat
Clements, Rory                      Martyr
Coben, Harlan                       Long lost
Cussler, Clive                      Medusa
Deveraux, Jude                      Lavender morning
Fforde, Katie                       Love letters
Fitten, Mark                        Valeria’s last stand
Fitzgerald, F Scott                 Bernice bobs her hair and other stories
Gale, Patrick                       The whole day through
Genova, Lisa                        Still Alice: a novel
Goodhind, J G                       Menu for murder
Gregson, J M                        Darkness visible
Guo, Xiaolu                         UFO in her eyes
Guterson, David                     The other
Hamilton, Laurell K.                Skin trade
Harris, Rosie                       Love changes everything
Hill, Melissa                       Before I forget
Hinchcliffe, Sally                  Out of a clear sky
Howe, Katherine                     The lost book of Salem
Hughes, Declan                      All the dead voices
Jacobs, Anna                        Freedom’s land
Jardine, Quintin                    Fatal last words
Jewell, Lisa                        The truth about Melody Browne
Kernick, Simon                      Target
Kinsella, Sophie                    Twenties girl
Kita, Bronia                        The swansong of Wilbur McCrum
Lodge, David                        Deaf sentence
McCall Smith, Alexander             Corduroy mansions
Michaels, Fern                      Mr and Miss Anonymous
Patterson, James                    Watch the skies
Perry, Tasmina                      Original sin
Quinn, Karen                        The sister diaries
Ransom, Christopher                 The birthing house
Roberts, Nora                       The Black Hills
Rollo, Elaine di                    A proper education for girls
Slaughter, Karin                    Genesis
Staples, Mary Jane                  The summer day is done
Thackeray, William Makepeace        The memoirs of Barry Lyndon Esq.
Toro, Guillermo                     The strain
Trow, M J                           Maxwell’s chain
Wells, H G                          The shape of things to come
Willett, Marcia                     The prodigal wife

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                             Large print

Arthur, Max                         Lest we forget
Brett, Simon                        Blood at the bookies
Charlton, Bobby                     My England years
Cussler, Clive                      Corsair
Dawson, Lucy                        What my best friend did
Gerritsen, Tess                     Keeping the dead
Heller, Zoe                         The believers
Jacobs, Anna                        Lancashire legacy
Lette, Kathy                        To love, honour and betray
Michaels, Anne                      The winter vault
Neuberger, Julia                    Not dead yet
Pym, Barbara                        Excellent women
Read, Miss                          Gossip from Thrush Green
Reynolds, Alastair                  Diamond dogs, turquoise days
Somerville, Rowan                   The end of sleep
Waters, Sarah                       The little stranger

                          Talking books

Booth, Stephen                      Dying to sin
Bryson, Bill                        Neither here nor there
Cheek, Mavis                        Amenable women
Cornwall, Patricia Daniels          Scarpetta
Ellis, Bret Easton                  American psycho
Ford, G M                           Slow burn
Granger, Ann                        Running scared
Green, Jane                         The beach house
Harris, Robert                      Ghost
Howard, Audrey                      The long way home
Iggulden, Conn                      The gods of war
James, P D                          Death of an expert witness
Larson, Steig                       The girl with the dragon tattoo
Marston, Edward                     The iron horse
Nabb, Magdalen                      Vita nuova
Sittenfeld, Curtis                  American wife

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