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Byron Mansfield


									Byron Mansfield
216 N. Peartree Ln
Raleigh, NC 27610
April 8th, 2009

Dear Recipient,

I am seeking a Graphic Design and/or Web Development career. Given the opportunity to
fill the position, I feel I would make a significant contribution to your team and or company.

More specifically, I offer a positive attitude and the ability to work efficiently, even under
high volume and stressful situations. The ability to flex and adapt to new situations is a
critical part of my past work experience. With past management experience, I possess
leadership, organization, problem-solving and strong decision making skills. It also gave me
the opportunity to be a team builder. I understand how important it is for all employees to
work together and complete all tasks for the company to work efficiently.

I am particularly interested in designing and/or web development careers, because it gives
me the opportunity to be creative. It is just the career that I need to harness my interests
within my already existing daily activities with Design and Web Development.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an interview please contact me at
(336) 403-8351 or I look forward to meeting with you to further
discuss employment opportunities.


                                                                     Byron Mansfield
           216 N. Peartree Ln.  Raleigh, NC 27610  336 403-8351 

      Looking for a career that will challenge and expand my skills and knowledge in the
      rapidly growing Design and Web Development field.

          Efficient with Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.
          Trained in all Adobe, Macromedia, and MS Office software.
          Efficient with html, css, php, flash, mySQL, javascript, AJAX, and jQuery.
          Strong networking and routing skills, and experience with server management.
          Comfortable working through remote connections such as Remote Desktop,
           VNC, and SSH.

Work Experience
       Helton Inc, Raleigh NC, 07/07 – 12/08 (Shawn Helton – 919-332-1333)
       Web Manager, Network Administrator
              Designed and manage website/network.
              Work with MySQL, PHP, SSH, FTP, CMS, Vi, Apache and Remote
              Fulfill any graphic design needs. (Adobe CS3 suite)
              Implemented a client management software, and P.O.S. system.
              Installed and managed Windows 2003 server.
              Set up cross platform network for printer and file sharing, all remotely

       Freelance - Current
       Designer / Computer repairs / Networker / Portrait Artist
              Designs range from an array of different print and web-based projects.
              Work, modify, and repair home computers for 7 years.
              Set up and maintained small business networks for file and printer sharing.
              Draw and paint portraits of family and pets.

       Modbase Inc ,Savannah GA (Joel Burgess: 912-441-0711)
       Sales Representative, ( Modbase: P.O.S. / Client Management System )
              Customer service
              Software product consultant
              Product Sales
              Customer phone IT support

       Suncoast Video, High Point NC (No longer open)
              Inventory
              Hiring and training employees
              Employee scheduling
             Managing daily goals
             Opening and closing store.

         5 years at Savannah College of Art and Design Majored in Graphic/Web Design
          and Minored in Drawing.
      Community College
         2 years at Forsyth Technical Community College studying:
               General Electronics       Communication Systems
               General Mechanics         Plumbing
               Computer Networking

         1 Semester at Wake Technical Community College studying:
            Welding
      High School
         4 years West Forsyth High School in Lewisville NC.

      Joel Burgess
      Network Monitoring System Engineer
      Connexion Technologies

      Nathan Goodman
      Network Engineer
      Connexion Technologies

      Christopher Colbert
      IT field tech
      Carolinas Healthcare Systems

      Drew Cree
      Web Master
      Chatham County, GA

      Emily Odom
      Legal Assistant
      Brooks Pierce

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