Jewellery Ballymoney Jewellery ʻThe Auction Roomsʼ Main Street Ballymoney Friday 26th by fjhuangjun

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                ʻThe Auction Roomsʼ
               Main Street, Ballymoney
               Friday 26th June @ 7.00 pm
                Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th
                3.00 - 5.00pm and 7.00 - 8.30 pm
                  and Day of Sale from 4.00 pm

Further Details from the Auctioneers   028 276 67669
                                                                  Conditions of Sale
1. The highest approved bidder shall be the purchaser. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid, and should any dispute arise between two
   or more bidders, the lot or lots in dispute shall be put up again, or not, and resold at the discretion of the Auctioneer, or the auctioneer may declare
   the purchaser. The Auctioneer reserves the right to alter, divide, group or withdraw any lot or lots either before or at any time during the sale.
2. The Auctioneer shall regulate the bidding and no bid shall be retracted.
3. Every purchaser shall give his name and place of abode, in default of which the Auctioneers shall have the power to resell at once, or afterwards
   as they may think fit.
4. Each bidder shall be supposed to have seen and to be thoroughly acquainted with the contents and conditions of the lot or lots on which he may
   bid, and no allowance whatsoever will be made for any faults, imperfections or errors of any description. The measurements and quantities
   described in the Catalogue are believed to be correct and must be taken as such. The purchaser being held to have satisfied himself as to
   measurements and quantities and other specifications in the Catalogue before bidding, neither will the Auctioneers or the Vendors be responsible
   for any lot or parts of any lot after the fall of the hammer, from which time all lots purchased are at the risk of the Purchaser.
5. The Auctioneers or the Vendors do not guarantee the measurements catalogued, or the correct description, genuineness or authenticity of any lot.
6. Each purchaser shall pay the whole amount of his purchase money (Auctioneerʼs Commission payable by purchaser) for all lots bought by him
   before any lot or lots can be removed and the whole amount due from each purchaser must be absolutely paid on each day of the sale and if not
   paid within such time, all moneys deposited in any part payment shall be absolutely forfeited and the Auctioneers will be at liberty to resell the lot or
   lots or any parts thereof remaining un-removed, by Public Sale or otherwise, without giving previous notice to the purchaser and any difference or
   deficiencies which may arise from, such re-sale, together with all expenses attending the same shall be made good by the purchaser.
7. The lots are sold with all faults and errors of description. No allowance can be made in any case, nor will the Vendors be answerable for any
   deficiencies in quantities or measurements when the purchaser, his agent, carrier or man employed by him has removed any part of his lot or lots
   from the premises. All lots purchased must be removed absolutely in the time specified and if not so removed may be resold by the Vendors.
8. The Purchaser shall be answerable for all damages occasioned by any injury or other lots, by the removal of lots purchased by them, or to the
   premises and to repair or pay damages to the owners of same before the removal of their lots from the premises. In the event of any persons
   interested in the premises, claiming the whole or any part of a lot before its removal therefrom or if in the Auctioneerʼs opinion, the removal of any
   lot will endanger or permanently damage any building, the Auctioneer may, by written notice to the purchaser of such lot delivered to him or his
   Agent, or sent by post to his abode or place of business last known to the Auctioneers, rescind the sale of any such lot. The purchaser shall then
   be repaid his purchase money but shall not have or make any other claim.
9. Such lot or lots as are not cleared away agreeably to the condition of this sale, will not only be forfeited and may be dealt with under last condition,
   but the purchaser shall pay every expense attending the removal of any such lot or lots, and the costs of making good any damage occasioned by
   such removal. No lots shall be removed until the day following the last day of sale.
10. If any dispute or difference arises about any lot, or any other subject, the same shall be settled by the Auctioneers, with the approval of the
    Vendors, whose determination shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
11. The Auctioneers nor the Vendors do not accept any liability for personal injuries of any description sustained or
    caused by any reason whatsoever by any person while on the premises or otherwise.
12. Purchasers will pay 12.5% Auctioneers Commission (minimum fee £1) + VAT on the commission.
1   A 9ct Gold Sapphire Ring      7    A 9ct Gold Rose Gold Bar    11   A Silver Watch Fob, Circa
2   A 10ct Gold Blue Topaz Ring        Brooch – circa 1900              1900
                                                                   12   A 1930ʼs Costume Brooch

3   A 9ct Gold Illusion Set       8    A 9ct Gold Bar Brooch Set
    Diamond Solitaire Ring             with a Blue Zircona         13   An 18ct Gold Signet Ring
4   A 9ct Gold Sapphire and                                        14   A Gold Blue Zircon Ring
    Diamond Ring

5   A 9ct Gold Amethyst Ring      9    A Silver Cameo Brooch       15   A 9ct Gold Ten Stone Ring-
6   A 9ct Gold Cameo Ring         10   A Silver Charm Bracelet          One Stone Missing
                                                                   16   A 9ct Gold Five Garnet Ring
17   A 9ct Gold Amethyst Set Ring
18   A 9ct Gold Garnet & Pinhead     23   A Silver Agate Set Fob        29   A 9ct Gold Ring
     Diamond Ring                    24   A 9ct Gold Set of Pearl       30   A 9ct Gold Diamond Set Ring

19   A Wingmaster London Wrist       25   A 9ct Gold Onyx Signet Ring   31   A Sterling Silver Figurine ʻPig
     Watch                           26   A 9ct Gold Ring Set with           at Gateʼ
20   A Henley Jewelled Wrist              Three Cubic Zirconia          32   A Silver Plated Money Box in
     Watch                                                                   the form of a Rolls Royce

21   A Ladies Ingersol Inset Wrist   27   A 9ct Gold Bloodstone Set     33   A Set of Three Silver Plated
     Watch in Original Case               Signet Ring                        Perfume Bottles
22   A Modern Silver Locket and      28   A 9ct Gold Cubic Zirconia     34   A Silver Plated Infuser
     Chain                                Solitaire Ring
35   A Silver Plated Hip Flask       41   An Amethyst Ring             47   A Silver Clasp, 1922
36   A Silver Plated Bottle Opener   42   A 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster   48   A 9ct Gold Cameo Brooch
                                          Ring – Diamond 0.05 ct

                                                                                     49   A 2001
                                                                                          Gold Proof
                                                                                          £25 Coin –
                                                                                          No 403

37   An 18ct Gold Mourning Ring –    43   A Large Porcelain Brooch
     Distressed                      44   A 9ct Gold Gate Bracelet
38   A Gold Three Stone Ring

                                                                                50An Enamel and Gilt
                                                                                  Metal Red Cross
                                                                                51An Enamel and Gilt
                                                                                  Metal Red Cross
39   A 9ct Gold Signet Ring          45   A Gold Plated Brooch
40   A White Gold & Diamond Ring     46   A Costume Brooch in the
                                          Shape of a Leaf
52   A 1939 – 1946 Irish Army        56   A White Gold Emerald and       61   A Silver Marquisite Set Bar
     Emergency Service Medal              Diamond Cluster Ring                Brooch
     with Original Spare Ribbons &   57   An 18ct White Gold Sapphire
     Certificate                          and Diamond Cluster Ring
53   A Solid Silver 1966 Irish Ten
     Shilling Coin

                                                                         62   A 9ct Gold Turquoise Bar
54   A 22ct Gold Plated Coin in      58   A 9ct Gold Sapphire and
                                                                         63   A Lot of Six Silver Charms
     Presentation Box                     Diamond Cluster Ring
                                     59   A 9ct Gold Sapphire Ring

                                                   60    A 9ct Gold
                                                         Ring Set with
                                                         Pin Head
                                                                         64   A Victorian 9ct Amethyst and
55   A Heavy 9ct Gold Masonic
                                                                              Pearl Pendant and Chain
                                                                         65   A Victorian Gold and Enamel
                                                                              Fob Watch
66   An Antique Silver Mizpah         72   A Victorian Gold Fancy Link    78   A 9ct Gold Sapphire Cluster
     Locket                                Bracelet                            Ring
67   An Antique Silver Half Hunter    73   A 9ct Gold Garnet Ring         79   A Pair of Silver Plated
     Pocket Watch                                                              Candlesticks
                                                                          80   A Norwegian Silver Pepper

68   A Victorian Silver Bangle 1885   74   A 9ct Gold Three Garnet Ring                   81   A Silver
69   A 9ct Gold Sapphire and          75   A 9ct Gold Blue Zirconia                            Folding
     Diamond Bangle                        Cluster Ring                                        Corkscrew
                                                                                          82   A Silver
                                                                                               Plated Oval
                                                                                          83   A Pair of
                                                                                               Silver Plated
70   An Edwardian Ruby and            76   A 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring
     Diamond Bangle 1906              77   A 9ct Gold Gem Set Cluster
71   An Antique Rose Gold Curb             Ring
                                                                       96    A 9ct Gold Bracelet Set with
                                                                             Four Sovereigns
84   Five Silver Charms and a    90   A 9ct Gold Bracelet Set with
     Mother of Pearl Charm            Four Half Sovereigns
85   A Large Victorian Swivel    91   An Irish Silver Medal – Dublin
     Brooch                           1936

                                                                       97    A 9ct Smoky Quartz Ring
                                                                       98    A 9ct Gold Garnet Set Ring

86   A Victorian Silver Double   92   A Gold Plated Inset Brooch
     Albert Chain 1899           93   A Gold Plated Cameo Brooch
87   An Antique 20” Gold Chain

                                                                       99    A 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring
                                                                       100   A 9ct Gold Amethyst and
                                                                             Diamond Cluster Ring

                                                                                         101 A 9ct Gold
88   An Antique 9ct Gold Guard   94   A Silver Plated ʻLizardʼ Inset                         Diamond
     Chain                            Brooch                                                 Illusion Set
89   A 9ct Gold Cameo Pendant    95   A Gold Plated Pin Brooch                               Ring
102   A 9ct Gold Sapphire Ring        108   A Silver Gate Bracelet       114   A 9ct Gold Signet Ring
103   A Victorian 15ct Gold Brooch,   109   A 9ct Gold Garnet and Gem    115   A Gold Plated Fob Watch
      1890                                  Set Ring, Dublin 1960

104   An Antique 15ct Gold            110   A 9ct Gold Ring Set with a   116   A 9ct Gold Pearl and Gem
      Aquamarine Brooch                     Smoky Quartz                       Set Antique Brooch
105   A Modern Silver Albertina       111   A 9ct Gold Cabuchon          117   A Silver Agate Set Fob
      Bracelet                              Sapphire Ring

106   A Victorian Gold Cased          112   A 9ct Gold Garnet Set Ring   118   A 9ct Watch Fob Set with
      Diamond Brooch                  113   A 9ct Gold Cubic Zircona           Onyx, Tigers Eye and
107   A Lot of Four Costume                 Twist Ring                         Cornelian
      Jewellery Brooches                                                 119   A Victorian Silver Locket –
                                                                               Birmingham 1879
120   A 9ct Gold Rose Gold Watch     125   A Ring Set with Three Paste   131   An Antique 9ct Rose Gold
      Bracelet                             Stones                              Chunky Curb Bracelet
121   An 18ct Gold Diamond           126   A 9ct Gold Amethyst Ring      132   An Antique 9ct Rose Gold
      Cluster Ring (diamond approx                                             Chain
      1.15 ct)

                                     127   A 9ct Gold Amethyst and
                                           Diamond Bracelet              133   A Pair of 9ct Gold Opal and
122   An 18ct Gold Ruby and          128   A Gold Plated Bangle                Diamond Drop Earrings
      Diamond Cluster Ring                                               134   A 9ct Gold Bracelet with 9ct
      (diamond 1 ct)                                                           Letters Spelling Mum and Two
123   An 18ct Gold Diamond and                                                 Cubic Zircona Set Hearts
      Two Ruby Three Stone Ring
      (diamond approx 3/4 ct)
                                                                                           135 A
                                                                                               Gold and
                 124 An 18ct                                                                   Diamond
                     Gold            129   An Antique 9ct Rose Gold                            Heart
                     Sapphire              Gate Bracelet                                       Shaped
                     Cluster Ring    130   An Antique Rose Gold                                Pendant
                                           Belcher Chain and Fob
136   An Antique Silver Locket on a   142   An 18ct Gold Diamond Set       148   A Platinum Diamond Solitaire
      Silver Chain                          Pendant on an 18ct Gold              Ring - Diamond 0.25 ct
137   A 9ct Gold Amethyst Pendant           Chain                          149   A 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster
                                      143   A Silver Agate Set Fob               Ring

138   A 15ct Diamond Set Brooch,      144   A 9ct Gold Fob Set with Onyx   150   An 18ct Gold Diamond
      1896                                  and Cornelian                        Cluster Ring – Diamond 2.15 ct
139   A Henley Ladies Wrist Watch     145   An 18ct Gold Diamond
      ʻMidnightʼ                            Solitaire Ring – Diamond
                                            0.75 ct

                                                                           151   A First World War Victory
                                                                                 Medal – Royal Artillery
                                                                           152   A First World War Victory
                                                                                 Medal – Royal Artillery
                                                                           153   A First World War Victory
140   A Henley Ladies Wrist Watch                                                Medal – Royal Artillery
      ʻGlamour                        146   A 9ct Gold Emerald Ring
141   A Late Victorian Five Diamond   147   A 10ct Gold Sapphire and
      Bangle                                Diamond Ring
154   A 1906 Gold Sovereign            159   A 9ct Gold Sapphire Half      165   A Diamond Fringe Necklace –
                                             Hoop Ring                           Diamond approx 2.75 ct
                                       160   An 18ct Gold Emerald and      166   A 9ct Rose Gold Fob Watch
                                             Diamond Cluster Ring                1914

155   A 22ct Gold One Dollar Stick
      Pin 1853
156   A 9ct Gold Amethyst and          161   An 18ct Gold & Platinum Two   167   A Large Heavy Victorian 9ct
      Diamond Cluster Ring                   Diamond Twist Ring                  Watch Fob, 1895
                                             (Diamond approx 1 ct)         168   A Victorian Seal
                                       162   An Antique Silver Bracelet

157   A 9ct Gold Sapphire and                                              169   An Antique 9ct Gold Mizpah
      Diamond Ring                     163   A Victorian Silver Lock and         Brooch
158   A 9ct Gold Blue Zircon Cluster         Chain 1880                    170   A 9ct Rose Gold Double
      Ring                             164   A Silver Guard Chain                Sovereign Case 1908
171   A Victorian 15ct Gold Brooch   177   A 9ct Rope Link Chain         183   A 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster
      Set with Three Pearls          178   A 9ct Gold Plated Bangle            Ring – Diamond 0.33ct
172   A Victorian 15ct Turquoise                                         184   A 9ct Gold Sapphire Cluster
      and Pearl Brooch                                                         Ring

173   An Antique 9ct Gold Pearl      179   A Costume Jewellery Brooch    185   A 18ct Gold Sapphire and
      Brooch                         180   A Diamond Dress Ring                Diamond Five Stone Ring
174   A Victorian Seal with Crest                                        186   A Ladies Henly Braclet Wrist

175   An Antique & Silver and        181   A 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring
      Enamel Fob Watch               182   A 9ct Gold Three Diamond      187   A Wingmaster of London
176   A 9ct Rope Link Chain and            Twist Ring – Diamond approx         Gents Wrist Watch
      Matching Rope Link Bracelet          0.15ct                        188   An Antique Silver Brooch
            189       A Victorian
                      Gold Fob

190   A French 15ct Gold Bracelet     194   A 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring       200   A 9ct Gold Ring Set with
                                      195   An 18ct Gold Amethyst Ring          Three Cubic Zirconia
                                                                          201   A 9ct Gold Eternity Ring

191   A Lot of Silver Charms etc
                                      196   A 9ct Gold Diamond and Blue   202   A 9ct Gold Sapphire Half
                                            Topaz Ring                          Hoop Ring
                                      197   A 9ct Gold Ring Set with a    203   A 9ct Gold Curtain Ring
                                            Green Gem Stone                     Wedding Band

192   An 18ct White Gold Diamond
      Set Pendant on an 18ct White
      Gold Chain

            193       A Silver Star                                       204   A 9ct Gold Cubic Zirconia
                      Sign Pendant    198   A 9ct Gold Garnet Set Ring          Cluster Ring
                      for Libra       199   A 9ct Gold Gem Set Ring       205   A 9ct Gold Sapphire and
                                                                                Cubic Zirconia Cluster Ring
                                             16th Annual Summer Sale of

                                                   Irish Art
                                                   ʻThe Auction Roomsʼ
                                                  Main Street, Ballymoney
Oil - M. C. Wilks                           Thursday 25th June @ 7.30 pm
Includes works by George Gillespie, Charles McAuley, Maurice Wilks, John Trickett, Noel
Shaw, George Smyth, R Milliken, G W Morrison, Marie Carroll, David Gordon Hughes, W
H Burns, Tom McGoldrick, Liam Reilly, Lorna Millar, William Cunningham, Tom Kerr,
Wycliffe Egginton, R B Higgins, Gavin Fitszimmons, J P Rooney, Gerry Glynn, Carrie
OʼDuinn, Liam Keeley, Sam McLarnon, Donald McNaughton, Darren Paul, Hugh
McIlfatrick, Paula McKinney, Joanne McNaughton, W McGivern, Roy Wallace, Michelle
Carlin, Des Murrie, Judith Huey, Claire Stallard, Nigel Allison, R Cresswell Boak, Noel
Alexander, etc
Viewing: Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th
3.00 - 5.00pm and 7.00 - 8.30 pm and Day of Sale from 4.00 pm
51 Main Street, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim BT53 6AN Tel: (028) 2766 7669

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