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					In TOUCH
IN Touch                                    District Six September Service Bulletin
                                         District Six September 2009Service Bulletin                              Page 1 1

Bev Herzog, Governor                                    September 2009                                 Pat. Chapel, Editor                                Volume I Issue 2 Section 1         

                   Greeting District Six Altrusans,

                   I have just returned from the Altrusa International Convention in Indianapolis and
                   was thrilled to see nearly 100 of you there. You can get news and photos from the
                   convention wherever you see the racing flag. First, I want
                   to publicly acknowledge what a great job the Indianapolis
                   host club and members from District Six clubs did.
Congratulations to co-chairs Mary Schuman of Indianapolis and Wanda
McGinnis of New Castle, along with their host committee, for doing a superb
job organizing the convention. A standout among the many dedicated
volunteers was Karen Brunson of Marion, who spent much of the convention
staffing the Altrusa International store, a job she did for two years as District
Director. Thank you to the many District members who offered their services
as greeters, expediters, ticket takers, workshop hosts, flag movers, etc. I       Convention garb modeled by members
know many of you worked long hours. Your hospitality and professionalism                    of the Bedford Club.
made me very proud to be your governor.

   Janet Gilomen        Chillicothe   Victoria Altorfer        Kristin Waterbury   Indianapolis   Ashley Hall
   Jane Funk            Chillicothe   Judith McColl            Kay Herber          Indianapolis   Constance Knoll
   Amal Altoma          Bloomington   Helena Walsh             Tiffany Vivo        Indianapolis   Alexis Steinrauf
   Lisa Fulton          Warsaw        Linda Henschen           South Bend transfer Indianapolis   Beulah Jordan
   Jill Falls           Fox Valley    Heather Falls            Alta Sargent        Macomb         Thelma Smiddy
   JoAnne Nisbett       Fox Valley    Stacy Kitson             Nancy Dobey         Macomb         Cindy Roon
   Pat Frieders         Fox Valley    Linda Lesniak            Betty Bundy         Bedford        Nancy Hofmeister
   Fran Moore           Galesburg     Janet Mottag             Jane Boshears       Bedford        Judy Reynolds
   Candice Rollf        Richmond IN   Doris Rinehart           Pam Feiner          Bedford        Lois Fox
   Erin Frank           Paris         Amy McGilvrey            Becky Bailey        Bedford        Karen Phipps
   Zita Hardin          Frankfort     Tish Smith               Teresa Shaffer      Terre Haute    Suzie Thorloton
   Winnie Price         New Castle    Suzanne Kovacs           Barb Lister         Terre Haute    Chris Jeffers
   Donna Carnes         New Castle    Cheryl May               Jane Mills          Terre Haute    Ayni Kamisli
   Donna Carnes         New Castle    Emily Becker             Jody Reinoehl       Terre Haute    Peggy Tierney

   Donna Carnes         New Castle    Teresa Lao               Jody Reinoehl       Terre Haute    Sally Elder

   Dee Bianchi          Pekin         Shannon Parker           Jane Mills          Terre Haute    Sandra Archer

   Rene Bly             Pekin         Mary Burress             Courtney Zellers    Terre Haute    Erin Macke
                                                               Teresa Shaffer      Terre Haute    Meegan Morgan
In Touch                                    District Six September Service Bulletin                                 Page 2

               Board and other Action at the Convention

                                                                                       ELECTION RESULTS
                                                                           2009-2011 International Board of Directors
The new members of the International Board are listed on the               President:         Donna Johnson, District Three
right. Unfortunately, Past Governor Doris Kowalski was                     President-Elect: Dona Garretson, District Ten
unsuccessful in her bid to become vice president. With her                 Vice President: Ilona Kerby, District Twelve
talents, skills, grace, and dedication to Altrusa, Doris would have        Treasurer:         Cindy Schad, District Three
                                                                           Directors:         Terri Houston, District One
done a great job, as she did for the District as our governor a few                   Silvia Silverman, District Two
years ago. Past Governor Mary Burford is currently serving as                         Carolyn Rash, District Nine
Clubs at Large Chair. A few other District Six members are                            Chris Mouter, District Fifteen
                                                                           Immediate Past President: Zaida Perez-Mendez,
serving on the various committees.
                                                                           District Fourteen

Nominating Committee: Half of the Districts are allowed                    International Nominating Committee
candidates for the Nominating Committee each biennium. Past                Jan Albright, District Seven, Chair
                                                                           Linda Robinson, District Three
Governor Phyllis Syers represented District Six last biennium, so
                                                                           Debbie Holesko, District Eight
District Six was not allowed a candidate this year. Newest                 Linda Peterson, District Twelve
members are listed on the right.                                           Camen Lugo, District Fourteen

                                                                           2009-2013 International Foundation Board of
Three members were elected to the Foundation                               Trustees
Board which is a four year term. Jane Riehl is two                         Ann Marie Snyer, District One
years into her four-year term on this board, so                            Melva Hill, District Nine
District Six was not eligible for additional seats.                        Rosemary Watson, District Fifteen

                   Governor Bev Herzog adds:
                    In business, both the proposed change to the International board and suggestion of a new International
                   service project outlined in the May 2009 International Altrusan were defeated by the convention
                   delegates. The policy change proposed by District Six to publish the new bylaws on the website
                   was adopted by the board and did not require a delegate vote.

                   “Add an Altrusan Day” is moving to the first full week in May—just pick any day—so weather
                   won’t be an issue and new recruits will start at the beginning of the club year.

Two new Foundation recognitions were announced at the Altrusa International Foundation breakfast. There is now a
Lamplighter designation for clubs that donate $500 in a year to the Foundation. The recognition is a patch for the club
banner. Our own Lexington, KY is the first to receive this designation because they are raffling off a diamond bracelet,
with proceeds to be split between the Foundation and their club. Sales were brisk. Clubs can become Club 21 members
with a donation of $210 and receive a Club 21 medallion. Club 21 supports the Safe Haven Project, which provides a
camp for children with HIV/AIDS; the Hemophilia Foundation of Illinois for Camp Warren Zyrch; and the Ghana Health
and Education Initiation, which provides treatment for HIV/AIDS and prevention education. David Butler, President and
Founder of Project Safe Haven gave a stirring speech about the camp, which is staffed entirely by volunteers, and
emotionally accepted a check for $10,000 from the Foundation.
In Touch                                   District Six September Service Bulletin                                Page 3

                     Have a Plan, Follow the Plan, Improve on the Plan, and -----HAVE FUN DOING IT!!!!
                               Mary L. Gabbard,       Chair, Strategic Planning,

                          The key to becoming a Distinguished Club is having the Board and Committee
                           Chairpersons meet to have a mid-year evaluation session to determine if the
                              club is progressing toward its requirements for a Distinguished Club.

                 The Strategic Plan is a guideline to help keep the club as a whole, each committee, and each member
moving in the same direction. The local plan can be patterned after the International Strategic Plan. The local plan can
be included in the local Handbook.

Each member needs to be aware of people in her circle of friends who have a heart for service. “New blood” is needed
to keep the spark of servanthood going. Interesting and meaningful programs help members grow personally. When
absences are necessary, provisions need to be made for absentees to be kept informed by reading the secretary’s report.
Also, a telephone call or card goes a long way when a member has been absent. Cards and notes of encouragement can
be signed by the members and sent to absentees.

Members need to be aware of potential projects in the community which would qualify for the Mamie L. Bass Award,
the Letha H. Brown Literacy Award, the Nina Fay Calhoun International Relations Award, which help the club qualify
for a Distinguished Club. Clubs do not have to win to get credit; they must have an entry. Once a club makes an entry,
then it sparks the next year’s committee to seek to win the Award. Money-making projects or grants will be needed to
fund the projects.

The key to becoming a Distinguished Club is having the Board and Committee Chairpersons meet in late December to
have a mid-year evaluation session to determine how the club is progressing toward its requirements for a Distinguished
Club. By having this meeting in late December, there will still be time to meet those February deadlines for the Award

A local Altrusa Handbook which includes tools and materials will be beneficial to remind existing members and help
new members. Submitting articles to the local newspaper and local website, plus arranging for programs on local radio
and television stations enhances community awareness of Altrusa services.

                                                                             First Look at the Quincy Conference Logo

                                                                   The District Board will start planning for the 2010
                                                                   conference in Quincy, September 18th, at the host
                                                                   hotel. If you want to help the host club, have ideas
                     Save the Date for                             for workshops, want to present a workshop, or have
                 District Six Conference:                          any other suggestions about conference, please let me
                     April 16-18, 2010                             by September 16th.
                  Where: Quincy, Illinois
               on the “Mighty Mississippi”                              Governor Bev,
In Touch                                     District Six September Service Bulletin                               Page 4

                                                  ASTRA…IS HOT HOT HOT !!!
                                     Doris K. Kowalski Chair, ASTRA,

                              Extra, extra…Read all about it! The ASTRA Manual is hot off the press! Introduced at the
                              2009 International Convention in Indianapolis, the ASTRA manual has totally updated
                              content and a fresh new look. This expanded manual features tried and true materials from
                              Altrusans who have successfully developed ASTRA Clubs world wide.

                              ASTRA, developed in 1965, provides the opportunity for youth/young adults ages 12 to 25 to
                              collaborate with an established Altrusa Club in developing program plans and service
                              projects. The name ASTRA is an acronym derived from the following:

                            Ability….. Service……Training…..Responsibility….. Achievement
                              Full definitions can be found on pages 1 and 34 in the manual.

              Here’s a teaser of the tools you’ll find in the manual to assist with the development of an
              ASTRA Club in your community. A brief history of ASTRA is presented followed by a section detailing
              how to organize an ASTRA Club. Every meeting, ceremony, and activity is highlighted from the planning
              phases to samples such as ceremonies, news releases, and bylaws. An overview of parliamentary procedure
              is presented including a concise discussion of main and secondary motions. Pre & post tests and a
              bibliography complete this section. This parliamentary procedure information could be used for all
members – a great re-orientation resource!
                This new manual is 54 pages of resource! Every step of ASTRA
                          Club development is now at your fingertips!                                   “Let’s help kids
So let’s get going, District Six! We currently have 0 – that’s zero, none, nada ASTRA Clubs.            accomplish their
More and more schools are requiring service hours from their students. Let’s help them                   service goals.”
accomplish their service goals.

Our goal this biennium is to add at least three ASTRA Clubs. I believe we can do better than that! Let’s set the bar
high. Let’s work hard, giving well of our time and talents! Let’s establish three clubs by April so that we can celebrate
at conference in Quincy. I’m available to assist with organizational activities. Please contact me so I can follow this
new WELL of leaders.
                                Accept my challenge – three ASTRA clubs by April 2010!

                                     WIN A 2 CARAT DIAMOND TENNIS BRACELET

                        The Lexington, Kentucky Club is selling raffle tickets for a 2 carat diamond
                        tennis bracelet, donated by The Castle, valued at $1,295.00. This bracelet is
                        both yellow & white gold. The ticket price is $10.00. The drawing will be
                        Thursday, October 8th at 6:30 p.m. at 1101 Tanbark Road, Lexington, KY.
                        One-half of the proceeds from the sale of the tickets will be donated to Altrusa International

Lexington Co-President ,           To purchase a ticket and see a picture of the fabulous bracelet, go to
Becky Ray, shows the  Then click on Raffle and pay for your ticket using Pay Pal.
bracelet that will be
raffled in October. Half
the proceeds will benefit          Support Altrusa International Foundation
the Foundation.
In Touch                                   District Six September Service Bulletin                               Page 5

                                    Leaders in Service, Giving Well
                        Dana Vierck     Chair, Service Program Development,

                          Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! Welcome to the new 2009-2010 club year!

                     In Altrusa the S stands for service – the foundation on which we build a better world. Altrusa has an
                     exemplary history of service locally, nationally, and internationally. Mamie L. Bass’s guiding
principle that “Altrusa in the very derivation of its name is committed to the philosophy of unselfishness, of the joy of
giving rather than getting, and to the search for happiness which is based upon spiritual worthiness.” All clubs should
plan now for your service projects and look at each of the Altrusa International Service Award nomination requirements
and forms. Each of these award forms and applications are available on the Altrusa International website: and I will be sending forms to clubs in late December.

The deadline for sending the award applications to me is postmarked February 12, 2010.
   The Mamie L. Bass Service Award                  The Letha H. Brown Literacy Award
   Community Leadership Award                       ASTRA Club Service Award
   The Distinguished Club Award                     The Dr. Nina Fay Calhoun International Relations Award –
                                                          requirements have been changed from 3 to 5

    United Nations Dates that must be observed. The list of dates that apply are:      Tip: Be sure your newsletter
                August 12 – International Youth Day                                    editor has these dates and
                September 8 – International Literacy Day                               places them in your club
                September 15 – International Peace Day                                 Write a few sentences about
                October 16 – World Foods Day                                           each day in the newsletter.
                October 24 – United Nations Day
                November 25 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
                December 10 – Human Rights Day
                February 20 – World Day of Social Justice
                March 8 – Women’s Right’s Day
                April 7 – World Health Day
                May 15 – International Day of Families
Your club may chose to observe these days in many different ways, but document how you observed these special dates.
This is a wonderful method to remind all members of Altrusa’s global reach.

                              International Literacy
                      September 8th was proclaimed
                      International Literacy Day by            A reminder that Make a Difference Day 2009 is October
                      UNESCO in 1965. Its focus is to          24th! At each club, start a Make a Difference Day
                      highlight the worldwide issue of         committee to plan your community project. Altrusa has
                      literacy and its effect upon             been a long-time supporter of this national service day
individuals and communities. On this day, UNESCO               and I hope each District Six club will participate. Check
hopes to remind the world about the current status of          on-line at for more information and to
literacy and adult learning globally. Now is the time to       register and report your projects. Also, remember to
plan a literacy service project – partner with a school,       email photos and reports to the Service Chair at
your local library, or local ProLiteracy of America  , and I’ll send them to the In Touch
affiliate. Check the requirements of the Letha H. Brown        editor. Or send them to editor,
Literacy Award to help with your project planning. Every       and she will pass them to me.
club can make a commitment to literacy!                                 Let’s fill In Touch with your good works.
In Touch                                     District Six September Service Bulletin                                   Page 6

                                                Wait till you see them! Absolutely smashing.
                                                 Can’t remember when I’ve been this excited.
                                   Submitted by Pat. Chapel,      Chair, Communications

                      What are they? The best recruiting tools with powerful messages, that I’ve ever seen. If that sounds
                      outrageous, let me explain that I spent nearly a quarter of a century in the field of Volunteer
                      Management. That job included responsibilities of training people how to recruit, orient, train, evaluate
                      and recognize volunteers for nonprofit organizations and associations.

             The kit includes a brochure that you can download and personalize with your club’s data
             and a new look that will be used on letterhead. “Altrusa at a glance,” a two sided card that
             you can personalize which describes Altrusa, our mission, our vision, some “did you knows,”
             and on the reverse, the organization’s milestones.

Also in the kit are two letters of invitation, one for “cold calls” and the other for “warm prospects.” There are sample PSAs.
Here’s one for recruiting:

Are you someone who knows the joy that comes with volunteering? Have you been wanting to serve your community
more actively and meet new friends? Altrusa International offers the perfect place to give and grow! Altrusa is an
international association dedicated to providing community service, developing leadership, fostering understanding and
encouraging fellowship. Altrusans gave over a million volunteer hours last year. And they are actively looking for a few
community-minded people like you to help them do even more. From global organization efforts around literacy, the
environment, and AIDS, to local causes like ( you personalize ) and ( you personalize ), Altrusa International offers
dozens of inspiring, rewarding ways to get involved. Altrusa. What a great investment for your time, energy and
passion. Call 000-0000 to learn more.
                                                              # # #
These and other materials will be on international's website around mid-September. There’s more I’m eager to share. If you’d
like to see the results of the survey used that determined much of the work, write to me at

Thankful applause for Rhoda Struhs and Rhonda Hauter of the International Communication Committee, and creative director
of Miles Media, Tim Heitzman.

                    A bit more from the Gov:

                    As many of us heard at conference, $100K has been budgeted in the
                    next year to begin a major marketing initiative. New manuals for
                    developing new clubs and ASTRA clubs are already out and new
                    brochures will be coming soon. This is just a start. The Past
                    International Presidents (affectionately known as PIPs) and Past
                    Governors started a collection to offset this cost so it doesn’t require
reserves. More than $15,000 was collected at convention. Individuals, clubs, and
districts are encouraged to contribute. Mail your individual or club contribution to the
International address and specify, Marketing Plan.

We heard excellent all-conference sessions on change and branding and had three
sessions with five competing workshops from which to choose. Please, ask your                    Past International President,
                                                                                                 Phyllis Corman, announcing the
members who attended to share what they learned and the enthusiasm they gained.                  formation of a fund to defray
Then, have your club start saving to support your delegates attendance at the 2011               reserves needed for the branding
convention in Rapid City, SD. I hope to see you there!                                           and marketing efforts.
In Touch                                     District Six September Service Bulletin                                 Page 7

            The Tale of Three Travelling Kiwi’s

            Submitted by Leanne Milligan,
            Governor District Fifteen

Prior to Convention, three Altrusans from District Fifteen,
Governor Leanne Milligan, First Vice Governor Lynda Turner-
Heaton and Janne Nattrass member of the Te Awamutu Club
spent a few days travelling around District Six . They took a
wrong turn in Chicago on the way to Convention and travelled
over 1500 miles getting to Indianapolis. While driving on the
other side of the car on the other side of the road (a challenge in
                                                                    Leanne and Janne with their share of the first place Dr.
itself!) they visited six states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota,   Nina Fay Calhoun, “International Relations Award” to
Iowa, Missouri & Indiana). During their travels they met up with their club, Te Awamutu, NZ
members from the Chillicothe Club, Springfield Club and
Champaign-Urbana Club. After convention Leanne went on to
visit with members from the Muncie Club (Te Awamutu’s sister club).

Leanne said that the highlight of their trip was visiting with Altrusans from other clubs. “It is great to share ideas and
learn from each other. We were overwhelmed by the hospitality shown us during our travels. A big thanks to Pat Parr
from Chillicothe for organising the get together at the Olive Grove, and to Marilyn for organising our Springfield visit
(and to Nancy & Anne for taking us to Culvers for the best ice cream in the whole wide world and to Carol and Carol for
showing us around the Lincoln Presidential Museum). We want to thank Bev Herzog’s “family” for their hospitality and
for the Champaign-Urbana members for having us at their club meeting. It is great to see how similar our club
meetings are! A personal big thank you to June and the members from Muncie who showed me around during my
post convention visit. As a member of the Te Awamutu club, we have had an almost 15-year sister club relationship
with Muncie and it is still going strong. It was great to catch up with many of the members that I have met at prior
visits and conventions as well as making new friends. That is what Altrusa is all about. I know that Altrusans in District
Fifteen are really looking forward to hosting convention in 2013 and I hope that members from all clubs in District Six
are able to come so that we can return some of the wonderful hospitality that we have received during our visit.”

                                    Governor Elect Toni Ellis visits the Peoria Altrusa Club

                   The Peoria Altrusans describe their club as “small, but mighty”. The community benefits greatly from
                   the services of the Altrusans, especially after hearing their plans and discussions at the August
                   business meeting. I am impressed. I would like to share one plan that may interest other clubs with
                   scholarship programs.

                  The Peoria Club is discussing a partnership with Peoria Promise with a five year commitment to
provide 100% of the scholarship to a student. The criteria for student selection by Peoria Promise are determined by
Peoria Altrusans. However, the publicity and the selection process will be done by Peoria Promise. This takes the
workload off Peoria Altrusans. My advice to the club is to ensure that the contract includes the Peoria Altrusa Club in
any publicity and letters.

The contact person for e-mail to this club is Tamara Sedekum at or President Sandra Sylvester
at 309-692-2917.
In Touch                                     District Six September Service Bulletin                            Page 8

                                                             Barbara Paul, Governor
                                                              District Six 1983 - 1985

                                                Sadly we note the passing of Barbara Paul, and extend our sincere
                                                sympathy to members of her club, Chicago South Suburbs. Besides
                                                serving as Governor, Barb was the International Treasurer, 1997 - 1999,
                                                and International First Vice President, 1999 - 2001. Additionally, she
                                                served as Function Coordinator for many conventions between 1991 and

                                                Many of us were pleased to see her a few weeks ago at the Convention in
                                                Indianapolis. The photo was taken last June at the Club’s meeting when
                                                scholarships were awarded to local college students.

 Copied from the Southtown Star, August 26, 2009, by Casey Toner,

 To those who knew her best, Barbara Paul lived to immortalize Chicago Heights. The longtime Chicago Heights
 resident and historian died suddenly Sunday at St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights. She was 69. Mrs. Paul was
 born in Crete in July 1940. Raised in Crete, she made frequent weekend trips to Chicago Heights while growing up.

 "Chicago Heights was the center of the area for employment and so forth and she took a liking to it," said her
 husband, John Weiler. "She stayed here and she wanted to be in the scene." After graduating from the University of
 Illinois with a degree in library science, Mrs. Paul began working as director of the Chicago Heights Public Library
 in 1967. She oversaw the construction of the current library, which was completed in 1972. She retired from the job
 in 2007.

 "She was always very kind and gracious and willing to go out of her way to help the patrons of Chicago Heights,"
 current library director Michael Davis said. "You could say she loved the city of Chicago Heights with all the
 interest she took into its history."

 After her retirement from the library, Mrs. Paul worked as a chairwoman for the Chicago Heights Historic
 Preservation Advisory Committee. "She was the institutional memory of the city," committee member Jennifer
 Fisher said. "There's no way to put it into words how much Barb did and helped others. She was quite incredible."
 Fisher recalled a moment when Mrs. Paul camped out at a condemned building that was set for demolition. "She was
 passionate and crazy intelligent," Fisher said.

 One of the many projects Mrs. Paul undertook in her lifetime was rehabbing her historical Victorian-style home in
 the 2000 block of Euclid Drive. Weiler said he and his wife signed the papers for the house May 1, 1975, one month
 before they got married. "She loved it just because of the work she put into it, stripping the woodwork and trying to
 put it back to its natural glory," Weiler said.

 With writing partner Dominic Candeloro, Mrs. Paul also wrote nonfiction books about Chicago Heights. Their books
 include "Chicago Heights Revisited," "Chicago Heights (Images of America)," and "Chicago Heights: At the
 Crossroads of the Nation."

 She is survived by Weiler as well as her brothers, Kenneth Paul and Garrett Paul. "She was just very involved in
 community life and her surroundings after working with so many people over the 38 years," Weiler said. "She loved
 spreading the knowledge."

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