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									     6.1 The integrated public
     transport network needs to be
     supported by better use of
     highway capacity, improved
     conditions for walking and
     cycling and creative spatial
     planning. Longer term, new
     demand management
     measures need to be considered
     to supplement the improved
     alternatives being provided to
     some car journeys. Following
     from this, a long term vision for
     the overall transport system of
     the West Midlands will need to
     reflect these following principles:

     Highway Capacity

     6.2 The Strategic Highway              network requires that bus           measures such as parking
     Network, (taken as the Principal       efficiency and reliability is       policy.
     and Primary Route Networks)            ensured.
     needs to allow the easy                                                    • reduce some demand to
     movement of goods and                  6.4 The strategic approach to       travel. This can be achieved
     people, accommodating                  this challenge is to:               by measures such as
     elements of the rail and rapid                                             teleworking and by combining
     transit and bus networks. For this      • transfer some car use off the    journey purposes for one trip.
     to happen, there needs to be a          highway at busy times onto
     balance struck between                  public transport, cycling or       • promote Smart Routes to
     competing demands for                   walking. This is achieved by       ensure the smooth flow
     highway capacity.                       offering a genuine choice of       operation of the strategic
                                             mode for car users. Demand         highway network for all road
     6.3 Providing the “rapid” part          management measures will           users through the
     of rapid transit is critical, and an    also play a part in transferring   implementation of schemes
     effective modernised bus                further car use through            such as red routes, an urban

     Supporting Transport and
     Spatial Development Strategy

70                                                                                                               71
      traffic control system for          a large metropolitan areas’       6.5 Measures to improve the
      traffic lights and by a series of   strategic highway network are     attractiveness of centres, and
      “quick win” traffic                 not met and increased             road safety on main roads and
      management measures                 highway capacity is an            minor residential streets, also
      (smaller scale treatments,          appropriate transport solution.   needs to be considered in any
      particularly at junctions).In       This is particularly applicable   wider overall transport strategy.
      addition, highway                   to some pinch-point junctions
      capacity needs to be                on the Principal and Primary      Freight
      increased in a small number of      Route Networks.
      selected circumstances, where                                         6.6 Freight movement is an
      performance criteria for                                              essential element for the
                                                                            national, regional and local
                                                                            economies. Centro fully
     West Midlands Regional Assembly 2007
                                                                            appreciates the economic
     Regional Freight Strategy : Key Issues
                                                                            benefits to the area and the
                                                                            need for highway and
     • Particular local bottlenecks on road transport links to, from and
                                                                            planning authorities to work
     through the region to improve greater efficiency and reliability
                                                                            closely with businesses and
     • Improved journey times and reliability                               industry representatives in
                                                                            addressing the issues of freight
     • The use of inappropriate roads by HGVs, sometimes the result
     of bridge or weight conditions

     • Poor signage between trunk routes and freight generating             6.7 The approach to                   • Tackling congestion on a          also be supported. Such a rail        transport priority scheme
     locations                                                              improving freight transport,          broad front, including the          freight line could also create an     delivery. In addition, the
                                                                            compatible with the                   development of high quality         opportunity for tram-train or other   following measures will be
     • Need for better traffic management to make the best use of           development of a world class          public transport                    passenger rail services in this       pursued:
     existing capacity                                                      public transport system is set in                                         corridor.
     • Parking of HGVs in appropriate locations                             the context of the West              6.9 Local authorities will seek                                              • Continued delivery of Red
                                                                            Midlands Regional Assembly           to protect key rail connected or     6.11 The importance of                  Routes across the West
     • Lack of parking for HGVs and driver amenities                        2007 Regional Freight Strategy.      connectable sites and to             properly maintained                     Midlands
                                                                            The key issues this highlights are   advocate the enhancement of          infrastructure for adequate lorry
     • Shortage of appropriately qualified drivers and the need to
                                                                             considered in the box opposite.     key routes into and through the      carrying capacity is reflected in       • Telematic travel information
     recruit/retain more qualified drivers
                                                                                                                 West Midlands to W10 gauge           current principal road                  to improve planning,
     • High costs to individuals of HGV training and the reluctance of      6.8 The approach for                 or better for containers (i.e. can   carriageway maintenance and             reliability and flexibility
     industry to pay for training schemes                                   improving freight transport          carry 9ft 6in high, 2.5 metre        bridge strengthening
                                                                            consists of three elements:          wide, standard containers).          programmes.                             • Highway improvements
     • Young people being lost to the industry due to the 21 years old
     qualifying age                                                          • Joint working through the         6.10 Rail freight on the             6.12 The concern about                  • Consideration of the
     • Willingness of employers/ haulers to pay the M6 toll fee              West Midlands Freight Quality       Walsall – Stourbridge line will      congestion is being tackled             potential of shared use lanes
                                                                             Partnership                         be encouraged, in conjunction        through “quick wins”
     • HGV crime                                                                                                 with Metro development in this       traffic management measures,
                                                                             • Enhancing delivery areas          corridor. Rail freight use of the    Smarter Travel travel choices
     • Encouraging local sourcing to address the trend of increasing
                                                                                                                 Walsall – Lichfield corridor will    programmes, and regional
     trip length

72                                                                                                                                                                                                                             73
     Smarter Travel                                                                                                 6.19 Walking has many                use of low speed, lightly
     Choices                                                                                                        environmental benefits and is        trafficked roads.
                                                                                                                    good for peoples’ health. It is
     6.13 Smarter Travel Choices                                                                                    therefore encouraged as a            6.22 Interchange with public
     consist of a range of initiatives                                                                              practical option for local           transport promotes more
     to change individuals’ travel                                                                                  journeys, particularly under 2       journeys to be made by the
     behaviour in favour of the more                                                                                kms. Measures to encourage           greener modes and will
     sustainable modes - public                                                                                     walking are based on safety          continue to be encouraged. It
     transport, walking and cycling                                                                                 and environmental                    must be recognised, however,
     but also seeks to question the                                                                                 improvements in residential          that there are also potential
     need to travel in the first place.                                                                             areas (eg improved lighting) and     conflicts between cycling and
     Smarter Travel Choice measures                                                                                 the reduction of the dominance       bus operations and that these
     can play an important part,           • Car Sharing                       6.16 Impressive increases in         of the private car in central        need to be resolved at the
     within the wider transport                                                public transport use, walking        areas through eg,                    design stage.
     strategy, in reducing                 • Car Clubs                         and cycling, have been               pedestrianisation and traffic
     congestion and reducing the                                               particularly witnessed where         calming schemes. The quality
     impact of transport on the            • Smarter TravelWorking             resources are concentrated on        and maintenance of pavements,
     environment.                          (Teleworking/Home Working/          targeted areas, such as the          squares and public places is
                                           Flexible Working)                   Government’s recent Sustainable      crucial to providing a first class
     6.14 There is a range of                                                  Travel Demonstration Towns           walking environment.
     Smarter Travel Choice initiatives    6.15 The evidence base of            project.
     that can be used to promote          Smarter Travel Choices has                                                Cycling
     use of sustainable travel modes.     been growing in recent years,        6.17 The approach to Smarter
     These include:                       and this shows that Smarter          Travel Choices in the West           6.20 The promotion of cycling
                                          Travel Choices can deliver the       Midlands is to develop major         in the West Midlands provides
      • Public Awareness of Travel        following important benefits:        travel plan pilot schemes in         benefits for modal shift
      Choices                                                                  targeted , congested corridors .     objectives, particularly at the
                                           • Reduce modal share of             These pilot schemes will help us     local level, and increases the
      • Workplace Travel Plans             car, increase the modal share       develop a more comprehensive         accessibility of people without
                                           of public transport, walking,       programme for the whole              access to a car. It is also a
      • School Travel Plans                cycling and car sharing;            Metropolitan Area.                   valuable tool in public health
      • Community Travel Plans             • Playing a role in addressing      Walking
                                           the ‘School Run’ and improved                                            6.21 Cycle strategy in the
      • Residential Travel Plans           health and safety benefits;         6.18 Walking is the first and        West Midlands is building on
                                                                               final link of any public transport   the growing volume of cycling
      • Rail Station Travel Plans          • Reduction in the overall          journey, and the link between        for local journeys. Provision is
                                           number of car trips; and            services where interchange is        based on appropriate measures
      • Promotion of Walking and                                               required. As such it is important    for different conditions
      Cycling                              • Change in the timing of           in the provision of an integrated    encountered on cycling demand
                                           travel, in particular a reduction   system.                              desire lines, eg segregated
      • Personalised Travel Plans          in car travel during periods of                                          facilities for heavily trafficked,
                                           peak traffic volumes.                                                    high speed roads and shared

74                                                                                                                                                                                       75
     Spatial Planning:                    centre. The plan will need to
     Development                          accommodate future rail
     Locations                            capacity and rapid transit
                                          needs, as well as effective bus
     6.23 One of the overall              mall and bus hub arrangements.
     objectives is to influence
     development location. Future
     development location helps
     shape future travel demand and
     vice versa. Centro will work
     with regional partners to ensure
     that the future Single Integrated
     Regional Strategy and Local
     Development Frameworks (LDFs)
     reflect the vision and help shape
     broad development patterns
     accordingly. At the more local
     level, LDFs will protect future
     rapid transit alignments and
     high intensity developments such
     as offices, will be steered to
     places well-served by public
     transport, particularly in the
     strategic centres. This will help
     promote more sustainable travel

     6.24 Long term masterplans
     are being developed for many
     of the strategic centres and will
     need to show the relationship
     between developments and
     transport networks in order to
     protect alignments, make
     provision for stops and stations
     and ensure that sufficient
     capacity is provided for efficient
     and effective operation of the
     bus network .

     6.25 The central Birmingham
     “Big City Plan” has particular
     importance as the regional


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