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									          AM Computers TCO Services
 Assessment of your present and future computer and communication needs
 Consulting on the design and implementation of standard configurations
 Creation of comprehensive network documentation
 Implement group policies to increase security and lower support costs
 Implement roaming profiles to decrease reliance on individual PCs and to enable
   users to work productively on any computer should theirs fail.
 Implement proactive network monitoring systems to identify potential trouble spots
 Set up automatic updates and distribution of anti-virus definitions and software
 Set up commonly used software for automated distribution to speed up roll-outs
Asset Management
 We help you better utilize your capital investment in equipment by creating and
   maintaining an accurate inventory of hardware, software and network equipment.

             Why AM Computers To Help Reduce Your TCO?
   It has been our goal to reduce the TCO of our clients long before the term was coined.
   Through extensive ongoing research we have developed automation techniques for all
    major anti-virus software on the market.
   We have developed centralization methods for many desktop applications such as
    Outlook, Netscape, and AutoCAD.
   We are constantly researching to develop better procedures to ensure standardization
    in our customer’s computer and network infrastructure.
   You will benefit from our total solutions that make your network better
    managed, more stable, more efficient, and less expensive to maintain.

                            About us (more on reverse)
AM Computers uses the latest technologies to provide affordable, reliable and easy-to-use
solutions to your problems. Our custom systems enable you to reach your business goals
cost-effectively and with minimum hassle. According to our customers, the single
most important reason they love doing business with us is that we relieve them of
the headaches they had dealing with their computing and communications systems
and services. Our consultants are highly experienced in many different areas, including:
   Windows 2000 & 98                     Clustering
   Year 2000 - Comprehensive             NT Terminals
    Compliance Testing/Certification      Wireless
   AutoCAD/Softdesk on Networks          Computer Telephony
   Accounting/MRP Systems                Internet Commerce/Web-Database Integration

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