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					    Advanced PC Configuration, Troubleshooting and Data Recovery: Hands-On - 4 Days
                                                   Course 150 Overview

  You Will Learn How To    •   Recover lost files/directories and revive nonbootable floppies and hard disks
                           •   Create emergency rescue disks to recover crashed Windows systems
                           •   Detect and remove virus and spyware programs
                           •   Remove unwanted start-up programs from the Registry
                           •   Examine system status with Windows Computer Management tools
                           •   Install and configure a basic TCP/IP network and firewall

        Course Benefits   Organizations can lose valuable time and resources when PC systems fail or are poorly maintained. In this
                          advanced course, you gain the tools and techniques you need to maximize the performance of PC systems,
                          troubleshoot the problems, and recover lost data and files. You are also introduced to Windows Registry
                          editing and hardware configuration and troubleshooting techniques.

     Who Should Attend    All personnel involved in the daily operation, maintenance and support of PC hardware and software. Previous
                          PC maintenance experience is highly recommended but is not required.

     Hands-On Training    Extensive hands-on exercises provide the skills to recover lost data, manage memory and improve PC
                          performance. Exercises include:
                            • Recovering erased files and directories
                            • Reviving nonbootable disks
                            • Repartitioning and "cloning" a disk partition
                            • Detecting and preventing virus infections
                            • Troubleshooting with the Windows Recovery Console
                            • Building a customized Bart PE emergency repair disk
                            • Editing the Windows Registry
                            • Installing and configuring a TCP/IP network
                            • Implementing firewall programs


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         Advanced PC Configuration, Troubleshooting and Data Recovery: Hands-On - 4 Days
                                                          Course 150 Outline

Basic Data Recovery Concepts                   Implementing Windows recovery strategies       • Controlling access with User Accounts
An organized troubleshooting strategy           • Creating complete disk images with            and Group Policies
 • Interpreting disk error messages               GHOST                                       • Installing and configuring Windows
 • Creating emergency rescue diskettes          • Repairing damaged systems                     firewall programs for maximum
 • Disk repair tools                                                                            protection
                                               The Windows Registry and Other OS
How disk drives work                           Configuration Files
 •   Tracks, cylinders, sectors, clusters      Overview of OS configuration files
 •   Master boot record                         •   NTLDR
 •   Partition table                            •   NTDETECT.COM
 •   File systems (FAT16/32, NTFS0,             •   NTOSKRNL.EXE
     NTFS5)                                     •   BOOT.INI

Recovering Files and Directories               Troubleshooting Registry problems
Useful data-recovery techniques                 • Repairing corrupted Registry files
 •   Recovering erased files                    • Removing unwanted Registry entries
 •   Editing disk sectors                       • Solving .INI/Registry conflicts
 •   Rescuing data from USB flash drives
 •   Transferring recovered files to back up   Configuring and Troubleshooting
     media                                     Windows
                                               Windows emergency repair tools
Surviving disk disasters                        • Booting a "blue-screened" system with
 • Reviving nonbootable disks                     the Windows Recovery Console
 • Repairing the master boot record             • Performing emergency repairs with ERD
 • Fixing a damaged partition table               Commander
                                                • Repairing environments using advanced
Solving common disk problems                      tools: Windows PE and Bart PE
 • Recovering from accidental reformatting
 • "Invalid drive specification"               Troubleshooting start-up problems
 • When Windows won't start                     • Windows Plug-and-Play architecture
                                                • Windows boot files
Fighting Malware: Viruses, Spyware              • Creating Windows ASR backups
and Rootkits
The malware epidemic                           Windows administrative tools
 •   Preventing infection                       • Computer Management Console
 •   Diagnosing virus                           • System tools, storage, services and
 •   Treating spyware infections                  applications
 •   Detecting and removing rootkits            • Viewing event logs

Macro viruses                                  Networking fundamentals
 • Protecting key system files                  •   Connecting a PC to a network
 • Checking for macro viruses missed by         •   Configuring a LAN client
   scanning programs                            •   Establishing TCP/IP settings
 • Protecting against script-based viruses      •   TCP/IP troubleshooting tools: ipconfig,
                                                    winipcfg, ping
"Turbocharging" the Hard Drive
Optimizing disk organization                   Securing your computer
 • Repartitioning disks on the fly              • Physical security and hardware
 • Reducing wasted cluster space                  authentication devices
 • Eliminating disk fragmentation               • Authentication technologies: CHAP,
                                                  digital certificates, Kerberos


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