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					                                  Joint Program
                          (A’ Group of Conferences –
              ROOM A for the days 14 Dec. and 15 Dec.,
                    ROOM A and B for the day 16 Dec.)

             Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, December 14-16, 2009


  The parallel conferences will be held in Orotava Palace (4 Star)
  (DESCRIPTION: Hotel where all the conference lectures will take place, 5 minutes by feet
  away from the famous beach of Puerto De La Cruz)
  ADDRESS: Orotava Palace, C/. Aguilar y Quesada 3, 38400.
  Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
  Tel.: (+34) 922368860, (+34) 922389957,
  Fax: (+34) 922388872,
Other Hotel: Hotel Valle Mar (4 Star) ) (Hotel on the BEACH, where the Banquet will take
place, exactly on the beach of Puerto De La Cruz, 5 minutes away by feet from Orotava Palace
Hotel) ADDRESS: HOTEL VALLE MAR Avenida de Colón, 4, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz-
Tenerife ' (+34) 922-3848007 (+34) 922-383408,

1st Day: December 14, 2009

ROOM A’ OPENING: 08:00-11:00
International Conference on APPLIED
Plenary Lecture 1: 08:30-09:00

                    Sensitivity and Stability of Singular Linear Systems
                    by Prof. M. Isabel Garcia-Planas, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya,

Plenary Lecture 2: 09:00-09:30

                     Statistical Kernel Estimators for Data Analysis and Exploration Tasks
                     – Theory and Applications
                     by Prof. Piotr Kulczycki, Polish Academy of Sciences, POLAND.

Plenary Lecture 3: 09:30-10:00

                     Non-Conventional Fuzzy Connectives
                     by Prof. Imre J. Rudas, Budapest Tech and Prof. Janos Fodor,
                     Budapesti Muszaki Foiskola, HUNGARY.

Plenary Lecture 4: 10:00-10:30
                     Mathematical Characterization of Quantum Algorithm
                     by Assist. Prof. Satoshi Iriyama, Tokyo University of Science,

Plenary Lecture 5: 10:30-11:00

                      Low Dimensional Nonlinear Thermomechanical Models Describing
                      Phase Transformations and their Applications
                      by Prof. Roderick Melnik, Wilfrid Laurier University, CANADA.

Coffee-Break: 11:00-11:30

Plenary Lecture 6: 11:30-12:00

                Boundary Layer Separation Control in Turbomachinery Components: A
                Short Review and Examples
                by Prof. Pietro Zunino, Universita di Genova, ITALY.
Plenary Lecture 7: 12:00-12:30

                        Improving Productivity on Working with CNC Machine Tools
                        by Assoc. Prof. Badea Lepadatescu, Transilvania University of
                        Brasov, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 2: 12:30-13:00

                   Want to Save Energy? - Put Intelligence into Systems
                   by Prof. Vasily Moshnyaga, Fukuoka University, JAPAN.
CONFERENCE ROOM A, 13:00-14:15



CHAIR-ORGANISER: Rector Budapest Tech, Prof. Imre RUDAS
Improvements of the Adaptive Slotine & Li Controller –
Comparative Analysis with Solutions Using Local          Jozsef K. Tar, Imre J. Rudas, Jozsef
Robust Fixed Point Transformations                       Gati                                     697-545

Extended Fuzzy Methods in Risk Management                Marta Takacs                             697-544

Non-Conventional Interpretation of Fuzzy Connectives     Imre J. Rudas, Janos Fodor               697-543
Representation of Human Intent and Expertise in a New    Laszlo Horvath, Imre J. Rudas, Ryszard
Knowledge Based Engineering Object Modeling              Klempous                                 697-542
A Conversational Case-Based Reasoning Help-Desk
Utility for Complex Products                             Gil Chen, Yoram Reich                    697-428

CONFERENCE ROOM A, 14:15-17:00


Chair: Stratos Kanarachos

Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Modified
Plasters with Different Grained Lime Binder              Radka Pernicova, Milena Pavlikova        697-112
                                                         J. Quartieri, N. E. Mastorakis, C.
Road Intersections Noise Impact on Urban Environment     Guarnaccia, A. Troisi, S. D'Ambrosio,
Quality                                                  G. Iannone                               697-548
                                                         Mircea Horia Tierean, Liana Sanda
Design of Valves used in Reciprocating Compressors       Baltes                                   697-419
Cost Minimization of Light Resin Transfer Molding        S. Kanarachos, N. Pantelelis, G.
Produced Parts                                           Demosthenous                             697-204
Drive of Weapon with Together Bound Barrels and          Jiri Balla, Lubomir Popelinsky, Zbynek
Breeches                                                 Krist                                    697-206
Parametric Study on the Effect of Endwalls on Fluid      Mehmed Rafet Ozdemir, Mustafa Koz,
Flow in Micro Pin-Fins                                   Ali Kosar                                697-208
Computer Program for the Sequential-Sampling Plan
for Attributes                                           Eftimie Nicolae                          697-414
Towards Machine Vision based Surface Inspection of       Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Michael Lutjen,
Micro-Parts                                              Hendrik Thamer, Dennis Dickmann          697-313
                                                         Badea Lepadatescu, Anisor Nedelcu,
Improving Productivity on Working with CNC Machine       Nouras Barbu-Lupulescu, Adela-Eliza
Tools                                                    Dumitrascu, Enescu Ioan                  697-312

Coffee-Break: 17:00-17:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A, 17:30-20:30



CHAIR-ORGANISER: Prof. Emil Pop and Prof. Monica Leba

About the Solutions of the Dynamic Optimum
Consumer Models                                          Ilie Mitran, Codruta Cornelia Dura       697-341
Software Control and Monitoring for Underground to       Monica Leba, Florin Badea, Dacian
Surface Transport Process                                Ciodaru, Emilia Padurariu                697-333
                                                         Emil Pop, Cosmin Covaciu, Adrian
Adaptive Control Strategy for Conveyor Drive Systems     Avram, Felicia Neghina                   697-334
Modeling, Simulation and Design of the Intrinsic         Monica Leba, Emil Pop, Bogdan
Protection Using Safety Barriers                         Sochirca, Petre Marian Vamvu             697-335
Software Based on Logic Neural Networks for Digital      Emil Pop, Monica Leba, Maria Pop,
Controllers Design                                       Bogdan Sochirca, Alin Badea              697-336
Modeling and Simulation for Cinematic and Dynamic        Monica Leba, Emil Pop, Petre Vamvu,
Regime of an Industrial Articulated Robot                Corina Corbu, Cosmin Covaciu             697-337
Adaptive and Optimal Control for the Extraction Mining   Emil Pop, Monica Leba, Camelia
Machine                                                  Barbu, Adrian Avram                      697-338
Software Engineering Approach on Administrative          Emil Pop, Emilia Padurariu, Monica
Management                                               Leba, Ciodaru Dacian                     697-339
The Optimization of the Stocks Within Coal Power         Rascolean Ilie, Isac Claudia, Dura
Stations Using the Dynamic Programming Method            Codruta                                  697-340
Computations on Transonic Inviscid Flows Past Thin
Airfoils                                                 Rui M. S. Pereira, Jitesh S. B. Gajjar   697-243
                                                         Irene Brito, Jorge Figueiredo, Maria
                                                         Flores, Ana Jesus, Gaspar Machado,
Using e-learning to Self Regulate the Learning Process   Teresa Malheiro, Paulo Pereira, Rui M.
of Mathematics for Engineering Students                  S. Pereira, Estelita Vaz                 697-244
2nd Day: December 15, 2009
CONFERENCE ROOM A’, 08:00-11:00


Chair: Sylvia Encheva

On a Characterization of Bessel Potentials on Lp(.)(Rn)
Spaces                                                    D. I. Cruz-Baez                         697-081
A Strengthened Mixed-Integer Linear Formulation for       Graca Marques Goncalvesa, Lidia
the K Clusters Problem with Fixed Cardinality             Lampreia Lourenco                       697-350
Complementary Approaches for the Computation of the
Independent Number of a Graph                             Carmo P. Bras, Joaquim J. Judice        697-263

Concepts Visualization                                    Sylvia Encheva                          697-483
Statistical Kernel Estimators for Data Analysis and
Exploration Tasks - Theory and Applications               Piotr Kulczycki                         697-424

Circular Saw Mandelbrot Set                               Mamta Rani, Manish Kumar                697-223

A Categorical Approach to Quantum Algorithm               Yuji Hirota                             697-469

Mathematical Characterization of Quantum Algorithm        Satoshi Iriyama, Masanori Ohya          697-275
Quantum Teleportation with Non-Maximal Entangled
State                                                     Masanari Asano, Masanori Ohya           697-280
Data Mining Based on Rough Sets and Its Application
in Risk Decision-making                                   Li Wanqing, Ma Lihua, Wei Dong          697-503
                                                          Minvydas Ragulskis, Algiment Aleksa,
Image Hiding Based on Circular Geometric Moire            Jurate Ragulskiene                      697-228

A Chinese License Plate Recognition System                Yanping Bai, Hongping Hu, Fei Li        697-184
Abelian Subalgebras in Low-Dimensional Solvable Lie       Manuel Ceballos, Juan Nunez, Angel F.
Algebras                                                  Tenorio                                 697-235

Coffee-Break: 11:00-11:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A’, 11:30-15:00


Chair: Pietro Zunino
Case Study of a Heat Pump Installation with Horizontal      Mantulescu Marius, Fota Stan, Tuns
Ground Heat Exchangers                                      Ioan                                     697-416
Designing Clamps using CAD Programs and C++                 Mihaela Urdea, Luminita Parv, Nouras
Language                                                    Barbu Lupulescu                          697-420
                                                            Chin-Feng Lin, Zuu-Chang Hong, Jeng-
                                                            Shing Chern, Chien-Ming Lin, Bo-Jyun
Structure Design of TUUSAT-1A Microsatellite                Chang                                    697-505
A Weight Minimization Methodology for Light Resin
Transfer Molding Produced Small Craft Pleasure Boats        S. Kanarachos, N. Pantelelis, G.
using Genetic Algorithms                                    Demosthenous                             697-203
Analysis of Elastic Elements Contained in the ABS-          W. W. Thierheimer, L. Gaceu, D. C.
Controller                                                  Thierheimer, D. Ardeleanu                697-418
Effects of the Variation of the Periapsis Velocity in a     Vivian Martins Gomes, Antonio F. B. A.
Swing_by Maneuver of a Cloud of Particles                   Prado                                    697-323
On the Accelerations Transmitted to Transported
Freight During the Shock Caused by Railway Vehicles'
Collision                                                   Copaci Ion, Tanasoiu Aurelia             697-109
                                                            J. Quartieri, N. E. Mastorakis, G.
                                                            Iannone, C. Guarnaccia, S.
A Review of Traffic Noise Predictive Models                 D'Ambrosio, A. Troisi, T. L. L. Lenza    697-304
Filtering the GPS navigation solution for real time orbit   Vivian Gomes, Antonio Prado, Helio
determination using different dynamical models              Kuga                                     697-261
Study Concerning the Mechanical Tests of
MAT&ROVING Fiber Reinforced Laminated
Composites                                                  A. Stanciu, D. Cotoros                   697-484
Theoretical Considerations about Suspension's Vertical      Catalin Cruceanu, Marius Spiroiu,
Response while Braking Railway Vehicles                     Camil Craciun                            697-435
An Approximate Dynamic Analysis of Multistory               Semih Kucukarslan and Yalcin
Structures                                                  Kumbasar                                 697-134

CONFERENCE ROOM A’, 15:00-17:00


Chair: Hamid Bentarzi
Quantification of Emotional Features of
Photoplethysomographic Waveforms Using Box-                 Andrews Samraj, Nasir G. Noma,
Counting Method of Fractal Dimension                        Shohel Sayeed, Nikos E. Mastorakis       697-087
                                                            Kama Azura Othman, Mahanijah Md
System Identification of Discrete Model for DC Motor        Kamal, Nasirah Mamat, Norhayati
Positioning                                                 Hamzah                                   697-361
Research on the Elimination of Cracks in Continuous        Gelu Ovidiu Tirian, Camelia Bretotean
Casting Plant Using Fuzzy Logic                            Pinca, Daniela Cristea, Marcel Topor       697-486
                                                           Michael Marszalek, Martin Eder,
Mobile Robots for the Simultaneous Exploration and 2D      Andreas Tropschug, Alois Knoll, Hagen
Determination of Radioactivity                             Hofer                                      697-481
                                                           Hamid Bentarzi, Abderrahmane Ouadi,
A New Approach Applied to Adaptive Centralized Load        Nadir Ghout, Farid Maamri, Nikos
Shedding Scheme                                            E.Mastorakis                               697-089
                                                           S. K. Subramaniam, V. R. Gannapathy,
Intelligent and Self Control Safety Traffic Light System   S. A. Anas, A. B. M. Diah, M. K. Suaidi,
for Road Constructions                                     A. H. Hamidon                              697-164
Frequency response based indicators of optimal setting
for model-free PID controller autotuning                   Bohumil Šulc                               697-665
H-infinity Controller and Bumpless Transfer Design for     M. J. Lopez, L. Garcia, J. Lorenzo, A.
Marine Propulsion System                                   Consegliere                                697-431

Coffee-Break: 17:00-17:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A: 17:30-20:30


Chair: Dalibor Biolek

Output Feedback Sliding Mode Control with Support
Vector Machine Based Observer Gain Adaptation              S. Tokat, S. Iplikci, L. Ulusoy            697-178
Design and Implementation of Multi IMC-PID for a           Faezeh Yeganli, Niusha Eshghi, S.
Pressure Plant                                             Faegheh Yeganli, Ali Khaki Sedigh          697-172
Design and Implementation of a Cellular Neural             Baran Tander, Atilla Ozmen, Yasin
Network Based Oscillator Circuit                           Ozcelep                                    697-117
The Structure and Advantages of Digital Training Set
for Computer Engineering                                   Gulay Tezel, Sirzat Kahramanli             697-319
                                                           Zdenek Kolka, Dalibor Biolek, Viera
Simulation of Atmospheric Optical Channel with ISI         Biolkova                                   697-342
Devices Selection for the Construction of a Microwave      E. Zirintsis, C. Pavlatos, C. A.
Transmission Link at 2.45 GHz                              Christodoulou, V. M. Mladenov              697-515
On the Validity of SSA-based Models of DC-DC               Viera Biolkova, Zdenek Kolka, Dalibor
Converters                                                 Biolek                                     697-344
A Noise-Aware Design and an Enhanced IBIS Model for        Wen-Tzeng Huang, Sun-Yen Tan,
Evaluating Simultaneous Switching Noise                    Chin-Hsing Chen, Chiu-Ching Tuan           697-630
A Smart GUI Based Air-Conditioning and Lighting
Controller for Energy Saving in Building                   M. F. Abas, N. Md. Saad, N. L. Ramli       697-250
Thermal and Reliability Optimization of Resistors for     Anna Andonova, Rumen Yordanov,
MCM                                                       Nadezhda Kafadarova                        697-321
PCB Thermal Design Improvement Through Thermal
Vias                                                      Nadezhda Kafadarova, Anna Andonova         697-409

  BANQUET: 21:00 – 24:00 – December 15

  At the Hotel Valle Mar (4 Star) ) (The Hotel VALLE MAR is on the BEACH, where the
  Banquet will take place, exactly on the beach of Puerto De La Cruz, 5 minutes away by feet
  from Orotava Palace Hotel)
  ADDRESS: HOTEL VALLE MAR Avenida de Colón, 4, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz-Tenerife
  ' (+34) 922-3848007 (+34) 922-383408,

3rd Day: December 16, 2009
CONFERENCE ROOM A’, 08:00-15:00 with Coffee-Break at 11:00-11:30


Chair: Piotr Kulczycki,

The Sequential Detection of Artery Sectional Area
Using Optical Flow Technique                              Kamil Riha, Igor Potucek                   697-387
Analysis of MER by Multiple Carriers of the DVB-T         Iulian Udroiu, Corneliu Salisteanu, Ioan
Signal                                                    Vasile, Ion Caciula                        697-649
An Automatic Malay Speech Recognition System for
Dysathric                                                 S. A. R. Al-Haddad                         697-137
Objective Speech Quality Evaluation. A Primarily
Experiments on a Various Age and Gender Speakers
Corpus                                                    Jiri Kouril, Hicham Atassi                 697-660
Optimizing Digital Audio Cross-Point Matrix for Desktop
Processors Using Parallel Processing and SIMD
Technology                                                Jiri Schimmel                              697-399
                                                         Florin Alexa, Vasile Gui, Catalin
Fast Contour Extraction                                  Caleanu, Ciprian David                    697-398

Problems of Measuring Pulse Wave Velocity                Milan Chmelar, Radim Ciz                  697-641

Efficient Method for APSK Demodulation                   Jiri Sebesta                              697-541

Watermarking of Audio Signals Through Changing the
Tonal Components in DWPT Domain                          Radek Zezula                              697-265
Shape Classification Using Simplification and Tangent
Function                                                 Chi-Man Pun, Cong Li                      697-472

Coffee-Break 11:00-11:30

Seesion Continued until 15:00
Automated Quantitative Assessment of Perifollicular      Boris Cigale, Smiljan Sinjur, Damjan
Vascularization                                          Zazula                                    697-391
Polynomial Thresholding based on Probability
Distribution of Noise Signal                             Ondrej Raso, Miroslav Balik               697-632
Performance of a Voltage Peak Detection-Based
Flickermeter                                             Jiri Drapela                              697-532
Fish Freshness Classification Based on Image             Fairuz Muhamad, Hadzli Hashim,
Processing and Fuzzy Logic                               Roziah Jarmin, Anuar Ahmad                697-284
Imaging a Laser Pulse Propagation Trough an Image
Acquisition System                                       Toadere Florin, Nikos E. Mastorakis       697-254
A Comparison Between a CRT and a LCD Monitors
Colors Rendering                                         Toadere Florin, Nikos E. Mastorakis       697-255
A New Scaling Method for SDTV Video Signal               Iulian Udroiu, Nicoleta Angelescu, Ioan
Conversion at HDTV Resolution                            Tache, Ion Caciula                        697-650
                                                         Mahanijah Md Kamal, Hadzli Hashim,
Intelligent Classification of Plaque Lesion with         Fairul Nazmie Osman, Rita Harmiza
Emulation of Human Vision Perception                     Abd Rashid                                697-222
Distortion of Voicing and Vocal Tract Parameters After
Codecs                                                   Amr Nabil, M. Hesham                      697-246
A Statistical Analysis of Led Reflectance for Various    Norlaila Omar, Hadzli Hashim, Fairul
Rubber Seeds Clone                                       Nazmie Osman, Afif Ekram Darami           697-224
Mobile Robot Visual Control and Navigation Using         Sh. Sehati Dehkharghani, A. Bekiarski,
Strategies of Moving Object Localization and Mapping     P. Venkov                                 697-352
                                                         Alexander Bekiarski, Snejana
Microphone Array Beamforming for Mobile Robot            Pleshkova                                 697-330
CONFERENCE ROOM A’, 15:00-16:00


Chair: Maria Isabel Garcia-Planas
                                                         Javier Bilbao, Eugenio Bravo, Olatz
                                                         Garcia, Concepcion Varela, Purificacion
Powerful Tool as a Complement to the Traditional         Gonzalez, Izaskun Baro, Miguel
Resources on a Course: Video Podcast                     Rodriguez                                 697-310
Fitting the Sigmoid Function Concerning a Bingham
Fluid                                                    Adam Marlewski, Marek Sozanski            697-219
Spectral Vibration Patterns by Symbolic Computation      Alicia Tinnirello, Eduardo Gago, Monica
Systems                                                  Dadamo                                    697-425

CONFERENCE ROOM A’, 16:00-17:00


Chair: Maria Isabel Garcia-Planas

Quintic B-Spline Curve Generation and Modification
based on Specified Radius of Curvature                   Tetsuzo Kuragano                          697-232
Sensivity and Stability of Singular Systems under
Proportional and Derivative Feedback                     M. Isabel Garcia-Planas                   697-095
A Canonical Reduced Form for Singular Time Invariant
Linear Systems. Part I                                   A. Diaz, M. I. Garcia-Planas              697-097
A Canonical Reduced Form for Singular Time Invariant
Linear Systems. Part II                                  A. Diaz, M. I. Garcia-Planas              697-098

Coffee-Break: 17:00-17:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A’, 17:30-20:00

MECHANICS’09:     THEORETICAL,                                   EXPERIMENTAL                  AND

Chair: N. I. Chekunaev

Stabilization Operation Region for a Reciprocal Flow     Valeri Bubnovich, Luis Henriquez,
Burner                                                   Catalina Diaz, Emilio Avila               697-397
                                                         Raluca Nita, Valeriu Avramescu, Stefan
Modular Intelligent Fixing Systems for Cutting Process   Craciunoiou                               697-231
Measuring the Creep of Cement Paste Specimens              Pavel Padevet Petr Bittnar            697-366
Comparison of Two Experimental Techniques for
Determination of Young's Modulus of Concrete               Tomas Plachy, Pavel Padevet, Michal
Specimens                                                  Polak                                 697-301
Design and Aerodynamic Characterization of a               Francesca Satta, Daniele Simoni,
Synthetic Jet for Boundary Layer Control                   Marina Ubaldi, Pietro Zunino          697-306
Experimental Investigation of Synthetic Jet-Separated      Francesca Satta, Daniele Simoni,
Boundary Layer Interaction                                 Marina Ubaldi, Pietro Zunino          697-308
Material Properties of Cement Paste at High
Temperatures                                               Pavel Padevet Ondrej Zobal            697-369
Determination of Young's Modulus of Gypsum Blocks          Tomas Plachy, Pavel Tesarek, Pavel
Using two Different Experimental Methods                   Padevet, Michal Polak                 697-376
Vibration Monitoring of the Bridge Loaded by Heavy         Michal Polak, Tomas Plachy, Tomas
Vehicle Traffic                                            Rotter                                697-401
Self-Similar Propagation of Face Loaded Crack in
Elastic Material, Exact Solution                           N. I. Chekunaev                       697-161

3rd Day: December 16, 2009

CONFERENCE ROOM B’, 08:00-15:00 with Coffee-Break at 11:00-11:30


Chair: M. I. Garcia-Planas

Spectral Differentiation Operators and Hydrodynamic        Diana Alina Bistrian, Florica Ioana
Models for Stability of Swirling Fluid Systems             Dragomirescu, George Savii            697-655
Existence and Uniqueness of Positive Solutions for
Degenerate Logistic Neumann Problems in a Half             Runhua Zhao, Nianpeng Wang, Wei
Space                                                      Dong                                  697-247
Existence of Three Positive Periodic Solutions of          Nianpeng Wang, Runhua Zhao, Wei
Differential Equations of Second Order                     Dong                                  697-248
Feedback Control of Parallel-Flow Heat Exchanger
Equations Using a Forwardstepping Method                   Hideki Sano, Shin-Ichi Nakagiri       697-212
Stochastic Parametric Resonance of a Fractional
Oscillator                                                 Astrid Rekker, Romi Mankin            697-195

On Inverse Integrating Factor of Certain Vector Fields     Khalil I. T. Al-Dosary                697-142
Low Dimensional Nonlinear Thermomechanical Models
Describing Phase Transformations and their                 Roderick Melnik, Olena Tsviliuk,
Applications                                               Linxiang Wang                         697-114
Existence of Positive Solutions for Dirichlet Problem in
a Half Space                                               Tieguo Ji, Wei Dong                   697-500
Backstepping Boundary Control of First-order Coupled
Hyperbolic Partial Integro-differential Equations         Hideki Sano, Shin-Ichi Nakagiri          697-215
An Alternative Complete System of Invariants for Matrix
Pencils under Strict Equivalence                          A. Diaz, M. I. Garcia-Planas             697-096

Coffee-Break 11:00-11:30

CONFERENCE ROOM B’, 11:30-15:00


Chair: Roderick Melnik

Assessment of Fuel Consumption Using Factorial
Experiments, Regression Trees and MARS                    Betul Kan, Berna Yazici                  697-293
Polylinear Form of Functions on HOSVD Basis in            Andras Rovid, Laszlo Szeidl, Peter
Relation to Fourier Image Processing                      Varlaki                                  697-356

Conformal Mapping in Naval Architecture                   Panait Anghel, Camelia Ciobanu           697-331
                                                          J. Lellep, E. Puman, L. Roots, E.
Optimization of Rotationally Symmetric Shells             Tungel                                   697-355
Stability Aspects in an Electrical System used in
Transport                                                 Carmen Lungoci, Adam Galuszka            697-392
A Beam Search Method to Solve the Problem of
Assignment Cells to Switches in a Cellular Mobile         Cassilda Maria Ribeiro, Anibal Tavares
Network                                                   Azevedo                                  697-211
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for Structural
Damage Detection                                          Musa O. Abdalla                          697-648
Fixed Point Technique for a Class of Nonlinear Systems    Romeo Negrea, Andrei Eckstein, Florin
and Application to Stochastic Resonance                   Alexa                                    697-642
An Optimization Approach for the Job Shop Scheduling
Problem                                                   Jorge Magalhaes-Mendes                   697-218
Stochastic Control Optimization without Certainty
Equivalence and Separation                                Shinar Josef                             697-640

CONFERENCE ROOM B’, 15:00-17:00
MATH’09:            PROBABILITIES,               STATISTICS           AND       OPERATIONAL

Chair: C. Guarnaccia,

Discounted Markov Decision Processes for Small Noise     Hugo Cruz-Suarez, Rocio Ilhuicatzi-
Intensities                                              Roldan                                    697-386
Fitting of Weibull Distribution to Study Wind Energy     A. M. Razali, M. S. Sapuan, K. Ibrahim,
Potential in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia                  A. R. Ismail, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian       697-528
Value Iteration and Action ε-Approximation of Optimal    Raul Montes-De-Oca, Enrique Lemus-
Policies in Discounted Markov Decision Processes         Rodriguez                                 697-320

The Modification of BCC Model Using Facet Analysis       Sahand Daneshvar                          697-237
Dynamic Concentration/Inequality Indices of Economic
Systems                                                  Guglielmo D'Amico, Giuseppe Di Biase      697-639
Transitive Pairwise Comparison Matrices over Abelian
Linearly Ordered Groups                                  Bice Cavallo, Livia D'Apuzzo              697-318
Imperfection Sensitivity and Insensitivity of Building
Structures                                               Libor Puklicky                            697-139

Coffee-Break 17:00-17:30

CONFERENCE ROOM B’, 17:30-21:00


Chair: Vasily G. Moshnyaga
Robot Mobile Control Technology Using Robot Arm as       Yuchul Jung, Junghwan Choi,
Haptic Interface                                         Seongsoo Lee, Hernsoo Hahn                697-305
                                                         Mario Salerno, Giovanni Costantini,
A Simulation Tool for a Laser Based Air Traffic          Massimo Carota, Daniele Casali,
Management System                                        Massimiliano Todisco                      697-289
Short-Term Memory and Event Memory Classification        Giovanni Costantini, Massimiliano
Systems for Automatic Polyphonic Music Transcription     Todisco, Renzo Perfetti, Roberto Basili   697-290
Development an Engineering Synthesis Model of
Generalized Item for Design of Flexible Manufacturing    Adriana Fota, Constantin Buzatu,
Systems                                                  Gavrila Calefariu                         697-423

Want to Save Energy? - Put Intelligence into Systems     Vasily G. Moshnyaga                       697-626
Experimental Determination of Surface Roughness of
Parts Obtained by Rapid Prototyping                      R. Udroiu, L. A. Mihail                   697-507
                                                         Mario Salerno, Giovanni Costantini,
                                                         Massimo Carota, Daniele Casali,
The Sky-Scanner Project: A General Overview              Massimiliano Todisco, Donatella           697-288
                                                         Rondinella, Maria Vittoria Crispino

Videoconference Client for Windows Mobile                Petr Cika, Philip Regueyra                 697-496
                                                         Young Jung Ahn, Dae Yon Hwang,
Saturating Counter Design for Meta Predictor in Hybrid   Yong Suk Lee, Jin-Young Choi,
Branch Prediction                                        Gyungho Lee                                697-364
Intellectual and Remotely Self Monitored Flood           S. K. Subramaniam, V. R. Gannapathy,
Observatory System for High Frequency Flood Prone        S. A. Anas, A. B. M. Diah, M. K. Suaidi,
Locations                                                A. H. Hamidon                              697-155